Most Valuable Elitist #90

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Beef of the Week


Show of the Week

Grand Rampage

What an amazing weekend it was because of Grand Rampage. Not only did we find out who will main event Pain for Pride, but we crowned a bunch of new champions. In order to begin the night RoViper took on the High Rollerz in an Extreme Rules match to determine the EAW Unified Tag Team Champions. Both teams brought everything to the table. Robbie V died mid match and had to be brought backstage leaving Brian to fight for the both of them. Don’t worry, Robbie dying as all worth it as they managed to capture the Tag Titles. In the Ascension Ladder Match for the Interwire Championship, Methuselah and Drake Jaeger fought tooth and nail for the title. Methuselah eventually captured the title and collected the Interwire Championship. Devan Dubian and The Heart Break Boy fought for the Hall of Fame Champion. Probably one of the biggest shocks of the night, Devan managed to become the second person in EAW History to become a two-time Hall of Fame Champion. Eclipse Diemos and Drastik fought with the EAW Championship on the line. Eclipse was a fighting champion, but Drastik managed to take the title away from Eclipse. Jacob Senn defending the World Heavyweight Championship between Jamie O’Hara and Xavier Williams. It nearly took him seventeen fucking months, but Jamie walked out as the World Heavyweight Championship. This is only the title changes that happened at the event. Read the show to check out the rest of the stuff because it will be worth it.

Match of the Week

Grand Rampage Match

My lord! What a match! This happened to be one of the years where I couldn’t determine a winner if I wanted too. TLA, Pizza Boy, Nasir Moore, Rex McAllister, Ryan Marx, Moongoose McQueen etc. The chances of ANYONE to win it were great. Besides determining a winner, we had the chance to see which talents were to return. EAW’s #1 Legend in Mak returned at number two. Prince of Phenomenal at number fifteen. Diamond Cage at number twenty-one. The Heart Break Gal at twenty-four. Scott Oasis at number twenty-nine. The final four happened to be TLA who entered at number ten. The Pizza Boy who entered at number thirteen. Nasir Moore who entered at number seven and Ryan Marx who entered at number thirty. Honestly, these four talents were more than worthy of headlining Pain for Pride. In my honest opinion, these four were probably the most popular choices to win. When it came to these four, I had no clue who was going to win. When it was down to the final two with TLA and Pizza Boy, my heart broke. Both men could have benefitted for this win. Both could have used this victory to fuel their own storylines. As to who won the Grand Rampage Match, find out at MVE!

Promoer of the Week

Everyone booked at Grand Rampage

Don’t look at me. Brian said that this was the only appropriate time to give everyone Promoer of the Week and I couldn’t agree more. From the Grand Rampage Match to Keelan vs. Ahren, the promoing last week was fantastic. It would be such a shame for me to pick one person. Especially, when it involved the Grand Rampage Match. Talents like TLA, Moongoose McQueen, Rex McAlister and so many people promoed their hearts out. They put out such amazing work. Even people outside of the Grand Rampage Match, every title match had great activity going on. As I read some of the promos last week, I couldn’t decide on the winners in every match. I read some champion worthy promos from quite a few people and I am happy to see people get the titles they rightfully deserve. Now, it’s our mission to play part in Pain for Pride X, one of the biggest Pain for Prides ever!

Champion of the Week


Am I mistaken or was Lannister the only champion to retain his title (besides Cailin Dillon retaining against Alexis Diemos)? If so, that would make Lannister our Champion of the Week by default. It nearly took Athena Vendetta killing herself, but Lannister was able to make it out of Grand Rampage with the Answers World Championship still in his possession. At this point, Lannister has an aura which makes him an unbeatable champion. It seems like he has ran out of valuable contenders who could possible take the title away from him. Although, there is a certain Grand Rampage winner that could give a run for his money. Lannister might laugh at the thought of this certain Grand Rampage winner walking out of Pain for Pride X with his Answers World Champion! Lannister is a man who has retired two Elitists in Tyler Parker and Nick Angel. He has been able to defeat men like Brian Daniels, Nico Borg, Nick Angel and Tyler Parker. He has been able to take on some of Showdown’s best talent and still find a way to come out on top. Will it be the same result at Pain for Pride for him? I guess, we’ll have to wait and see.

Woman of the Week

Cameron Ella Ava

FINALLY, Cameron Ella Ava is the Womens World Champion! After Cailin Dillon went into war with Alexis Diemos, Madison Kaline, Brody Sparks and Jocelyn Diemos thought it would be the perfect opportunity to attack Cailin and leave the champion beaten. Cameron came out to try to help Cailin out. As Cailin tried to connect with an Eyes of Texas, Cameron knocked the shit out of Cailin and cashed in her Empire Cup! It took nothing more than getting a cover over the knocked out champion, but Cameron dethroned Cailin to become the Womens Champion—the second Womens Champion in this company’s history. I can sense that Cailin will be more than hungry to get her rightful rematch. Meanwhile, Aria Jaxon who has vowed to get back in the title contention will make herself heard. My prediction is Aria vs. Cameron vs. Cailin at Pain for Pride with Aria getting the title back, which will mark about one year since Aria lost the Vixens Championship. I feel like it would make the most sense and would put everything in full circle for Aria’s storyline. As much as I want Cam to retain, I could see her losing at Pain for Pride…AGAIN. CAN SHE WIN ONE MATCH AT PAIN FOR PRIDE??? PLS. I’VE BEEN GOOD. : sadCam :

Most Valuable Elitist

The Pizza Boy

The winner of the 2017 Grand Rampage Match, The Pizza Boy! I love the decision of The Pizza Boy winning Grand Rampage. If some of us remember, Lannister became Answers World Champion because he cashed in on The Pizza Boy who managed to win the Extreme Elimination Chamber to capture the Answers World Championship. Ever since that, The Pizza Boy has been trying to do anything to get his hands-on Lannister. Now, he is blessed with the opportunity to do so if he decides that he wants to fight Lannister over Jamie O’Hara or Drastik. If I were The Pizza Boy, I’d fight Lannister. It would be a great match to read and this is the type of match that can have a fantastic story if it wanted too. As of right now, I seem to be loving the main event scene for Pain for Pride. It’s looking like The Pizza Boy vs. Lannister, Jamie vs. Xav and Drastik vs. ??? I could see Nasir being placed into the match if he’s not in any other match. Other than there, I don’t think there’s anyone else on Voltage I can see qualified for the spot besides Eclipse, but I feel like he’s getting his rematch at Fighting Spirt III. This should be an interesting road to Pain for Pride for us!

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