Most Valuable Elitist #91

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Rising Star of the Week

Axl Willow

With the odds against Cody Marshall on Showdown thanks to Damien Murrow, Axl Willow seemed to be in some sort of advantage. All he needed was to pin Cody’s shoulders on the mat for three seconds. Cody, on the other hand, needed to pin Axl’s shoulders for a good five seconds. Axl, being a new comer, did not look good as he is pinned against a former New Breed Champion. The two men fought with everything they had and surprisingly enough, Axl was able to get the victory. As of right now, this victory against Cody Marshall happens to be one of the biggest victories in his career so far. Cody carried the New Breed Division for a good period of time. At one point, we could all consider him the face of it. What Axl proved last week that he has what it takes to go against some of the best new breeds in EAW. His is tough enough to go against them and win. If Axl continues to impress the higher ups with his amazing progress, then I can see him being a huge factor in the New Breed Division and eventually, working his way up the ranks. As we may not notice much rookies around EAW, Axl has to be a rookie everyone pays attention to. He is impressive, hungry and determine for some gold and I would not be shocked to see him in contention for some gold soon.

Beef of the Week

Darkane vs. Stark

I’m not sure what’s about Darkane, but I enjoy how he brings the best out of his opponent. This week was just another example of how Darkane wants to stand himself out from the pack and make everyone notice him. Stark, on the other hand, he is a former New Breed Champion. He knows how it feels to be on top of a Division. He is doing what it takes to make sure that he reaches the promise land again. Within the promo page, I believe we saw wonderful work between the two men. We saw a good flow of chemistry and with each promo posted, I felt like each man was getting better and better. Both did enough to get the victory in their match. I almost felt bad that one of them was going to have to lose because I felt like both did fantastic last week. I feel like the promos from Stark are some of his best since returning to EAW. Darkane continues to exceed everyone’s expectations and I am more than excited to see him grow as a character.

Match of the Week

The High Rollerz vs. Brian Daniels

This match was not even announced in the match cards, but it was fantastic to read. With Robbie V being so-called “retired”, Brian was left to defend the Tag Team Titles all by himself. Lowkey, there was a part of me that wanted some Superman shit to happen, where Brian handles Jack Ripley and David Davidson at the same time. Better yet, I wanted Robbie V to come back from the dead and save Brian from all the trouble he was in. Obviously from the beginning, Brian was in a huge disadvantage and I knew I was going to hate The High Rollerz from dominating every minute of the match.  To me, The High Rollerz are the team that I love to hate, but I can respect them from their abilities. Although, I don’t respect them from almost killing Brian…again. I feel like every couple weeks, it’s either Brian or Robbie that is getting murdered in a match. I’m not sure if they take turns deciding who dies or they flip a coin, but I am more than amazed to see them find new ways to die. Every time I believe they can’t find another way to die, THEY FIND A NEW WAY TO DIE!  Dear Brian, all I ask you is for one match…one match where you don’t look for a way to die. Sincerely, a concerned MVE writer.

Show of the Week


Once again, Showdown is our Show of the Week! Last week, Showdown was live in the chatroom and whenever a brand is live in a chatroom, you know you’re in for a treat. This Showdown had a lot of stuff happening from unannounced title matches, to legends returning to a heartbreaking betrayal. Just like I mentioned before, Robbie V’s retired. Fams, he’s finally ded. I’m sad that we won’t be getting the Robbie V vs. Brian Daniels match that Brian really, really wanted. Pain for Pride would have been the perfect stage to do this match at. HIGH ROLLERZ, THIS IS YOUR FAULT! Anyway, Brian was not going to let go of his title without a fight. He connected a Caustic Echo and then a Fourth Seal on Damien Murrow before having security rip him away from Murrow. We saw great matches with Lioncross/Rex McAllister and Lars Grier/Chris Elite. There was also a segment with Tiberius IV and the King’s Guard for a funeral of Drake Jaeger. Who is the new guy that will be joining them? I have no clue at all, but it should be interesting how he plays a factor in Tiberius IV’s rule as King. The segment with Devan Dubian, Ares Vendetta and Jaywalker was a storyline I thought I never seen coming. I love the idea of either Jaywalker or Ares becoming Hall of Fame Champion. I love the spotlight that the Hall of Fame Championship will be getting and I can’t wait to figure out who will get the title? I’m guessing Jaywalker since he created the title in the first place. The segment between Lannister and the Heart Break Gal was great development for HBG and I’m glad we got her reasoning for why she wanted to reunite The Emperium. What I did not expect was a return from seven-time World Champion, Y2Impact, who wanted her back for The Mercenaries. My heart broke when HBG turned him down and Lannister connecting with the Feuer Frei!

Promoer of the Week


Woman of the Week

Aria Jaxon

For the first time in what seemed to be months, Aria Jaxon returned to Voltage with the Young Lions Cup. While Ahren Fournier was bragging about defeating Keelan Cetinich at Grand Rampage, Aria decided to return and tell Ahren that she wants an opportunity for the Hardcore Championship! This was something that I did not see coming at all, but I am very excited to see this match. Aria has proven for months that she is one of the best talents on Empire. She continues to kill it every week and to see her get an opportunity like this is huge. She could make history and become the first woman to hold the Hardcore Championship. If what Ahren says is true and that there is no other talents on Voltage that can step into the ring with him, then why not a woman? Why not a former Vixens Champion? Honestly, there is a part of me that wants to see Aria win the Hardcore Championship because I do believe she would be a great champion. Although, I do believe Ahren has been great and he has brought his A-game every time he competes. Plus, I just want her out of the way so Cam retains. c: On a serious note, I am very excited to see how this storyline folds and whatever happens in Aria’s future, I hope it’s fantastic and that the world is ready to see her with some gold.

Most Valuable Elitist

The High Rollerz

Most Valuable Elitist…s. I’m not sure if I can place a tag team as the “Most Valuable Elitist”, but becoming a two-time Unified Tag Team Champions is something that should be celebrated around here. For the past few months, Jack Ripley and David Davidson have proven to be forces to be reckon with. I am so amazed with their progress in EAW and these two kill it every time they compete. I am always in awe with their wonderful work ethic and never die attitudes. When it came to this RoViper/High Rollerz storyline, I felt like they shined the best they could. I felt like we got the best of them and they have become one of my favorite teams at the moment—even if I cannot think of another team besides Stuffed Crust or Psych Ward. I believe these guys need a full Tag Division to shine in. However, these two are so entertaining they can shine with anything given to them. I hope that these two find a place at the Pain for Pride cards. These guys cannot be left out the card. They are way too fantastic and brilliant to be wasted in something pointless. If they ever need opponents in the future, I know twin sisters that would love to take them on and give them a run for their money. On a serious note, I’m more than excited to see what is next for these guys. At the moment, I can’t see anyone who can step up to the plate and defeat them. Unless, some super team forms to defeat them. As of right now, congratulations Jack and David! Enjoy this moment! You earned it!

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