Most Valuable Elitist #98

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Rising Star of the Week

Kaise Boetius

For someone who I have never seen before, there was no way for me to tell how good this guy is. From his match against Johnny Nova, he left a great impression in front of the EAW Universe as he was able to pick off the victory. Even though he won with a bunch of dirty tricks, he was able to pull off a victory. At Pain for Pride, he has a huge opportunity to win the 24/7 Battle Royal. The prize in the match is a contract in which you can cash in for whatever championship whenever you please. With a contract as powerful as this one, it’s almost guaranteed that you will become champion. Within the match Kaise is someone that you should keep an eye on. From what we know, he could sneak up on us and get the victory. I look forward to see how he stakes up to the rest of the competition. I would like to see how he goes against a Darkane or Theron Nikolas, who has made desires to win the match. I would like to see interactions with them. Even if Kaise does not end up winning the match, I think his impact in the match will be remembered one way or another.

Beef of the Week

Johnny Nova vs. Kaise Boetius

Speaking of Kaise Boetius, him and Johnny Nova were able to collect the spot for Beef of the Week. When looking for the promo for this specific category, I’m not only looking at the best promoing within the match, but I am looking at the effort within the two opponents. I think Johnny was able to put out four promos this week and with each promo, I see him improving. I’m hoping that one day, he’ll be able to reach the same success in his last run. I could eventually see him being a star in the New Breed Division like he was in his last run. When it came to Kaise, I thought he was solid throughout the week. To me, at least, he was better than the average rookie, we saw come and go in EAW. I would like to see him and Johnny stay because I do believe both guys can do well. Especially with Season 11 around the corner, I like to look at it as a fresh start with each Elitist in EAW. As Kaise already has his Pain for Pride match secured, I would like to see Johnny take part of the 24/7 Battle Royal as well. I do think that he would be a good edition to the match. For their efforts last week, good job to both men and I cannot wait to see your progress in Season 11.

Show of the Week


Overall, I thought Dynasty was the best Show of the Week. I enjoyed seeing all of the Pain for Pride matches come together. I love seeing all these feuds progress and I know this brand will possess some Match of the Year worthy stuff at Pain for Pride. The New Breed Championship picture has a bunch of favorites in the match such as: Chris Elite, Moongoose McQueen and Finnegan Wakefield. I’m guessing along with Lucas Johnson, the Ultimate X Match will consist of four of these men. To me, I have no clue in the world who will walk out with the title. I think either of these men are more than deserving of the title and to see either of these men will can lead to a huge Pain for Pride moment that many will remember for a long time. As for the Interwire Championship picture with Mr. DEDEDE and Jacob Senn, I am really looking forward to their encounter. I’ve been enjoying this feud a lot and even for this match, I think either man can walk away with the championship. Although, I think everyone should remember at least one thing when making their predictions for this title match: #LOLDDDWINS. As for the 24/7 Battle Royal, I see a shitload of potential winners from Sheridan Muller, Darkane, Theron Nikolas, Kaise Boetius, etc. I expect with the winner of this Battle Royal, it will be surprising for sure. I am looking forward to see how these eliminations go down.

Match of the Week

Rex McAllister vs. Jamie O’Hara

A Champion versus Champion Match consisting of National Elite Champion, Rex McAllister and World Heavyweight Champion, Jamie O’Hara takes this spot as the Match of the Week. In the match, Rex did wonderful with holding his own against Jamie. As I recall, this is the second time Rex versus Jamie has happened. I’m guessing their first match together was when both were on the Showdown brand. Jamie, as champion, has been killing it as of late. I don’t know if anyone knows this, but I am a huge fan of Rex. I think he is the future of EAW. He is someone who has climbed up the ranks of EAW. He’s a former New Breed Champion; he’s the current National Elite Champion and I think he will be on his way to the World Championship after he is done with being National Elite Champion. He has been someone who kills it on a constant basis and his determination to succeed never seizes to amaze me. As for Jamie, he proved within this match why he is one of the faces of the company and why he’s Dynasty’s World Champion. It was an excellent match between two competitors and I look forward to Rex’s match against Stark and Jamie’s match against Xavier. Both men are going to kill it!

Promoer of the Week

Jamie O’Hara

Speaking of Jamie, this dropkick gets Promoer of the Week. When he decides to promo, he normally puts out fantastic promos. When he doesn’t decide to promo, the promo page is sad because there is one less great promo to grace the page. :sadpromopage: Last year at Pain for Pride, he killed it on the promo page because Cameron brings the best out of him. This year, he has Xavier Williams and if decides to drop the ball and suck, just like his title reign, he will be in the fucking sea. BUT, that will not be a problem because he is going to bring it for this match, right? RIGHT? So, for this match, it will take two of them to tango—or wrestle. Along with Xavier, I think these two have amazing chemistry and Xavmie would be my OTP if RoViper wasn’t (Oh God, I’ve been hanging around Tarah too much). Honestly, much love to Jamie. He has been a fantastic champion and would love nothing more to see him retain. Do not disappoint me, Jamie! Or the Outback King will be the Deadback King.

Woman of the Week

Madison Kaline

Okay, I don’t know if it’s me, but Madison Kaline does not have a match at Pain for Pride! What is up with that! I think that the Divide and Conquer Match at Pain for Pride will be a perfect match for Madison to take a part of. I would love nothing more than to see Madison take part in this match and win. LET MADISON WIN A BIG MATCH PLEASE. Ever since her return, I think she has been amazing and she has been more determined than ever to win a match. Happily, she has won against Haruna Sakazaki at Empire last week. Almost every female on Empire has a match (Tarah is double booked by the way) and I think that Madison has given her all as of late. Please, do not forget Madison when thinking of what woman to put in the match. I think she is on her way to get another championship reign. Madison, keep doing what you are doing and do not lose focus, I believe in you!

Most Valuable Elitist


LANNISTER, WHY GOTTA KILL THE PIZZA BOY EVERY WEEK? Has he suffered enough? It has gotten so bad that Athena Vendetta has gotten involved of the weekly humiliation of The Pizza Boy. As champion, Lannister has been GOAT and if Lannister paid me with all the money he had, he would be MVE every week. Seriously though, Lannister has been one of the best Answers World Champions in recent memory. This whole storyline with The Pizza Boy has been one of my favorites to see unfold in the past several weeks. I love that there is a villain and an underdog hero. I love stories like that because I believe they are the best to tell in the ring. There is a part of me that wants to see The Pizza Boy get the title reign he deserves because he is one of the most deserving guys to dethrone Lannister. As for Lannister, he has been amazing throughout his entire reign and I’ll be sad to see him lose the title, but the aftermath of everything should be quite interesting.

Note: This could potentially be the last MVE until after Pain for Pride. I’m double booked next week and would love to focus on promoing for those matches. If so, see you next season! If someone puts a gun against my head to write MVE next week, see ya next week!

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