“Scott Didn’t Put An Episode Name”


(Our program begins as we cut to the front of the 3Arena with a limo is pulling up to the area. The chauffeur gets out of the driver’s seat and heads down the vehicle, opening up the door as HRDO steps out.)

Chauffeur: There you go sir.

HRDO: (hands over tip) Thank you. Move along, I’ll see you later.

(HRDO adjusts his suit and begins to walk off, heading into the arena.)

WWEFan: There he is! Voltage has been crazy these past few weeks and it will take more than just our General Manager Lance Hart to settle things down! Our Chairman, HRDO is here and he is ready to lay down the law tonight!

Kawajai: The man hasn’t been on this show in almost six months! Who knows what will happen with him in the building! Our roster has got to be walking on egg shells, especially Eclipse Diemos after their meeting at Grand Rampage! This is going to be good!

(The cold open ends and “Beast” by Busta Rhymes, Tech N9ne and KXNG Crooked starts up for the intro, followed by a transition into the 3Arena where the place is sold out. The camera soon swings over to the announce table where WWEFan and Kawajai are sitting at.)

WWEFan: Hello everybody and welcome to Sunday Night Voltage on TNT, we are coming at you from the 3Arena in Dublin, Ireland for our final stop before Fighting Spirit: London! We have one hell of a last show before the big event, why don’t you break it down for us Kawajai?

Kawajai: Gladly! We have Keelan Cetinich taking on Zack Crash, Carson Ramsay in action against Carter Alpha and a must see main event with Eclipse Diemos taking on our Hardcore Champion Ahren Fournier, and you just know Diemos is going to be looking for revenge against the man who helped set him up last week!

WWEFan: Eclipse better tread lightly and try not to get too angry, he might just get himself in trouble! But speaking of trouble, we might just see that from J.D. Damon tonight as he goes one on one with ONI, right now to start us off!
Ring Announcer: The Opening contest of tonight’s Voltage broadcast is a singles contest scheduled for one fall!

(“Love the Way You Hate Me” by Like a Storm plays as JD Damon makes his way to the ring with a loud chorus of boos accompanying him.)

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 220 pounds, he wishes to be introduced tonight as the “God of War” …. J…D…. DAAAAAAAMOOOOOOOOOOOONN!!!

Kawajai: This man has been putting together some incredible performances of late. I just wish he had a better attitude.

WWEFan: Sometimes it works for you if you stop pretending like you give a crap about fans if you really don’t, look out for number one instead of pretending to be altruistic. Lately we’re seeing the true side of JD Damon and it’s been paying some dividends.

(“Love the Way You Hate Me” fades out over the speakers as JD stands in the corner, removing his jacket as the crowd waits on the arrival of his opponent.)


(“Ich Will” by Rammerstein plays as ONI makes his way down the ramp wearing one of his signature masks, JD trying to rush out to meet him but being held back by the referee.)

Ring Announcer: His opponent, Representing the Sanatorium, from the Prescott Hill Sanitarium in the State of Arizona……………OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

WWEFan: This may sound ridiculous considering the Sanatorium is home to various current and former champions such as Eclipse Diemos, Brody Sparks and Madison Kaline, but this man ONI may be the most vicious and most dangerous of them all.

Kawajai: No doubt about that at all. Just looking at this guy gives me chills.

(ONI takes off his masks, revealing that trademark smile of his before tossing it aside.)


Kawajai: This is a huge way to get things on the show started as both men circle around a bit before a collar and elbow tie-up. Considering how insane ONI is and how full of himself Damon’s been of late I’m surprised it’s not already a chaotic brawl. ONI using his size advantage and forcing JD into the corner. The referee is calling for the break and ONI obliges but he ruffles JD’s hair a bit and JD slaps his hand away!


WWEFan: First, thank God there is a 5 second delay. Second, it’s wrestling. Kinda hard for him to keep his hands to himself.

Kawajai: Some head games from ONI here. Sometimes I don’t think the guy is insane or anything. I think he just likes beating the hell out of his opponents. JD and ONI tie up again and ONI gets the advantage with a side headlock. ONI cinching it in tight as JD struggles to push him off but cannot.

WWEFan: That strength advantage we talked about earlier playing into this match again. ONI releasing the headlock on his own accord and now just slapping JD on the back of the head…AND JD RESPONDS WITH A VICIOUS FOREARM RIGHT TO THE FACE!

Kawajai: ONI responds with a kick to the midsection and then a headbutt! He even gets in a good eye rake for good measure before the referee admonishes him. Irish Whip sends JD into the ropes and ONI misses with a clothesline…. ONI turns around and JD returns the favor with an eye rake of his own…. SWINGING NECKBREAKER! JD GOING FOR A QUICK COVER!


WWEFan: ONI powers out of the pin and immediately rolls out of the ring. Good instincts. JD not giving him time to rest as he slides out of the ring, stalking behind ONI, but that’s exactly what this demon wants as he suddenly turns around and catches JD with a knee to the stomach. “The Demon of the Sanatorium” With that despicable smile on his lips as he grabs Damon by the hair and drives him head first into the ring post!

Kawajai: The referee is going to have a chore on his hands. Neither of these two guys are above breaking the rules and the official slides out of the ring trying to get these two under control.

Referee: Get him back in the ring, ONI! Let’s go.


(After giving the ref a one-handed shove ONI pushes Damon back in the ring.)

Kawajai: The referee talked a little sense into him, I think. Damon’s in a bad way here as Oni is stalking him, waiting on him to get up to his feet…. RELEASE DRAGON SUPLEX! ONI not even bothering to get back up to his feet yet, posing a little on the canvas after delivering that devastating move! Instead of going for a cover he goes for and applies a Boston Crab, JD immediately yelling out in pain!

WWEFan: JD’s doing damn well to be conscious if you ask me! That release Dragon put him right on his head. Plus, that whole hitting head first into a steel post thing. We’re talking a concussion here, surely.

Kawajai: ONI has a pretty half-assed Boston Crab here applied if I’m being honest. He’s got it locked in but not really sitting back as far as he should be and JD’s beginning that crawl to get to the ropes…. he does! ONI lets the hold go and immediately goes to stomping at JD’s back and shoulder before pulling him up, JD Irish whipped again into the corner and THRUST SPINEBUSTER….

WWEFAN: NO! JD countered into a DDT! ONI DIDN’T QUITE CATCH HIM RIGHT AND JD WAS ABLE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE! Damon kips up as ONI is now the one with his bell rung, struggling to get to his feet. Damon landing a flurry of martial arts kicks and a jumping roundhouse catches the Demon square in the midsection…. TURNBUCKLE POWERBOMB AND ONI IS IN SOME SERIOUS TROUBLE……EPIC KICK! ONI IS DOWN!

Kawajai: AND JD’s going upstairs now! JD perched on the top rope. FALL! FROM! GRACE! That stomp came down right on the chest of ONI and JD thinks he’s got this one in the bag as he goes for the cover!


WWEFAN: NOPE! ONI MANAGED TO KICK OUT! ONI is still in this match and JD can’t believe it. JD is up protesting this call to the official. He could just be pressing his advantage but he’s having the temper tantrum of the decade! JD just shoved the ref…AND THE REF SHOVED HIM RIGHT BACK!

Kawajai: Good for him! I’m tired of seeing refs getting walked over in EAW!

WWEFan: And as soon as you say that, ONI pushes JD right into the referee, crushing him against the turnbuckle and sending him down to the mat in a heap…AND ONI TAKES ADVANTAGE, HITTING A DESPERATION LOW BLOW ON DAMON!

Kawajai: Wait a second, MARCO FEDOR is out here! He’s making a sprint towards the ring! He and ONI have a match at Fighting Spirit 3 upcoming in less than a week!

WWEFan: And he didn’t come out here for a scouting report either! He’s grabbed ONI’s chain that he wears during his entrance, he’s wrapped it around his own arm and is charging at ONI……ONI DUCKS IT AND MARCO GOES CRASHING INTO JD DAMON INSTEAD, KNOCKING HIM UNCONSCIOUS! ONI DROPKICKS MARCO OUT OF THE RING AND TURNS BACK TO JD DAMON AS THE REFEREE IS STIRRING.

(ONI looks down at JD Damon then directly into the camera, shrugging nonchalantly as he drops down for the cover.)



(“Ich Will” by Rammerstein plays as ONI rises to his feet, the ref slowly rising to his to raise his hand.)

Ring Announcer: The winner of this contest…………. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!

Kawajai: What a crazy match that was. Marco is scrambling back up to safety away from ONI as his attempt to get one up on the Demon of the Sanatorium has backfired!

WWEFan: Message was definitely received though, that smile has kinda faded a bit with ONI just glaring up the ramp at Marco. Why on earth would you want to make a man THIS crazy, THIS insane angry!? I will say this though that match should be a hell of a battle!


(The cameras pan to the back as Keelan Cetinich is about to pass through the curtains.)

???: Stop.

(Nathan Fiora is seen with crutches, heading towards Keelan.)

Keelan Cetinich: Nathan?…

Nathan Fiora: Keelan, we need to talk, ASAP. I didn’t get to say this last week but right now, before you head out to the ring, I need you to promise me something.

Keelan Cetinich: Sure. What’s this promise?

Nathan Fiora: I need you to stop losing and losing. The fact is you’re the most talented guy this roster has. There’s one problem, though: you’re throwing opportunities away. You’re too much in your head and you’re letting it all pass you by, allowing less talented people pick up wins on you. You’ve gotten soft; the aggressiveness that you had before is in a place where it’s not supposed to be. Yes, there’s a lot of hate towards your way, but do you think I let myself be bothered by that? No. I became Hardcore Champion in response to all of these haters criticizing me every step of the way. You need to be the guy I defended the Hardcore title against on the main event of Voltage! I want to see that side of you when I see you on Voltage every week. My time is up now, but you’re just getting started. I NEED YOU TO BE KEELAN. FUCKING. CETINICH. Don’t let people get in your head. You aren’t overhyped. You aren’t a trend. You’ve earned your place here and will continue to be a fixture in this company as long as you keep going. Don’t let jealous people deter you. Now, tell me, what are you going to do tonight?

Keelan Cetinich: WIN!


(“Oblivion” by 30 Seconds to Mars blasts through the speakers. Keelan Cetinich comes out with an ovation from the crowd. He interacts with the fans while walking towards the squared circle.)

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, from Logan City, Queensland, Australia, weighing in at 218 pounds…“THE KILLER”, KEELANNNNNNNN CETINICHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kawajai: It’s Keelan Cetinich! He’s had a bit of a losing streak lately, but can he pick himself up and get back into gear?

WWEFan: I believe so. Nathan’s pep talk might’ve gotten him out of whatever hole he was in before. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Kawajai: Indeed! The stakes are high tonight, folks!

(“Four Seasons Summer Presto” by Vivaldi plays as “Damaged” Zack Crash is welcomed with cheers from every corner of the arena. He smiles maniacally and leads the crowd with “ERASE!” chants as he approaches the ring.)

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, from Charleston, West Virginia, weighing in at 225 pounds…He is the Shattered One, “DAMAGED” ZACK CRASSSHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

WWEFan: Oh, brother. These people are supporting a lunatic, I tell you! Zack Crash was one of EAW’s greatest talents until he drove himself to pure insanity!

Kawajai: I wouldn’t say that, WWEFan. Zack Crash is just as talented as before and he is still one of EAW’s top stars. Keelan will have to figure out how he’s going to take out this former world champion.


WWEFan: Keelan starts off with a running clothesline, but Zack Crash dodges the move before it can connect! Crash quickly goes on the assault and goes for a Russian Legsweep! Keelan quickly bounces back, but Zack is quickly approaching the young star!

Kawajai:Zack hits a swinging neckbreaker! Cetinich is trying to get back up as Crash begins to taunt him….A kick from Keelan! It hits right on the side of Zack, making him cringe in pain!

WWEFan: Another kick from Keelan, but it’s quickly countered to another clothesline- Keelan counters that! My goodness, both men are very aware tonight. Both are looking at each other, but Zack cuts the silence!

“Damaged” Zack Crash: YOU OBSOLETE MULE!

Kawajai: Keelan isn’t too happy about the taunting and hits Crash with a MASSIVE uppercut! You could hear that hit from the cheap seats! Zack doesn’t seem too pleased with the interruption of his “Damaged” brilliance and goes for an uppercut of his own.

WWEFan: Keelan goes for another uppercut! Zack with a second uppercut! This has become a war of uppercuts! Keelan! Crash! Cetinich! Zack! Keelan ends the war with an enziguri out of nowhere! Zack falls down and Keelan goes for the cover!

Referee: ONE!!!!!!!!………..TWO-

Kawajai: An early kick out from the former world champion! Keelan is already planning what he’s going to do next! He dashes towards the top rope and climbs the turnbuckle and goes for a diving crossbody! WHAT THE HELL?! Crash catches Keelan! I AM SHOCKED!

WWEFan: Zack goes for a flying German Suplex! KEELAN LANDS! Both men are finding the craziest ways to counter the other’s moves. Keelan goes for a German of his own and it works! Zack Crash quickly regains himself and knees Keelan in the gut! A DEVASTATING FLYING DDT FROM CRASH! Keelan hits the mat head first; he’s gotta be out of it!

Kawajai: He might be, Fan! Cetinich is not moving whatsoever and Zack is going to take advantage of that with a Crossface! He’s got it locked in! Keelan just regained consciousness and is in crazy amounts of pain! Keelan is trying to get to the ropes, but they’re in the middle of the ring! Crash is making it hard for him to move at all!

WWEFan: That doesn’t matter to Keelan! He’s moving towards the bottom ropes, hauling two bodies to get there. Zach is trying to move him back and manages to do that! Keelan continues to move himself towards that rope! Woah…Keelan is so close to reaching the rope. Can he do it?

Kawajai: MY GOD, KEELAN MAKES IT! KEELAN MAKES IT! HIS HAND ARE TOUCHING THE BOTTOM ROPE! The referee is telling Zack Crash to stop!

Referee: ONE!!!!…TWO!!!!…THREE!!!!…

WWEFan: Crash lets go and begins to stare at Keelan! What is he thinking now? Crash picks up Keelan…Uh oh! He’s going for his patented Crash Course…Crash is setting up the position and- KEELAN COUNTERS! BACKBREAKER FROM KEELAN! He just gave himself some time to recover!

Kawajai: Keelan rests on the corner, with a focused look on his eyes. MURDER CRUSHER! KEELAN CONNECTS WITH HIS FINISHER! HE GOES FOR THE PIN!

Referee: ONE!!!!!!!!………..TWO!!!!!!!!…………THREE!!!!!!!!!



WWEFan: Keelan kills the losing streak! He just defeated a former world champion and is ready to take back his place in Voltage!

Kawajai: Indeed, WWEFan! Keelan showed his best side tonight and was paid back handsomely. Zack Crash put in a lot tonight, but wasn’t able to finish a determined Cetinich! Keelan is getting a mic now!

Keelan Cetinich: Now hang on! I am not done yet! There is still one more thing I have to do. Terry Chambers, don’t think I forgot about you! HOW ABOUT YOU GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE,I KNOW YOU’RE WATCHING FROM THE BACK! COME ON OUT!

(Keelan Cetinich begins to pace around the ring impatiently waiting as suddenly a chorus of boos can be heard. We switch cameras as Terry Chambers can be seen decked out in his street clothes, pulling up his shades while he starts to talk into his microphone.)

Terry Chambers: What in the world do you want? I thought I got rid of you. Don’t you understand? You have no business here! You beat Crash, big deal, don’t get too excited and let that win get to your head or you’ll get exactly what you got last week, only this time I’ll put you on the shelf for good!

Keelan Cetinich: I would love that Terry, I WANT you to try that! That’s why I called you out here, to give you that opportunity! You’ve been acting out for weeks, trying to act like you dictate who should be here or not and I’m sick of it! You think I don’t belong? You want me gone so you can have my spot? This is your chance! You and me, Terry! Fighting Spirit! What do you say!?

Terry Chambers: Much obliged! But why even wait until Saturday, why not handle this problem right now —


Kawajai: They’re going to have to! Security is doing their best to fix things here! We gotta take a break from ringside!

(We cut to the backstage area as HRDO is seen talking with members of the production crew. They go over their jobs and what they’re doing throughout their small talk as HRDO seems to be pleased with their work, closing off the conversation with a handshake.)

HRDO: Nice meeting you, keep up the good work.

Production Member: Thank you!

“We wish we could get that kind of respect.”

(HRDO turns around to see whose voice that belongs to as he runs into Solomon Caine.)

HRDO: Mr. Caine, didn’t expect to see you there. What is it that you need?

Solomon Caine: WE need your assistance. We are here to bring your attention to something rather important.

HRDO: And what is that?

Solomon Caine: Our existence. We arrived here almost a year ago with a purpose, a message that we wished to spread. Now we have been having some issues as of late that we need to voice. We have been lost with nowhere to go and are looking at you, the man at the top to guide us. Give us the opportunity to rebuild, to allow us to get the attention of the masses that we have been looking for! We are looking to you to give us that chance HRDO, do not disappoint. You can bypass Lance Hart, you can put us in a position —

HRDO: I am sorry, Mr. Caine, but no. I am not here to give you handouts. What I will do though Solomon Caine, is give you some advice and that is to stand on your own two feet. I’ve seen you compete and you have potential,but right now you’re starting to slip up. Maybe the problem isn’t the fact you haven’t had any opportunities, but instead it is simply just on you? Work harder, grind like I did — stop trying to make these silly, attention grabbing “statements” and be patient. I suppose Eclipse isn’t really teaching you all that based on what he did at the Grand Rampage but maybe you can break that cycle amongst your…..”family”.

Solomon Caine: Wow. It seems that you are ignorant about us and our family. That you do not carry respect for us in the same way that the people did not. I used to think that you were like us in many ways, but it seems you have replaced your former self with one of a suited drone, someone who prefers to sit upon his high horse and look down on who he used to be. You do not understand us….or perhaps….you’re afraid of us. You’re still harboring bitterness over Eclipse Diemos laying you out in that ring last month, being the kind of monster you wish you could be still. You don’t want me breaking out the way he did. You fear the Sanatorium…..

HRDO: Fear? I FEAR you!? I am scared of nobody, not you, not the Sanitorium, not Eclipse. If anyone should be feared, it’s me seeing as I am your boss — but you know what, ok! I’ll give you what you want Caine, I’ll give you an opportunity to prove yourself and be taken seriously again. I know last week you were told to aim for the top right? I have someone you can face that is close to rising to the top: your own Psych Ward ally Maero. I’ll talk to Lance Hart and the two of you can go one on one at Fighting Spirit: London. No Disqualification. How is that for an opportunity? Impress me.

Solomon Caine: This still does not hide your anger, HRDO. Flex your power, show off…so be it. We will accept this match with Maero. The relationship between us and him will be the same no matter what, but what will change is our perception and we are not only talking about our perception of you. But the way the people view us. We shall be respected.

HRDO: And you will be…if you earn it. I’ll be watching the match intently. Have a good night.

Solomon Caine: Oh yes. We will. Now if you excuse me, I have a match to get to.

HRDO: Good luck.


(“Heart Shaped Box” by Nirvana plays as an angry Solomon Caine rushes to the ring, still annoyed over his talks with HRDO.)

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first from Parts, Unknown, representing the Sanitorium, he is SOLOMON CAINE!

(Caine rolls into the ring, right away yelling for his opponent as “Till I Collapse” by Eminem kicks in and Mike Showman makes his way to the ring with Jon McAdams by his side.)

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, from Hollywood, California, representing the People With Class he is The Leader of The Next Generation…..MIIIKKKKEEEE SHOOOWWWMAAANNN!!!

Kawajai: This should be a great match, Showman repping PWC and Solomon Caine repping Sanitorium, both men have a lot to prove and are known to have a short fuse. There is a lot of combustible elements for this match and it could get messy!


WWEFan: The bell rings and Mike Showman immediately runs at Solomon Caine as OH! Solomon Caine sees it coming and flings him around with an arm drag! Mike Showman is quick to get to his feet but is dropped with a back elbow! Mike Showman drops down and pops up, shaking his head to regain his senses as Solomon Caine leans in to speed up the process of getting him to his feet. Mike Showman clutches onto him though and delivers a jaw breaker! Mike Showman shoots up — MIKE JUMPS UP AND CONNECTS WITH A EUROPEAN UPPERCUT THAT WOULD MAKE RYU PROUD!

Kawajai: ….Fucking nerd. Anywho, Solomon Caine was rocked from that and falls over against the ropes and comes back, walking into a back body drop, wait no! Solomon Caine won’t let him flip him over! Solomon Caine with shots to the back of the head to force him to drop him as Caine now reaches and wrestles him into a front face lock! Solomon Caine using this as a set up to transition into a vertical suplex but NO! Mike Showman uses his foot to trap Caine’s blocking him from lifting him up! Mike now gets a good hold of Solomon Caine’s type and uses the move against him with a vertical suplex of his own! Mike quickly turns it into a lateral press as he pushes Caine’s shoulders down and the ref gets in position to count.


WWEFan: A kickout at two by Solomon Caine and Mike Showman was more than prepared for that as he muscles Caine up by the jaw with a headlock and then pulls him in between the knees! SITOUT POWERBOMB BY MIKE SHOWMAN! Showman puts his hands down onto the chest of Caine and gestures to the referee to hurry up and count! Mike Showman wants to make this quick!


WWEFan: Solomon Caine takes his boot and slams it into the bridge of Showman’s nose to get out of that pin, not even a kick out there! Showman drops onto his back while holding his nose as Caine leaps on top of Showman and begins to pummel him! Head slams into the canvas by Showman! Solomon Caine swipes at the face of Showman and now Showman in desperation gets a breather with a triangle choke, but Solomon Caine quickly slides out and goes for an elbow drop! Mike Showman moves out of the way though! Mike Showman rolls through, literally grabbing Solomon Caine and lifting him up in one motion as he gets to his feet! Wow, impressive!

Kawajai: Mike Showman rolls again, this time to drop Solomon onto the mat with a rolling fireman’s carry! Mike Showman follows that up by going between the ropes and climbing up to the top turnbuckle! SENTON ATTEMPTED BUT IT IS STOPPED AS SOLOMON CAINE GETS THE KNEES UP! Mike Showman favoring his back as his spine folds up in pain, giving Solomon Caine an opportunity to capitalize! Spinning neckbreaker! Mike Showman has enough sense to get out of it! A box of the ears by Solomon Caine! Then a big boot to the face!

WWEFan: Solomon Caine stomping down onto the body of Mike Showman, catching him in the ribs with a brutal blow! Mike’s ribs might just be cracked from that! Showman puts his hand up to defend himself as he grabs at Caine’s ankle! Mike Showman dropping Caine down to his level as both are on their stomachs! These two are fighting at an eye level, trading shots! Mike Showman grabbing Caine by his hair and then pushing him down into the mat! Solomon Caine’s face is getting grinded into the canvas!

Kawajai: Solomon Caine struggles out of it and then whips around AND LIKE A DOG HE GETS ON HIS FOURS AND CHARGES INTO MIKE SHOWMAN WITH A HEADBUTT! Solomon Caine hammering away into Mike Showman’s skull with that unorthodox offense as Mike Showman is not sure what to make of it, he has to retreat to the outside! Showman running to his PWC comrade for some advice!

Mike Showman: How hard did he get me? Am I bleeding? Fucks sake….

Jon McAdams: You’re good Mike, you’re fine! Be cautious, keep him on his toes —

WWEFan: OH! SOLOMON CAINE WAS DONE WAITING, THERE HE GOES JUST FLYING OFF OF THE TOP ROPE AND NAILING MIKE SHOWMAN IN THE BACK WITH A DOUBLE AXEHANDLE! Solomon Caine raises a fist to threaten McAdams as Jon restrains himself and removes himself from the situation! Solomon Caine goes back to Mike Showman as he grabs him by the arm, pushes him back while maintaining that grip, and then pulls him in to force a scoop slam right onto that hard ring apron! BRUTAL!

Kawajai: Mike Showman is balled up on the ground as Solomon Caine heaves his body up into the ring and rolls in looking for a cover!


Kawajai: A sneaky Jon McAdams reaches out and casually pulls the leg of Solomon Caine, breaking up the pin! Solomon Caine gets up in a huff and delivers a kick underneath the bottom rope. Jon McAdams scampers away from him as Mike Showman lunges for Solomon Caine, ambushing him against the ropes as he gets him in a waist lock and then falls back for a roll up! One…Caine pushes him off! Mike Showman stops himself by grabbing the ropes and then waits for Caine! He dodges his charge and then kicks him in the gut, he pulls him in……SILENCE! NO! Solomon counters it! END OF AGES — Mike Showman brings his feet down onto the canvas to stop it and then pushes Solomon Caine across the ring towards a waiting McAdams on the apron — OH BUT CAINE DOES A STANDING SWITCH! MCADAMS IS UNAWARE, HE CLOCKS SHOWMAN WITH A SIDEKICK! HE ONLY NOW REALIZES HIS MISTAKE AS CAINE TAKES HIM DOWN WITH AN ENZUIGIRI! DOWN HE GOES AS CAINE APPROACHES SHOWMAN! THE END OF AGES AND THIS TIME HE CONNECTS WITH THAT RISING DDT! SOLOMON CAINE HOOKS THE LEG!


(“Heart Shaped Box” by Nirvana plays as Solomon Caine rolls out of the ring, leaving the People With Class absolutely flabbergasted.)

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner……SOOOOOLLOOOMMOOONNN CAAAINNNNEEE!!!!

WWEFan: Solomon Caine with an upset, putting together a big win tonight as he heads into his Fighting Spirit match! It looks like those words from HRDO proved to be an excellent motivator as he came into the ring on a mission tonight!

Kawajai: The PWC’s plan backfired and they can’t believe it as Caine now walks away with the W!

(We suddenly zoom out from the scene as it appears we have switched to the backstage area, the match having been viewed from a monitor in the office of Lance Hart who is currently at his desk. Seated across from him are Nasir Moore and Aren Mstislav.)

Aren Mstislav: Arrogant jackasses.

Nasir Moore: Got what they had coming there….but anywho, Lance. It’s time. We need you to give us a clear cut answer.

Aren Mstislav: Yeah, we’ve waited enough. We’ve had weeks of being sidetracked, all of this nonsense but now, now is when we get what we wanted in the first place. Nasir and I deserve to have that one final match and you are who can give it to us. Go ahead Lance, make it official already!

Nasir Moore: Yeah, just go ahead and do it, all it takes is four simple words: “The match is on”!

Lance Hart: How about you calm down with the demands you two? I’m getting real sick and tired of dealing with this and honestly, having thought it over I don’t think you’ll be getting your match anyway.

Both: WHAT!?

Aren Mstislav: Are you kidding me? After everything we went through to get to this point and you’re going to deny us of that match! We want it, the fans want it, I am sure you want it! Make it happen! There has to be one final encounter!

Nasir Moore: Exactly and besides, Fighting Spirit: London is Voltage’s single biggest show, the last stop before Pain For Pride, you can’t just leave us off of it!

Lance Hart: Who says that I would be leaving you off?

Aren Mstislav: If we’re not facing each other, what’s the plan for next week?

Lance Hart: Isn’t it obvious?

(Lance Hart motions toward the television monitor.)

Lance Hart: You will be facing these guys. Mike Showman and Jon McAdams. A rematch with the People With Class.

Nasir Moore: You expect us to pass up our match to face THOSE guys again?

Lance Hart: Why not? You two have had been tangled in issues with these two for months now and the match you guys had with them did not have a solid finish. A classic tag match like that deserves more than DQ victory. Think of it this way, with PFP 10 and the draft coming up, do you really want what could be the last time you two ever team together to finish like that?

Nasir Moore: You have a point….

Lance Hart: I saw the way you guys looked at those two earlier, you would LOVE for them to get their comeuppance, this is your chance to give it to them. Face them and let them eat some humble pie. Show them you aren’t screw ups and you’re the better team.

Aren Mstislav: We get it! Fine, we’ll take the match. We’ll have no problem pinning those two this time around now that we’re on the same page.

Lance Hart: Oh I am sure. But you can’t just do that. You’ll have to do it TWICE. I wanted to spice things up. I’m making this a two out of three FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH! That way you guys can let out all of your anger and at the same time there will be no arguing any flukes or who deserved the win, a true winner will be decided.

Nasir Moore: Sounds good to me, just makes it worse on them. When we’re finished with them Lance though, you better not deny us again. Our match is GOING to happen.

Lance Hart: Yes, yes, I promise, but right now, focus on them.
Aren Mstislav: Don’t worry about us, we’ll get the job done. Like we always do.

Nasir Moore: One more round.

(Nasir Moore and Aren Mstislav shake hands.)

Aren Mstislav: One more. Looks like the Nas ‘N Mstislav Connection is back in business.

Lance Hart: Just what I wanted to hear! This is going to be MONEY guys!

(Lance Hart smiles as Nas and Aren look on at him in annoyance, walking out of his office as they ignore his handshake offer.)


(The show returns from commercial with Carter Alpha in the ring on one of the top turnbuckles, posing and interacting with a few cheering fans at ringside as “Human” by Rag’n’Bone Man plays through the arena.)

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, standing in the ring, From Atlanta, Georgia weighing in at 240 pounds…CARTER…ALLLLLLLLLPHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Kawajai: This very talented, very gifted young guy has shown that he can compete with some of the best that Voltage has to offer. It may not translate into the most glistening win-loss record, but it may be only a matter of time before it does.

WWEFan: This kid has the power, speed and technique necessary to thrive in EAW. I’m interested to see how he does going against…well….the CRAZY.

(“My Own Summer (Shove It)” by Deftones blasts through the arena as Carson Ramsay makes his way to the ring to a loud chorus of boos.)

Ring Announcer: His opponent, residing in Boulder City, Nevada by way of Turkey, weighing in at 230 pounds….CARSON RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMSAYYYYYYY!

Kawajai: And here is one of EAW’s most insane individuals, and in a place that features freaks like the Sanatorium that’s saying something.

WWEFan: He’s got a huge match coming up at Fighting Spirit but can’t overlook Carter Alpha tonight. Carter’s good enough to beat him if he gets a little too sidetrack.


Kawajai: Ramsay immediately comes flying at Carter, throwing some forearm blows right to the face, but Carter is not backing down as he starts throwing some hard right hands of his own! These two are having an absolute brawl here! Alpha starting to get the better of the and sends Ramsey into the ropes with one right hand. Carson trying one of his patented Pendulum Lariats but is cut off with an amazing Spinebuster! Carter looking for a quick cover but Ramsay scrambles to safety and gets up onto his feet.

WWEFan: Carson is feeling the heat from this upstart as he’s forced unto a corner and starts eating some European uppercuts! Another uppercut and another one! Ramsay gets Irish whipped into the far corner. Carter looking poised to score a huge upset…..looking for a STINGER SPLASH BUT RAMSAY MOVES OUT OF THE WAY JUST IN TIME!

Kawajai: Ramsay not wasting any time as he slips behind a staggering Alpha…….ONE GERMAN SUPLEX….AND ANOTHER…..THREE GERMAN SUPLEXES!

WWEFan: Not quite Utch Arkadas, but I don’t think Carson gives a damn. Alpha is in trouble here as Carson is stalking behind him, looking to end….



WWEFan: The referee has to throw this one out! Alpha’s getting back to his feet and he’s confused, and he’s looking to Crash for answers…and HE GETS A CRASH COURSE FOR HIS TROUBLE! BOTH OF THE PARTICIPANTS IN THIS MATCH HAVE BEEN LAID OUT!

Crash: (no mic) I require a microphone. IMMEDIATELY!

(A tech near ringside scrambles to bring him a microphone as Crash stands over both Carter and Carson.)

Crash: I apologize to you, Carter, First of the Greeks, but you had the unfortunace of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Crash: As for YOU….Keerson Ramseeey……I have received a delightful vision of what awaits you at Fighting Spirit. In the DELIGHTFUL city of London…YOU. WILL. BE. ERAAAAAAAAAAAAASED!


Kawajai: Zach Crash sending a message as only a mentally unbalanced Hall of Famer can! Will he be standing tall after Fighting Spirit when he and Carson clash in London, England!?

(We cut to the backstage area as Drastik is heading down the hallway with the EAW Championship over his shoulder. He is making his way to the entrance way for ringside but is soon stopped by the sound of a familiar voice.)

“Drastik, long time no see.”

(Drastik turns around to see HRDO walking towards him. The two approach each other and meet in the middle for a handshake.)

HRDO: I guess this is the first time I can formally congratulate you on your EAW Championship victory. I knew you had it in you. It’s incredible to have seen you be a World Champion almost a decade ago and now here you are, doing it again, a decade later.

Drastik: Thank you. You aren’t doing too bad yourself either it seems. Strange to think that the people at the top back in 09 are running things in 2017. Great catching up but I suppose I must be going–

HRDO: Heeeeyyy, where are you heading off to though?

Drastik: I need to meet up with Ahren Fournier. I promised him I would accompany him to the ring for his main event with Eclipse.

HRDO: And why is that? I know it’s not just to support your friend. You want to keep your eye on your opponent for Fighting Spirit, right? I am HOPING that it won’t lead to anymore chaos last week.

Drastik: No,no, I will be well behaved for this. I am simply watching. Last week was more so me just….getting even.

HRDO: Well your ways of getting even aren’t exactly the most pleasing to see for someone who is having to run the company, that is what I call a PR nightmare. I can understand some tension but these past few weeks you guys have been something else. There have been several incidents between you two dating all of the way back to the night you WON the title. Your rivalry even somehow managed to spill over and hijack the Grand Rampage. With you organizing attacks and Eclipse somehow having the nerve to lay his hands on ME I can not tolerate any more mishaps.

Drastik: Fine, I won’t be at ringside —

HRDO: No, it’s fine. I’m talking about at Fighting Spirit: London. A huge international PPV. A show that could lead to a lot of controversy if you two take it too far and screw it all up. While you’re out there you might as well pass it on to Eclipse that there will be a special guest viewing his rematch and it will be me. Also maybe you could let him know to stop ducking me. I’m expecting an apology from him before his match next week.

Drastik: An apology…..I’ll wish you luck with that. I’ll see you next week then, boss.

HRDO: Remember. No funny business.

Drastik: I’ll do my best not to forget.

(Drastik heads off to meet Ahren Fournier as we fade away from the scene.)


Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is your main event of the evening!

(The lights go dark as Eclipse Diemos steps out into the spotlight “You Are My Sunshine” by Alone plays.)

Ring Announcer: Introducing first from Prescott Hills, Sanatorium, Arizona! He is “Fear Incarnate”…..ECLIPPPSSSEEEE DIEEEEMOOSSSS!!!

WWEFan: Eclipse Diemos has a big opportunity tonight to gather some momentum heading into his big match at Fighting Spirit: London! Ahren Fournier and Drastik are partners and share similar in ring mentalities, he not only could send a message to his opponent and get into his head with a victory tonight, but he would also have a pretty good warm up for the match and get an idea of what he needs to do before the big title rematch!

(“Little Violence” by Waterparks plays as Ahren Fournier steps out onto the stage with the Hardcore title wrapped around his waist and Drastik by his side.)

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, accompanied by Drastik, making his way to the ring from Planet Fournier! He is the EAW Hardcore Champion…..AHRRREEEEEENNNN FOUUUURRRRNIEEERRRRR!!!

Kawajai: Ahren Fournier also could use this momentum, though this may just end up be in for a long night! Last week Ahren Fournier helped set Eclipse Diemos up and led to a brutal beating on his part. This is more than just a main event now, it’s a personal affair between the two and it could get ugly. Our Hardcore Champion should be prepared either way, he’s not the title holder for no reason, he knows how to get down and dirty.


WWEFan: The bell rings and Ahren Fournier DARTS toward Eclipse Diemos running at him with a FLYING FOREARM THAT PRESSES ECLIPSE DIEMOS UP AGAINST THE CORNER! Eclipse Diemos is rocked by that as he sinks down and Ahren Fournier stands over him as he now lays into him with kick after kick to the gut, mixing it in with hard right hands, trying to overwhelm Eclipse Diemos as he can not cover up! Ahren Fournier is getting cocky here now as he decides to go for some chops, literally licking his palm as he winds up for an open hand shot, but Eclipse Diemos catches one of those arms! Eclipse Diemos wrenches the arm and then forces Fournier into a hunched over position!

Kawajai: Ahren Fournier is now at Eclipse Diemos’ mercy as he jumps up and delivers an elbow drop across the shoulder blades! Ahren Fournier drops to his knees as Eclipse Diemos runs into the ropes and then literally MOWS HIM DOWN AS HE COLLIDES INTO HIM WITH INCREDIBLE FORCE! Ahren Fournier just got thrown across the ring as Eclipse Diemos now hovers over him, getting some revenge now as he pulls Ahren Fournier up by his hair, holding Fournier up as he delivers an open hand chop of his own, letting go of the hair at the same time as Fournier drops like a ton of bricks! Ahren Fournier is flailing around right now, his chest is on FIRE! There is a giant red mark right across it!

WWEFan: Eclipse Diemos steps over the recovering Ahren Fournier and briefly looks toward Drastik on the outside before going back to circling the ring. Ahren Fournier is picking himself up, he is asking for Eclipse Diemos to come toward him! Eclipse Diemos has no trouble complying as he comes toward him — BUT WOW! AHREN FOURNIER LIFTS HIMSELF UP USING THE CORNER ROPES AND RAISES HIS LEGS, PRESSING THEM INTO ECLIPSE AND FALLING DOWN INTO A FORCED DOUBLE FOOT STOMP! How innovative! Ahren Fournier steps off of Eclipse Diemos, rolling over back onto his feet in one solid motion as he watches his opponent!

Kawajai: Eclipse Diemos is stirring, looking on confused as Ahren Fournier is ready, he heads toward him and then ADDS A FINISHING TOUCH BY DELIVERING A SUPERKICK! DOWN GOES ECLIPSE! DOWN GOES ECLIPSE AS AHREN FOURNIER DROPS ON TOP OF HIM AND HOOKS THE LEG!


Kawajai: A kick out by Eclipse Diemos! Ahren Fournier gets up and is reassessing the situation, figuring out what exactly he needs to do next! Ahren Fournier heads toward Eclipse Diemos, picking him up and then digging his knee into Eclipse Diemos’ sternum! Eclipse Diemos nearly falls over as Ahren Fournier keeps him up and then gets Eclipse in suplex position! Hang on, he’s grabbing one of Diemos’ legs!

WWEFan: Ahren Fournier showing some major strength as he lifts up Eclipse Diemos and keeps him vertical, what discipline on Fournier’s part being put on display as he PROCEEDS TO DROP ECLIPSE DIEMOS’ SKULL DIRECTLY ONTO HIS KNEE! Eclipse Diemos falls over in a sat up position as Ahren Fournier stands beside him, making Diemos aware of what’s coming next and letting him know there’s nothing to do about it before speeding off like a racer at the starting line, rebounding off of the ropes and then looking to take Diemos’ head off with a roundhouse!

Kawajai: Ahren Fournier is looking to finish things up here, he’s got Eclipse Diemos between his knees, looking to take it a step further with a crucifix powerbomb attempt, but Eclipse Diemos is just too big to pull that off on, there’s no way he can carry that weight on his shoulders in that position! Ahren aborts mission and drops Eclipse Diemos down! Desperate not to ruin his advantage he runs off for momentum! There he goes! THE STORY BOOK ENDING CURB STOMP!

WWEFan: NO! Eclipse Diemos motions his head upward as he pops Ahren Fournier up in the air and then yanks him out of it with a ring shaking powerbomb! Ahren Fournier just got DRIVEN, I am surprised he didn’t go through the ring with that impact! Eclipse Diemos is not even done! Ahren Fournier is still showing fight, kicking him from the ground to keep him at bay and stop him from covering! Eclipse Diemos catches the legs! CATAPULT BY ECLIPSE DIEMOS! NO! Ahren Fournier jumps onto the middle rope and hangs on! Ahren catches his breath and then dives for a springboard crossbody AS ECLIPSE DIEMOS TURNS IT INTO A SPINEBUSTER! He grabs those legs again and this time we all know what this is for! A SWING BY ECLIPSE DIEMOS! AROUND AND AROUND FOURNIER GOES AS ECLIPSE DIEMOS SOON LETS GO AND FOURNIER GOES FLYING!

Kawajai: Ahren Fournier rolls around the ring and retreats into a corner but Eclipse Diemos follows him over there! Eclipse Diemos backs away and then runs at him full speed! CANNON BALL BY ECLIPSE DIEMOS INTO THE CORNER! AHREN FOURNIER HOLDING HIS RIBS AS ECLIPSE DIEMOS PULLS HIM AWAY FROM THAT CORNER AND THEN PUSHES BACK BOTH LEGS, FORCING AHREN FOURNIER DOWN IN A COVER!


WWEFan: Ahren Fournier kicks out, saving the match! Eclipse Diemos looks at Ahren as he flipped over to get out of that pin and is now looking up at Diemos helpless, Eclipse Diemos grabs him by the neck and flings him into the ropes, letting Fournier run into him like a brick wall! Ahren Fournier sits up but then Diemos kicks him over. Eclipse Diemos now stands on the back of Fournier, leaning against the ropes for leverage and also so he can look upon Drastik! Eclipse Diemos standing on top of Fournier — as he spits down onto Drastik! Drastik jumps up onto the apron but the referee restrains him, threatening him with a DQ for Fournier! Hold on though, speaking of Fournier, Eclipse Diemos needs to worry about him!

Kawajai: Ahren Fournier powers through and gets Eclipse Diemos up off of him! Eclipse Diemos falls over as Ahren Fournier begins to recuperate! Eclipse Diemos runs at him once more AND EATS A SECOND SUPERKICK FOR HIS TROUBLES! Our Hardcore Champion has stunned Eclipse Diemos and now he is looking to go high risk! MOONSAULT, FALLING ON TOP OF ECLIPSE DIEMOS AS HE MAINTAINS A LATERAL PRESS! IT’S A COVER!


WWEFan: Eclipse Diemos gets the shoulder up! Ahren Fournier stays on top of him, looking to get him into a sleeper hold! Ahren Fournier applying that choke as Eclipse Diemos struggles with it, still trying to get up to his feet as Ahren applies it! It’s a test of wills here, he will give up on their motives first! Eclipse Diemos is standing up while the air is being taken away from him, and there goes Drastik again! He was stewing on that disrespect from Eclipse Diemos and he just won’t let it go, he still wants to go for Diemos! The referee is looking to restrain him again as Eclipse delivers a jawbreaker to Ahren! Eclipse now gets up and a war of words is going on! Things are getting heated as it just might turn physical! The referee is doing his best to control the situation as – HEY! What the, it seems a fan has jumped the guard rail and is running into the ring!

Kawajai: The hooded audience member has just got behind Ahren Fournier and lays into him with a kick to the back of the head! Ahren Fournier holding his skull to turn around and charge at them but they duck it and catch him in the gut! They have Ahren by the neck as they run up the ropes; TORNADO DDT DELIVERED! The audience member laying out Ahren as they retreat out of the ring! They look to jump back over the barricade but WAIT! The hood goes off! IT’S ARIA! ARIA JAXON WATCHING FROM THE CROWD, WAITING FOR HER MOMENT FOR REVENGE THERE AS SHE NOW HEADS UP TO THE STANDS WITH THE CROWD! ECLIPSE DIEMOS AND THE REFEREE HAVE GOT BACK INTO THE RING AFTER ECLIPSE NEARLY WENT TO BLOWS AS ECLIPSE SEES A DAZED FOURNIER; THE GLASGOW SMILE! AHREN FOURNIER GOES DOWN AS ECLIPSE HOOKS THE LEG!



(“You Are My Sunshine” by Alone plays once again as Eclipse Diemos rises up to his feet, the referee raising his hand as Drastik rolls into the ring.)

Ring Announcer: The winner of this match……ECLIPPPPSSEEEEE DIEEEEEEMOOOOSSSS!!!

WWEFan: Eclipse Diemos gets the win after some revenge by Aria Jaxon there as Drastik is now in the ring and it looks like things are about to go down here! Drastik has placed his EAW Championship to the side! The match is done, It’s time for these two to finally go at it! No more sneak attacks, just a one on one affair!

Kawajai: This is going to be GOOD! But wait! HRDO! HRDO is out there! Our boss is on the stage and he is looking on! HRDO is not even saying a word, he’s just sternly staring at these two, waiting for them to make a move as the body language of both men change. I think they are getting uncertain here, normally a fight like this would be allowed to go down but with so many incidents happening connected to this I am not sure HRDO would be a fan of looking like his authority is weak!

WWEFan: Drastik looks at HRDO, then back at Eclipse Diemos….he takes a step away and then drops down to check on Ahren Fournier to see if he is ok, sneaking gazes at Eclipse Diemos at the same time. The tension between these two is obviously present, they want to go at each other BAD! But it’s going to have to wait until Fighting Spirit!

Kawajai: Indeed as that is all of the time we have for tonight! We hope you enjoyed the show, next week we’ll be seeing you in London! Goodnight everybody!

(EAW Logo Buzzes)



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