Why the Women Could Steal the Show at Pain for Pride X

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Why the Women Could Steal the Show at Pain for Pride X

The Womens World Championship Match

With Pain for Pride next weekend, there have been talks about the wonderful match ups we will see in the tenth annual Pain for Pride. We have former friends and bitter enemies in Xavier Williams and World Heavyweight Champion, Jamie O’Hara squaring off in what can possibly be the final chapter in their storybook rivalry. There is also the winner of Grand Rampage, The Pizza Boy finally getting his Answers World Championship Match against the dominating Darth Lannister. Also, we will see two best friends and former partners in Brian Daniels and Robbie V fighting in their last match with EAW. Alongside with those matches, we will see the King of Elite, Tiberius Jones take on Drastik for the EAW Championship. Out of all the amazing match up and anticipating matches such as: Cash in the Vault or the 24/7 Battle Royal, I think that we should not count out the women of Empire just yet.

With the Empire Brand being represented for the first time at Pain for Pride, there is a lot of attention for the women to represent Empire in the best way possible. Back in December, Empire General Manager Cleopatra made the news which shook the Vixens Division down to its core. Right this forward, the women will no longer be referred to as Vixens, but as Elitists. The Vixens Division will be known as the Womens Division. In order to make this decision official, Cleopatra revealed that challengers Cailin Dillon and Sheridan Muller should fight for the symbol of the Womens Division—the Womens World Championship. As Cailin defeated the last Vixens Champion, Sheridan Muller, Cailin made history as the first ever Womens Champion.

Meanwhile, Cameron Ella Ava had been doing well for herself since Empire began. By establishing herself with powerful women such as then-Vixens Champion, the Heart Break Gal and then-Specialists Champion, Kendra Shamez. People knew for a fact that Cameron would eventually experience the same greatness that her fellow OGs experienced. At Shock Value, she, along with the Heart Break Gal were sole survivors with the Heart Break Gal. Cailin Dillon pledged her allegiance to The OGs. What Cailin and Cameron did not realize that this was going to plant the seeds for something bigger eventually.

With Aria Jaxon suffering from a nasty defeat at Pain for Pride IX, she as looking for a way to redeem herself with the launch of the Empire brand. She had her sights on being the face of the brand. She aligned herself with her two best friends, Tarah Nova and Cailin Dillon as the two formed The Sirens. Immediately, they clashed with The OG Vixens, but The OGs proved to be the better stable. With her ex-best friend, Cailin turning back on her and Tarah, Aria announced that The Sirens were no more.

With Pain for Pride season, we failed to realize that these three would be quite used to one another during the trip to MetLife Stadium. During King of Elite and the first ever all womens Supershow, Malicious Intentions, Aria did all she could at dethroning the champion in Cailin Dillon. On two separate occasions, Aria had Cailin’s numbers, but due to obstacles getting in the way, Aria failed at capturing the Womens Championship. Due to getting title match after title match against Cailin, Cleopatra knew that Aria would have to earn her title shot against Cailin. This is where Cameron comes into play: at Malicious Intentions, Cameron made history by outlasting twenty-four other women to capture the coveted Empire Cup, in which she can cash in any time, any place, anywhere (think Cash in the Vault). If Aria lost against Cameron at Grand Rampage, Aria was out of the title picture for the rest of 2017. Cameron, who had become a rival to Aria, had a mission to get Aria out of the title scene, so she could become champion without any interference. At Grand Rampage, Aria defeated Cameron. Cameron’s plans were ruined.

Or were they?

After Cailin Dillon retained her championship against The Coven’s, Alexis Diemos, the champion was attacked by the rest of The Coven. Out to save what Cameron considered the only person she could rely on, Cailin Dillon was quick to retaliate with an Eyes of Texas, but failed. In response, Cameron connected with a Knock Bitches Out and did the unthinkable and cashed the Empire Cup.

At that moment, a new Womens Champion was crowned.

Aria did not quickly cash in her next title opportunity. Instead, she went to Voltage to deal with the Young Lions Cup situation. Instead of cashing it in against Lucas Johnson, the same man she defeated for the Cup, she thought she would cash the cup in against Ahren Fournier, who began to get a little cocky of the lack of competition Voltage had to offer. With Aria a little occupied for the moment, Cailin used it as an opportunity to get her hands-on Cameron. Over the past several weeks, her will to get her Womens Championship back had become an obsession. Cailin did not get her rematch straight away, but made it her mission to get her rematch one way or another.

After Aria’s failed attempt of capturing the Hardcore Championship, she returned to Empire to her spot-on top of the card. Her first business: get a shot at Cameron for the Womens Championship. Cameron came out and told Aria that she’s not champion material and what not. Then, Cailin came out to inform the two of them that she still had her rematch. Cleopatra came out and announced that at Pain for Pride Cameron will defend her title against Aria Jaxon AND Cailin Dillon in a Triple Threat Match.

Now, I suppose you came for the title of this article? Why could these three women steal the show at Pain for Pride? Isn’t it simple? These three women are three of the best competitors in the last ten years EAW has been open. These three have changed the course of the Womens Division. Aria came in and won the first ever Empress of Elite Tournament. As one of the most talked about NEO developmental talents, she had a huge reputation to withhold. She was one of the three women to main event an FPV and win the Vixens Championship against Eris LeCava and the Heart Break Gal. Cailin Dillon was someone who entered EAW with all of the potential in the world. As the second ever Specialists Champion, she had an amazing reign which took the world by storm. When her rivalry against the Heart Break Gal, she was able to win the crowd over and root for her to get the victory over HBG. As a face, she displayed herself as one of the top faces of the company. As a heel, she killed the game. She was Empress of Elite and she made history by becoming the inaugural Womens World Champion. As for Cameron, she is one of the most accomplished women in the business. As a face or heel, she has succeeded and have gotten better, the older she got. She was the first and only woman to win the Hall of Fame Championship, first woman to hold a single’s championship in EAW with the Interwire Championship, first woman to compete in Cash in the Vault. First woman to win the Empire Cup and became the second Womens World Champion in EAW history.

 If there is one thing Cameron knows: it’s to make history. Something that she has done with Aria Jaxon. You could say that these two are the Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks of Empire. Cameron and Aria were the first women to main event Showdown in seven years. These two were the first women to compete in the main event on the first episode of Empire. They also participated in the first Specialists Chamber Match. Whenever these two clashes in the ring, it’s obviously the best match of the night as both girls give it their all. These two bring the best out of each other, every time they enter the ring. Also, you can say that these two girls are a lot alike than you would think. Both came from EAW Developmental and found success there. Around the beginning of their careers, they both associated themselves with men. Aria with Brett Kennedy and Cameron with Hurricane Hawk. During their respected beginnings in EAW, both became fan favorites very quickly despite being face or heel. It can be said Aria took the role that Cameron was known for so long as a top face of the Womens Division. It can be said that Cameron is the darker version of Aria. Cameron is Aria if Aria decided to turn her character heel.

Cailin has been amazing ever since day one. She is someone who is deserving of all of the success in the world, but there could be some similarities that she shares with Cameron. Both have turned their backs on people who they cared for at one point. Cailin with Tarah and Aria and Cameron with Dark Demon. Both have been fighting champions in their career. Cailin with the Specialists Championship and Cameron during her first reign as Hall of Fame Champion. In this match, it is safe to say that neither of these women can be trusted and Aria should be worried of that.

With the three women in this match, these are just three women who have carried the Womens Division in the last five months. They changed the course of what Women’s Wrestling is all about. There should be no wondering why these women are fighting for one of the most prestigious championships on Empire. These women deserve the match. These three also made history by become the first ever Women to be on a Pain for Pride poster, an accomplishment that has never been done in ten years. These three women also got a video package that only main eventers get to hype their Pain for Pride matches. When it comes to this match, the stakes are high and either of these women are going to walk out of MetLife Stadium as the Womens World Championship. There are some people that are saying that this match could be a Match of the Year contender. Hell, there are some people that are saying that these women could steal the show. I expect great things from these women.

Ladies, the world will be watching you. Good luck.

TL;DR version: They da best.


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