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(Highlights from last week’s Showdown is recapped with the announcement of Ronn Banks as the new Showdown General Manager and Rex McAllister Vs Theron Nikolas for the EAW World Championship which saw involvement from Jack Ripley and Ronn Banks which ultimately led to Rex retaining the EAW Championship)

(“Believer” By Imagine Dragons hits with the NEW Showdown opening intro playing before quickly cutting to Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg, South Africa as blue pyro begins shooting up before the camera quickly pans around to thousands of fans cheering before cutting to Pierre Mcguire and Deadprez at the commentary table)



Pierre: And I’m getting word that our General Manager is on his way out right now to speak on somethings so let’s get this show started!

(The camera cuts to the ring as “Shock The World” by Lloyd Banks hits and Ronn Banks make his way through the curtain and down to the ring.)

Pierre: It looks like the NEW Showdown General Manager wants to pay his brand a visit!

Deadprez: He may be the person that pays my check… but, he seriously can’t be proud of himself! If it wasn’t for Banks, we would have a new EAW World Champion in the King of Elite, Theron Nikolas.

Pierre: You can’t be serious, Deadprez. You’re going to ignore the fact that Theron and Jack Ripley tried to STEAL the EAW World Championship from Rex McAllister last week!

Deadprez: If it wasn’t for people in Banks position, Pierre, Theron would already be the EAW World Champion already. All those two men tried to do was right one hell of a wrong.

(Banks enters the ring and is handed as a microphone. He stand in the middle of the ring as the thousands in attendance chant his name.)

Banks: Thank you, but now isn’t the time for adulation.

(The crowd quiets down as Banks grits his teeth.)

Banks: I’m a man that’s proud of everything that I’ve done throughout my entire career; I’m a man that opened the doors of a company that was expected to last a matter of months, and it now stands at the biggest company that this business has ever had. I took a major risk; used my own money to give the opportunity for anyone to walk through those doors and showcase exactly what they can do inside this ring. People, who whether I liked them or not, held the same respect and love that I had for this business. People that wanted to see this business grow into what it is today; something that would continue to grow when it came time for me to walk away when my time was up. I accomplished that feat and went and started a new project. I opened the doors to a company that I called REVOLT!… which again, gave people who didn’t have the chance to perform at a grand level to do so. We created something great; something different. We created something that was beneficial for not only the performers, but for every single one of you too. The day came when this company extended their hand and welcoming us in with open arms. Those people who once were fortunate, now stand on the platform they always deserved to be on.

(The thousands in attendance give a huge round of applause as they chant for EAW.)

Banks: I was so proud of what we as a whole managed to create. What we as a whole were able to build. I was happy to stand back and watch those people shine. I was happy to allow those people to do exactly what they were doing in REVOLT, and burn their own trail in the business. But…

(Banks looks down and shakes his head.)

Banks: But, as we all know – some people weren’t too happy with my arrival.

(Banks laughs as he looks back up at the camera.)

Banks: I took this role on Showdown and was willing to give everyone a clean slate. Everything they did in the past in my eyes was meaningless, because whether I liked them all not – I knew that everyone on this brand held the potential to make it GREATER than it has ever been. But, that wasn’t good enough. Some people were so paranoid that every single person in this business was against them. Some people forced themselves to believe that I was going to walk through the doors of this brand and hold the same agenda against them that others who were never worthy enough of standing in this position once did. So, they started taking bites that they couldn’t possibly chew. They started a war… with the baddest, most RUTHLESS man that this business has ever seen!

(“I Hope You Suffer” – AFI hits as Theron Nikolas makes his way through the curtain with microphones in hand to a chorus of boos.)

Theron: I’m going to stop you right there, Ronn. Can you believe this, Jack – WE started this.

Theron: You started this.

(Theron makes his way up onto the apron and enter the ring.)

Theron: I had the EAW World Championship won… and conveniently, you’re the man that runs down to make sure that it doesn’t happen. You warned me not to a fight with you; this wasn’t a war that I wanted to have – but, I didn’t start this. You did. You did the moment that you proved that you were no better than either Robbie or Brian.

Banks: Because I’m going to allow you and Jack to screw Rex out of his championship.

Theron: HIS Championship? It’s mine.

Banks: If it were yours, you would be the champion right now. But, before you get those panties in a bunch – there was a time where I believed in you. I believed that you did deserve to be the EAW World Champion, and I wasn’t happy with the measures you had to go through to get an opportunity at it. Dia Del Diablo, Territorial Invasion – everything you went through was unfortunate, but I always believed that one day you would break through every piece of adversity placed in your way and stand where you arguably should have been. Just like all the GREATS do, Theron. That’s why I gave you that opportunity at Rex McAllister last week – to give you that shot you wanted so badly and had earned without a shadow of a doubt. I hope that somewhere in there that the same guy that set the world on fire would show up – but, he’s long gone. Now… we’re left with this.

(Banks chuckles as he looks Theron up and down.)

Banks: We’re left with a man that didn’t thrive in the face of adversity. We’re left with one that crumbled. A name that could have been one of the greatest ever, only to let it slip between his fingers like so many before him.

Theron: So, you decided to stick your nose where it didn’t belong.

(Theron grits his teeth as the hint of a smirk crosses the face of Banks.)

Banks: Why would u allow you to screw Rex out of the EAW World Championship in the same manner that you were in the past.

Theron: What’s the difference between now and then? Where was my saviour, Banks? Where was the white knight to burst through that curtain and make sure that I wasn’t screwed. WHERE WAS SOMEONE TO MAKE SURE THAT HAD WHAT I DESERVED? I didn’t let anything slip. I didn’t walk down the path everyone else wanted me to, and in the eyes of people like you – I made a mistake. You can only walk in the same circle for so long before you force yourself to do something different. It’s funny, isn’t it? Absolutely nothing was done for MONTHS while it was at my expense, and now things are suddenly different? Don’t bullshit me like they did.

Banks: You’re acting like I had any power months ago.

Theron: But, you have power now. You run to Rex’s aid and leave Davidson to quite possibly lose his career. Where were you to stop Scott Diamond from mauling him last week? You want to be the saviour for one person, you be the saviour for everyone. You hold a position of power over this brand, and the moment you look out for others and leave people like me, like Ripley and Davidson out to dry – you prove what we already knew. You’re no better than them.

(Banks remains generally unfazed as Theron smiles from ear to ear to boos from the crowd.)

Theron: So, we want compensation for what was done to Davidson.

Banks: You expect to get compensation after what you did at Revolt 2?

Theron: Let’s not act like we didn’t let you off easy – we could very well did the same thing Scott did to David. Instead we put you down, but made sure you didn’t stay down.

Banks: You know what, Theron; I’m going to give you the compensation that both Jack and yourself are looking for. Showdown has an upcoming Supershow called Wrath of the Dragon, and at it both you and Jack are going to face both Cameron Ella Ava and Scott Diamond – and I’ll even put the Unified Tag Team Championships on the line.

(The hint of a smirk returns to the face of Theron.)

Banks: But, that isn’t just it! I have a BRILLIANT idea, Theron; one that I know both you and Jack are going to love. I’LL BE THE SPECIAL GUEST REFEREE!

(The crowd explodes as a NASTY scowl crosses the face of Theron as “Shock The World” picks back up.)


Deadprez: I’m glad that Theron and Jack have been given the chance to avenge their good friend, David Davidson, but there’s no reason that Banks needs to be the referee! Come on, you can half see what the man’s plan is!

(The crowd suddenly erupts with a chorus of boo’s as “Shock The World” fades out.)


(Theron shoots back to his feet as Ripley slides into the ring and “I Hope You Suffer” picks back up.)

Deadprez: It’s simple, Pierre! They know Banks’ intentions and are going to go down swinging!

(Theron and Jack stand over Banks who recovers on the canvas as the camera fades to commercial.)

(Camera transitions back from Commercial Break to the ring where Aaron Fitzpatrick is standing in the ring awaiting the next match)

Fitzpatrick: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

(My Skateboard Will Go On by Anamanaguchi blares through the speakers of the arena as Epic Ace runs out onto the stage)

Fitzpatrick: Introducing first, from Kansas City, Missouri, weighing in at 160 pounds… “Epic Boy” ACCEEEE EPPPPIIIIICCCCC!

(He then runs down the ramp, stopping before he gets to the apron, jumps onto the apron, and does a flip over the ropes into a cartwheel landing directly in the middle of the ring.)

Pierre: Well that was quite the entrance by Epic Ace, what a first impression!

Deadprez: Yeah, it might be considered impressive to do flippy shit to you Pierre, but in my humble opinion this is just dumb. All flash and no brains, you know? Look he’s already blowing himself up, he won’t make it through the match!

Pierre: Come on, you’re just ants at a picnic..

Deadprez: The fuck you just call me?

(Epic Aces music fades out, as “Nowhere” by Crobot starts blasting. Axel makes his way onto the stage)

Fitzpatrick: Introducing his opponent, from Manchester, England weighing in at 215 pounds, “The Re-Invention” Axxeelllllll

(He doesn’t miss a beat and walks down the ramp not taking his eyes off of the ring. He walks right down the ring, up the ring stairs, into the ring, and gets right into the face of Epic Ace)

Deadprez: Axel now just getting in the face of Epic Ace here; playing mind games I believe. These two are about to put on one hell of a match I can feel it

Pierre: Well hold onto your horses, because we have one more man in this match that we’re waiting to make his way down.

Deadprez: You corny little…..

(Axel’s music fades out and the arena grows quiet. “Sound of Madness” by Shinedown picks up as Alex Bowen makes his way onto the stage.)

Fitzpatrick: From Dunkirk, France, weighing in at 225 pounds, “The Black Hawk” Alex Boooowwwwwen

Pierre: What do you think of Mr. Bowen here Deadprez?

Deadprez: Well, I think he’s a nut… Which could actually bode well for him here in EAW, you have to be a tad crazy to get into this business.

(Alex Bowen rolls into the ring, heads to a corner that no one is occupying and sits down in the corner. The ref asks everyone if they’re all ready, and they nod. The ref signals for the bell.)


Pierre: Oh my, and the action is under way! Axel doesn’t waste any time as he runs over to Epic Ace and hits him with a hard right hand! That must’ve hurt. Axel then picks him up on his shoulders for a little firemans carry, into a wrist lock, brilliant wrestling right there. He tears, and pulls at that arm, and moves onto the head. He is a submission wrestler, and he’s doing just that! He’s got a rear chin lock applied, and Epic Ace is just struggling here. But he is able to get a foot on the rope! Axel looks to be obliging with the referee and let’s Epic Ace get up.. No! ACE HAD HIS BACK TURNED AND AXEL JUST BLASTS HIM FROM BEHIND. He’s just giving a smug look look on his face as he kicks Ace out of the ring! He’s not stopping there; he’s following him to the outside. He charges at Epic Ace LOOKING TO JUST PUSH HIM INTO THOSE STEEL STEPS! BUT EPIC ACE DODGES IT, AND AXEL GOES HEAD FIRST INTO THOSE STEPS! Epic Ace, rolls back into the ring, looking to catch his breath.

Deadprez: Only for a moment though, because it looks like he wants to fly! Axel is stirring, trying to find his footing, but here comes Epic Ace! Crossbody off the top rope and he just crashes onto Axel, they’re both in pain here! But Axel definitely got the worse of it. Epic Ace pops up off the ground and is clearly feeling himself right now. Axel is in a bad way here, and I don’t know how he’s going to pick up the pace and match Epic Aces speed. Hmm wait..

Pierre: What? Why are you hmm’ing?

Deadprez: Seems like we’re missing someone, wasn’t this a triple threat? OH MY ALEX BOWDEN IS GRABBING A CHAIR, HE’S STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO US! What a creep, I didn’t even hear him lurking. I was just going to ask where Alex Bowden was; we hadn’t talked about him since the beginning. Last time I checked he was sitting in that corner just watching them licking his lips like a freak.. But, he doesn’t seem to be there anymore as he’s trying to grab some reinforcements for the match.

Pierre: OH WILL YOU STOP IT, you know he can’t use that. Alex you can’t use that! You’ll get disqualified! He’s not listening. The ref is warning him, but even with the warning it doesn’t seem like he seems to care! Alex rolls into the ring and lurks behind Epic Ace, measuring him up! Epic Ace TURNS AROUND TO A HUGE CHAIR.. NO, he dodges it, and knocks the chair out of Alex’s hands. This is where Epic Aces speed comes into play! Those swift kicks to the legs of Alex Bowden are deadly. He’s got Alex down to a knee, and Epic Ace backs up, and delivers a super kick right to Alex’s jaw…. NO Alex catches it, Dragon Screw on Epic Aces knee! That’ll keep him grounded. Alex seems quite proud of himself, but he should just stay on him instead of making sure everyone know’s what he just did! Epic Ace has crawled over to the ropes, trying to use them as leverage to get back to his feet. Alex now seeing that Epic Ace is getting up, and starts charging at him..

Deadprez: SUPERKICK! Alex crumbles to the floor clutching at his jaw. Ace now seems to have an opening! He turns his attention back to Axel who is rolling back gingerly into the ring. He picks him up and just tosses him again to the outside like some piece of trash, and turns his attention back to Alex Bowden.

Pierre: OH thumb to the eye! Alex had that one scouted, he was playing the old possum game. Alex starts charging at Epic Ace and hits him with a high knee! Ace is staggered! He follows it up with a head-butt and a knife edge chop! Just anything that he can’t think of to keep this momentum going forward! Looks like he’s measuring him! He goes bouncing off the ropes and into a Handspring Back Elbow.. No, Epic Ace catches him, and gives him a big german suplex. Alex Bowden backs up into the corner looking for a break in the action but Epic Ace won’t allow it. He follows him and starts putting the boots into him. One after another..

Ref: 1, 2, 3, 4…

Pierre: Ace needs to be careful here, he doesn’t want to get disqualified! He walks away and starts complaining at the ref. What a classy guy, are you kidding me? The ref is just trying to do his job. Oh wait, Alex Bowden is now stirring, Ace doesn’t see it though, he’s too busy with the ref! FLASHBANG! HE HIT IT! He goes for the cover…

Ref: ONE…. TWO… THR…


Deadprez: He’s been dying on the ground over here it seemed for basically the entire match as he got his ass kicked by Epic Ace earlier. But he seems to be quite resilient as he’s back up on his feet, and delivers a front dropkick into the face of Alex Bowden. But he can’t go for a cover as Alex Bowden has the ware with all to roll out of the ring. Axel turns his attention to Epic Ace. He just jumps on top of him and starts slugging away with forearms to the face. Epic Ace is trying to protect himself but the Flashbang really did a number on him. It looks like Axel feels like he’s got Epic Ace right where he wants him, as he’s going to the high rent district. STUPID DECISION! STAY GROUNDED!

Pierre: Don’t worry about him, he’s got it all figured out. I’m sure he’s perfected his craft and knows just what he’s doing! FROG SPLASH AND HE HITS IT!!




(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

(‘Sound of Madness’ by Shinedown his as Alex Bowden rolls out of the ring)


Pierre: Not one of these guys have anything to feel down about. All three of these men laid it all out on the line in their debut matches, and impressed me. Alex Bowden just had it this night.

Deadprez: Epic Ace seemed to show a lot of awesome maneuvers. Axel showed he has heart, and guts, and it actually looked like he was going to win for a second, but in the end Alex Bowden was just too much to handle on this particular night.

Pierre: Good job, and congratulations on joining the EAW family to all of you.

(Camera transitions backstage to Eve standing backstage in the interview area awaiting her interview)

Eve: I was told to be here and I’m waiting but I have no idea who I’m intervie-

???: Never fear, things have changed around here haven’t then hombre?

(TLA steps into the scene with the REVOLT Welterweight Championship around his shoulder with a confident smile)

Eve: Well TLA, Welcome back to EAW! And can I get some thoughts on what it’s like to be back and what are your motivations?

TLA: Ye it’s been some time since I’ve been around here, probably heard some people talking about how they may never see La Pantera Sexual around these parts anymore but it ain’t like I’ve been sitting on my ass chico, I’ve been around spreading my message to my fans, to my familia, and especially to myself. Tonight against the Prince Of Phenomenal, I’m going to let it be known once again that it’s my destiny to be on top of EAW, I got a big ego but I can and certainly will back it up in that rin-

(Lucian Black steps into scene as he stares down with TLA with a smile on his face)

TLA: Don’t remember this being scheduled for two but if you want to be in my shadow then by all means chico,

Lucian: Nah, I was just around and I couldn’t help but notice you continuing to run your mouth, it doesn’t stop with you? Never has and probably never will, you aren’t the only one who is back in EAW and you certainly aren’t the only one with unfinished business around here. This is bad news for you because it doesn’t matter who you are I’ll happily run you down until I get what I want, and as for you? You hold championship gold but quite frankly in EAW, that championship means nothing and therefore you don’t mean anything either. But good luck tonight, champ.

(Lucian smirks and walks off as TLA scowls at him)

TLA: I don’t give a fuck what he says, who even remembers him as a world champ ese? Do you?

Eve: I am not at liberty to answer.

TLA: Yeah whatever, doesn’t take me long to make enemies but whatever stick is up that guys ass will be replaced with my boot.

(TLA walks off as the Camera pans back to the ring with Aaron Fitzpatrick as we await our next contest)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: This match is scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first…

(“Wrong” by coldrain fills the arena as Shane Gates makes his way down to the ring)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: introducing first, from Huntington Beach, California in at 230 pounds, He is The Natural Born Killer, SHAAAANEE GAAAAAAATESSSS!

Deadprez: Let’s just hope he can hold off on his natural instincts for a little bit here Pierre, I don’t want to have to call the cops.

Pierre: What are you talking about?

Deadprez: “The natural born killer”.. The kid is a murderer, and I can’t believe we hired his kind!

Pierre: So anyways Shane Gates had a tough lose last week, the match ended in mere minutes. But to his credit he wasn’t the one that was pinned.

Deadprez: Yeah let’s give credit to someone failing.. Don’t worry you didn’t fail in a total failure way.. Maybe he bounces back here Pierre. One could only hope, you know that loss is still on his mind..

(Shane Gates rolls into his ring, and is directed to his corner by the Ref. Shane Gates music dies down, until, “What a Shame” By Too Close To Touch hits as Daryl Kinkade steps onto the stage.)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: And introducing his partner, From London, England! Weighing in at 215 Pounds!! DAAARYYLLLLL KINKAAADDEEEEEE…..!!!

(Daryl Kinkade slides into the ring, and walks calmly over to his partner. The fist bump, and Kinkade steps up on top of the turnbuckle and pumps up the crowd.)

Pierre: Daryl Kinkade had an impressive victory over Desmond Helms last week, hopefully he can carry that success over.

(Daryl Kinkades music dies down, and “This Charming Man” by The Smiths starts up. Charlie Marr casually walks on stage with a smug look on his face as he sarcastically waves to the crowd.)

Deadprez; No doubt about it Pierre, this man is rich! Rich with talent, rich with friends, rich with money! Is there anything he can’t do?

Pierre: You’re not looking for a hand out or anything?

Deadprez: How dare you! I’m just appreciating another mans talents!

(Charlie Marr makes his way around the ring and stops at the announcing table, still staring at the ring.)

Deadprez: Charlie! You’re the man! give em hell!

(Charlie looks back and gives him a wink)

Deadprez: Did you see that! He noticed me.. Do you think he’ll put me in his will now?

(Charlie Marr’s music fades out and “DUST by Tremonti fills the room.)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: And his partner, From Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at 235 pounds, he is “The Devil Incarnate” KEVIN HUUUUNNTTTTERRRR.

(Kevin Hunter emerges from behind the curtain and slowly makes his way down to the ring. He circles around to Charlie Marr. They give each other a nod, and both rush into the ring)

Pierre: And we are off with a bang as Kevin Hunter, and Charlie Marr just blindside attacked Shane Gates, and Daryl Kinkade! Kevin Hunter has Shane Gates down in the corner, just stomping away at his chest. Charlie Marr has Daryl on the ropes using them to his advantage choking the life out of Kinkade. This is brutal! The ref needs to do something!

Deadprez: When do refs actually lay down the law? You sound foolish right now! Besides, these two are just doing what any sane human being would do. They are gaining the edge on their opponents, if Gates and Kinkade weren’t ready for it it’s on them!

Pierre: Finally the ref restores some order in this match, but clearly some damage has been done! Daryl Kinkade is able to get up, catching his breath, and makes his way over to Shane Gates who seems shaken but ok. It looks like it’s going to be Charlie Marr and Kinkade to start this one off, They both seem ready, so the ref signals for the bell

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Pierre: And we’re off. They approach both seemingly looking for an opening on the other. They lock up with a collar and elbow lock up locking for position. Charlie gets the upper hand as he gets Kinkade in a headlock, but Kinkade is struggling and it looks like he’s going to be able to get out of it just fine… He pushes Marr off the ropes and throws him for the irish whip. As Marr runs back at Kinkade he blasts Marr in the chin with a beautiful drop kick to the jaw. Kinkade now picks up Marr and whips him over to the corner where Shane Gates is waiting for a tag. A tag is made, and they now double up on Marr, DOUBLE SUPLEX, beautifully done!

Deadprez: Shane Gates is picking up Marr now, looks like he has something in mind.. BUT A THUMB TO THE EYE! Brilliant move by Marr, and he now pushes Gates into his corner and drives his shoulder into Gates abdomen, and tag! Oh didn’t look like Marr wanted a tag there, but Kevin Hunter was done waiting around. Who’s going to say no to the big man though! Kevin Hunter picks Shane Gates up now, and delivers a FIERCE POWER SLAM! The cover.

Ref: ONE! TWO!… *kickout*

Pierre: He got his shoulder up, this match will continue! Hunter seems surprised, and a little pissed. But he continues on and picks Gates up, whips him into the corner still holding his arm, and hits him with a clothesline in the corner. He’s still holding the wrist of Gates though, and he pulls him in for a spine buster! Kevin Hunter is dominating right now. Meanwhile Shane seems to be crawling to his partner for the tag..

Charlie Marr: Tag me!

Deadprez: Uh oh, looks like Charlie Marr is done waiting on the sidelines, he wants back in this match! Kevin Hunter glares over at Marr, lingering a bit, and that gives an opening to Shane as he makes the tag to Daryl Kinkade! He jumps into the ring and delivers a clothesline to Hunter. Hunter gets up, and Kinkade again delivers a clothesline. Hunter yet again gets up, and this time charges at Kinkade, and he sidesteps him and hits the arm drag, letting go of the arm. And follows up with a roundhouse kick to the head! Kevin Hunter might be out! Kinkade makes a pin!

Ref: One! Two! Thr…

Pierre: No, Charlie Marr breaks up the pin. And runs back to his corner, acting like he didn’t do anything, and he’s been there the entire time. Kinkade looks flustered as he glares over at Charlie Marr, but is picking up Hunter up for something.. WAIT SMALL PACKAGE

Ref: One! Two!..

Deadprez: And he just barely kicked out of that, smart move by Kevin Hunter there trying to steal one. Kevin Hunter rolls over to his corner looking to get a breath here. He reaches over and just tags in Charlie Marr. Charlie wasn’t expecting that.

Kevin: Go! Get in the ring! Come on hurry up!

Pierre: Well it would appear that Kevin thinks that he is the leader of this team as he’s tryign to direct Marr what to do. Charlie steps into the ring still glaring at Kevin Hunter. Clearly he doesn’t see it the same was as Hunter does; and wants Hunter to know he doesn’t appreciate it. MISS YOUR FACE! KINKADE JUST POUNCED IN OUT OF NOWHERE AND HIT THAT SPRINGBOARD X FACTOR!! He covers him as Kevin Hunter looks on in disappointment.

Ref: One! Two! Three!

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Fitzpatrick: Here are your winners Daryl Kinkade, and Shane Gates!

Pierre: A hard fought battle here that just came down to miscommunication, and quite possibly a little too much testosterone.

Deadprez: What the hell are you babbling on about Pierre? Charlie Marr just lost his team this match because of his giant inflated ego.

(Daryl Kinkade and Shane Gates high five, and start to celebrate the win. Kevin Hunter is getting noticeably upset. He walks up to the downed, Charlie Marr, and picks him up to his feet.)

Deadprez: See what a good guy, he’s helping his partner up even though he ruined everything.

PIerre: OH Shit! Kevin just slapped the shit out of Charlie Marr! And now he’s going after Daryl Kinkade, and Shane Gates! He pushes Kinkade out of the ring, and grabs a hold of Kinkade. It looks like he’s going to chokeslam Kinkade through the ring! Up he goes and.. NO! From behind Charlie Marr grabs hold of Kinkade and pulls him to safety. Charlie now is rearing back and punching Kevin Hunter in the face, he’s staggering but he won’t fall down. Kinkade is now up. Kinkade and Marr give a nod to each other, double drop kick! And Kevin Hunter falls out of the ring! He’s clearly frustrated.

(Kevin Hunter starts walking back up the ramp talking trash to the audience. Shane Gates rolls back into the ring. Daryl Kinkade and Charlie Marr share an odd moment seemingly trying to decide if they can trust the other. Kinkade presents Marr his hand. Marr contemplates shaking it as Shane Gates watches on. After a bit of a pause, he shakes his hand and Shane Gates comes between the two and raises both their arms)

Deadprez: Wow didn’t see that one coming. What’s going on, has Charlie Marr had a change of heart?

Pierre: Good question.. But you’ll have to find out later.. Because we have to go to commercial break.


(Camera transitions to Daryl Kinkade in the locker room sitting down before he’s approached by Rex McAllister who is looking down on him carrying the EAW Championship on his shoulder)

Rex: What’s up?

Daryl: Nothing, is there something you need?

Rex: I know this comes as a shock to you but I’ve been watching you here trying to make a name for yourself and trying to rack up victories and trust me, not too long ago I was you. Trying to find my place and figure out who am I so I can one day achieve my dream and become the kingpin around here. And I’ve done pretty well for myself might I add as I have the EAW Championship in my possession

Daryl: Where is this going?

Rex: My point is Daryl, I’m encouraged so far from what I’ve seen from you, so much that I’d like to say let me help you. Let me be the guy who helps Daryl Kinkade get to that next level.

Daryl: You are the EAW World Champion, and if you think you can get me to that next level to where I can also have some championship gold around my waist then by all means, I accept

(Rex and Daryl shake hands before Camera transitions to the ring as Aaron Fitzpatrick awaits the next match)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: The following contest is set for one fall!

(“California Dreaming” By Hollywood Undead begins to play as a confident Tommy Rough begins to make his entrance down the ramp to a Mixed Reaction donning shades and a custom made jacket)

Fitzpatrick: Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California! Weighing in at 222 Pounds! “The Self-Made Saint” TOOOMMMMYYYYYYYY RRROUUUGHHHHHHHHHH…!!!

Pierre: And here we go with a guy who is quickly becoming my favorite here in EAW, what a great look this guy has and I can only see him rising from here even though he’s facing a former EAW World Heavyweight Champion!

Deadprez: You only like him because he comes out here in shades and a jacket and his abs exposed, you sick freak.


(“On My Teeth” By Underoath hits as Lucian Black makes his entrance down the ramp to a Mixed Reaction from the crowd donning all black attire)

Fitzpatrick: Introducing his opponent, from Peoria, Illinois! Weighing in at 217 Pounds!!! “LONE WOLF” LUCIAAANNNNNNNNN BLAAACKKKKKKK!!!

Deadprez: Showdown just gets better and better, this is the guy you should be praising Pierre, a former EAW World Heavyweight Champion making his return tonight and looking better than ever!

Pierre: Yeah, he’s cool.

Deadprez: And this is why I think you are gay.


Pierre: Whatever, the bell sounds as both combatants begins to circle each other before meeting for a collar and elbow tie up, Tommy quickly gaining control of Lucian as Lucian trying to get out of the side headlock, Tommy tightening it as Lucian is looking for a saving grace out of it, Lucian backs himself up and uses the ropes for momentum to send Tommy off breaking the side headlock, Tommy comes running back off the momentum of the ropes but Lucian quickly drops down for the hurdle as Tommy leaps over him! Tommy into the ropes again as he comes running back again, Lucian leap frogs over Tommy Rough! Rough into the ropes a third time as he comes, LUCIAN WITH A DEEP ARM DRAG!! Tommy up quickly as he runs at Lucian again AND GETS TAKEN DOWN WITH ANOTHER DEEP ARM DRAG! Lucian now latches on a side headlock on his own as Tommy was to rising up to his feet!

Deadprez: Tommy now in the position Lucian found himself in earlier looking to break out of this side headlock! Tommy firing some punches to the mid-section of Lucian! Lucian breaking the side headlock as Tommy fires a big right hand over the top, and he fires another big right hand shot to the face of Lucian, he quickly grabs him by the arm for an Irish whip, Lucian sent into the ropes as Tommy looks to take his head off with a big clothesline! Lucian ducks and runs into the ropes for momentum as he comes back with a beautiful standing dropkicking dropping Tommy rough down to the canvas! Tommy up quickly as Lucian meets him as soon as he rises to his feet with a LOUD Open handed chop to the chest of Tommy Rough that can be heard all throughout this arena! And Lucian fires another chop to the chest, and a boot to the mid-section! Front facelock as he lifts Tommy Rough! SNAP SUPLEX PLANTING HIM INTO THE CANVAS!! Tommy in a sit up position after the snap suplex as Lucian quickly up to his feet runs off the ropes, SHORT DROPKICK TO THE FACE OF TOMMY ROUGH!!

Pierre: Lucian taking control in the early going of this contest as he grabs Tommy by the hair dragging him up to his feet, before he quickly smashes his face into the top turnbuckle! Lucian Blacking Tommy Rough onto the top turnbuckle. Lucian setting up for something with high impact here as he tries hooking Tommy Rough but Tommy begins to block and sends a headbutt to Lucian followed with a short and stiff body strike! AND HE PUSHES LUCIAN OFF THE TURNBUCKLE! Tommy setting himself up on the top turnbuckle as Lucian rises to his feet, TOMMY LEAPS WITH A DIVING CALF KICK CATCHING LUCIAN RIGHT IN THE FACE WITH HIS BOOT!! Lucian up on his feet holding his jaw as Tommy sends a boot to his mid-section, that doubles Lucian over as Tommy lifts him in a powerbomb, HE’S RUNNING!! POWERBOMB LUNGBLOWER!! DOUBLE KNEES TO THE SPINE AS LUCIAN LANDS IN A HEAP!! Tommy quickly hooking his leg!


Deadprez: LUCIAN POPS THE SHOULDER OFF THE CANVAS!! Tommy instantly right back on the attack as he pulls Lucian up by his hair and turns him around, AND LIFTS HIM IN THE ELECTRIC CHAIR! BROKEN BOULEVARD!! NO! LUCIAN FIRING RIGHT HANDS!! And he drops down behind Tommy Rough! ROLLING ELBOW TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!! He may have just knocked Tommy completely out with that move! Lucian grabbing Tommy Rough back up to his feet, and he pulls him in and lifts him in a powerbomb position! HE’S RUNNING WITH TOMMY ROUGH!!! TOMMY COUNTERS IT INTO A HURRICANRANA SENDING LUCIAN CRASHING BACK FIRST INTO THE TURNBUCKLES!! Lucian in pain as Tommy barely up to his feet as he spots Lucian rolling himself to the outside floor as things are about to take a pretty dangerous toll here on the outside! Lucian gathering himself together as Tommy SPRINGBOARDS!! SPRINGBOARD SHOOTING STAR PRESS AS HE CRASHES RIGHT INTO LUCIAN BLACK!! WHAT A MOVE!!!

Pierre: AMAZING HIGH RISK MOVE BY TOMMY ROUGH!! And this crowd is loving this action! As Tommy grabs Lucian and sends him inside the ring, Tommy looking to put an end to this contest right now, as he’s sizing Lucian up. Lucian rising slowly, Tommy hooks him from behind with a Wrist lock and transitions INTO A SHORT ARM LARIAT! BURNING HEART!! NO LUCIAN GETS HIS BOOT UP INTO THE FACE OF TOMMY!! AND HE FIRES ANOTHER BOOT!! REPEATED BOOTS BEING FIRED OFF INTO THE FACE OF TOMMY ROUGH!! His grip loosens AND LUCIAN RUNS WITH A SLING BLADE!! He plants Tommy who props up to his feet again, SUPERKICK TO THE LEG!! TOMMY DROPS!! LUCIAN FIRES ANOTHER SUPERKICK TO THE FACE!! AND HE FALLS TO THE COVER!!


Deadprez: TOMMY POWERS OUT!! Tommy kicks out of the Superkick and Lucian cannot believe it! Lucian going high risk, he begins to climb the top turnbuckle, he’s setting up for something, he’s waiting as Tommy is doubled over trying to gather himself in this match! DOUBLE FOOT STOMP TO THE BACK OF TOMMY ROUGH’S HEAD!! HE CALLS THAT ENTER THE VOID!! NO TOMMY MOVES!! AND RUNS OFF THE ROPES!! NEGATIVE EDGE KNEE STRIKE!! LUCIAN MANAGES TO MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!! SHORT SUPERKICK TO THE MID-SECTION!! HE RUNS OFF THE ROPES!! MARTYRIZATION!!! CURB STOMP!! HE CONNECTS WITH THE CURB STOMP!!! TOMMY DOWN AND OUT!! AND LUCIAN HOOKS THE LEG!!!


(“On My Teeth” By Underoath picks up again as Lucian’s hand is raised in victory)


Pierre: Damn it!

Deadprez: Boyfriend didn’t win huh? Obviously Lucian Black has the experience and is the winner, what a good match though!

Pierre: Yeah.. Good indeed.

Deadprez: You are suppose to be an unbiased commentator and instead you are acting like a teenage girl when her dad says we don’t have the tickets to disney on ice, grow the fuck up! Anyways we’ll be taking a short commercial break here folks and hopefully Pierre gets his head out of his ass by then!

(Commercial Break— Dynasty recap)

( We head backstage to the Showdown interview set-up where Kathy Kush is wearing a lovely Dashiki dress, as she stands by with a microphone in hand. )

Kathy: Good evening Johannesburg and members of the EAW Universe from around the world, I’m backstage live with none other than the EAW Openweight Champion, EAW Tag Team Champion and EAW Hall of Famer… CAMERON ELLA AVA!

( Cameron Ella Ava walks into frame with the Openweight title over her shoulder, tag title around her waist, dressed in casual attire. )

Cameron Ella Ava: Hey Kathy!

Kathy: So… I’m gonna cut right to the chase here, I won’t beat around the bush, you have a few decisions to make. As we saw earlier tonight it’s been confirmed that you’ll be defending your tag team championship at Showdown: Wrath of The Dragon alongside your new partner Scott Diamond against Theron Nikolas and Jack Ripley.

Cameron: Mhm.

Kathy: But the elephant in the room here is that title you’ve got hanging over your shoulder… as some may not even know, there IS a deadline to how long you can go without either defending the Openweight title, or in your case cashing it in. No matter how you slice it, you’re more than likely going to have to pull double duty at Wrath of The Dragon.

Cameron: Right.

Kathy: With that being said, the EAW Universe wants to know, are you going to choose to defend the Openweight Championship another four more times? Or will you cash in on your hard earned championship opportunity?

Cameron: That’s the million dollar question Kathy… I thought about it, I talked with my friends about it, talked with my sister about it, I spoke to my partner Scott Diamond about it; and pretty much everyone I spoke to all told me the same thing.

Now or never.

It’s now or never for me Kathy, a door closed when my Di Consentes sisters both were taken out due to injury, but several doors opened for me, including a door that may lead to the biggest victory in my EAW career. After nearly a decade of being the hardest worker in the room, of putting everything I have into what I do, I have the opportunity at holding the oldest and most prestigious championship of this company. So I’m going for it Kathy. At Wrath of The Dragon, I’m trading in my Openweight Championship, and I’m officially challenging Rex McAllister for the EAW Championship.

( The arena gives a massive pop to the announcement, and Cam can’t help but smile. )

Kathy: Well personally speaking Cam, I’m so glad you’ve made that choice. There’s no doubt you’re a role model to every woman in the wrestling industry, and if you do leave Saitama, Japan as the EAW Champion I don’t think anybody can question that you’re the greatest wrestler of all time.

Cameron: That’s so sweet Kathy, I’m glad I have your support, and I’m glad I have so many people’s support in this time.

Kathy: I must ask, what will you do to make sure you’re not only prepared for your upcoming World Title match, but that you’re able to get to it in one piece?

Cameron: Well I’m grateful to my tag team partner, Scott Diamond, who I’ve gotten to know a lot better over the years and have come to respect. He’s pretty much been telling me over and over again to take more of a backseat during the tag title match and try to let him handle The Kingsguard – which is kind of him, but I don’t quite know if he’s underestimating Ripley and Nikolas or not. I know better than to waste energy or take excessive damage too early in the game, but I don’t exactly plan on throwing away the tag title either, I consider it incredibly important-

( Cameron is stopped in her tracks, and Rex McAllister walks into the frame with a smile on his face as the crowd cheers. )

Rex McAllister: I’m sorry for interrupting, I just caught wind of the news. Word gets around pretty fast… I just wanted to say thank you, and congratulations.

Cameron: No need to thank me, Rex, but I do appreciate it. I’m honored to get to compete for the EAW Championship, the opportunity of being able to walk into Pain for Pride as the face of this company is one that I’ve always dreamed of.

Rex: The honor is all mine, Cam. You’re a legend in this business, you’ve inspired a lot of little girls to want to be just like you, and for good reason, you’re always breaking through barriers and accomplishing things no one thought were possible.

Cameron: That’s very kind of you Rex. I hope you’re prepared then, because at a time of year like this I’m going to put everything I have into making sure I walk out of the Saitama Super Arena with your title on my hands.

Rex: Oh certainly. I won’t hold back on ya’ either just because you’re a girl.

Cameron: It’d be an insult if you did.

Rex: *laughs* I’m way too competitive for that. Don’t worry though I’m gonna keep this nice and clean, no need for us to make this some knockdown dragout fight like I had to do at the Grand Rampage to dethrone your partner.

Cameron: *slightly annoyed* Well I hope you don’t expect things to turn out the same with me as they did against HBG.

Rex: Oh no, of course! I’m just saying, let’s keep this clean, alright? Wouldn’t wanna have Scott Diamond coming after me if I hurt you too badly. (just kidding of course.) But seriously, may the best wrestler win.

Cameron: Don’t worry, she will.

( Rex laughs and pats Cam on the head before walking away. Cameron looks on slightly bothered by his arrogance, and the segment comes to an end. )

(Camera transitions to the ring with Aaron Fitzpatrick standing waiting for the next match)
Aaron Fitzpatrick: The following contest is to be set for one fall!!

(“If I Had A Heart” By Fever Ray plays throughout the dome as Prince Of Phenomenal begins to make his entrance out in black and blue attire before making his way down the ramp)

Fitzpatrick: Introducing first, from South Beach, Florida! Weighing in at 220 Pounds!!! PRINCCEEEEEEEEEEEEE OFFFF PHENOMENAAALLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!

(“Ambitionz Az A Ridah” By Tupac begins to play to a thunderous reaction of cheers as TLA makes his entrance driving in a red, green and white low rider on the side of the entrance stage and leaves the lowrider has the REVOLT Welterweight Championship around his waist)

Fitzpatrick: Introducing his opponent, From The Poon Palace in Miami, Florida! Weighing in at 210 Pounds! T!!!! L!!!!!!!!!!! A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Deadprez: Two men making their in ring returns, and this practically a REVOLT Champion vs Champion match with the Welterweight Champion going against the Middleweight Champion, as these two men now meet for a collar and elbow tie up and begin muscling back and forth until POP forces TLA into the corner and the referee quickly makes his way over there signaling for a clean break between the two competitors! And he gets the clean break as POP QUICKLY FIRES A PUNCH TO THE MID-SECTION! He caught TLA totally offguard there as he follows it up with a big right hand over to the top to the face of TLA, he grabs his arm and whips him to the opposite corner, POP running at him for a big corner splash! TLA MOVES! POP hits his head on the turnbuckle, he comes out a little dazed and turns into a DISCUS CLOTHESLINE FROM TLA!! No POP blocks the attack with a boot to the mid-section of TLA! He hooks him in the front facelock and lifts him for a suplex!

Pierre: As he was rising TLA high in the air TLA fires a punch to the throat of POP! POP dropping TLA and begins holding his throat as TLA fires a LOUD Knife Edge chop that can be heard all throughout this arena! POP making his way to a corner as TLA DELIVERS ANOTHER SICKENING CHOP!! TLA grabbing POP out of the corner double underhooking the arms as he could be setting up for a Tiger Bomb! POP close enough to the ropes TO LAND A BACK BODY DROP OVER THE TOP ROPE! TLA catches himself on the apron as POP turns to a ENZIGURI FROM THE APRON!! POP dazed as he backs up a bit and TLA SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE APRON FOR A SPRINGBOARD FLYING CROSSBODY CRASHING INTO POP!! TLA up to his feet and quickly raises his fist in the air as the crowd is fully behind him tonight in his return to the ring, TLA grabbing POP up to his feet, and sends a huge forearm smash! POP gathering himself a bit before returning the favor with a forearm smash of his own! TLA changing his strikes as he sends a short inside leg kick to POP! And he sends a knee to the mid-section! AND HE SPINS FOR A ROLLING ELBOW!!

Deadprez: POP latches onto the waist of TLA as he spins! He’s looking for a German Suplex! TLA blocking as he sends his elbow back hitting POP in the jaw, TLA running at POP, POP WITH A FLYING CLOTHESLINE CATCHING TLA AS HE WAS INCOMING! POP gathering himself as he quickly looks to assert control in this match as he waits for TLA to get up, POP lifting TLA on his shoulders! USHIGOROSHI!! FIREMAN’S CARRY NECKBREAKER!! TLA MANAGES TO LAND ON HIS FEET!! JUMPING ENZIGURI!! He connects, POP Dazed by the ropes as TLA RUNS!!! DROPKICK KNOCKING POP OUT OF THE RING!!! TLA is waiting for POP to rise to his feet, TLA setting himself up as he’s looking for something risky! POP is pulling himself up to his feet! AND TLA BEGINS TO RUN!! FULL SPEED AHEAD AND CONNECTS WITH THE SUICIDE DIVE!!!! POP AS TLA WAS COMING WITH A JUMPING ENZIGURI OF HIS OWN!!! OH MY GOD!!! TLA BEFORE HE COULD GET ALL THE WAY OUT OF THE RING JUST GOT CAUGHT WITH A SICKENING ENZIGURI!!

Pierre: TLA popping back inside the ring and looks like he doesn’t know where he is as POP makes his way up onto the apron, TLA staggering but still on his feet, POP SPRINGS FOR THE SPRINGBOARD FOREARM SMASH!!! IT CONNECTS!! TLA knocked off his feet, POP signaling he has him where he wants him as he pulls TLA up onto his feet, and lifts him on his shoulders! POP WITH A FIREMAN’S CARRY NECKBREAKER!!! USHIGOROSHI CONNECTING AS HE HOOKS THE LEG OF TLA!!


Deadprez: TLA POPS THE SHOULDER UP!!! It’s going to take a lot more than that to take out my favorite elitist! POP frustrated as he grabs TLA up and places him between his legs! HE’S GOING FOR THE CROWN OF THORNS!! TLA BLOCKING WITH EVERYTHING HE HAS DROPPING TO HIS KNEES AND POP IS RELENTLESS IN HIS PURSUIT AS HE TRIES TO MUSCLE TLA UP!! POP sending clubbing blows over the back of TLA! AND HE LIFTS TLA IN A POWERBOMB LIKE POSITION!! TLA RAINING DOWN SHOTS TO THE HEAD OF POP!! AND COUNTERS HIS POSITIONING INTO A HURRICANRANA!!! BEAUTIFUL MOVE! TLA up as POP gathers himself, POP RUNNING AT TLA BUT HE’S CAUGHT WITH AN ARMDRAG!!! POP is up quickly AND HE GETS TAKEN DOWN WITH ANOTHER ARM DRAG!! TLA meeting POP as soon as he rises to his feet, irish whips him into the ropes, AND HE CATCHES POP WITH A ROUNDHOUSE KICK!!

Pierre: POP is still up on his feet though, but he doesn’t know where the hell he is after that roundhouse kick, TLA hooks POP in a full Nelson! SNAP DRAGON SUPLEX DROPPING HIM RIGHT ON THE BACK OF HIS NECK!! POP is up but he’s spaghetti legged still and TLA is confused as he hooks POP, front facelock, AND HE LIFTS HIM HIGH!! BRAINBUSTER!!! TLA PLANTS HIM RIGHT INTO THE CANVAS!!! POP has to be finished after that as TLA hooks the leg!


Deadprez: HE’S STILL ALIVE IN THIS MATCH AS POP MANAGES TO KICK OUT!! TLA can’t believe it as he thought he had the victory right there, TLA isn’t resting on the attack as he makes his way outside to the apron and begins to climb the top turnbuckle! TLA IS HIGH AND PERCHED IN THE AIR!! SHOOTING STAR PRESS!!! 420!!!!! NO POP MOVES!!! BUT TLA LANDS ON HIS FEET!! POP in the opposite corner as TLA quickly runs at him, POP HOOKS TLA BY THE LEG!!! CALF KILLER!!!! HE HAS THE CALF KILLER APPLIED AND HE’S GOING TO TOWN ON THAT LEG PULLING WITH EVERYTHING HE HAS!!! POP LOOKS INTENT ON MAKING TLA SUBMIT!! DON’T YOU TAP TLA!! DON’T YOU DARE DO IT!! DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!!



(“Till I Collapse” By Eminem begins to play as Nobi makes his way out to the stage ramp and begins raising the National Elite Championship as POP ignores the pinfall and looks up ahead as him and Nobi begin exchanging words)

Pierre: Nobi is out here and he is trying to get inside the head of POP, he’s displaying that National Elite Championship and POP is challenging him to come to the ring since he wants to make his presence felt! AND NOBI IS MARCHING DOWN TO THE RING!!! POP READIES HIMSEL- VERY MEXICAN UPPERCUT TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD OF POP!!! TLA, DON’T FORGET ABOUT HIM AS HE HOOKS POP!! MEXICAN DESTROYERRR!!!!!!! FRONT FLIP PILEDRIVER AS HE PLANTS POP INTO THE CANVAS!!!! TLA HOOKING THE LEG!!



(“Ambitionz Az A Ridah” picks up once again as Nobi smiles and begins taking his leave as TLA is helped up to his feet by the official and has his hand raised)
Fitzpatrick: HERE IS YOUR WINNNER……. T!!! LLL!!!! AAA!!!!!!


Pierre: So you come at me for being a fan of Tommy Rough but here you are gobbling TLA’s nuts?

Deadprez: Hold up, you like Tommy Rough because you envision yourself with him, I like TLA because he’s for the people gringo!

Pierre: Do you even know what that means?

Deadprez: No but big win for TLA tonight and he did it all by himsef!

Pierre: Yeah not like Nobi came out with the distraction or anything

Deadprez: I don’t see Nobi anywhere what are you talking about? It’s not even 4/20 yet and you already tripping.

(One last shot of TLA celebrating as a frustrated POP realizes what has happened before Camera pans to Commercial Break advertising Pain for Pride Festival)

(We open back up after the short break to the crowd standing on their feet anticipating what’s next)

( “Smells Like Teen Spirit” By Nirvana hits, and the South African crowd immediately erupts with an enormous round of applause before Diamond Cage walks out to the stage wearing a dark leather coat over his usual jeans and tank top attire. Cage has a particularly unpleasant scowl on his face, and he walks slowly to the ring ignoring the hi-five requests from the fans at the side of the ramp. )

Deadprez: What the hell is Cage doing out here?!

Pierre: Not sure if these fans are necessarily complaining, DP! Though Diamond Cage is not scheduled to compete for a televised match, I do understand that Cage is carrying quite the chip on his shoulder as of late, and the looming question seems to be “what’s next for Diamond Cage?”

Deadprez: Excuse me for not exactly trusting this guy, especially when he shows up unannounced – not even so much as giving anybody any indicator as to what his motives are. Hopefully this bat-swinging nut job doesn’t try to recreate what he did last week against Devan Dubian with somebody else.

( Cage takes the ring, his music dies down, and the crowd continues chants of “DIAMOND CAGE!” until he begins to speak. )

Diamond Cage: In my early days here in this ‘fine company’ known as EAW, I remember one specific day back in 2011 that changed the way I viewed the wrestling business for the rest of my career until now. I was pulled to the side one fateful day by then-EAW CEO, Matt Daniels, and basically told, in his words, that in order for me to get everything that I could ever want out of here, I’m going to have to learn how to eat shit and like the taste of it.

And that stuck with me, because it was the exact opposite of every fuckin thing that Diamond Cage stood for. I didn’t lace a pair of boots, I didn’t work my ass of in the independent’s to eat shit, I came here to COMPETE and to SPILL as much blood as I can spill until I’m the last man standing out the mountain top. But still I heeded those words… I went through years, won championships, entered the Hall of Fame, headlined FPVs, sold out arenas across the world, still selling out arenas like right here in Johannesburg.

( Crowd pops. )

Cage: And after some time away I came into Season 11 and I could have been entitled, I could have been lazy, I could have demanded handouts, but I did the grown man thing to do and that’s accept the fact that I’m going to have to work for everything I want to get and start from the bottom all over again. So I did that. And yeah, I had some setbacks, I wasn’t able to get the job done at Road to Redemption, I wasn’t able to find my way onto the King of Elite, I had to deal with crap from the Triumvirate… but I also had some success too; I took home a win at Reasonable Doubt, I even ended the career of Jaywalker himself back at Kingsroad.

So after working my way through nothing but piles of crap being thrown my way, after having to deal with not being promoted by EAW management, not having my efforts acknowledged, not being put on a single graphic or promotional banner, not being told what direction management has for me, they finally decide to throw Diamond Cage a bone and book me for an EAW Championship match at the Dome of Doom on the March 17th supershow. And as most of you can recall, that son of a bitch Devan Dubian makes his presence felt just when I’m INCHES away from decapitating Heart Break Hasbeen and recapturing my EAW Championship after three excruciating long years away from it, after being screwed out of it at Reckless Wiring 2015 by being cashed in on and never even getting so much as a rematch, I’m literally fingertips away from redeeming all of that….. and because Devan Dubian wanted to interfere like the piece of shit that he is, HBG’s reign got to live another day.

So obviously this is bullshit, I deserve another championship opportunity right? So I raise hell like I normally do, and instead of getting another singles opportunity, they throw me in a fatal four way match at the VERY LAST SECOND and now I have to beat HBG, Devan Dubian AND Rex McAllister with less than a week’s notice. So I go into the Grand Rampage ready to put it all on the line, because hey why look a gift horse in the mouth, a championship match is a championship match. And the same thing that happened to me at Battle Without Honor Or Humanity happens again at the Grand Rampage, where somehow I’m supposed to accept that I’ve been defeated by Rex McAllister even though I was never pinned or submitted by Rex McAllister. Makes total sense.

So after the Rampage I go straight to EAW management and ask for what any other man in my position would have wanted, an actual fucking title opportunity. And what do these sons of bitches back there tell me? “Well, we can’t give you an EAW Championship match tonight, Theron already has Rex in the main event for the title.” A man like me who was screwed multiple times and slighted for the entirety of Season 11 has to sit on his hands and watch THERON, a guy who has done what I should have been doing this whole time by giving management the finger over and over again, be handed a championship opportunity after hiding behind The Kingsguard all year long, and not even have to cash in his King of Elite crown for the title shot either. Makes total sense.

So they throw me in a steel cage with Devan Dubian as consolation, promising me the same crap that they promised me the last time they put me against Devan Dubian which was at Reasonable Doubt. And I go into the cage with Dubian and I rip his fucking face off, I pummel him like he’s never been pummeled before, I swarmed him from beginning to end and defeated him in the most uncompetitive fashion, and what becomes of it?…. NOT A DAMNED THING. Because apparently the EAW Championship match has already been decided, and apparently I have to sit on my hands again because Cameron Ella Ava is due a World Championship match.

Now this is no knock to Cameron Ella Ava, she’s a legend in this industry, but god damn it if this isn’t some fucking BULLSHIT. Cameron Ella Ava didn’t work as long as I fucking worked for that title. Cameron Ella Ava didn’t sacrifice what I sacrificed, she wasn’t screwed as much as I’ve been screwed. And the leading story now is Diamond Cage has no clear path to the EAW Championship, Diamond Cage doesn’t even so much as have a match at the upcoming Showdown Supershow in Japan. Which begs the question: what’s next?

( The crowd picks up “DIAMOND CAGE!” chants again, delivering them even louder than before. )

Cage: What’s next for Diamond Cage… it’s simple. I’m going to have to resurrect the Diamond Cage that made Mr. DEDEDE, Jaywalker and Starr Stan tap out and beg for their lives within the stretch of months. I’m going to have to bring back the Cage that drove Lannister through the metal chamber floors, and came up the other end as the EAW Champion. I’m going to have to bring back the Cage that decimated a dozen men with one weapon, I’m going to have to bring back the Cage that ripped a man’s eye out of it’s fucking socket. I’m going to have to unleash hell on the entire Showdown roster until management has NO CHOICE but to give me the opportunity that I bust my ass for. And if that means making Showdown an unsafe working environment and delivering as much punishment to as many people as possible, then the blood is not on my hands –

*Cage points to the camera*

Cage: You hear me? The blood is not on my hands EAW management, it’s on YOURS.

( SUDDENLY flames shoot up from the stage… and “Monster” by Skillet plays over the sound system, evoking a THUNDEROUS applause from the audience. )

Pierre: OH MY GOD…..

( Cage turns his head to the titantron, and the cheers become even louder as Corporate HRDO walks out to the stage wearing a suit & tie. )

Deadprez: THERE’S NO WAY… IT’S… IT’S HRDO!!!!


( HRDO walks down the ramp while fans collectively chant “HOLY SHIT!”, and he’s handed a microphone on his way to the ring. )




( HRDO stands across from Diamond Cage, towering over him, and he turns to the fans to give a wave and a salute – prompting some members of the crowd to go as far as to throw bouquets into the ring. “Monster” dies down, and HRDO looks around with a smile as the fans chant “WELCOME BACK!” and “WE HAVE MISSED YOU!” )

Corporate HRDO: Wow! Thank you, thank you! I feel the love Johannesburg, right back you guys by the way, I’ve missed you all as well.

( The crowd gives an overwhelming pop, with a “THIS IS AWESOME!” chant breaking out as HRDO can’t help but soak in the admiration. The fans eventually calm down the fanfare. )

HRDO: Again I’m grateful and I’m honored, truly. I’m not out here for me though, but it is a pleasure to be back as your Vice President, and I look forward to carrying out my duties as well as I did during my last run as VP and Commissioner. It definitely feels like fate that brought me here right now, especially at this moment Cage. After I had completed the rehabilitation process from the injuries I sustained at Pain for Pride X, I had some time to reflect and realized that there were a few things I wanted to do with the affluence and influence that I’ve been afforded thanks to my career as a pro wrestler. And while I could have been back in my executive post months ago, I wanted to give back to the world, which is why I’ve actually been here in Africa for the last several months under philanthropic purposes.

So funny enough, when I got the call that Robbie V would no longer be able to continue his duties as EAW VP, I had intended on taking the first flight up to EAW Headquarters in New Jersey… however I missed my flight. But as fate would have it, the South African leg of the Showdown world tour made it so that you guys would be coming to me. And believe it or not Cage, I sat back there and listened to what you had to say, and I watched your journey this season and saw all of the setbacks you had to deal with.

Cage: Well that’s nice buddy, but are you here to help me, or are you going to try to placate me with the same BS that the rest of management has been spewing.

HRDO: Make no mistake about it, I’m not here to lie to you or tell you what you want to hear, but I’m certainly here to help you as much as I can within my power, because believe it or not I can relate to the trials and tribulations you’ve had to endure. Hell, I’ve had to endure many of the same trials, and I never had anybody to advocate for me much less provide me opportunities, I had to dig my way out of the dirt the way you’re gonna have to. Now unfortunately Cage there’s nothing I can do about the upcoming Supershow: Wrath of The Dragon. Cameron Ella Ava is owed an EAW Championship match due to the stipulation of the Openweight Championship, and she has earned her fair shot at the title. However what I am well within the power to do is create another opportunity. In some ways, an even greater opportunity than you might have initially bargained for.

Cage: I’m listening.

HRDO: You may not have a clear path to the EAW Championship, but I can give you an opportunity to do what you do best – which is FIGHT – for an opportunity at competing for the EAW Championship… at the Grandest Stage of Them All.

( Cage has a more interested expression on his face. )

HRDO: The thing is, this isn’t going to come easy. And you said it yourself, you’re going to need to bring back the Diamond Cage of old who was an unstoppable war machine, an unmitigated force of absolute destruction. I’m here for it Cage, I want to see it, the EAW Universe wants to see it, but I don’t want to see you waste that energy expending it aimlessly without being able to channel it into success. Which is why at Showdown: Wrath of The Dragon, I’m putting your will and your resolve to the test for the opportunity of a lifetime…. it’ll be you….. against five other men….

( Crowd vocally responds. )



And the winner of that match will go on to compete for the EAW CHAMPIONSHIP… AT PAIN FOR PRIDE!!!

( The crowd gives a much louder roar of applause. )

( Diamond Cage smiles and nods his heads, and he shakes HRDO’s hand as “Monster” by Skillet comes back on. Cage punches the palm of his hand, psyching himself up for the upcoming challenge that awaits. )


Deadprez: Whoever is able to walk out of that steel prison-like structure is going to have a GUARANTEED shot at the biggest prize in all of combat sports at the biggest entertainment event in history! There is no overstating just how gargantuan the stakes are! But is Diamond Cage going to deliver when he needs to more than ever, or is there gonna be another bogus alibi for him to fall back on when he fails AGAIN?

Pierre: Mark your calendars for Cinco de Mayo ladies and gentlemen, because Wrath of The Dragon is going to be an event for the books, and it all happens May 6th in the Saitama Super Arena!

(FINAL Commercial Break — Ronn Banks Best For Business T Shirts now available)


Aaron Fitzpatrick: The following match is scheduled for one fall. AND IT IS YOUR MAIN EVENT OF SHOWDOWN!!!

( ‘Till I collapse’ by Eminem plays as the crowd starts cheering and Nobi comes out on the stage, high-fiving fans and running towards the ring with the National Elite Championship in hand displaying it for the fans)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: Introducing first, from Indonesia, weighing in at 251 pounds, he is the EAW National Elite Champion, NOBIIIIII!!!

McGuire: The dream chaser, Nobi is out here ready to face our reigning EAW World Champion, Rex McAllister. Will he be able to pick up a W?

Deadprez: And let’s also not forget his involvement earlier in the night against POP tonight! That could come with some severe repercussions in this match right here between our two top singles champions

( ‘It’s my life’ by Bon Jovi blasts through the speakers and the arena is up on their feet, paying respect to the EAW World Champ. Rex comes on the stage with the championship around his waist and heads immediately to the ring.)

Deadprez: The EAW World Champ is here. Looking confident here, The Rex Master is ready to fight Nobi in this Champion vs Champion match.


McGuire: The match has officially started as McAllister and Nobi start to make circles with each other, not rushing eachother. McAllister catches Nobi, holding him down, but Nobi is able to power out. Rex gets away from Nobi, delivering a kick to the leg of Nobi. Rex keeping the distance as he kicks Nobi from time to time.

Deadprez: A smart strategy here by the World Champ, but look out as Nobi goes for the clothesline but Rex ducks under and manages to avoid it. Rex now catching Nobi, driving him to the ropes and here is the running lariat from McAllister. NOBI IS DOWN NOW AS REX SMASHES HIM WITH HIS FOREARMS. Rex has the advantage here, Rex gets Nobi on his feet, looking for the fallaway slam. HE LIFTS HIM UP, BUT NO, NOBI RESIST AND NOW NOBI CONNECTING WITH A FALLAWAY SLAM.

McGuire: Rex is in trouble here. Nobi has an opening and hits Rex with a legdrop to the face. NOBI NOW HAS A BIG CHANCE TO END THIS MATCH. NOBI DRIVES TO THE ROPES LOOKING FOR THE FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE.

( ‘If I had a heart’ by Fever Ray plays, POP comes out on the stage, leaving Nobi frozen.)


Ref: ONE!!! TWO!!! THREEEE!!!


( ‘It’s my life’ by Bon Jovi plays again as Rex McAllister’s hand gets rised up by the referee and POP makes his way out of the stage with a smile on his face.)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: Here is your winner, THE EAW WORLD CHAMPION… REEEEXX MCALLIIIIISTEEEER!!!

Deadprez: A controversial win here tonight for Rex McAllister, but at the same time a smart one. He used the distraction from POP to his favour and was able to pin the National Elite Champ.

McGuire: I’m excited to see what will Nobi do after what Prince of Phenomenal did to him. We expected more from this champion vs champion match, but Rex McAllister proved once again that he is The World Champion for a reason.

(Cameron Ella Ava is seen walking out to the stage staying there just staring at Rex who continues to celebrate until he notices Cameron and starts to smirk as Cameron has a very serious demeanor on her face)

Pierre: You are looking at a woman who is determined to take that EAW World Championship from Rex who just isn’t really taking this serious

Deadprez: Why should he? You really think she’s capable of taking that championship from Rex?

Pierre: Stranger things have happened and she’s fully capable, she’s a hall of famer if you didn’t realize it. But that’s all the time we have for Showdown tonight and join us next week as we continue our journey to SHOWDOWN: WRATH OF THE DRAGON! I’M PIERRE SIGNING OFF FOR DEADPREZ WHEN I SAY GOODNIGHT!!!

(One last shot of Cameron staring daggers into Rex who simply just raises the EAW Championship high)

(Camera fades to black)

(EAW Logo Buzzes)

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