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“The PFP Preview”



(“Beast” by Tech N9ne, Busta Rhymes and KXNG Crooked plays us in for our intro but this time the program takes a change from the usual intro as instead of panning to the arena, we cut to a special sports center style set with Deadprez, Masters and Sabina all sitting at the panel.)


Deadprez: Hello everyone and welcome to the final stop before Pain For Pride! This is Sunday Night Voltage and a very special edition at that as me and two EAW originals, hall of famers Masters and Sabina, have been brought in to help way in and host some hot button topics before the show of shows.


Sabina: Indeed, EAW has dusted off the old relics I guess you could say, hehe.


Masters: It should be a fun night ahead but don’t fret as we still have plenty of action in store as well, including a blockbuster main event between two Oakland natives, Drastik and Lethal Consequences, both men who are returning to the PFP stage after a long wait with Drastik heading into an EAW title defense and LC heading into the 24/7 Battle Royal, both men with something to lose as far as momentum!


Deadprez: This match could potentially set the tone for PFP, but the same can be said when Solomon Caine goes against Tiberius, something we’ll be leaving the panel for to check out right now. Keep a close eye out on this match as you have to wonder how Tiberius’ mental state is, he is very prideful and egotistical and last week Drastik went and tried to embarrass him. Tiberius confidence is everything and it tends to have him make rash decisions. If he takes another loss tonight who knows how he’ll be.


Masters: We’ll see right now if his performance changes.


(We head over to ringside.)



Ring Announcer: The following match is scheduled for One Fall!

(“The Mission” by Puscifier plays as Tiberius IV walks out.)

RA: From Gaia, weighing in at 213 pounds, The King of Elite, Tiberius IV!!!

WWEFan: Here comes the King of Elite, the man challenging for the EAW championship this sunday, and he’s coming out without his guard again for the second week in a row.


Kawajai: Don’t know if that’s wise. You’d think he’d want to do everything he can to secure this going into PFP.

WWE:Fan: Perhaps he has something to prove tonight. But perhaps his insurance policy is that quarterstaff, Balthazar.

Kawajai: Not to take anything away from the King of Elite, but he’ll need all the help he can get against Caine

RA: His opponent

(“Heart Shaped Box” by Nirvana hits as the lights go black… Soon the lights illuminate as Solomon Caine appears and makes his way down to the ring as the crowd boos.)

Kawajai: It’s clear how the fans feel about Caine.

WWEFan: I don’t think Solomon Caine cares very much what they think, he’s here to hurt this man and pick up another win on his way to the Extreme Enigma Elimination match



WWEFan: As the ref calls for the bell, Tiberius rushes forward! Caine swings for him but Tiberius ducks and slaps Caine right in the face, before quickly ducking away!

Kawajai: Tiberius attempting to establish his hierarchy here and maybe attempting to get Caine’s blood boiling.

WWEFan: Caine taking his time, glaring at Tiberius. I’m not sure if he’s unphased or enraged but he’s rushing Tiberius, but Tiberius throws his foot up, Caine catches it and goes for a clothesline but Tiberius ducks underneath his shot and rolls away from Caine before catching his composure.

Kawajai: Tiberius is being extra light on his feet. Likely feeling out his opponent, I don’t think he’ll take any member of the Sanatorium lightly after last week.

WWEFan: Caine rushes forward with a swing, Tiberius goes to dodge but Caine feints his punch and grabs him with his other hand. Tiberius is throwing punches wildly into Caine’s face but Caine decks him with a hard clothesline and down he goes!

Kawajai: Those punches were no joke either, Solomon is looking like he needs to shake those off.

WWEFan: Tiberius is back on his feet quickly, as Caine rushes, Tiberius hits a LOW DROPKICK taking Caine down to one knee! Tiberius rolls out of the way as Caines hands clasped together and are almost dropped on his face. Tiberius and Caine both rise back up, but Tiberius has already made it to the ropes, he SPRINGBOARDS but gets swatted down by Caines hand!

Kawajai: Tiberius is struggling to build momentum against this guy. Caine has been absolutely relentless since the start of this match. If Tiberius doesn’t find some way to separate himself from Caine he’s going to find himself in a bad way. I doubt Tiberius wanted such a contest right before Pain for Pride

WWEFan: Caine grabbing Tiberius, irish whip into the turnbuckle. Caine rushing forward and– Tiberius gets his foot up kicking Caine’s face back. Tiberius lifts himself up until he’s sitting on the top turnbuckle, Caine comes forward again and- another kick to the face by Tiberius! Caine is reeling. Tiberius leaps off the second turnbuckle! CAINE CATCHES HIM AND HITS HIM WITH THE GUT BUSTER!

Kawajai: and here’s the pin

Ref: ONE!


Ref: TWO-

Kawajai: and the Kick out

WWEFan: Caine grabbing Tiberius by the neck and picking him up but wait- TIBERIUS HITS HIM WITH A SURPRISE JAWBREAKER! Tiberius rolling out of the ring.

Kawajai: This is what Tiberius needed right here. A moment to catch his breath. Caine may be a beast in that ring, but if Tiberius can build some momentum Caine isn’t going to be able to keep up.

WWEFan: He’s done a pretty good job of keeping up so far, Tiberius goading Caine from the outside. I think Tiberius’ showboating is costing him, his momentum.

Kawajai: Caine follows him outside, and rushes after him. Tiberius is running towards him and not away.



WWEFan: Caine throwing his boot up but Tiberius dodges it and throws a kick into the back of Caine’s other foot. Caine dropping to one knee, Tiberius is up on the apron HE LEAPS OFF WITH A DDT FROM ABOVE! CAINE HAS BEEN PLANTED!

Kawajai: That floor is pretty unforgiving. That padding is basically useless.

Ref: FOUR!

WWEFan: Tiberius is back on his feet, he’s catching his breath as Solomon starts to stand.


Ref: FIVE!

Kawajai: Tiberius is moving behind Caine, looks like he’s setting up for the Strike of Midnight. He’s signaling for the belt around his waist. Doing a bit of showboating. This is a message for Drastik.

WWEFan: Tiberius runs forward as Caine gets to his knees, Caine is smiling! His arms are thrown out to each side! TIBERIUS HITS THE STRIKE OF MIDNIGHT!

Ref: SIX!

Kawajai: WOAH! But Caine’s not in the ring! Why would he just take that move?

WWEFan: Maybe Tiberius doesn’t care if he gets the pin, as long as he gets the win! Tiberius back in the ring!


Kawajai: Well, this is why the man could be the next EAW Champion. This is smart. Don’t burn yourself out too much before Pain for Pride. Get your win and get out.


WWEFan: He looks like he’s having doubts about winning like this though. He’s pointing to the Pain for Pride sign and nodding his head.

Ref: NINE!

Kawajai: Tiberius slides out of the ring, restarting the count! What is he thinking here?!

WWEFan: He came out without his guard, I think he just wants to prove something to himself. Maybe Tiberius wants to do this the right way.

Kawajai: Winning is the right way, the smart way. This is clearly showboating.

Ref: ONE!

WWEFan: Tiberius picks up Solomon by the neck and rolls him in the ring. Tiberius slides in and stands behind Solomon as he begins to stand up. He runs forward to hit THE STRIKE OF MID-

Kawajai: Solomon doesn’t go down! Tiberius hits the ground in front of Solomon, and Solomon begins striking him in the face! He’s trying to cover up. Caine isn’t relenting! The ref is trying to break it up!


WWEFan: Caine backs off. Caine steps forward as rolls on his side holding his head. Caine is lifting tiberius to his feet, he puts the King of Elite into his arm. Here it comes! THE END OF AGES-

Kawajai: No! Tiberius pushes Caine off of him! ENZUGIRI! Caine is staggering! Tiberius is up and moving! SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK! Caine is against the turnbuckle now!

WWEFan: Tiberius not wasting time! SHORYUKEN! Caine’s head bobs up as he staggers forward! Tiberius grabs him by the waste and lifts him onto the top rope, Caine is dazed! Tiberius wraps his arms around him! NO! HE WOULDN’T! SEISMIC TOSS! SEISMIC TOSS OFF THE TOP ROPE!

Kawajai: I felt that from over here Fan! This is why you can’t count The King of Elite out! Here’s the pin!

Ref: ONE!!!!!

Ref: TWO!!!


WWEFan: Caine barely gets his shoulder up! Tiberius can’t believe it! He starts working Caine over with some kicks! Tiberius is looking at the top rope and back down to Caine! He’s started climbing!

Kawajai: Against a beast like Caine, you gotta try everything!

WWEFan: Tiberius signals to his stomach again as if he has the title already! He points to Pain for Pride! Caine is up and after him! Tiberius leaps over him! Caine swings at him and misses, Tiberius hits him with a hard right! Followed by a left!

Kawajai: Tiberius is standing toe to toe with Caine right now!

WWEFan: Caine strikes him back hard but Tiberius doesn’t go down! Tiberius throws another into Caine’s face, and another, Caine clubs Tiberius again but Tiberius is still standing! Tiberius hits Caine with a couple more strikes!

Kawajai: Tiberius throws his boot up into Caines stomach, hooking his arms. He lifts! Solomon throws him over his shoulder! Tiberius body hits the ref! The ref is down!

WWEFan: Solomon Caine looks down at Tiberius and then walks over to ringside! Wait!

Kawajai: Wait! He’s grabbing Tiberius’s Quarterstaff. Tiberius is back to his feet! He’s going after Caine!! OH GOD! HE’S CLUBBING TIBERIUS WITH IT! All that Strength! All that power behind that weapon!

WWEFan: So many strikes! This is absolutely deplorable! The Ref is coming too, and Caine throws the quarterstaff out of the ring! What is this!

Kawajai: Caine is grabbing Tiberius! And here it is!

WWEFan: END OF AGES — HUH!? Tiberius replants his feet onto the ground, he’s struggling against Solomon! How!? Caine has no idea how Tiberius is putting up this fight, he’s being taken off guard! Tiberius is dead weighting himself to the mat!He twists out of Solomon Caine’s double arm hold and then gets behind Caine! A kick to the back of the knee! A rebound off of the ropes! THE STRIKE OF MIDNIGHT! IT CONNECTS! Tiberius is not covering yet though, why!? OH! A STOMP ONTO THE HEAD OF CAINE!


Tiberius IV: Who the hell do you think I am!? Do you think you can get away with trying to cheat me you stupid, son of a —



Ref: ONE!

Ref: TWO!




(Mission by Puscifer  plays on the PA as Tiberius gets up, gesturing to the crowd to get their attention.)


Tiberius IV: He was not so lucky! I wasn’t getting robbed again, not after last week! Nobody on this roster can beat me on their own! Not ONI! Not Solomon Caine! And damn sure Drastik won’t be able to! You hear me, huh!?

Kawajai: Tiberius is letting his frustration out right now. Things have not went as well as he expected, first Drastik beats him in a fight, then ONI pinned him last week, and tonight Solomon damn near beat him after cheating him out of the win. He should have known though, Solomon Caine is on a tear heading into Pain for Pride! A definite favorite for the Extreme Enigma Elimination Match!

WWEFan: Tiberius turned that match around, and Caine almost robbed these people of an incredible bout tonight. If Tiberius shows this much ferocity heading into Pain for Pride, Drastik is going to have a real problem on his hands.

Kawajai: The night isn’t over, and I doubt Tiberius is going to let this stop him from paying Drastik back for what he did last week during The King of Elite’s match

(Tiberius makes it to his feet in the ring and spits blood out of his mouth while glaring down at Caine before leaving. Solomon Caine soon gets up, punishing himself as he argues with the voices in his head. He exits the ring and heads to the back, as if someone turned a switch off of him. All the ferocity gone, and replaced with an intimidating yet apathetic walk to the back.)


(We cut backstage to the legends panel, consisting of Masters, Deadprez and Sabina…)

DP: Welcome back to the panel! With Pain For Pride X less than a week away, there are a lot of showcase matches on display. World Championship matches, big fight feel matches, but a personal favourite of mine to watch every year is always the Cash in the Vault Match. This coming weekend, two of Voltage’s up-and-comers will compete against four other men to see who can climb that ladder and retrieve that briefcase for a future championship match anytime, any place. Joining us on the panel right now is one of those men … Keelan Cetinich!

(Keelan Cetinich enters, shaking hands with Sabina and Masters. He attempts to shake with DP, but he just looks at it. Keelan shrugs and sits down next to Masters…)

Keelan: Thanks for having me, guys.

Sabina: Our pleasure. This will be your first ever Pain For Pride event, and it just so happens to be the biggest event EAW has EVER put together. How are you feeling going into this coming weekend?

Keelan: Well that’s a tough question, honestly Sabina. Am I nervous? Sure. Am I excited? Absolutely. I’ve got a whole mixture of feelings within me and I know in the coming days it’s just going to get bigger and bigger. I’ve competed on grand stages before across the world but none grander than Pain For Pride. I am 100% grateful to be taking part of this historic show for this company, and cannot wait for the show to start.

Master: Well let’s talk about the Cash in the Vault match, shall we? You take pride in the nickname The Hannibal Lecter of Hardcore. This is a dangerous match Keelan, so how are you going to go about attempting to win this whole thing?

Keelan: Well I won’t try to discuss my strategies live on-air or anything, but how about we talk about this. Masters, you’re a former EAW Champion here, correct?

Masters: Yes.

Keelan: And you were a guy that was willing to put everything on the line just to not only gain that championship you held, but to keep it too, yes?

Masters: Well of course.

Keelan: Well that’s what I pride myself in. Everybody that’s ever watched me knows that I am willing to dig as deep as I possibly can just so I can get towards the desires that I am hungry for. Historically speaking, if you win Cash in the Vault, you are almost guaranteed to win a world title. My cravings on how far I am willing to go to seize the opportunities that I have earned are astronomical, and I truly believe that come Cash in the Vault, this is my time.

DP: Your time? Look at the talent in this stacked Cash in the Vault match. Scott Oasis, former World Champion. TLA, future World Champion. Nico Borg and Lars Grier are on the come-up as well, and have had far better success than you ever have.

Keelan: Let me stop you right there, DP. I have not once said that this will be a walk in the park. In fact, this will be my hardest match to date here in EAW. This will be the first time I will ever face anybody outside of Voltage. But think of it this way, this will be the first time that Oasis, TLA, Nico and Lars have ever faced me as well. If they’re expecting to blow through me just because they see me as anything less than a sure thing then they’re going to be awfully sorry for ever thinking as such. I have wrestled all over the world, won championships all over the world, and have found success in almost every promotion I’ve been in. EAW is where I’m at now, and this is where I want to be for the foreseeable future. Those guys you mentioned DP are on shows with multiple championships that at any point they can contend for. You see those guys all the time wrestling on Showdown and Dynasty, but never Voltage. Voltage only holds two titles. Sucks, right? Opportunities are slimmer here, but you know what that makes me excited. Knowing that I can win Cash in the Vault, and perhaps bring a second world title to the yellow brand, the show that made me who I am today, brings great joy to me. I love challenges, and at Pain For Pride X, no matter what it takes, I am going to climb every rung of that ladder, and pull down that briefcase and become the new holder of … the … contract … and Mr. CITV …

(Keelan stands up as he sees Maero walk into the shot. He smirks before taking a seat next to Sabina…)

Maero: Inspiring. Really, truly, inspiring. I won’t deny the type of talent you are, Keelan. Hell, you can even be as sadistic as I can. You’ve got a dark being inside you that you aren’t afraid to let out when the going gets tough. I admire that. Over these past couple of weeks, the altercations you and I have had have been something else. We had one hell of a battle three weeks ago just to see who would get into this match. Then, we shook hands the week after out of respect for one another, as we were both inserted into the match. But then last week, you decided to take me out.

Keelan: Okay, look-

Maero: DON’T YOU DARE INTERRUPT ME! I know what you’re going to say. “Maero I thought you attacked me but Harvey Yorke threw you into me. I wasn’t aware until I saw the replay of it later on.” Just save it. It was more about just me bumping into you it was you making a statement. Trying to put your name on the map for this match. I get it, but what happened? Let’s take a look …

(A replay is shown of last week, as Maero picks up his victory in his match and gets a Killer-KO from Keelan. It then cuts to Keelan climbing up the ladder, but Maero getting to his feet and climbing up with him and delivering a belly-to-belly off the top. We cut back to the panel…)

Maero: That must have hurt, right Keelan? Did it take the wind out of you? That was just a simple taste of what I am going to do to not only you, but to the other four men in this match. I’ve been patient for way too long, but now I have the opportunity of a lifetime before my very eyes. A chance to hold a contract which states I can have a championship match any time I want to. This is the biggest match of your young EAW career but this is the biggest match of my LIFE. I will stop at nothing for that briefcase, you hear me?! NOTHING!

(Maero slams his hands on the table, and Keelan stands up. Maero does the same and they both lean forward over the table, staring daggers into each other’s eyes…)

Keelan: …you’ve got a lot of heart, kid. You’ll go far with that. You’ll have great success in EAW, I can promise you that much. You’ll have future chances with contendership matches as well as championship matches. But I hate to break it to you Maero … this chance you have at Pain For Pride X will unfortunately not be your successful opportunity. It’s been said by many that I am the future here, and I have worked to the bone to make myself just that. Again, this is my time, and at Pain For Pride X, you will see it for for yourself.

(Keelan leaves the panel, as Maero sits there pondering and nodding as we fade to commercial…)




(We return to the panel as Deadprez, Sabina and Masters are smiling ear to ear to greet us back.)


DP: That was one hell of an intense moment there here on our set just now, I mean….wow. Things are for sure heating up as we head into PFP! Not just with the CITV competitors, how about we talk about earlier, the anger Tiberius showed there towards the end of the match, it was something else!


Sabina: Tiberius feels disrespected and humiliated. He thinks he’s better than this, he is supposed to be superior to the Voltage roster and right now he has something to prove. We are going to see a Tiberius who is out for blood, he does not want to experience failure after everything he has said!


Masters: Pro wrestling is place of people with a lot of big egos, it is not just this feud, but another one over on Voltage has that same motivation: the rivalry between Eclipse Diemos and HRDO. A dream match, something we never thought possible until everything that took place these past few weeks. They are on for PFP and honestly I have no idea who could win, even with HRDO coming off years of being away!


DP: That might change Masters, just wait until you see this video we got from the home of Eclipse. Take it away boys.


(We are taken over to the house that Diemos built as he is sitting in a chair on his porch, rocking back and forth in silence. His head is down, seeming to be in deep thought until he abruptly jerks his head up and eyes the camera, giving off a slight smile before putting his head back down and closing his eyes, seeming to take everything in. He puts up his hand and gestures for the camera to come closer, taking a deep breath and looking around, keeping his gaze on the house.)


Eclipse Diemos: Home….sweet…home. It is great to be here once again, the final time I will get to before I’m off on the road for the grandest show of them all; Pain For Pride. I have sat here, thinking about what is ahead, reflecting on my year….and there is a bit of excitement for me right now to say the least. When I first made this place I was nothing. The Sanatorium were a bunch of unknowns and the voice I wished to share with the public would go unheard at every turn but now here I sit, years later, having returned with a whole different perception of myself. The Sanatorium has went from a small movement to a family, to an empire even that has taken control of EAW in a way like no other.


I never would have envisioned us being where we are right now. I, a former EAW Champion, my brother Maero a former Hardcore Champion, Brody Sparks being the Specialist Champion, even my newest recruit, Solomon Caine has a chance to make history at Pain For Pride!…Yeah….”history”….history is what I am about to make as well in just a week’s time as for the first time ever in over five years, the legend himself HRDO will lace up his boots and head to the once more. HRDO is going to be going against me! Everyone is talking about it, saying how happy they are to see it, hoping that HRDO will chokeslam me and give everyone that rush of nostalgia they so desire. They still view him as they remember him. One of the all time greats. Someone who paved the way for guys like me. A monster who was teaching people to fear long before I was even around here. But that’s the thing though. As long as he has been in EAW, I have been in this industry as well. Working in silence, taking over the underground. I was doing the same things this man once…the only difference being I remained consistent with it. I never gave up. I never went corporate. I have never compromised who I was. You have went soft. You have replaced HRDO with a suited up, professional, cowardly figure head. While you sat up in your tower filing paperwork I have picked up where you left off. I took your place and made this my land. Now you have the nerve to come back and think you can muscle me away? That ring is my ring now, HRDO, I have simply allowed you in it. That squared circle, that brand, everything about Voltage — it too is an extension of the house I have built and if you want to be able to live in it comfortably then you’re going to have to abide by my rules. You can become the man again, you just have to beat me at my own game. A game I was running while you were performing child’s play over in EAW. A RUW classic. The Devil’s Pit. Solid iron canvas, barbed wire caging, a structure built for a true monster! If you want this match and if you want to truly put me in my place you will see me in it and we can handle this the way it should be. Be careful though. You don’t know what you’re getting into.


(Eclipse Diemos goes back to rocking in his chair as he laughs maniacally while we fade away from the scene.)


DP: This changes everything! A match of Eclipse’s own design is being used! It’s bad enough that HRDO will have ring rust but now he has to adapt to a match he has never experienced and has just been introduced to the EAW world!


Sabina: HRDO is an athlete who can adjust, do not count him out. This will still be anyone’s game.


DP: We’ll see about that Sabina. We’ll be right back folks, do not change the channel as we return we will get the remaining footage of what took place at the Crash estate!




(We are taken back to last week’s events, showing Ahren Fournier’s continued search of the Crash home, eyes looking around in confusion and caution as Zack Crash opens the door to a massive room that is painted in gold, filled with nothing but glass cases with replica championships and honors that have been won by Crash in the past such as the Cash in the Vault briefcase, the World Heavyweight Championship and the EAW Championship. A massive golden television descends from the ceiling as Ahren turns his attention towards it. Zack is on the screen, but this time it is not playing a loop of his laughter, but instead highlights of past Pain For Pride performances.)


Ahren: This is absolutely ridiculous.


Crash: Ahhhreeiin Fournier, I’d suggest you stop with the disrespect. I assume that you have come here to my wonderful home to acquire the Championship of Hardcore, have you not?


Ahren: Stop playing games. Give me my belt so I can get the hell out of here and go back home. I want to make sure I get my rest before kicking your ass at Pain for Pride.


Crash: No game. Your- at least for the moment it’s yours- Championship is displayed prominently in a place of honor that I have been instructed by the Divinities that guide my Broken Enlightenment. Observe…..


(Ahren’s attention is directed to a beautiful crystal stand that has the Hardcore Belt resting on it. Surrounding it is an oddly constructed shrine featuring “Barbed wire” made of sterling silver, golden baseball bats and jewels scattered around the crystal made to vaguely resemble thumbtacks and glass shards.)


Crash: You may retrieve the title that we shall contest in hardcore combat.


Ahren: What kinda game are you-


Crash: SILENCE FOOL! Take the belt that you lay false claim to and be gone! I am being nice right now, if only because I know that the title will be returned to me soon enough.


Ahren: Confident, huh?


Crash: It is not confidence but knowledge, knowledge given to me by the seven deities above. They and Nero Maxwell have been feeding me information for quite some time. They are who told me that you were the true key to my success. The Hardcore title is a belt that would truly fit perfectly with me. Every battle for that belt is a war! Weapons laid out, blood spilled — that is what I have been preparing for all of these months. Being Champion is what I am destined to be and it will become a reality once PFP comes. Enjoy your belt one last time as for now I must train to keep myself in tip top shape. I have too much to do in my delightful home than entertain a treeeeeeeesepassah like you any longer!


(Enraged and annoyed, Ahren hesitantly walks up to the Shrine, pulling back the barbed wire acting as a gate around it before opening the case and reclaiming his belt. Putting it on his shoulder, he takes a hold of a bat in his hand, pointing it at the screen.)


Ahren: Pretty shrine you have here, but it’s a shame that you won’t have anything to display in it. Now that this belt is back where it belongs, it’s time to say goodbye!


(Slinging the bat with all of his strength, Ahren hits the television screen, shattering the picture. Crash’s picture, now broken and scrambled, goes out, but his voice can still be

heard from the monitor.)




Ahren: Whatever.


(Ahren exits the room and makes his way to the exit as Crash continues to chant “Erase! Erase! Erase! Erase! Erase!” )


(“Judas” by FOZZY plays as Mike Showman comes out.  The arena bursts into boos as Showman laughs at the fans.  Mike reaches the ring and tells the fans to continue with their reaction.)

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, from Hollywood, California, weighing in at 225 pounds…he is “The Leader of The New Generation”……..MIIIIIIIKKKKKEEEEEEE SHOOOOWWWMAANNNNN!

WWEFan: Here comes the future of this company, Kawa!  Look at him; he looks like a million bucks heading to the biggest FPV of the year!

Kawajai: Mike Showman has definitely left his mark during this season!  He’s beaten some of Voltage’s top stars in the last couple of months with outside help.

WWEFan: I don’t know what you’re talking about!  Showman is a one-man wrecking machine and Jon McAdams only watches from the outside!

(The arena’s lights dim.  “The Blank Wind Howls” plays to a not so welcoming crowd.  ONI passes the ramp, with his long jacket and chains.  He is followed by Keiji Baiyushi.  ONI looks into the crowd before getting into the ring.  He climbs up to the top turnbuckle and quickly removes his mask.  ONI gives a sadistic smile while Keiji gives him some advice before the match begins.)

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, hailing from Prescott Hill Sanitarium, Arizona, weighing 240 pounds…he is “The Unchained”, OOOOOONNNNNIIIIIIII!

Kawajai: Here comes ONI, one of Voltage’s finest talents.  He’s menacing in and out of the ring, leaving his opponents in painful situations.

WWEFan: I gotta agree with you on this one, Kawa.  ONI will scare the bejeebies out of you and will leave you knocked out in the ring in a matter of seconds.

Kawajai: Can he take out the opportunist, Mike Showman, though?


WWEFan: We will find out now!  ONI and Showman start off with test of strength, but ONI ends it quickly with a knee the gut.  ONI grabs Showman and goes behind him for a german suplex!  Ouch!  Mike Showman is on the ground, cringing in pain.

Kawajai: You don’t mess with ONI, Fan!  Showman’s trying to get back up, but ONI is sending knees to the shoulders of Showman!  This is what I was talking about earlier; ONI has no remorse for his opponents.

WWEFan: Showman quickly shoves ONI way and rolls to the outside, giving himself some time to regroup!  ONI isn’t waiting though and comes out to the ring and goes for a jab to the chin!

Kawajai: Showman moves away and goes for a jab of his own!  It connects!  Showman is able to get a few more punches to weaken ONI’s offense!  Mike is happy with himself now and embracing the hate from the fans.

WWEFan: Mike sets up ONI and hits a running cutter!  Showman is stomping on ONI’s head continuously!  The referee is counting!

Referee: SIX!………..SEVEN!…………..

Kawajai: Look at Showman!  He just came into the ring quickly and rolled out again; that’s just weak!  Showman grabs ONI and goes for a DDT, but ONI sends Mike flying to the floor.  ONI grabs Showman and throws him back into the ring and is heading back in-WHAT THE HELL?!

WWEFan: It’s Jon McAdams!  The second half of PWC is here and is attacking ONI!  McAdams with a devastating chair shot to the head!  McAdams now hitting ONI everywhere with that piece of steel!

Kawajai: For the love of God, someone stop this immediately!


Ring Announcer: Your winner, due to disqualification…..ONI!

WWEFan: The onslaught continues with Showman joining in the attack as wait, hey!  Lance Hart is out here!

Lance Hart: STOP IT RIGHT THERE!  I’m tired of you two causing trouble around here. This whole “Sovereign Crusade” of yours has messed with the roster for too long. You guys want attention well so be it, now you have mine! You wanna fight the locker room?  You will have the opportunity to do that at Pain For Pride X! You two will be competing in the 24/7 battle royal and joining you guys will be some pretty interesting guests! Harvey Yorke, Marco….ONI! Not to mention this man —


WWEFan: IT’S NOT DONE THERE EITHER! HARVEY YORKE IS OUT HERE TRYING TO GET HIS LICKS IN! MARCO FEDOR TOO! HERE THEY ALL COME! We got several of Voltage’s battle royal members out here are going at it!  This is insane, folks!

Kawajai: This is unfair to People With Class!  Disgusting.

WWEFan: It will be every man for themselves at Pain For Pride, so let’s see how well both of them do against a ring full of hungry competitors!






(“Little Violence”  by Waterparks starts up over the Arena speakers as Ahren Fournier steps out onto the stage.)


Ring Announcer: Introducing First From Planet Fournier, weighing in at 220 pounds standing 6’4, he is the EAW Hardcore Champion….. the “The Crown Jewel”…………Ahren Fournier.


(As Ahren gets settled in the ring Long Live the Chief by Jidenna plays us in for Aren Mstislav’s entrance.)


Ring Announcer: And his opponent weighing in at 215 lbs and Standing at 6”0  The “Russian King,” Aren Mstislav.”


WWEFan: This is a match that I highly suggest everyone keep their eye on, both men need this win as you know for sure their respective rivals are watching. Nas and Crash would want nothing more than to see their opponents take a loss.


Kawajai: For sure, these guys are going to give it their all in this match!




WWEFan: The Ref calls for the opening bell and both men circle each other in the center of the ring. The two of them ready to lock up.


WWEFan: Mstislav with a side head lock here as he sends Fournier  into the ropes…. But Ahren Fournier ducks under a clothesline and hits the ropes himself for a big lariat.


WWEFan: He goes for the pin here….


Ref: One!!!


Kawajai: Kickout at one, Its gonna take more than that to hold down the “Russian King.”


WWEFan: No doubt Kawajai, we are in for a great one on one match up here to night.

Kawajai:  We will see Fan, we will see….


WWEFan: Ahren Fournier is attempting to pick up Mstislav by the neck, could we be seeing… no way could we be seeing a BrainBuster this early???


Kawajai: Reversal here into a huge pin for Mstislav!!!!  What a massive bridging Northern Lights Suplex!


REF: One! Two ! Thr….


WWEFan: No kickout!!!!!!!! He kicked out just in the nick of time, but Mstislav seems angry. He has a vendetta here.



Kawajai: Who in their right mind would piss off a raging Russian?

WWEFan: Mstislav applies a brutal front face lock here as he lifts Ahren off the ground. Mstislav positions Ahren between the legs, and he is looking for a PowerBomb…..


Kawajai: What a power bomb….Frankestenier!!!! Jesus H Christ Ahren almost ended Mstislav with that one.

WWEFan: And Ahren goes for the pin here….


Ref: One! Two! Thre….


Kawajai: Huge kickout by Mstislav!!! Ahren looks perplexed, he thought he had him with that won!


WWEFan:  Ahren Fournier is trying to argue with the ref here…


Kawajai: Mstislav leg seep, into a jumping leg drop!!!! Fan, we have more action going on right now than a 17 year old at prom night!!!! Got to pay attention to your opponent when you are in the ring!!!!


WWEFan: Mstislav with the pin!




Kawajai: And another kickout here!!!! He almost lost the match getting lost in that refs baby blues.


WWEFan: What a match!  Mstislav almost stole a victory there!!!!


Kawajai: And now both men are standing in  the center of the ring kicking the absolute shit of each other.These strikes look vicious.


WWEFan: Kick after kick, punch after punch these two are acting like they hate one another!!!!


Kawajai: Well maybe they do Fan! Maybe they do!


WWEFan: Mstislav seems staggered here off that last hand from Ahren Fournier!!! German Suplex


Kawajai: That was crisp, just like used to hold it down!


WWEFan: And here is the pin!!!


Ref: One! Two! Thre!!!


Kawajai: Kickout by Mstislav! How did he find the strength and determination to pull that off!!!


WWEFan: No Clue Kawajai, No Clue!


Kawajai: Ahren looks to be setting up for the “Story Book Ending” here. Fan he is in perfect  position!!!


WWEFan: Ahren rushes in ready to end it all!!, But Mstislav rolls out of the ring to regather himself.


Kawajai: We both know he isn’t safe out here, Ahren hits the ropes and huge suicide dive here on the outside near the announce table!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


WWEFan: Ahren: Rolls him back in the ring, and goes for the pin!!!!


Ref: One! Two!


Kawajai: Big kickout by Mstislav!!!!


WWEFan: Ahren picks up Mstislav by the neck!!! We have a front facelock and Mstislav sends Ahren into the ropes!!!!  Mstislav goes for a clothesline, Ahren ducks underneath!!!

Kawajai: “Protect Ya Neck!!!!!!” “Protect Ya Neck!!!!” Huge lariat from Ahren!!!!!!


WWEFan: Ahren with the pin!!!!




Ref: One!!!! Two!!!! Three!!!!


(Ding Ding Ding!!!)


(“Little Violence” by Waterparks plays once again as Ahren goes running out of the ring in celebration.)




WWEFan: Aren is recovering in that ring right now and is looking devastated! He did not want to take a loss right before the big show, you can tell by the look on his face!


Kawajai: The Russian King wanted nothing more than a W tonight, now you gotta wonder how he is feeling!


(We briefly cut to Nasir Moore backstage, watching this from a monitor.)


WWEFan: It looks like we were right when we thought Nas would be watching. Nas is actually going to be out in the ring when we return as our special hosts leave their panel and look to talk to him. That happens after the break!




(The camera opens up to Lance Hart in the middle of the ring with the three legends, Sabina, Deadprez, and Masters seated behind a table.)

Lance Hart: Okay ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back to the final Voltage before Pain For Pride Ten! The pinnacle of our industry! Seated behind me we have three legends of our industry. First the lovely Sabina!

(Sabina waves her hand to the crowd as they cheer.)

Lance Hart: Next is Deadprez!

(Deadprez raises his hand in the air as the fans cheer once more.)

Lance Hart: And last but certainly not least, Masters!

(Masters gives a salute to the people as they cheer for him as well.)

Lance Hart: Alrighty, now I’ve gathered all of these legends in the ring because a young legend in the making has personally requested for all of them to listen to his story and to get their feedback on everything in his mind. So without further ado allow me to introduce to you all, one of the participants in this year’s 30 minute Iron Man match for Pain For Pride X, NASIR MOORE!

(“I Am Electric” by Heaven’s Basement blasts as Red and Green lights swirl throughout the Arena. The crowd begins to repeatedly chant “WE WANT MOORE!” “WE WANT MOORE!” “WE WANT MOORE!” Nasir rushes out onto the stage followed by Fortuneteller Hamasa, throwing up the double peace sign to the fans who are cheering wildly for him. Moore walks down the ramp high fiving fans hands before turning and walking up the steel stairs. He climbs up the turnbuckle and stand on top of it looking on at the sea of screaming fans. Nasir then yells out in unison with the crowd, “BEST! WRESTLER! ALIVE!” He then hops into the ring and tosses his hat out into the crowd. The red haired man places his jacket on the outside floor and tosses his t-shirt out into the people as well. He then walks over and motions for a microphone as Hamasa stands to the side looking on.)

Nasir Moore: It’s a pleasure speaking with you once again Lance.

Lance Hart: The pleasure is all mine Nas. You look as good as ever.

(The two shake hands before Nasir walks over to the table and shakes each other the three legends hands.)

Nasir Moore: Alright I’m not gonna waste any more time. I requested this time to let it all out. The entire experience of Season Ten. From the very first night all the way to this moment right now. Of course I had a good high streak heading into it, being the dominating competitor throughout Cash in the Vault at last year’s Pain For Pride. But things quickly accelerated for me once the draft came. First of all it was an absolute honor to be viewed highly enough to legitimately be drafted to a brand as a top pick. But then to go in and score a victory over the very man who is the current World Heavyweight Champion certainly says a lot. And since then I’ve done a lot more great things too!

Masters: That’s quite impressive for that time period considering your status was unsure and you very well could have been just another flash in the pan at that particular moment. With all do respect.

Nasir Moore: N-None taken sir. There were many people here that were betting I wouldn’t make it to 2017. Or make it to TI. Or even make it past Pain For Pride Nine when I initially came back. But here I am.

Sabina: Yeah you’ve showed lots of people, and you’re stronger for it.

Nasir Moore: I’m glad that you recognize that.

Deadprez: You know I was there commentating your very first match against Aren. I’m pretty proud of seeing how far you two have come since then. But this next match is going to make all your other encounters as a team and as opponents pale in comparison.

Nasir Moore: Yes, I realize that and I’m more than ready for it.

Masters: Are you confident in your chances of winning?

Nasir Moore: If I wasn’t confident in my chances of winning I wouldn’t have made it this far in one year’s time. As a matter a fact I wouldn’t have come back to begin with. And as far as Aren is concerned, I know he’s going to bring his A game. I would be disappointed if he did anything else. But the thing is I had his number way back at Territorial Invasion! And I’ve only grown since then!

Sabina: Without a doubt. You were a hair away from being EAW Champion on that night.

Nasir Moore: So close yet so far…

(Hamasa shows a bit of a concerned look as Nasir hangs his head down. But then he quickly raises his head and shows eyes of fire, which makes give a sigh of relief.)

Nasir Moore: I’ve done so many things since TI! I took it upon myself to stand up for the locker room and oust Carlos Rosso from his position as the corrupt General Manager of Voltage who just wanted to make a lot of us suffer because of his past failures!

Masters: Not only did you beat him, you embarrassed him. That’s something to be proud of kiddo.

Sabina: And I’m sure it made you feel much better that you had many of the members of the Voltage locker room standing beside you in defiance of Carlos on that night.

Nasir Moore: Right. Right. That’s what really made it special. It made me really get this sense of, what I’m doing isn’t just for me. And that I have to stand up and take responsibility not just for myself, but for others who don’t get a voice like I have obtained.

Deadprez: Right, when originally all you wanted was to become EAW Champion to prove to the world that you did matter and that you were capable. For people to actually like and appreciate you, see the value and good in you. But I feel like you achieved what you really wanted without even capturing the title.

Nasir Moore: You’re right. If anything that’s the reason why I’m not disheartened about not being a champion by now.  Geez you know I kinda feel like a kid who has to present his project to a bunch of principles.

(Nas laughs and scratches the back of his head as the three legends signal for him to continue with his story.)

Nasir Moore: R-Right. So then came Road to Redemption. That name. It just resonated with me, because all I wanted to do was redeem myself for my failure at TI. I knew Aren was out of the picture but in his place would be the single most accomplished man I’ve ever shared a ring with. Y2Impact. But the thing is I sort of hit a stride by the time the chamber rolled around that nothing phased me. Nathan Fiora getting a cheap victory over me. Y2Impact beating me senseless with a steel chair. Zack Crash threatening to make me “damaged” like him. Matt Miles hanging the power of Judas over my head. Or Eclipse Diemos’ just overall persona I guess. None of it got to me. I guess either because I’m brave or I’m ignorant.

Sabina: Well they tend to say the two go hand in hand.

Nasir Moore: Yeah…but it worked out for me, to a certain degree.

Masters: I would say that night was another one for proving yourself and putting yourself on the map as a top tier threat and you succeeded.

Nasir Moore: But I threw literally everything plus the kitchen sink at Impact and I still couldn’t beat him! He was like a mountain that was impossible to climb! He-

Deadprez: Look kid, you can’t let every single minor setback get to your head. Look at the glass as half full and not half empty. I thought you said that that confidence of yours had risen immensely!

Nasir Moore: Truth be told…that sort of came out of nowhere. I suppose even I have some inner demons.

Sabina: Then now’s a good time as ever to get them out. Don’t want them following you into Pain For Pride huh?

Nasir Moore: No…of course not!

Masters: Right, and even though you did not defeat Imp, you outlasted every other competitor in the chamber and eliminated the guy would would go on to beat Imp for the belt. Then you gave Imp one of the greatest fights I have ever witnessed him a part of. You may not think it, but he had a look of concern throughout your final exchange.

Nasir Moore: Well you are right. And all that happened even before 2017.

Deadprez: Right let’s talk about 2017. You were featured in Voltage’s very first main event against Eclipse Diemos. Now it didn’t go in your favor, and no one has ever asked you about this match. It’s the last main event you’ve been a part of of course excluding the Grand Rampage match. Does tha-

Nasir Moore: I know where this is going. Yes. It does hurt. It hurts my mental state real bad. It makes me think that Eclipse literally knocked me out of the main event scene and sapped all my momentum I worked hard for and used it himself to dethrone the very man I promised the entire world I would take down for the good of Voltage in Imp.

Masters: Hmm…that’s certainly a lot deeper than I thought of it.

Nasir Moore: Think of it. Eclipse has been thriving since that match with me, where as I’ve basically become Voltage’s midcard babysitter! Not to offend anybody I have faced since the turn of the new year but that’s my honest view of it! Having to deal with the likes of McAdams, Showman, Fiora, Fournier, and Maero when I know I’m capable of bigger and better things honestly hurts mentally and emotionally! Even when I proved consistently victorious it didn’t matter. I didn’t rise any further. I look at the likes of Eclipse, Tiberius, and Drastik and I tell myself I can do everything all of them do and then some! But why isn’t it happening? Is it me? Is it Lance? WHAT ARE THE ANSWERS! YOU MUST HAVE THEM!

(Nasir slams his hands on the table, his face growing red and his eyes tearing up. Hamasa pulls him away as the legends compose themselves and Lance tries to calm the crowd down.)

Nasir Moore: I-I’m sorry everyone. I won’t let that happen again. I should be honest. It has been a lot of fun working with all those young guys over the course of this year. It really makes me feel like I am helping to elevate them to that next level. Giving them the experience of facing someone who has been in those critical big match situations. They’ll all make great main eventers and champions in no time if they continue to work as they are now. But everything since then whether it be KOE with Carson Ramsay, facing Hardcore Champs like Maero, Fiora, and Fournier. Or the never ending rivalry with the People With Class. It all just seems inadequate compared to where I was in 2016. I feel like I’m stuck in a rut I can’t escape from. As if I’ll never reach where I once was taking on those that are still above me.

Masters: Listen up young man. The way I view this is as another trial for you to overcome. How long can you roll with these punches? How long can you endure? How far are you willing to drop in order to be raised up once more?

Nasir Moore:…

Deadprez: Well?

Nasir Moore:…

Sabina: Surely you have an answer?

Nasir Moore:…

Hamasa (Internally): It seems the boy is going to break down before he reaches the next chapter of his story. It seems I have failed both you and him…

Lance Hart: Nas?

Nasir Moore: Look. I am going to do…


(Everyone in the ring looks up at Nasir’s sudden rise in mood and vocals.)


Masters and Deadprez: You’re right.

Nasir Moore: That’s why I have to fight Aren. I owe it to myself…I HAVE TO PROVE I AM NOT ONLY HIS EQUAL! BUT THAT I HAVE BECOME HIS SUPERIOR! FOR THREE YEARS I’VE SAT IN HIS SHADOW AS HE HAS ACHIEVED SO MANY THINGS! NATIONAL ELITE CHAMPION! PURE CHAMPION! EAW CHAMPION! CLOSE OUT A NIGHT OF PAIN FOR PRIDE! EAW CHAMPION OF THE YEAR! SO MANY GREAT THINGS! WITHOUT A DOUBT HE DESERVES THEM! But the fact is skill wise we may be constantly competing…but stat wise he has me beat by a landslide…So I have to take this. IF THIS IS TRULY TO BE OUR FINAL MATCH! I HAVE TO TAKE THIS ONE! OTHERWISE I WILL LIVE THE REST OF MY LIFE AS “AREN MSTISLAV’S PARTNER”! I COULD NEVER LIVE WITH MYSELF LIKE THAT! I’D RATHER DIE! Plus I’ve gone through it all this year. Hell I went from an EAW Championship match to being suspended in the span of a mere eight days. That should say it all right there. I made it to the final two of the Extreme Elimination Chamber. I set the record for Ten Eliminations at the Grand Rampage! I’VE GOT PEOPLE IN EXTREMELY HIGH PLACES WATCHING DOWN ON ME! BANKING ON ME MEETING THEIR EXPECTATIONS! There are people putting all of their trust in me and I cannot afford to let them down.

(Nasir turns his head to face Hamasa and smiles. She looks away but smiles as well.)

Nasir Moore: I’ll deal with winning a World Championship afterwards, once my fate is decided with the draft. For now there’s only one thing on my mind left, and that is leaving my home state of New Jersey and the Tenth anniversary of Pain For Pride as the definitive next in line for greatness here in the Land of the Elites! BELIEVE IT!

(Nasir Moore gives a wide grin and drops his mic to the ground as “I Am Electric” by Heaven’s Basement roars throughout the arena once more. The fans give Nasir an ovation as the three legends stand up from their seats and applaud Nasir. Lance and Hamasa join in as Nasir shyly bows to everyone. The camera pans away with Nasir and Hamasa embracing each other with Hamasa mouthing the words “I believe it”.)




Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is your main event of the evening!


(“Blackout” by Company Flow plays as Lethal Consequences comes out wearing a white and gold sleeveless jacket, matching up with his attire. From the moment he comes out the reaction from the crowd is mixed.)


Ring Announcer: Introducing first, from Oakland, California, weighing in at 230 pounds! He is “The King of The Mountain”…..LEEEETTTHHAAAALLLL CONSSSEEEQQQQUUEEEENNCEEEESSSS!!!


WWEFan: LC is competing in an EAW main event match for the first time in years and he is looking very ready for this! The man has been doing really well for himself since coming back, it is as if he hasn’t skipped a beat. I know this is a whole different scenario due to who is he facing but he is definitely going to put up a hell of a fight!




(“Adventures” by Kid Cudi plays following the initial sound as Drastik then steps out from the curtain and poses on the stage with his EAW Championship.)


Ring Announcer: And his opponent, from Oakland, California, weighing in at 220 pounds! He is the EAW Champion……DRRRRRAAAAASSSSTTTTTTIKKKKKKKKKK!!!


Kawajai: This is going to be a good one! Two veterans who have been in the game all of the way back in the old days! They are from the same era, have the same amount of experience and are also carrying the same amount of pride. They would want nothing more than to carry on their momentum in the last week before Pain For Pride! This battle of west coast competitors is sure going to be fun to watch.




WWEFan: Here we go! Drastik and Lethal Consequences circle around each other in the middle of the ring, these two veterans taking their time and thinking smart, you can tell both are just analyzing this situation. Drastik offers up his hands as the two now get close and engage in a lock up! Drastik though — oh! He flips Lethal Consequences over, transitioning that collar and elbow tie up into an arm drag and is now wrenching on that arm of Lethal Consequence! Lethal Consequences trying to twist out of it, turning over onto his stomach and then pushing himself up! Drastik keeping that arm lock though! LC doing his best to get out of it now….shot after shot to the gut of Drastik, weakening his grip…he pulls Drastik in…A HIP TOSS TO OUR ANSWERS WORLD CHAMPION!


Kawajai:Drastik quickly gets up but is knocked down with a shoulder tackle by LC! LC hits the ropes, looking to gather some momentum for an attack on the downed Drastik. Drastik though kips up, surprising LC who is in mid rebound! LC redirects himself as he jumps back and then walks around Drastik, but Drastik with a kick to the side of the leg puts him on wobbly knees! Lethal Consequences now eating some shot to the face now, weakening him! Drastik having a hold of his head and is just teeing off with forearm shots! Again and again! LC pushes him away for some distance but Drastik just comes back with a step up enzuigiri!


WWEFan: Lethal Consequences drops like a sack of bricks and falls onto the ground! Drastik is now going on the attack with stomps to the chest, strike after strike, blow after blow! Lethal is now on the apron and is holding onto the bottom rope for dear life! Drastik shoving his boot against LC’s jaw, pushing his head back! Though LC is in great pain, Drastik eventually abandons that idea, walking away to gather some momentum….AND THEN STRIKING HIM WITH A BASEMENT DROPKICK! LC GOES FLYING OFF OF THE APRON AND CRASHES ONTO THE HARD FLOOR OUTSIDE OF THE RING!


Kawajai: LC is on the ground crawling around, feeling for the steel steps which he uses to help himself up to his feet. He has his eyes on Drastik who is currently standing by in the middle of the ring. LC looks to get back into the ring but Drastik attempts a baseball slide, forcing LC to hop off and move away to avoid it! Drastik immediately gets back to a regular vertical base though and grips the ropes! SOMERSAULT PLANCHA OVER THE ROPE, FALLING ONTO LC!!!! Drastik shoots up following the delivery of that move and grabs the disoriented LC, tossing him back into the ring!


WWEFan: Drastik is climbing up to the top rope! He might be looking to go for the Stigmata – but oh, no! LC instinctively rolling out of the way, delaying the match for the moment. Drastik jumps off of the top rope and follows LC toward the corner that he is resting in but hang on! LC catches him with a boot to the face! Drastik is stunned while LC now stands up on the middle rope. He is calling for Drastik’s attention! LEAPING DDT DELIVERED TO PERFECTION, SPIKING OUR EAW CHAMPION RIGHT ON HIS HEAD! LC turns Drastik over and he hooks the leg, this could be it!




Kawajai: The shoulder goes up, saving this match up! LC gets up and right away goes for his next plan of attack LC has Drastik by the legs and looks to turn him over in a submission, but Drastik is struggling against that! Drastik is fighting him every inch of the away! A push of the legs by Drastik gets some separation and then he follows it up with a drop toe hold! Into the ropes LC goes as Drastik springboards over the ropes, hitting LC on the back of his head with a leg drop! The air of LC being taken right out of him as his throat was hung over those ropes!


WWEFan: LC is currently hunched over and gasping for air while Drastik is preparing himself for his next move! He slingshots himself back into the ring, barreling through LC with a spear! My word, what a move! Drastik is ready for a follow up, just watching LC get back up to his feet in a daze as he then peppers him with strikes, not letting him gather up his senses! A wild combination here which he caps off with a spinning heel kick! AND THEN A SUPERKICK TO THE JAW! THERE GOES LC AS DRASTIK FALLS ON TOP OF HIM FOR A PIN ATTEMPT!




Kawajai: And a kickout by LC! Close but no cigar there! Drastik gets up to a vertical base rather fast! He turns his back to LC, looking over his shoulder to make sure LC is still down before calling his shot! STANDING MOONSAULT! WAIT! LC JAMS HIS KNEES INTO THE RIBS OF DRASTIK RIGHT WHEN HE GOES TO MAKE CONTACT! LC WISHES TO TURN THAT INTO AN INSIDE CRADLE BUT DRASTIK ESCAPES OUT OF IT TOO FAST FOR HIM TO TRANSITION!


WWEFan: Drastik is being stalked, LC is looking over at him while he is on his fours, grabbing him by the hair and then placing him between his knees! Could we be looking at a powerbomb? WOAH! A BUCKLE BOMB IS MORE LIKE IT! A HARD LARIAT IS GIVEN RIGHT AFTER, TURNING DRASTIK INSIDE OUT!


Kawajai: LC gets down to Drastik’s level and is teeing off on him with heavy rights! Shot after shot! He’s got our EAW Champion in a side headlock so that he can keep him grounded! Drastik though, reaching with his legs, pulling LC back with a headscissors! Drastik pretty much yanking LC off of him by using his legs and now he has him trapped there! LC soon escapes and goes for a roundhouse on Drastik as he is sat up but Drastik ducks it! Drastik stacks LC up but is not going for a pin, he wants a set up for the Cogito lock! The last chancery being applied right now! LC is reaching out with his free arm, trying to pry Drastik off! This is going to be a test for both men!


(The crowd perks up as they begin to turn their attention to the entrance way.)


WWEFan: Hmm? What’s going on, can we get a camera angle going over there — Tiberius IV is there, creeping down the ramp, making his way toward the ring! Drastik is losing control of that Cogito lock! He decides to give up on it as he now has his eyes on Tiberius! These two want to have themselves a FIGHT! Drastik is telling, begging Tiberius to join him in that ring! The referee is telling Drastik to stop instigating any issues — BUT DRASTIK PUSHES HIM DOWN! The referee gets back up in anger and is calling for the bell!




WWEFan: The match is being awarded to Lethal Consequences now as Drastik does not seem to care very much, he’d still rather fight Tiberius! Oh! LC with a shot from behind for good luck I suppose! He must be angry for Drastik abandoning the match like that! Tiberius is taking advantage of that parting gift as he rushes into the ring on the attack! Tiberius is still sour over last week and is letting it all out! Tiberius throws Drastik into the corner and starts to deliver stomps to the midsection, really abusing his PFP opponent who was unable to prepare due to being snuck up on!


Kawajai: Chops to the chest, devastating punches to the face! The official hopes to intervene but Tiberius turns and gives him a look that would strike fear in any man! Hang on! DRASTIK THOUGH! DRASTIK IS ABLE TO TACKLE TIBERIUS! A NICE TAKEDOWN DELIVERED THERE AS NOW DRASTIK IS ON TOP OF HIM FOR THE GROUND AND POUND! DRASTIK IS GETTING SOME PAYBACK AS THE TABLES HAVE TURNED! TIBERIUS IS COVERING UP BUT I AM NOT SURE IT WILL BE MUCH USE!  He’s kicking and scratching his way out of this….HE’S FREE!


WWEFan: These two men are now up and with them being on and even playing field they go right back to fighting yet again! There is no stopping these guys! The official is outside of the ring and is motioning to the back as security is beginning to come out, rushing into the ring to break things up! Drastik and Tiberius hold on to one another but eventually the guards break them up! Security is taking Tiberius over to the back while Drastik is being held in the ring! They’re finally about to diffuse the situation it seems as Drastik and Tiberius are giving in. They know they are going to have to wait until Pain For Pride to get their hands on each other.




WWEFan: This is complete chaos! They are REALLY taking the fight to one another! It’s only going to be even more insane come Pain For Pride, that’s for sure!


Kawajai: You are damn right! I can not believe that we are out of time here! We’re going to have to sign off now, but we’ll see you next weekend for the show of shows, EAW’s season finale – PFP! GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY!


(EAW Logo Buzzes.)

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