Most Valuable Elitist #93

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Rising Star of the Week

Theron Nikolas

Seven victories in a row, Theron Nikolas has managed to get the attention of quite a few people in EAW. During his short time in EAW, Theron has managed to make himself quite comfortable being part of King Tiberius IV’s “King’s Guard” along with The Burned Man and the newest member, Lars Grier. Without a single loss in the books, I can tell that it will become more difficult to maintain the record the minute he goes against some of the best main event talent on Showdown; however, there is a chance that Theron could surprise as all and beat some of Showdown’s best. As of right now, the guy is pretty impressive and it won’t be soon until he manages to get inserted to the National Elite Championship picture. To be quite honest, if there was ANY guy on Showdown who could take down Rex McAllister, I think that Theron is capable enough of dethroning the National Elite Champion. For what I see him going on his road to Pain for Pride X, I can see him taking part of Cash in the Vault, which has had its reputation of being such a star-studded event. A couple guys featured in the match in the past, have moved on to become World Champion. With his undefeated streak, I could see him being a favorite to win the match. To be honest, whatever match he is placed in, he should be the guy to bet on.

Beef of the Week

Stark vs. Chris Elite

I’m not sure what’s it about Stark, but he has something within him that brings the best out of his opponent. Last week, we saw it with Pizza Boy and this week, we saw another example in Chris Elite. With these two promoers this week, I can tell how hungry they were for a victory. With Chris Elite, I think I might have seen some of his best work in 2017 so far. If Chris Elite is placed with the right opponent, I think his best work comes out. It might intimidate him to go against amazing promoers, but I don’t think that he should be intimidated at all. I think he should have full confidence in his abilities. The minute he doubts himself and that’s where it all goes downhill for him. Every time he promos, I see him improving and that’s the right direction for him to go. With Stark, he has done a great job with getting back into the groove. I think he has proven a few times that he can carry a war of words. To be honest, I would like to see him get more opportunities to shine in. This is why I think the Extreme Enigma Elimination Qualifier is perfect for him. Even for Chris, the match is perfect for him. I cannot find other talent other than four competitors in the match who are worthier to represent Showdown and make them win their 238592835th award.

Show of the Week


These past several weeks, Showdown has really been the best brand to read during the road to Pain for Pride. Personally, I find that they have some of the best storylines going into the event. Even the buildup for Showdown: Resurrection V has been one of my favorites. Firstly, we get Battle of the Gods II, a rematch from Pain for Pride 7. If I recall, I want to say that Mr. DEDEDE won the first match and that was why Robbie V was placed in a wheelchair? It makes me wonder if Robbie V will win the second one? To be honest, I think Robbie V has the second match in the bag. We also have the situation with the Answers World Championship Match. The Heart Break Gal proved that she was a strong and independent white woman who need no man! I thought that she would pick Lannister, but to show her intentions for the title was surprising and I’m more than excited for the fact for a woman being placed in a World Title Match! Honestly, I’m hyped to see how HBG deals with her former lover and new lover (we cannot deny that way she looks at Lannister) in this match. There is also Devan Dubian vs. Jaywalker for the Hall of Fame Championship. I for one have no clue how this match is going to go. I’m not sure if we’re going to see an interference by Ares Vendetta. I could see Dub retaining and challenging Ares at Pain for Pride. I could also see Jaywalker winning and Dub getting his rematch at Pain for Pride. There is also the one match that breaks my heart and that’s Brian Daniels vs. The Pizza Boy. I for one, wanted to kill Murrow the moment the match was announced. These two have so much respect for one another. I don’t think Brian wants to be the one to take PB’s Pain for Pride dreams away. There is also the Elimination Qualifier Match with Ryan Marx, Stark, Chris Elite and Lars Grier. All four of these men are worthy enough to represent Showdown. Ryan is someone I have been waiting to get pushed for a while. Stark, I know for a fact, would kill it in the match. This could be Chris’ chance to add another accomplishment to his name. It would be great for the “King’s Guard” if Lars were to win this.

Match of the Week

Ares Vendetta vs. Devan Dubian

Loved the main event. Hell, any match with Ares is always great. As I recall, I don’t think Devan ever got his one-on-one match from Ares after Ares took Devan out of the equation more than a year ago? That was something that I was looking forward to read. I believe this match on Showdown was more than a sample of what the match could have been. With Jaywalker by his side, I knew this match was not going to be a fair contest whatsoever. I knew that if Ares wanted to win the match, he was going to need a little assistance. Devan would have had this match won if it weren’t for Jaywalker pulling the referee out of the ring. Since Jaywalker interference in this match, I question if Ares will return the favor at Resurrection V? Even if Jaywalker somehow wins the Hall of Fame Championship, what’s in it for Ares? Ares is all about benefitting himself and there was no way he would make an alliance with Jaywalker if he knew that was getting nothing out of this partnership.

Promoer of the Week


This man over here double posted last week for his National Elite Championship Match. He didn’t have too, but he noticed if Rex never promoed for the match, he would be standing as the National Elite Champion. For every match he has had so far, Darkane has really brought it to his opponent. He has managed to branch himself from every other dark character you see in EAW. The Falls Count Anywhere match was a fun match to read and there is a part of me that would love for Darkane to get another opportunity for the title. Personally, I do get the feeling that the National Elite Championship will be defended at Pain for Pride. I think Darkane would be a wonderful candidate to go against Rex. If not Darkane, I think Ryan Marx, Stark, Chris Elite or Lars Grier, depending on who loses the qualifying match, would be good contenders for the title. Darkane should not be discouraged by this loss. In fact, I hope he uses this loss as a way to better himself for the next time. He did great last week, but I think he has some way to go before he can be crowned a champion in any way possible.

Champion of the Week


Woman of the Week

Cameron Ella Ava

After an impromptu title defense against…La Diva, Cameron Ella Ava is still your Womens World Champion, but I don’t think many of us are surprised. With being champion, Cameron has a few targets on her back. Most notably, the woman she took the title from, Cailin Dillon. Now, I’m not quite sure when Cameron vs. Cailin is going to be happening. It seems like Aria Jaxon will have her hands full with Fighting Spirit III in her Hardcore Championship Match. By the looks of things, it could be Cameron vs. Cailin at Terminus and if Aria fails to capture the Hardcore Championship, she will face the winner of the match at Pain for Pride. To be honest, I think Aria has a shot at winning the Hardcore Championship, so will her eyes still be on the Womens World Title? As of right now, the title picture looks unclear for me. We could also end up with Cam/Cailin/Aria at Pain for Pride, but I’m not quite positive who’s in the title picture. Hopefully on Empire this week, things become a little clearer because this is confusing as hell for me.

Most Valuable Elitist (s)??

Drastik Fournication

Well, two weeks ago I had The High Rollerz as Most Valuable Elitist, why not add Drastik Fournication to the list? With Ahren Fournier as the Hardcore Champion and Drastik as EAW Champion, they seem like the perfect couple team. On Voltage last week, these two proved their dominance. Drastik attacked Eclipse Diemos from behind and when Aria Jaxon tried to save the day, Ahren was the first person to prevent her from playing the role of heroine. By the looks of things, Ahren and Drastik might have placed Aria and Eclipse in the hospital. I don’t think the champions do not have a problem with that at all. By the looks of things, these two look to be in good shape approaching Fighting Spirit III. Now, I’m not quite sure when Fighting Spirit III is, but within the next couple weeks, it could be new faces standing tall and raising titles over their heads. Eclipse might have it within him to become a two-time EAW Champion. Aria, on the other hand, could make history by becoming the first woman to hold the Hardcore Championship. To me, I don’t think Drastik would lose the title in the first defense, but I said that with almost every New Breed Championship Match and it has proven me wrong about three times. With Ahren, I think that Aria could give him a run for his money. I cannot name another candidate worthy enough to take the title off him. It seems like Aria is the right person to take the title off him. Gentlemen, prove me wrong and retain.

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