Most Valuable Elitist #89

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Rising Star of the Week


Beef of the Week


Show of the Week


For the first time in a while, Empire takes the spot as our Show of the Week! Man, what a show it was! The show began with Tarah Nova intending to hijack Empire if Cleopatra did not come out to explain her interference in the number one contender’s match for the Womens Championship. Cleo eventually came out, but only to cut off Tarah’s mic. Then, a bunch of security came to hold her down as Tarah tried to fight them, but as more came, Tarah was unable to fight back. As she was escorted to the back, Tarah spat on Cleo’s face and Cleo slapped Tarah in response and kicked her out of the building. The match to begin the night happened to be between two rising stars of the Womens Division as Loganne Riley faced Andrea Valentine. Both women did an impressive job, but Andrea got an impressive victory! The tag match with Megan Raine and Azumi Goto vs. Madison Kaline and Alexis Diemos was great development for Megan vs. Madison. Although, I’m not a fan of these two beginning their feud over a guy, but if there’s two people that can make it interesting, it’s these two. The main event between Aria Jaxon and Alexis Diemos was great. I loved that we got input with Cailin Dillon and Cameron Ella Ava. The clash in the end between Cam/Aria and Cailin/Alexis was great and it got me hyped up for the two matches. I cannot wait for Grand Rampage!

Match of the Week

Sophia Rose vs. Consuela Rose Ava

This match is probably one of my favorite matches on Empire in a long, long time. Not only because of the result of the match, but it was beautifully written. With Sophia Rose and Consuela Rose Ava, you couldn’t predict a winner if you wanted too. Both women had something to prove in this matchup. For Sophia, she needed to prove that she could beat Consuela while Consuela needed to prove that her last match with Sophia was not a fluke. The match did a wonderful job with playing up in Sophia’s confidence as well as playing up on Consuela’s determination and desire to win. To be honest, I thought Consuela hurting her knee would be why she lost to Sophia. It’s never an easy thing to fight through in injury created within the match and win. Sophia did everything to apply more injury to her good knee, but Consuela powered through each and every time. Towards the end of the match, there was a lot of counters and a lot of moves that should have ended the match up. When Consuela locked in the Ava Lock, there was hope for her to make a comeback. Sophia was determined and she did her best to not tap out. Eventually, Sophia lost consciousness and Consuela solidified her spot at Pain for Pride! Little time to celebrate her win, she was looking into the eyes of Brody Sparks. From behind, Madison Kaline attacks and Brody Sparks connects with the Detonation Kick. It seems like Consuela’s road to Pain for Pride will be a challenging one.

Promoer of the Week


Champion of the Week

Lucas Johnson

After Chris Paradise won a fatal four way to face Lucas Johnson for the New Breed Championship, Lucas Johnson knew that he couldn’t lose his title so soon in his reign. Chris did a good job with providing a good challenge to Lucas, but I knew for a fact Lucas was going to retain the title. To me, the New Breed Title scene is better than ever. We have a bunch of talent hungry and willing to do anything to get a shot at the champion. Lucas has what everyone else on Dynasty wants and there is no way that he is going to give the title to them. As of right now, it is anyone’s game to dethrone the champion. I cannot name a contender who is willing to take the title away from him. I believe anyone, in their best day, can take the title from Lucas; however, it’s not going to be an easy task because Lucas continues on getting better than better. I love the talent we have for the New Breed Division. Target Smiles, Mark Michaels, Chris Paradise, etc. I feel like we could get fantastic matches with Lucas and either of these men. As of right now, I’m not quite sure what Lucas’ road to Pain for Pride looks like. It looks like we could be getting another multi-man match for the New Breed Championship and the person to get the fall wins the title; however, I’m not quite sure if the New Breed Championship will be on the card? Hopefully, Lucas gets a spot on the card in any way. They would be nuts to leave him out!

Woman of the Week

Consuela Rose Ava

Consuela did the impossible last week and that was defeat Sophia Rose. Not only did she defeat Sophia, but she solidified her spot at Pain for Pride X. Although as a favorite to win the tournament, there might be have been people who wouldn’t be shocked if Sophia ended up winning. Consuela had been under the radar for most of her EAW career. She has taken advantage of every opportunity given to her. She has continued to pour her heart and soul into everything she did and eventually, it did pay off to her. The Specialists Champion, Brody Sparks, has made it her mission to make Consuela’s road to Pain for Pride a difficult one. Could the numbers play a factor in her match against Consuela? Her last two title defense required someone from The Coven to save the day. What makes Consuela think that they might not be a factor at Pain for Pride? Consuela needs to do what Tarah Nova and Haruna Sakazaki haven’t been able to do and that is dethrone the champion. How will Consuela do that? I have no clue at all, but it should be interesting to see how the storyline plays out on the way to Pain for Pride.

Most Valuable Elitist

Ryan Marx

As we know Moongoose McQueen is entering the match at number one, we now know that Ryan Marx will be entering the match at number thirty. On last week’s Showdown, Ryan Marx defeated some of the best talent Showdown has to offer for lovely number thirty spot. By entering at number thirty, this could provide Ryan with a huge advantage over the competition. He would be the freshest guy in the match. The amount of people in the match during the point number thirty is announced could be a factor of how far he can get in the match. The lesser the people in the match, the better. However, if you look at the history books, the lower the number you enter at, could be better. Numbers like three, seven, (?) thirteen have produced Grand Rampage winners. If you want to look things from that perspective, Ryan may not have the odds in his favor. Honestly, you can make a compelling argument for both sides. No matter what, I do see Ryan as someone who could make it pretty far into the match. He’s too talented not to.

30 competitors, 1 winner. Who will it be? Watch Grand Rampage this Saturday on the EAW Network!

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