Most Valuable Elitist #92

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Rising Star of the Week


For our Rising Star of the Week, Darkane takes this spot. On Showdown, he managed to defeat a former New Breed Champion in Ryan Marx in a pretty competitive match. Not only does this go down as one of the more impressive victories and Darkane’s career, but now, he comes across his biggest challenge to date in Rex McAllister and it’s for the National Elite Championship. After Rex wanted to challenge anyone in the Showdown locker room for an opportunity for the National Elite Championship, Darkane happened to be the lucky man to answer the call. This week, a huge title match is ahead and it’s not an ordinary title match, but it will be a title match held in a Falls Count Anywhere Match! To me, this has potential to be a Match of the Week candidate if executed right. Darkane has killed it so far as the challenger for the match. By the look of things, I haven’t seen anything from Rex yet, but hopefully, Rex will be able to step up to the plate and prove why he’s the champ in the first place. As of right now, Darkane needs to continue whatever he has been doing because it is working for him and I cannot wait to see what is next for him!


Beef of the Week


Show of the Week


To be honest, I was pretty torn with Showdown and Dynasty this week. I believed both shows were pretty solid this week, but I had to give it to Showdown again. From the beginning, I was engaged with the show. First of all, I called a Pain for Pride Match. Robbie V vs. Brian Daniels is happening and it’s happening at Pain for Pride! If you were like me and predicted the match, give yourself a pat on the back! Sadly, in order to get the match, it would mean Brian would be retiring. Meanwhile, Robbie is already retired. This means: Brian and Robbie will be each other’s last opponents. *sobs* Isn’t this so cute? Bring tissues at Pain for Pride. We’re going to need them! We had Prince of Phenomenal get his first win since returning to EAW. Honestly, he will find himself on the Pain for Pride card if he continues to be active! We had some pretty good matches like: Nobi vs. Chris Elite, Darkane vs. Ryan Marx, and one other one which happens to be our Match of the Week. There were a few surprising things that happened on the last Showdown: Lars Grier replaces Drake Jaeger in The King’s Guard! I was surprised to see Lars paired with The Burned Man and Theron Nikolas! I thought a certain “John Doe” would be a candidate for this position. I’m kind of curious to see if Lars will play the part of Tiberius’ muscle and if he will be the right person to lead Tiberius to gold. There was also a segment with Ares Vendetta, Jaywalker and the Hall of Fame Champion, Devan Dubian. In the decision of whether Devan would defend the title against Jaywalker or Ares, at Showdown: Resurrection V, Devan Dubian will take on Jaywalker for the Hall of Fame Championship. On Showdown this week, Devan will take on his old foe, Ares and I expect a great match! To end the night, we had a competitive match between The Emperium and the newly crowned EAW Unified Tag Team Champions, the High Rollerz featuring Y2Impact on commentary. Let’s see that Y2Impact couldn’t leave his old partner to defend herself, but don’t worry, Lannister made sure that he had The Heart Break Gal’s back through thick and thin.

Match of the Week

Stark vs. The Pizza Boy

So, this was the match I was referring to when I mentioned that it was one of the better matches on Showdown last week. Not only did these two kill it on the promo page, but their match lived up to the expectation. I could see these two as hungry talent. In the promo page, Stark and PB put out some amazing work and I could tell how determined both men were to get the victory. In the end, I kind of knew that The Pizza Boy would get the victory to look good for his match against Lannister. Stark has an amazing opportunity to win the fatal four way and move on to Pain for Pride and represent Showdown in the Extreme Enigma Elimination Match. Anyone with the opportunity to compete in this match should be honored. Extreme Enigma was an amazing Elitist who was gone from us too soon. Leukemia is an asshole and it was admired how he always wore a smile on his face and was always able to crack jokes with his friends throughout his sad situation. I also heard that he was a selfless person who thought of others rather than himself. That’s just a brief explanation of what kind of person EE was. There’s a lot more to be said with those that knew him the most. Back to the focus of this category, Stark and PB were amazing last week and I seriously thought Stark had it within him to pull an upset. Not necessarily an upset, but a surprising victory. As for PB, I think he might be the one to take the title of Lannister!

Promoer of the Week


Champion of the Week

Lucas Johnson

Lucas Johnson has been a great New Breed Champion. It’s crazy how so much changes within a year. Last year, he was representing the New Breed Division at Pain for Pride. Now, he is the face of the New Breed Division. People are now giving him a lot more attention and Lucas has done a fantastic job with whatever challenger steps up to the plate. On Dynasty last week, he defeated Anthony Leonhart and Anthony Leonhart is another New Breed who has been tried his best to roar and place the attention on him. As of right now, I have no clue if Lucas will be retaining the title at Pain for Pride. In my mind, I cannot think of a contender strong enough to go against Lucas. If the title ends up not being defended at Pain for Pride, I could see him taking part in the 24/7 Battle Royal or if the contenders for the Extreme Enigma Battle Royal have not been mentioned yet, I can see him representing Dynasty for the award. If not defending the title, I can see a few different matches he could be placed in. Even with Pain for Pride being two nights, it seems to be more challenging to find places for all the talent can be in. I wouldn’t be shocked if people were snubbed out of Pain for Pride. Hopefully, Lucas is not one of them. He’s a champ! You don’t do that to a champ!

Woman of the Week

Azumi Goto

Last week, her match lasted six seconds. SIX seconds. It might not have been against some of the best Empire has to offer, but it sure deserves our attention. This week, she won her match via referee stoppage. As or right now, it seems like they’re building Azumi Goto into being some sort of dominate heel. Personally, I’m not sure what to think of that, but I can sense that Haruna might be in her crosshairs soon. Over the past few months, Azumi has shown signs of improvement. She has made fantastic strides with her character and she may not be ready to hold a title yet, but eventually, I can see her reaching a point where she could be taken as a serious contender. Honestly, if she continues to work hard and keep improving, she will make it. It might not happen in the rate she wishes too, but with enough patience, she will get there. As of right now, I’m observing if they’re making her a dominating heel on Empire. I can’t wait to see her go against better competition and see how she handles herself going against them. As of right now, things looks pretty good for her.

Most Valuable Elitist


FINALLY, TLA WINS A NUMBER ONE CONTENDERS MATCH! I have been awaiting the day where we see TLA challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship! Now, it happens at Dynasty: Burning Desire against Jamie O’Hara! Honestly, there was a part of me that was more than excited to see TLA win this match. I don’t think there is someone as more deserving of a title shot as him. There might be times where TLA is hard in himself and it’s because at this point of his career, he believes he is capable of being World Heavyweight Champion. I do not blame the guy and now, he is the closest he has ever been with the WHC. It may seem like the stars are finally aligning with him and there might be people who think that TLA will win the big one! TLA and Jamie faced each other in the semi-finals of the King of Elite Tournament and Jamie defeated him. I think TLA will be looking forward to redeeming himself from that loss. I think that TLA has learned from his mistakes and he will do no matter what it takes to not make those same mistakes again. Honestly, I’m excited for the segment on Dynasty and I cannot wait to see how this match unfolds!

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