Most Valuable Elitist #97

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Rising Star of the Week

Target Smiles

The more Target Smiles competes, the more he continues to impress. Not only did he defeat a former New Breed Champion in Ryan Marx, but thanks to Jamie O’Hara, he defeated the current number one contender for the World Heavyweight Champion in Xavier Williams. If Target isn’t your pick to win the Extreme Enigma Elimination Match at Pain for Pride, then you might need to reconsider because Target Smiles has been mighty impressive. Since day one, he has been constantly hungry to compete and to me, he might have defeated one of the biggest competition in the match in Ryan Marx. Still, I’m not going to try to count out Showdown’s Ryan Marx, Voltage’s Solomon Caine or Empire’s Tarah Nova, but a victory over Ryan puts Target in a good path on the road to Pain for Pride. For Target, I would like to see him in a match with Tarah and Solomon to see how he does against a Hall of Famer or one of The Sanatorium’s terrifying members. Now that we have a full idea of the four competitors in this lovely match. I am more than excited to see them compete in honor of the legendary, Extreme Enigma. In the end of the day, we are honoring him and we should be reminded of that.

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week


The Womens Division ruled last weekend as Empire had their second Supershow of the year called Terminus. Not only was the Supershow the last event before Pain for Pride, but every match on the card held our attention and once again, we proved why Empire is the must-see show on the EAW Network. To open the night, we began with the newcomer, Savannah Sunshine taking on The Coven’s, Jocelyn Diemos. Surprisingly enough, this match was able to set a good tone for the rest of the night. The crowd loved Savannah. Each week, I see this girl getting more and more fans. Eventually, I can see this girl competing with Aria Jaxon for the top face spot on Empire. The second match of the night was a Last Woman Standing Match between the former model, Megan Raine taking on The Coven’s, Madison Kaline. To me, this was probably the most personal match on the card next to Stephanie vs. Alexis. Both women hated each other. Madison wanted to end Megan’s career. A bonus to the match was watching Keelan Cetinich and her making out. Lowkey, they make a cute couple. The third match was a Fatal Four Way Match determining the representative for Empire in the Extreme Enigma Match at Pain for Pride X. I knew, that the win was either going to go to Tarah or Azumi as both women promoed their hardest for the match. Lucky for Tarah, she approaches Pain for Pride as a winner and a Hall of Famer. The fourth match was a Tag Team Match consisting of the number one contenders for the Specialists and Womens World Championships; Consuela Rose Ava and Aria Jaxon taking on the Specialists and Womens Champions, Brody Sparks and Cameron Ella Ava. Where was Cailin in all of this? Well, she was the guest referee and there was question if she will be a fair one. The match was fun and exciting. All these women took risks in one way or another. Cailin was somewhat a fair referee. Happily, Consuela and Aria got the victories over Brody and Cameron, but instead of raising their hands in victory, Cailin connected with an Eyes of Texas on Cameron and Aria as Cailin raised the Womens Championship up in the air.

Match of the Week

Alexis Diemos vs. Stephanie Matsuda

In my opinion, this match deserves to be a contender for Womens Match of the Year at the EAW Award Show. The match was brilliant and unpredictable. To me, I thought I saw some character development with these two women. Almost like they switched personalities within the match. One of the first times ever, I saw Alexis Diemos show a never give up attitude. With Stephanie, I saw her unleash her inner monster. Where was this Stephanie? Where was this beast mode? Where was this Stephanie and where has she been hiding all long? She showed why she loved Lauryn. There were moments in this match where I thought Alexis was dead. There was no way Alexis should have lasted as long as she did? How did she do it? I have never witnessed someone go through that amount of torture. No woman in history has went through what she has went through. I like to see someone counter that statement. As of right now, I cannot recall a moment where a woman went through that much shit. As I read the match, I realized how much these two hated each other. I did not sense how personal this was. Even though this was for the custody of Lauryn, I did not realize how much hell these two were able to go through in order to have her. Wow! I cannot believe the result of the match, but this match brought the best out of both competitors.

Promoer of the Week

Theron Nikolas

There is no doubt in the world that Theron Nikolas is one uprising talent everyone needs to keep an eye on this Pain for Pride season. Not only is he one of my favorites to win the 24/7 Battle Royal, but he is a man who is destined for greatness and there is no doubt that he knows that. For the Battle Royal, I can see him going quite far, but there is competition such as Darkane who will be more than ready to target him when the opportunity comes. Over the past few weeks, it seems like Theron has created some enemies, but it comes with the price of being part of King Tiberius IV’s Guard. The two faced in a No Disqualification Match last week on Showdown and if that is what we can expect at Pain for Pride, then the other competitors are in for a treat. As more people continue to get added to the list in the Battle Royal, the clear it will become to separate the winners from the losers.

Woman of the Week

Tarah Nova

At Terminus, Tarah Nova was clearly the biggest target in the Extreme Enigma Qualifiers Match which also consisted of Azumi Goto, Kimi Hendrix and Amelie Larrieux. The match was surely competitive and Tarah eventually became the Empire Representative in the Match. As her celebration came short, Cleopatra came out and she and Tarah had a war of words before Tarah challenged the Empire General Manager to a Match. Tarah not only has one match to look forward too, but two matches. It seems like at Pain for Pride, Tarah is going to be one busy woman. Will she be able to separate her thoughts of destroying Cleopatra from trying to win the Elimination Match in honor of Extreme Enigma? Since it’s a two-night event, I’m assuming she will be wrestling one match each night. No matter what, Tarah is going to need all the luck in the world. She not only has to deal with Cleopatra, but Ryan Marx, Solomon Caine and Target Smiles.

Most Valuable Elitist

Alexis Diemos

Holy fucking shit. Alexis Diemos had some serious character development at Terminus. Not only did she display a never give up attitude. She displayed how far a mother will go for her child. How is Alexis even alive? That is the million-dollar question to me. Still, I cannot find myself to figure out the answer to the question. I believe in the Devil’s Pit Match against Stephanie Matsuda, Alexis has finally made herself a contender on Empire. She has finally broken out of the shadows of Madison Kaline and Brody Sparks and she was able to shine in this match. Eclipse Diemos who? No, Alexis Diemos has finally arrived. This goes down as my favorite Alexis match that she has ever been a part of. As much as we saw the monster unleashed within Stephanie Matsuda, it was Alexis who stole the entire show. I loved that she wanted to compete in this match all by herself. Even though she was looking at death in the eye, she wanted to continue with this match all on her own. In the end, Alexis walked always with custody of Lauryn. By the looks of things, I think Lauryn will be alright.


But seriously, everyone knows MVE is really MVL a.k.a. Most Valuable Lannsiter and all the awards should go to Lannister. Except Woman of the Week, it goes to Athena. c:

Rising Star of the Week

Lannister because he keeps rising…

Beef of the Week

Lannister vs. The Pizza Boy

Show of the Week

Showdown because that’s the show Lannister is on.

Match of the Week

Lannister’s destruction of The Pizza Boy at PFP X.

Promoer of the Week

Lannister. No one can out promo him. Jamie tried four times.

Champion of the Week

Lannister; PB is never getting the AWC.

Woman of the Week

Athena Vendetta; she bae. ❤

Most Valuable Lannister

You guessed it. Lannister! Our conquering and defending Answers World Champion who will destroy The Pizza Boy in about three weeks.

You’re welcome, Ken!

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