Most Valuable Elitist #131


(aka caught up finally)

Okay, for the REVOLT people who don’t know what in the blue hell is this. Most Valuable Elitist are weekly awards handed out to the person(s) that really had the most impactful moment, match or showing of the entire week. The categories are:

Rising Star of the Week–given to someone who is rising from ranks. Can be from a New Breed to someone in the midcard scene, but they gotta just rise to the occasion and just rise from their position and going up from there.

Beef of the Week–the match up who has their two opponents either give a great back-to-back confrontation with solid promos. Can be in multi-person matches, where the competitiveness is up there. Just be competitive as hell and you and your opponent may have a chance of getting this award.

Show of the Week aka the Showdown Award (not really)–Just the best show of the entire week. I usually look for no missing segments/matches. They can be missing for 24 hours after the show is posted, but other than that, I might not consider it for a win. If it’s more than one missing segment/match, then I might not consider it a potential SotW at all. I also look for shows on time, I usually give it 24-48 hours after the show is supposed to be done. If not, then it’s not considered at all. I also look for storyline progression and unquestionable booked. If I see a show with something I question, then it won’t take too much away from me and still will be considered, but if it’s a show with a bunch of “WTF” booking, then yikes. And no… I will not give this award just because a show has “not won a while” git gud. But, all these shows this week had solid starts for this new merge. So pats on the back for you all.

Match of the Week--I am not looking for five star, 10,000 word matches, but I’m looking for the matches that catch my eye and have some progression towards one of the characters in their storylines. Despite the booking being question, if the match is good, then I may look past that. But, something solid for a weekly show.

Promoer of the Week–if your opponent does not deliver, then there is always trying to aim for this award. I usually look for either the best content. If it’s a slow week, then I look for the most promos from a person. It’s rarely that I give this award to more than one people. Probably will at Pain for Pride if everyone promos their hearts out, but I tend to pick one winner at a time. But yeah, 9 out of 10 times, there will only be one winner. I will always do my best to pick one winner out of a solid group of people who promoed great.

Champion of the Week–Only champions are qualified for this one, but if they win a match or have anything to progress their storylines with, then they will be given this award. If it’s a slow or meh week for all the champions, I tend to avoid handing out this award until I have too.

Most Valuable Elitist--to the one who won the biggest thing out of the entire week? Did they win a title, number one contender’s match, a huge opportunity? Think big and it will probably be on the MVE category. The only times I give it to more than one people would be if I see either streaks coming to an end, someone outlasting multiple men and women and when both people win something huge, but I cannot choose one. It’s not going to happen frequently, but when it does, it’s apparently a big deal (not really).

Rising Star of the Week

Payton Darkstar

I TOLD YOU, GUYS! I TOLD YOU! I TOLD YOU! I TOLD YOU! THE ALIENS ARE REAL! THEY ARE TALKING TO US! Seriously, lets start off this first merged EAW/REVOLT Most Valuable Elitist with our Rising Star of the Week, Payton Darkstar. What a chick with such an unique look and personality! Now, for those that didn’t watch REVOLT 2, Payton made an appearance in the end of Sienna Jade vs. Lexi Sheckler and it seemed like if REVOLT 3 was ever a thing, I could have seen Sienna vs. Payton as the next Freeweight Championship match. For EAW, it seems like Payton may have found a distraction when it came to fighting for Chelsea Crowe’s Specialists Championship. Now, she made an impression during the triple threat with Raven Roberts and Riley McCray, but I am quite curious to see how she does in a championship match. Are her eyes off of Sienna just yet? We will have to find that out soon. Payton has a tough champion in Chelsea and I wish her all the luck in the world.

Beef of the Week

Maddox Ayres vs. Darkane

Darkane, the winner of the Gold Rush Tournament and the man who will face Carlos Rosso for the Answers World Championship. Maddox Ayres, the man who made it to the final seven in the Grand Rampage Match. That is an interesting combination. First off, I thought both these men did a great job with the back-and-forth last week. I was quite unsure if we would see Maddox get unmotivated because I sometimes get the feeling that he may not be motivated as much to do well. If he is, then I apologize because I do tend to read people wrong. :eyes: Darkane, as always, held his ground like a boss and it was about when he would get placed in the Answers World Championship picture. Both competitors are fantastic in their own ways, but it was obvious Darkane would have this match in the bag. I cannot see how things progress with him, especially since he left Carlos lying in his blood. As for Maddox, I hope we see more from him and I do think that he will get in the Hardcore Championship picture.

Show of the Week


I loved the development for Showdown last week. I somewhat predicted correctly or got way off with this show. As for the Showdown GM, I knew for a fact that it was going to be CM Banks. With Theron vs. Rex, I knew Banks was going to cost him the match. To most, it would be like “no shit, sherlock”, but it may have been shocking to at least one or two people who are not familiar with the product. From this episode of Showdown, we started seeing the merge slowly coming into the brand. Prince of Phenomenal vs. Nobi is sure to be a great match, but I feel like POP will end up winning the match and continue “holding it down”–no matter what that is supposed to mean. There was also the element with shock with Scott Diamond being announced as Cameron’s new tag team partner. Hopefully, this makes up for the fact when Scott was  Tag Team Champions for less than a day. Matches like Devan Dubian vs. Diamond Cage were fantastic along with the main event…

Match of the Week

Rex McAllister vs. Theron Nikolas

I don’t know about you, but I was sad to see Theron lose his King of Elite cash in. I thought we were going to see him teasing the cash in a little more, but to see him lose the cash in on a random episode of Showdown did not sit well with me. However, it did its job with progression more with Theron/Banks and I feel that was exactly the reason they had the match last week. This match was full of twist and turns and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time! The moment Jack Ripley got himself involved in the match, I thought we were going to see a title change in return. Then, when Banks came out when Theron needed a ref, it became clear that Rex would retain somehow. I thought this match did a great job with putting Theron/Banks in the spotlight, but I feel like Rex became somewhat of an afterthought, but I hope with his next challenger, we can shift the focus into different storylines and really have some great feuds approaching Pain for Pride.

Promoer of the Week


Champion of the Week

Rex McAllister

Ladies and gentlemen, the man who made it through his first title defense as EAW Champion, Rex McAllister! For me, I am glad to see him still be EAW Champion. Sure, I was sad when Theron lost his King of Elite cash in, but I felt like this was going to be a win-lose situation, but Rex winning is deserving and I feel like the full picture can progress with Rex vs. Cage which will be a very exciting match at Pain for Pride. As the situation with Cameron, I do think she will be his next challenger before moving on to DC at Pain for Pride. Obviously, I can see Rex retaining against Cameron and that adds a second successful title reign under his belt, but for Pain for Pride? I can see his match going either way, but Rex has proving to be a fantastic champion, who is very deserving of his reign. I am glad to see all of his hard work pay off.

Most Valuable Elitist

The Revenant

Ladies and gentleman, the NEW New Breed Champion, “The Revenant”, Michael Bishop! Despite the circumstances that came with this match, I felt like the result would have not been different at all. Rev has proven to be great in his own right and I thought he was WAY more deserving of this win than anyone on Voltage. He is probably one of the most improved and hardworking people I know and I am glad that everything paid off for him. I’ve had my share of being under these circumstances, but my advice would be to work your hardest to make sure you keep the belt because you lose that belt and it makes it seem like the results would have been different if your opponent were active. Just work harder than normal and continue to prove people wrong. Congrats, Rev!





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