(Highlights recapping the return of HRDO as the Vice President of EAW and announcing the No Way Out Match for Showdown: Wrath Of The Dragon, also Cameron Ella Ava announcing her intentions to face Rex McAllister for the EAW Championship and Rex big leaguing Cameron, and Nobi costing POP his match against TLA)

(“Believer” By Imagine Dragons hits with the NEW Showdown opening intro playing before quickly cutting to Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium in New Delhi, India as blue pyro begins shooting up before the camera quickly pans around to thousands of fans cheering before cutting to Pierre Mcguire and Deadprez at the commentary table)


Pierre: Yeah. I’m Pierre here and tonight we inch closer and closer to Wrath Of The Dragon and tonight in our main event the National Elite Championship will be defended as we have POP taking Nobi and we’ll give you a special in depth look at the No Way Out structure that will be making it’s return at Wrath of the Dragon! So without much talking let’s kickstart this show shall we?

(The camera cuts back to the ring before fire suddenly shoots for the stage and “Monster” by Skillet begins to blast through the speakers. HRDO makes his way through the curtain to ERUPTION of cheers from the thousands in attendance.)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome at this time, the Vice President of EAW! HRDO!!

Pierre: And what a way to kick things off with the returning Vice President! We saw HRDO make his return last week when he revealed he would be taking back his former position from Robbie V, announcing the BLOCKBUSTER announcement of the returning No Way Out match at Wrath of the Dragon!

Deadprez: There has been rumors running rampant that HRDO is out here to speak about the upcoming Unified Tag Team Championship match between Scott Diamond and Cameron Ella Ava against Theron Nikolas and Jack Ripley where the Showdown General Manager, Ronn Banks will be the officiater.

Pierre: It’s no secret that things between Theron and Banks are quickly reaching their boiling point, but I have no idea what HRDO has to say concerning that.

(HRDO is handed the microphone as “Monster” fades out.)

HRDO: Things have certainly changed from the last time that I stood in this ring as this company’s Vice President. I’m not going to say that things are any better, but they’re certainly not worse. I’ve been watching throughout the last year, I didn’t go away and lose sense in the product because I’ve always wanted this company to be in the best position that it possibly can be. With the announcement that Ronn Banks would be taking his place at the General Manager of Showdown – I was ecstatic. There was a name in charge that would make the right decisions for this brand, no matter whose feelings he had to hurt. He’s a man that would make the decision that were needed to be made whether anyone liked it or not, because Banks held the same mindset that I do; to make this brand as great as it can be, and as great as it has been in the past. I have the utmost respect for that.

(The crowd give a unified roar of approval as HRDO nods his head.)

HRDO: But…

(The crowd quiets down as HRDO slightly drops his head.)

HRDO: But, it’s hard to be in that position without making certain decision through your own personal emotions, rather than being from a business standpoint. I understand some of the things that Theron Nikolas has said about this company over the last few months and I’m not going to stand here and say that I’ve agreed with all of it. Some of the things that he’s gone through has been unfortunate, but that doesn’t allow the man to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. He, alongside The High Rollerz, interfering in the Grand Rampage after Theron had been eliminated to cost Ronn the chance to go onto Pain for Pride for one of the three World Championships wasn’t something that sat too well with me, but I was more than confident enough that Banks would be able to deal with that in the correct way. But, unfortunately, adding fuel to the fire wasn’t it…

(“Shock The World” by Lloyd Banks blast through the speakers before Ronn Banks makes his way through the curtain to an ENORMOUS pop. He has a microphone in hand, looking at HRDO as he makes his way down to the ring before “Shock The World” fades out and he begins to speak.)

Banks: HRDO, don’t stand there and try to explain how I should be dealing with this “situation”. I tried to let it slide; I wasn’t happy – hell, I was LIVID with what happened at Grand Rampage, but I gave Theron what he’s wanted for so, so long. I gave him his opportunity at the EAW World Championship. He’s a man that has spoken about how he needed just one chance; a chance without any form of controversy to take that championship – but, I certainly wasn’t going to allow him to screw Rex out of what he had earned. I wasn’t going to allow Theron Nikolas and Jack Ripley to already destroy what I wanted to rebuild.

HRDO: I get that.

Banks: Do you? It’s… it’s almost like you’re talking like I’m somehow in the wrong!

HRDO: I haven’t said that once, Ronn.

Banks: I tried. I tried to be civil, but in the span of two weeks – civil doesn’t seem like it’s an option anymore. After what Theron has done in the last two weeks – I’m going to put him down.

(HRDO shakes his head as Banks grits his teeth.)

HRDO: That’s the concern, Ronn. The board of directors are concerned about the decision you made last week.

Banks: They wanted the chance to “avenge” their friend and I gave them the chance.

HRDO: It’s not that. It’s the decision to make yourself the referee for the contest. The environment here over the last few weeks; Scott Diamond putting David Davidson on the shelf for an indefinite amount of time, you getting involved in the match between Rex McAllister and Theron Nikolas for the EAW World Championship, and Theron’s attack on you last week – Showdown’s environment has been volatile under your rule so far and they’re hoping that this situation will be sorted out as soon as possible, rather than them having to step in and make sure that the situation changes.

Banks: You can’t be serious.

HRDO: I wish that I wasn’t, Ronn. It’s their belief that your intentions at Wrath of the Dragon are clear. They believe that you’ve given Jack Ripley and Theron Nikolas their opportunity to face Scott Diamond and Cameron Ella Ava with the intention of making sure that they’re not going to walk out with a chance of having the Unified Tag Team Championships in their possession. If that’s the case, Ronn, that’s a problem. That’s not going to help with this situation – it’s only going to make matters worse.

Banks: And what do you think my intentions are, HRDO?

HRDO: It doesn’t matter what I think. But, fortunately enough, they’ve made a decision that I don’t believe you’re going to like, but it may be the best one for you. There is going to be a match for the Unified Tag Team Championships between those two teams and you will STILL be the special guest referee too. But, it comes with a condition. You are there to hold no influence over the result. You will be the officiater to ensure that those who deserve to be the Tag Champions are so. If that’s Theron and Jack – you’ll make the three count and give them their championships, and if Scott and Cameron retain their championships, nothing falls back onto your shoulders because you held no influence over it. If you can’t do that, Ronn, and tensions reach their boiling point – you will be relieved of your duties as General Manager of Showdown and your contract will be terminated.

(The crowd erupts in a chorus of boos as “Rise” by State of Mine hits. Both Theron Nikolas and Jack Ripley make their way through the curtain and stand on the stage as a NASTY scowl crosses the face of Banks.)

Theron: THANK YOU, HRDO! Finally – FINALLY, someone in this company with an ounce of common sense!

HRDO: I’m glad that you’re out here, Theron and Jack, because these conditions concern you as well.

Theron: Of course! With Banks being put back on his lead, we’re going to be the next Unified Tag Team Champions.

(Boo’s pour down from the crowd once more which only seems to bring a smile to Theron’s face.)

HRDO: You didn’t think that this was only about Banks did you? They have a solution on your end too, Theron. Yes, if Banks lays a finger on either you or Jack: his contract with EAW will be terminated – but this applies to you too. If you in any way harm Banks from now to Wrath of the Dragon: you will be STRIPPED of that King of Elite crown, and you will BOTH be fired.

Jack: WHAT?! You can’t be serious! We didn’t do anything! That man WATCHED as my BEST FRIEND HAD HIS CAREER TAKEN FROM HIM! HE PUT HIS HANDS ON US TWO WEEKS AGO! He started this and WE’RE being punished for it?

HRDO: From what we saw last week, this isn’t just on Banks’ end, Jack.

(Ripley scoffs as he shakes his head.)

Jack: This is unbelievable.

Theron: It’s okay, Jack. This is… this is fine. No, this is perfect. There’s nothing now to stop from getting retribution – for you to avenge David. We have no problem with this on our end – just make sure that Banks personally hands us OUR new championships when we cut down that whore and disappointment.

(Banks laughs as he walks up across the ring, leaning against the top rope and looking up the stage at both Jack and Theron.)

Banks: I’m going to take pleasure in watching the two of you end up like Davidson at Wrath of the Dragon.

(Banks drops his microphone as “Shock The World” picks back up as the three stare down from the ramp and ring.)

Pierre: A HUGE announcement from HRDO! If Banks or Theron and Jack lay a hand on each other before now and until after Wrath of the Dragon, their contract will be immediately terminated from EAW!

Deadprez: This is a joke! How can Jack and Theron be punished for what has happened! They’ve done nothing! You heard Jack, Pierre! Banks started this!

Pierre: You can’t be THAT blind, can you?

Deadprez: I may be the only one that can see clearly, Pierre!

(The camera slowly fades to commercial as the three continue to stare down.)

( The camera cuts back to the ring off the commercial break where Aaron Fitzpatrick is standing by with a mic in hand. )


Aaron Fitzpatrick: This match is scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first…

( “Monster” by Beth Crowley starts to play. A mixed reaction of cheers and boos fill the arena as Quinn Daemon steps out onto the stage and makes his way to the ring. )

Aaron Fitzpatrick: Weighing in at one hundred and ninety-five pounds… From Bridgeport, Connecticut… “The Asylum Sanity”… QUINNNNN DAEEMONNNNN!!!

( “Sound of Madness” by Shinedown begins to play. A mixed reaction of cheers and boos fill the arena once again as Alex Bowden makes his way to the ring. )

Aaron Fitzpatrick: Weighing in at two hundred and twenty-five pounds… From Dunkirk, France… “The Black Hawk”… ALEEEXXX BOWWDEEEENNNN!!!

( Quinn and Alex stand in opposite corners as the ref signals for the bell. )


Pierre Mcguire: The bell has rung and this match is officially underway! Quinn stares eagerly into the eyes of his opponent Alex as he signals for a tie-up, but Alex appears reluctant to oblige Quinn’s call, and for good reason. Quinn is none too pleased with Alex’s defiance as he launches himself in him direction for an immediate clothesline, but Alex with his cat-like reflexes manages to shimmy under the attempted clothesline, catching Quinn with a kick to the groin as he turns around on the rebound! BUT QUINN CAUGHT THAT KICK AND BLOCKED IT! And now Quinn is shaking his head with a blank expression on his face, as if to say “not today”!

Deadprez: Now Alex with the attempted step-up enzuigiri to Quinn, and it connects! QUINN IS A LITTLE WOBBLY, BUT STILL SURPRISINGLY UNFAZED AFTER THAT KICK TO THE HEAD! It’s enough to get Quinn off of Alex, and Alex has to take advantage of this opportunity if he wants to have a hope of coming out of this match with the victory.

Pierre Mcguire: Quinn staggered back after that kick, and now Alex attempting to gain steam charges at Quinn, but Quinn’s got him in position for a sidewalk slam! NOT FOR LONG AS ALEX MANEUVERS THE POSSIBLE SIDEWALK SLAM INTO A HEADSCISSORS TAKEDOWN THAT DROPS QUINN! ALEX HAS BRIEFLY TAKEN QUINN DOWN, BUT HE IS ALREADY STIRRING, ALREADY ON THE VERGE OF RISING BACK TO HIS FEET!

Deadprez: Quinn is up, and now Alex jumps on him from behind and applies a sleeper hold! Could Alex really somehow win in that fashion against someone like Quinn? Alex tightly applies that sleeper hold, cutting the oxygen off from the brain of Quinn! Man, has he been crafty throughout this matchup or what. Alex seems to be wrenching the hold in more tightly with every passing second, BUT NOW QUINN YANKS ALEX BY THE HAIR AND THROWS HIM BACK-FIRST UP AGAINST THE MAT! QUINN THREW ALEX RIGHT OVER HIS SHOULDER, AND JUDGING FROM THE LOOKS OF IT, QUINN IS BOILING!

Pierre Mcguire: He grabs a hold of Alex and pulls him back up to his feet and stands behind him… HE’S LIFTING HIM UP IN THE ELECTRIC CHAIR POSITION! HE’S GOING FOR THE FINISH! HE’S APPLYING THE FULL NELSON! BUT ALEX IS FIGHTING! AND HE FALLS FOR AN INVERTED DDT ONTO QUINN! What a way to keep this match going! Alex takes a second to get back to his feet. Quinn is seated right now and Alex takes this opportunity to attack! He rebounds against the ropes behind Quinn… PENALTY KICK RIGHT TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! THAT’S GOT TO HURT! He’s stalking Quinn right now and I’m sure he’s wanting to finish this soon! Quinn is getting up to his feet… He’s almost there… FLASHBANG! THE JUMPING CUTTER! WAIT HE SHOVES HIM OFF! HE DUCKS DOWN AND LIFTS ALEX UP INTO THE ELECTRIC CHAIR POSITION! FULL NELSON IS LOCKED! SAPPHIRE TOWER! THE SAPPHIRE TOWER CONNECTS! HE COVERS!

Ref: ONEE!!!




( “Monster” by Beth Crowley starts to play as Quinn Daemon has his hand raised in victory. )

Aaron Fitzpatrick: Here is your winner… QUINNNN DAEEMONNNN!!!

Pierre Mcguire: Great match by these two. Alex has nothing to be ashamed of after this. Quinn obviously secured the victory and has the right to be celebrating.

Deadprez: Alex put up a great fight, but Quinn came out on time. It’s the gist of how these things work. All in all a great match.

(Camera transitions to Eve standing backstage holding a microphone in the interview area)

Eve: Ladies and Gentleman, Diamond Cage!

(An Annoyed Diamond Cage steps into the scene donning his leather jacket and underneath “Explicit Content” T Shirt)

Cage: Sup.

Eve: So, Cage how do you feel on the NWO match and how do you feel about not being booked here on Showdown in recent weeks, what do you attribute that too?

Cage: Basically, the more I’m not in this ring beating people within an INCH of their life, the more pissed off I’m becoming you know? And with that pissed off energy, I’ll look to execute on taking what I deserve and with the NWO match it is the perfect environment, a do or a die situation where you put all your chips in, I have a gambling past Eve and so with that I promise you the one thing you will not do is bet against Diamond Cage and his chances of walking out of this structure and going back to Pain for Pride to take back what I should of never lost in the fucking first place.

Eve: And as a response to not being booked when are we going to see you compete on Showdown again?

Cage: Don’t worry Eve, I’ll be back on Showdown in the ring next week and from what I’m hearing my opponent is a guy that will also be in the NWO match, you can call it an No Way Out match preview, except this isn’t the real thing because if it was I’d end his career because that is the lengths I’m willing to go to secure my place back where I belong, back in the main event of Pain for Pride. Are we done here?

Eve: Yes, Thanks for your time.

(Cage walks off as Camera transitions back to the ring)

(“This Charming Man” by The Smiths starts up. Charlie Marr casually walks on stage with what seems to be a more determined look on his face)

Piere: Last week these two men were partners, but due to a strange turn of events, they now find themselves hating each other.

Deadprez: Pierre you old fool, they never liked each other. They were forced to tag together and they didn’t mesh.. Probably because Charlie Marr couldn’t help but feel inadequate when tagging with someone so much better than him..

Pierre: What? Last week you were all over this mans dick…

Deadprez: *sigh* I made it clear I just wanted him to give me money… That is all; I’ve always known he’s a big old…

Pierre: Enough!

(Charlie Marr walks into the ring, and circles around it before making his way to his corner. He bends over in the corner just staring a hole at the entrance way)

(Charlie Marr’s music fades out and “DUST by Tremonti fills the room. Kevin Hunter slowly makes his way onto the stage with a scowl on his face. Giving the finger to the crowd)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: And his opponent, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at 235 pounds, he is “The Devil Incarnate” KEVIN HUUUUNNTTTTERRRR.

Deadprez: Here he is, the goat of goats, the one that’s going to carry this company to new heights! And it starts with this kid that likes to play with daddy’s money

Pierre: Last week Charlie Marr was pinned in the middle of the ring, and Kevin didn’t take too kindly to losing the match. So Kevin Hunter took it into his own hands where he attacked Daryl Kinkade and Shane Gates after the conclusion. He just didn’t expect his own partner to get in the way of that.

Deadprez: Yeah he shouldn’t have done that Pierre, and now he’s going to pay.

(Hunter steps over the ring ropes, walks a bit forward and stops in the middle of the ring. The two are just staring intently at each other, with neither man flinching. The ref tells Kevin to get in his corner and he obliges. Ref signals for the bell)

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Pierre: These two clearly have no love lost between them, as they circle the ring not taking an eye of each other still.

Deadprez: Yeah it’s actually making me quite uncomfortable, I can’t tell if it’s a burning passionate hatred, or a burning passionate love at this point. You don’t stare at another man this long without it meaning something a little more Pierre. Know what I mean man?

Pierre: Not really… And Kevin Hunter charges in at Marr and just plows him into the turnbuckle, and just repeatedly shoves his shoulder into the mid section.

Ref: 1! 2! 3!

Deadprez: Kevin backs off it seems, but just for a second as he hits Marr right in the face with a dirty punch! Oh this man is a dick! I love dicks!

PIerre: Um.. What?

Deadprez: Oh my god get your head out of the gutter. I’m just saying Kevin Hunter is a huge dick, and I love him; stop trying to read into things god.. Oh Look Kevin Hunter with a snap mare, into a rear naked choke… But Charlie Marr is fighting and gets back up to his feet. He starts throwing his elbow into Kevin Hunters abdomen, as Kevin starts to lose his grip. There he goes, Marr is looking to bounce of the ropes, BUT KEVIN DIDN’T LET GO OF MARRS HAIR AND HE JUST PULLS HIM DOWN. SMART AS FUCK!

Pierre: I must say that was a very intelligent move, and what’s even more intelligent that he’s keeping on him. A boot to the face with a little disrespect on it, and another, and another, he wants to embarrass Charlie Marr tonight.

Kevin: Come on Charlie! (Kicks him in the head) You want to ruin my match? (Kicks him in the head) You want to team with the opposition? (Kicks him in the head) Naw, you’re going to pay for last week.

Deadprez: And now Kevin just picks Charlie up, oh but here comes Charlie! He’s fighting back! Stop it you asshole, don’t you know you’re supposed to lose! A knife edge chop to the chest of Kevin Hunter, and another. He’s backed Kevin Hunter into the corner with those knife edge cops. Kevin is dazed, and Charlie makes it up onto the second rope looking down and starts reigning down right hands, one after another.

Ref: One! Two! Three! Four!

Pierre: And a monkey flip on Kevin Hunter by Charlie Marr, he has the big man grounded. He’s going back up to the top rope! I am sitting next to a grown man with a sour puss right now, we all know how he feels about moves from the top rope!

Deadprez: Flippy shit is god damn stupid god damn it!

Pierre: Be that as it may Charlie Marr is perched on top, what’s he thinking here? Why hasn’t he jumped on the downed opponent yet? I guess he’s waiting for him to get up. Kevin Hunter is stirring now, as Charlie marr is looking for a CROSSBODY! NO! Kevin Hunter catches him, slings him up on his shoulder and slams him down on the ground with a power slam. That was an unfortunate turn of events for Charlie there, I thought he had it.

Deadprez: You see? You see? I told you Pierre, you try to get fancy, and dive through the air you get made to look like a fool. It happens time and time again, and look at your little hero dying on the ground over there. He was flattened like a pancake, like road kill, and we need someone to just shovel him off the mat, because he is done for.

Pierre: Kevin is ruthless, you can clearly hear what this is all about. He wants payback, because he feels Charlie Marr wronged him last week, but what do you expect? The man saw you attacking someone else for no reason other than being a sore sport! OH AND KEVIN HAS CHARLIE BY THE THROAT, AND HE JUST PULLS HIM UP TO HIS LEVEL,


Pierre: And what disrespect as Kevin is just slapping Charlie Marr right in the face, trash talking him. I get he wants to prove a point, and that he thinks it’s Charlies fault they lost last week, but come on! Be an adult, and get over it alrady!

Deadprez: Only the weak get over things, the strong get even! You wouldn’t understand that because you could never be half the man Kevin Hunter, and Deadprez are. Kevin Hunter now picks Charlie Marr up again, and irish whips him across the ring and he bounces off the ropes only to come back into the arms of Kevin Hunter, SPINEBUSTER. That one looked like it hurt, look at Charlie cry in pain.

Pierre: Charlie is in a bad way here. Kevin Hunter again steps over him, and grabs him with both hands around the throat and just picks him up to his feet! What strength! And he’s slapping him again! Why? What does this prove?

Kevin: You’re nothing! Do you hear me you son of a bi–

Deadprez: AND A RIGHT HAND BY CHARLIE MARR! It caught Kevin right in the eye! And another, it seems that Kevin has been stunned, Charlie now goes running to the ropes and bounces off… BIG BOOT! A big boot right in the face of Charlie Marr. Just when you think the kid has something going, he gets stopped right in his tracks. But you had to think that this was coming, Kevin Hunter is a specimen to behold. ALMOST 7 FEET TALL! I mean he’s 6 5 but close enough. OH what’s this? He’s just going to pick him up right here. What’s he got in mind? Kick to the stomach. He has Charlie Marr in position, he’s got him up for the… KILLER EFFECT!..


Ref: One! Two! Three!!!

(DING! Ding! Ding!)


Pierre: Will you stop it! It was a normal count! BUT CHARLIE MARR AFTER TAKING A BEATING TONIGHT FOUND IT INSIDE HIM TO PIN KEVIN HUNTER.. I’m impressed.

Deadprez: Yeah, ok, it was luck, but whatever.

Pierre: Stay tuned folks, we got a lot more show left after this commercial break!

(Commercial Break — Advertisement for “SHOWDOWN: WRATH OF THE DRAGON”)

(“Wrong” by coldrain fills the arena as Shane Gates makes his way down to the ring)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: introducing first, from Huntington Beach, California in at 230 pounds, He is The Natural Born Killer, SHAAAANEE GAAAAAAATESSSS!

Deadprez: And here comes the criminal again.. Oh hey, we’re joined here by the one and only Scott Diamond!

Scott: Hello Prez, glad to be here…

Pierre: First of all Prez, that joke was made once, move on, it’s old now.. Anyways, it’s nice to see you Scott, always nice to be joined by a legend in this business.

Scott: Less glad to be here around you, but that’s neither here nor there. I’m just glad to be here so I can watch some good ol wrasslin.

Deadprez: Any particular reason you chose this match big guy?

Pierre: Oh my god you know! He’s up against Theron and Jack as he defends his newly awarded Tag Team Title.

Scott: Awarded? I earned it through blood sweat… Yeah haha you’re right, but I don’t give a fuck. I earned it by laying the groundwork for years in EAW, how about that? I’m a living legend, so I deserve it.

Pierre: Whatever. Anyways last week Shane Gates was victorious with his partner Daryl Kinkade. I’m sure he would love to keep on the winning track in a huge match up here tonight!

(Shane Gates rolls into his ring, and is directed to his corner by the Ref. Shane Gates music dies down, until, ‘California Dreaming’ by Hollywood Undead plays through the arena)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: And his partner, from Los Angeles, California, weighting in at 222 pounds, he is “The Self Made Saint” Tommmyyyy Rouuuughhhhh!

Pierre: Oooh yeah here’s my guy! This is the future of EAW right here, or at least what I hope the future of EAW looks like. He has it all, the look, the charisma, the bodyyyy.

Deadprez: *ahem* Stop, you’re stealing my bit. There’s no denying that this man has all the physical tools to get it done Pierre, but the wrestling game is a lot more than just stacked attributes. Does he have wrestling ability? Does he have the mental fortitude to continue down this path? He is going into the ring with two of the best EAW Elitists this company has to offer in Theron Nikolas, and Jack Ripley. This is his biggest test to date, let’s see how he reacts.

Pierre: Oh now you want to do real journalistic reporting?

Scott: You guys are very odd people, and make me uncomfortable

Deadprez: Scott, no, plz…

(Tommy Roughs music fades out, and “A Story To Tell” by Woe, Is Me comes on as Jack Ripley emerges from the curtain and looks around the crowd. He makes his way down to the ring, ands stops just at the base of the ramp waiting for his partner.)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: And there opponents. First from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighin in at 202 pounds “Top Shelf” Jack Ripppppllleeeyyyyy

Pierre: Jack Ripley is on his own nowadays.. Kind of. HIs partner of a thousand years David Davidson died, due to complications of Scott Diamond beating him up.

Deadprez: Oh boo hoo, his little tag partner got hurt and he can’t wrestle anymore.. Who cares! This is wrestling, hell this is life, people get hurt all the time! I pulled my back muscle taking a shit this morning, I still came to work! You want to give me a medal for it? This guy doesn’t deserve any sympathy, and honesty he should just suck it up. What did he lose really? Tag team glory? My Balls can be tag team champions, it’s not a big deal…. *Ahem* sorry Scott

Scott: Oh no worries, I’m here to try and change that very perception of these titles.

Deadprez: OH thank god.. Oh and Pierre, by the way, he’s not alone, he still has Theron.. So what is all the crying about? WHAT DO YOU THINK SCOTT!

Scott: You hit it right on the head, people die, get over it.

Pierre: See maybe you two don’t get it, because you don’t have friends so you don’t know what it’s like to lose any in such a horrific way.. Either way Jack Ripley is still right at home with his partnership with Theron, and I’m sure he’ll do just fine tonight.

Scott: Yeah ok, a tag team champion doesn’t have friends.. You make no sense.

(“I Hope You Suffer” – AFI hits as Theron Nikolas makes his way through the curtain to a loud stream of boos.)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: And his partner, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at 210 pounds… Theron Nikolasssssss!

(He walks down the ramp to where Jack is, and pats him on the back as the both slide into the ring. They stare each other down. Theron and Jack do rock, paper, scissors to see who goes in first. Jack loses, so he’s in first, and the ref signals for the bell.)

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Pierre: Shane Gates and Jack Ripley will start us off here, after Jack and Theron had an invigorating game of Rock, Paper, Scissors… IT COULD’VE GONE EITHER WAY!! But here we are, Jack vs. Shane. They’re starting off with a methodical pace, just circling around the ring looking for an opening. Shane Gates charges right at Jack and kicks him in the midsection, Jack doubles over in pain as Shane hooks the head, and looks for a suplex. He hits the suplex and Ripley is feeling that one! He’s gripping at his back, trying to grip onto the ropes trying to get back up. But Shane Gates isn’t going to let up as he’s right back on Ripley kicking him in the lower back. Fortunately for him the ref gets Shane to back up. With that breather Jack is able to get back up, and the two sides reset.

Deadprez: But Shane isn’t done with Jack as he charges right back, but Jack counters with a headlock takedown. Using all his weight on Shanes neck to try and get him to tap out! But Shane is fighting, Jacks losing his grip, and Shane is able to roll out after not much of a struggle. Shane now looking for a clothesline, but Jack rolls through under the attempt and tags in Theron. Uh oh, now you’ve done it Shane.. Shane backs up and it looks like he’s going to tag in his partner here. NO, it was ruse he charges at Theron and drop kicks him right in the knees. Theron now on the ground. Shane grabs a hold of Therons head. OH small package by Theron!

Ref: One! Two!.. Kickout

Pierre: That was a close call I thought Theron had him there..

Scott: He’s trying to win with a small package? Heh, this kid is never going to be a World Champion, let alone take my tag title away.

Pierre: Odd assessment but then again that’s why you’re not an announcer. Anyways! Theron now up looking to inflict pain! He’s lurking behind Shane and hits him with a dropkick. The force of the dropkick makes Shane bounce of the ropes.. TAG! Tommy Rough tagged in but I don’t think Theron noticed. Back breaker on Shane there, beautifully done; but here comes Tommy. Theron doesn’t seem to notice! YOU’LL FLOAT TOO! Jack Ripley just hit that super kick right on the chin of Tommy Rough.. Theron see’s Tommy staggered, and seems to be setting him up now CHAOS THEORY! Jack rolls Shane out of the ring, and Theron looks for the pin on Tommy!

Ref: One! Two! Three!

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

(I Hope You Suffer by AFI blares throughout the arena. Theron and Jack raise each others arms in victory)

Deadprez: Oh that was it? Quick match here, but kind of expected no? SCOTT! What do you think of these two, your future challengers for the Unified Tag Team Championships?

Scott: Anyone can beat scrubs up, I would’ve done it much quicker than that.

Deadprez: Well said Goat.

Pierre: I’m just glad you weren’t dumb enough, or vapid enough to try and attack Jack and Theron.. Anyways, moving on!

(Up Next: Pierre Mcguire gives you a special inside look at the No Way Out Structure)

(Commercial Break — “Best Of EAW 2017 DVD now Available in all DVD stores worldwide”)

( The show returns to the packed Indira Gandhi Arena, and we see Pierre McGuire standing front and center in the ring with a microphone in hand. )

Pierre McGuire: Hello to the EAW faithful around the world, and hello to the EAW faithful right here in NEW DELHI, INDIA!!!

( Crowd cheers. )

Pierre: My name is Pierre McGuire, and as many of you may already be aware of, we are just two weeks away from the next Showdown hosted supershow: Wrath of the Dragon, that’ll be taking place at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. And with the return of EAW Vice President, HRDO, we were also given the blockbuster announcement of the return of the fearsome NO WAY OUT match, where the winner will go on to compete for the EAW Championship at the grandest stage of them all, PAIN FOR PRIDE!

( Pop. )

Pierre: Now for those who are unfamiliar with the No Way Out match, we’re gonna get a look at the barbaric structure in just a second, though I must warn you it may not be for the faint of heart. But first allow me to announce the six participants who we can expect to see in that contest…

( The Wrath of the Dragon theme song plays as the focus is put on the titantron, and the first person we see is Diamond Cage. )


( MAJOR ovation from the crowd. )

( The next face shown on the titantron is: Devan Dubian. )


( MAJOR ovation from the crowd, with many boo’s sprinkled in. )

( The next face shown on the titantron is: Charlie Marr. )


( A big mixed reaction, with slightly more cheers than boos. )

( The next face shown on the titantron is: Daryl Kinkade. )


( A big positive response from the crowd. )

( The next face shown on the titantron is: Lucian Black. )


( A major mixed reaction, with an equal amount of cheers and boos. )

Pierre: And last but certainly not least…

( The final face shown on the titantron is: TLA. )

Pierre: T!!! LLLLL!!! AAAA!!!

( A MASSIVE positive response is given from the New Delhi crowd. )

Pierre: And now folks without any further adieu, the No Way Out match.

( VIDEO PACKAGE: Dramatic music comes on. We see a far away shot of the No Way Out structure hanging in the rafters, which shows the structure itself being a cell at a height of 20 feet, and made completely out of prison bars instead of the common mesh. There are four sides, a roof, and no door. In each corner, there are four smaller cells, also made of prison bars, with chains connected to the roof of each one so all four can be elevated to the top four corners of the structure. )

Stew-O voiceover: It is a structure inspired by the Hell in a Cell, Elimination Chamber and War Games, it is the most unrelenting environment of punishment perhaps in all of Elite Answers Wrestling lore!

Narrator: There is no forgiveness.

( We get a shot of the ring turnbuckle, where all turnbuckle pads are removed and several individuals are seen being driven into them and the agony on their faces upon impact is accentuated. )

Narrator: There is no protection.


( We see shots of individuals taking bumps into the unprotected cement floors at ringside, which contain zero padding. )

Narrator: Over two dozen individuals have stepped foot in this hellacious structure, 16 of which have held World Championships, yet only a fraction of the men to ever compete in an NWO have been able to leave on their own volition.

Devan Dubian (in a confessional): In a match like this you find punishment in every corner.

Mr. DEDEDE (in a confessional): Just the name of that match still brings shivers down my spine.

( We see Elitists from the NWO matches of the past attacking each other with weapons, engulfing each other with fire, )

Hades the Hellraiser (in a confessional): You bargain your life, your sanity, your soul with the devil every time you step in there. Once you step foot in that structure you don’t leave without leaving a piece of your soul with it.

( We see more brutal clips including men driving each other into the cell bars of the structure and driving each other into the unprotected pavement at ringside. )

Narrator: Six competitors, yet only two may begin the contest. In each corner of the cell there are four smaller cells, also made of prison bars, with chains connected to the roof of each one so all four can be elevated to the top four corners of the structure. The structure has enough room for competitors to battle outside of the ring, and each cell lowers after various time intervals.

( We see competitors standing in the miniature cells above the ring, looking down in trepidation at the action taking place, with a first person look during the 2013 NWO match at Territorial Invasion 6, where Zack Crash is being punished by Hades the Hellraiser from the POV of one of the cells hanging at the corner of the NWO structure. )

Zack Crash (in a confessional): There is no greater misfortune than having to begin a contest like the NWO and see it through the whole way out. It’s not like an Elimination Chamber where you can be eliminated at any time.

Nick Angel (in a confessional): Take it from me, there’s enough punishment to last you the entire duration of the match. I would rather die than compete in that match again.

Narrator: Once every competitor is in the ring pandemonium is more likely than ever to ensue.

( We see brutal spots in the past NWO matches, including Dia Del Diablo 2016 where Jamie O’Hara lights up a match and sets Nick Angel’s tights on fire. )

Narrator: The ruthless and carnal nature found within all mankind is put on full display for the world to see.

( We see a shot of Jacob Senn purposefully snapping Zack Crash’s arm with the fujiwara armbar in the inaugural NWO match. )

Narrator: There is no cell door, no way of escape, no place of solace, nowhere to run. However for the few souls who possess the fortitude to brave the hell that comes with this structure… paradise awaits.

( We see several clips of individuals victorious in the No Way Out match. )


“Drake Jaeger voice over: THEY DID IT! THEY DID IT! THE TRIUMVIRATE DID IT!!!!”

“Andy Dominguez voiceover: WE HAVE A NEW WORLD CHAMPION!!!”


Narrator: The road to Pain for Pride comes to a deadly detour.

( A few more shots are shown of individuals bloody, in agony, crawling on the floor or using the bars of the NWO cell to will their way up to a vertical base. )

Narrator: Only the elite will find the promised land, for the others there will be No Way Out.

( Dramatic music comes to an end, and the video package fades to black… )

(Camera quickly transitions back to Aaron Fitzpatrick standing in the ring awaiting the next match)

Fitzpatrick: The following contest is set for one fall!!

(“On My Teeth” By Underoath hits as Lucian Black makes his entrance down the ramp to a Mixed Reaction from the crowd donning all black attire)

Fitzpatrick: Introducing his opponent, from Peoria, Illinois! Weighing in at 217 Pounds!!! “LONE WOLF” LUCIAAANNNNNNNNN BLAAACKKKKKKK!!!

Pierre: And fresh off of being announced for the No Way Out match at Wrath of the Dragon, Lucian Black looking to make another big impact here and gain momentum against his adversary who will also be in the No Way Out match, what a show Wrath Of The Dragon is stacking up to be!

Deadprez: Man’s finna lose big time to La Pantera Sexual!

(“Ambitionz Az A Ridah” By Tupac begins to play to a MONSTER reaction of cheers as TLA makes his entrance driving in a red, green and white low rider on the side of the entrance stage and leaves the lowrider has the REVOLT Welterweight Championship around his waist)

Fitzpatrick: Introducing his opponent, From The Poon Palace in Miami, Florida! Weighing in at 210 Pounds!! WHO WOULD NOW LIKE TO BE INTRODUCED AS THE REVOLT WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!!! T!!!! L!!!!!!!!!!! A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Deadprez: There’s the bell and TLA wanting to be recognized as the Welterweight Champion of the world and he’s earned that right but Lucian is very annoyed by that as he believes that title means nothing here but who gives a shit about what Lucian thinks, GO TLA! Lucian quickly firing a right hand into the face of TLA, and he smiles right at him, TLA taking obvious offense as he fires a big forearm shot, and follows it up with another big forearm shot to the face! TLA quickly picking up the offense as he fires an open handed chop to the chest of Lucian! He whips him off the ropes, AS HE COMES BACK TLA CONNECTS WITH A STANDING DROPKICK TO THE FACE OF LUCIAN BLACK!! TLA quickly up to his feet as Lucian is up quickly backing himself into a corner! TLA RUNS AT LUCIAN BLACK!!

Pierre: LUCIAN GETS HIS BOOT UP INTO THE FACE OF TLA! TLA is stopped in his tracks as Lucian quickly runs at TLA and floors him with a clothesline! Lucian grabbing TLA up to his feet aggressively as he hooks him with the front facelock, AND HE PLANTS HIM WITH A SNAP SUPLEX!! TLA blocks! And fights out of his grasp and quickly hits a VERY MEXICAN UPPERCUT!! Lucian knocked into the ropes, TLA runs knocking Lucian outside of the ring! NO LUCIAN COUNTERS WITH A BACK BODY DROP!! TLA manages to catch himself on the ring apron before crashing to the floor! TLA SPRINGS OFF THE ROPES!! BUT LUCIAN WITH A DROPKICK TO THE LEGS OF TLA AS HE LANDS RIBS FIRST ONTO THE ROPES BEFORE DROPPING TO THE OUTSIDE FLOOR!!

Deadprez: Jesus, what a fucking collision! TLA is hurting here holding his mid-section in pain, Lucian gathering himself as TLA is pulling himself up to his feet, LUCIAN RUNS!!! SUICIDE SOMERSAULT PLANCHA CRASHING RIGHT INTO TLA!!! TLA in obvious pain here tonight as Lucian the dominant one in this match quickly grabbing TLA and sends him inside the ring. Lucian hops onto the apron and waits for TLA to get up to his feet, with TLA stirring up to his feet holding his mid-section and turns, LUCIAN LEAPS UP ONTO THE ROPES FOR A SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE!! He flattens TLA, Lucian signaling for the end of this match as he hooks TLA up to his feet and between his legs, and lifts him in a powerbomb position! HE’S RUNNING WITH TLA POSSIBLY FOR A BUCKLE BOMB!!

Pierre: TLA as Lucian had him in his grasp begins raining down right hands on Lucian Black! TLA TRANSITIONS IT INTO A HURRICANRANA!! TLA fighting up to his feet, Lucian up, ROLLING ELBOW BY TLA!! Lucian ducks, SHORT SUPERKICK TO THE MID-SECTION OF TLA! Lucian running off the ropes, SWAG SHOT!!! HE JUST SLAPPED THE SHIT OUT OF LUCIAN BLACK! Lucian caught off guard, he swings for TLA’s head but TLA ducks and hooks Lucian from behind, BACKSTABBER!! DOUBLE KNEES TO THE SPINE!!! TLA HOOKING HIS LEG FOR THE COVER!!!


Deadprez: LUCIAN SHOOTS THE SHOULDER UP! TLA annoyed but grabs Lucian up to his feet, he sends a big open handed chop to the chest of Lucian, Lucian is backed up and TLA grabs him and sends him crashing face first into the top turnbuckle! TLA begins lifting Lucian Black placing him on the top turnbuckle, TLA climbing as well, he looks like he could be going for a frankeinsteiner! LUCIAN CATCHES TLA AS HE GOES FOR THE FRANKEINSTEINER AND MUSCLES HIM UP IN MID AIR!!!! SIT OUT POWERBOMB OFF THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!!!!!

Pierre: Jesus christ, the collision and sound of TLA’s body hitting the mat is insane! Lucian trying to capitalize but doesn’t elect to go for the cover! Lucian leaves the ring and begins making his way to the top rope, slowly but surely trying to get himself to the top, he’s perched.. LUCIAN FLIES HIGH FOR A DIVING FROG SPLASH!!! HE CONNECTS!!! AND HE COVERS THE LEG!!


Deadprez: YES!!! TLA KICKS OUT!! Lucian Black can’t believe it and grows increasingly frustrated before leaving the ring! And he snatches the REVOLT Welterweight Championship from the timekeepers area and begin staring at it before making his way to the ring with it, the referee arguing with Lucian that if he uses that title as a weapon he’ll be disqualifed! Lucian pushes the referee out of his way as TLA is rising to his feet! TLA turns! AND LUCIAN!! NO!! THE REFEREE PULLS THE CHAMPIONSHIP DOWN!!! TLA WITH THE CARTEL KICK!! PELE KICK CONNECTING ON LUCIAN BLACK!!! AND TLA QUICKLY MAKING HIS WAY TO THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!!! HE’S PERCHED!! HE LEAPS FOR THE BURNOUT!!! CORKSCREW 630 SENTON!!!!



(“On My Teeth” By Underoath picks up again as Lucian quickly hops out of the ring as the referee meets him and raises his hand high in the air)


Deadprez: What kinda bullshit? He used the title as a fucking weapon? Wheres the disqualification? In the rewritten Zack Crash handbook when EAW became elite it clearly said we do not condone the use of using championship belts as weapons, TLA was robbed!

Pierre: On the contrary, Lucian didn’t pick up the belt and use it as a weapon like hit him over the head with it, TLA crashed into the title off of his missed burnout! And he was the one who ended up burnt out in the end!

Deadprez: Shut up, faggot, this isn’t the last of TLA and mark my words Lucian will pay for what he has done and I promise you that!

(Camera transitions to a Commerical Break)

(We Return to Showdown as we await our next match)

(The camera cuts to Aaron Fitzpatrick in the ring.)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!!

(“It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi hits as Rex McAllister comes out to loud cheers from the crowd. Rex slaps hands with the crowd as he comes ringside with his championship and takes a seat at the commentary table.)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the EAW Champion REX MCALLISTER!!!

Deadprez:It looks like we are going to be joined by the champ!

Pierre: What an honor!!!

Rex: The honor is all mine folks. I am just out here to scout the competition. I feel like I may be facing one or even both of these competitors in the near future and want to see what they can do.

(“What A Shame” by Too Close To Touch hits as Rex McAllister is shown bursting out of his commentary chair to cheer Daryl Kinkade as he makes his way down towards the ring.)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: Introducing first from London, England… DARRRRRRRRYL KINKADE!!!

Deadprez: Holy shit you almost spilled my Fanta.

Rex: Sorry Deadprez I got too excited. You see I believe that Daryl Kinkade has a bright future here in EAW and I am very invested in his success. I see a lot of myself in him but it is up to him to push all the way to the top the same way that I your great champion has.

Pierre: So true and so humble.

(“ULTRAnumb” by Blue Stahli hits as Cameron Ella Fernandez-Ava makes her way out to the ring as Rex McAllister is shown looking disgusted as he sits on commentary.)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: And his opponent from Los Angeles, California… CAMERON ELLA AVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Deadprez: Cam is so fine. Oh lawd what I would do to her Pierre.

Pierre: I could not agree more Deadprez: Holy shit look at her.

Rex: Cam is a professional athlete so I would never catcall her the way that you two are current. I am truly appalled by your sexual harassment and feel that women should be respected even when they are this particular woman.


Deadprez: We are underway as Cameron Ella Ava gets all up in Daryl Kinkade’s face shouting insults. I can’t tell what she is saying but she sure is talking that shit.

Pierre: She sure is Deadprez and Daryl Kinkade ain’t gonna take much of that as he punches Cam right in the face knocking her backwards!

Deadprez: Daryl hit a woman! EQUALITY HAS ARRIVED!!!

Pierre: Cam has been in like 5000 intergender matches at this point Deadprez. At some point we have to stop acting surprised about things like this.

Rex: Let’s focus on the action. Cameron Ella Ava holding her jaw as she gets right back up and locks up with Daryl Kinkade in the ring. Daryl pushes her back against the ropes but Cam charges in with a Superkick sending Daryl reeling back against the ropes! Daryl now holding his jaw as he charges back in with a Clothesline but Cam ducks it! Cam with a Roundhouse Kick catching Daryl in the back of the head! What a manuever!

Deadprez: Shit he’s doing our job better than we do. What do we do Pierre?

Pierre: Stay cool Deadprez. We will strike when the opportunity presents itself.

Rex: Look Cameron Ella Ava just connected with a Dropkick to Daryl right there! The young talent reeling but he is not ready to give up just yet! Daryl back up to his feet as he charges in with a…

Pierre: RUNNING KNEE STRIKE! Oh I bet you didn’t know that one did you? This is why we are the masters.

Deadprez: Good call there Pierre. Daryl bounces off the ropes as he flips onto Cam with a Senton. Another fantastic call by the actual commentators who were trained to do this job and deserve to continue doing it for a long time getting paid by the great bosses here in EAW! The cover by Daryl!!!



Pierre: The kickout by Cam!

Rex: It certainly appears that Cam kicked out of that pinning predicament with enough velocity in order to propell Daryl into the air the appropriate amount for her next manuever. This manuever of course would of course be known as the Chickenwing over-the-shoulder crossface. A complex manuever in which Cam has placed Daryl’s arm over her shoulder before applying the usual crossface manuever. In fact Cam has also locked her hands around the lower face of Daryl in order to best pull back stretching his neck and/or shoulder. Enough pressure and this hold would surely result in a dislocation that could result in weeks if not months of rehabilitation in order to recover from.

Deadprez: …

Pierre: We are so fired. I can’t compete with that.

Rex: Maybe not but Daryl is certainly competing with this hold! Look as he struggles back up to his feet! Cam can’t hold on she is just not strong enough to keep the man down!

Deadprez: That flawless transition tho…

Pierre: He played off my words to make his commentary flow better…

Rex: Just as Daryl is flowing from this submission hold into a devastating Backbreaker! Cam screams out in pain as Daryl drops her down to the mat. Daryl backs up across the ropes… Running Punt Kick catches Cam on the side of she head! Yo this bitch gettin’ lit up she just ain’t pay her pimp on time so she gotta pay in a whole other motherfuckin’ way!

Deadprez: The cover!



Pierre: Kickout by Cam! Daryl looks upset he couldn’t quite put her away! Daryl backs up into the corner and it looks like he is gonna kick her again! Cam might get a concussion! DARYL CHARGES IN WITH THE KICK!!!







Pierre: She did it!

(“ULTRAnumb” by Blue Stahli hits as Cameron Ella Ava has her hand raised in victory.)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: Here is your winner… CAMERON ELLA AVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Deadprez: Cam with a big win here tonight taking it all home with a Goddess’ Touch out of nowhere. Props to Daryl Kinkade he put up a great showing here against one of EAW’s biggest legends.

(Rex is shown taking off the headset and clapping for Cameron as she celebrates in the ring before the camera fades into a commercial for PFP Festival featuring Hunter Moore who we can only hope will make a surprise appearance to drop some fire.)

(Camera transitions backstage to show Nobi in his lockeroom staring at the National Elite Championship, before cutting to Prince Of Phenomenal in his locker room putting on his custom vest,: UP NEXT IN OUR MAIN EVENT, WE HAVE NOBI DEFENDING THE NATIONAL ELITE CHAMPIONSHIP AGAINST THE PRINCE OF PHENOMENAL!!!!!)

(Final Commercial Break — TLA “Lucha Thug” T Shirts now available on EAWShop.com!)

(Camera transitions to Aaron Fitzpatrick standing in the ring)

Aaron: The following contest is set for one fall..AND IS FOR THE EAW NATIONAL ELITE CHAMPIONSHIIIIPPPPP!!!….

(“If I Had A Heart” By Fever Ray plays throughout the arena as Prince Of Phenomenal begins to make his entrance out in black and blue attire before making his way down the ramp confidently)

Deadprez: POP looking loose than shoelace pussy tonight!

Pierre: What?

Deadprez: I’m saying POP is looking as confident as ever as he heads into this championship match and you have to wonder if that’ll be detrimental to him tonight as he looks to dethrone the fighting champion!

( ‘Till I collapse’ by Eminem plays as the crowd starts cheering and Nobi comes out on the stage, high-fiving fans and running towards the ring with the National Elite Championship around his waist)

Pierre: And here comes the champion looking as ready as ever, and what a champion Nobi as been and no matter how confident POP is, he’ll surely be tested here tonight!

(Camera transitons to Fitzpatrick standing in the ring as both competitors stand in opposite corners)

Fitzpatrick: First, in my corner to the left, the challenger…., from South Beach, Florida! Weighing in at 220 Pounds!!! PRINCCEEEEEEEEEEEEE OFFFF PHENOMENAAALLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!

(POP poses before smiling at Nobi as he steps to the center of the ring)

Fitzpatrick: And his opponent, in the corner to my right…. From Indonesia!…. He weighed in tonight at 251 Pounds!…. HE IS THE REIGNING AND DEFENDING EAW NATIONAL ELITE CHAMPION…. “THE WHITE KNIGHT”, NOOOOOOOOBBBBBBBBIIIIIIII!!!….

(Nobi holds up the National Elite title with a look of determination on his face as the referee takes the title and holds it up for display before handing it over to the ringside area as he signals for the bell)


Deadprez: WERE OFF!! Nobi IMMEDIATELY RUNS AND TAKES POP’S HEAD OFF WITH A CLOTHESLINE!! Nobi is wasting no time as he grabs POP who is trying to scramble to his feet and pushes him into the corner and Nobi bringing down big right hands as POP is trying to cover up! Nobi quickly hooking POP lifting onto his shoulders!! HE’S LOOKING TO GO ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT EARLY!! POP drops down, Nobi tries to spin POP around.. PELE KICK!!! POP OUT OF NOWHERE WITH THE PELE KICK!! POP making his way to the apron as he is daring Nobi to get up to his feet.. Nobi rises… AND POP WITH THE SPRINGBOARD FOREARM SMASH!!! POP connects! This match is fast pace, POP quickly grabbing Nobi up, between his legs!! HE LIFTS HIM!!! CROWN OF THORNS!!! HE FACEPLANTS HIM RIGHT INTO THE CANVAS!!! AND POP COVERS HIM!!





(“If I Had A Heart” By Fever Ray begins to play as POP is handed the National Elite Championship and begins to celebrate as some fans are shocked and some fans are cheering)





(POP is shown being handed the REVOLT Middleweight Championship as he raises both the National Elite and Middleweight titles high in the air for one final shot)

(Camera fades to black)

(EAW Logo Buzzes)