Most Valuable Elitist #88

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Rising Star of the Week

Amelie Larrieux

Her name is Amelie Larrieux and she is your Rising Star of the Week! I’ve been noticing the butchering of her name, so I would like to inform everyone that her last name is Larrieux. Other than that, she had an impressive victory over Gabrielle DeLion and has proven once again that she can be a great asset to the Womens Division. Although, I don’t think that we have been exposed to her true potential on Empire. I feel like there is a lot more she could offer and bring to the table. I think that she can be a fantastic rising talent if she continues to be more active in EAW. When she’s active, I think she is very good, but we want to see more of her. We want to see fantastic things from her and we have not been provided with that yet. I know it may seem like she has no sense of direction on Empire. I know how tough that can be, but with every opportunity given to her, she needs to knock it out of the park. Once she knocks it out of the park, there will be no stopping her. I believe she has it within her to do impressive things. I can see her being a top talent on Empire, but it is up to her to decided what to do with all of the talents she possesses. I’m really excited to see what is next for her and will continue to follow up on her.

Beef of the Week

Chris Elite vs. Darkane

Everyone should be aware of the hunger these young talents bring to the table. This is what I saw with Chris Elite and Darkane. These are two men who are fighting for a place on the card. Both men have put fantastic work that should not be denied. I enjoyed the banter between of the two of them. We saw great work with both these guys and as the week continued, I felt they got better and better. I hope with Chris that when Grand Rampage approaches, he goes ham on the promo page. Not only will it help him improve, but I feel his wonderful work ethic will be noticed a lot more. The last thing that he needs to do is back down from a challenge. He needs to rise above it and make it as far as he can in the match. With Darkane, if he is a part of the Grand Rampage match (or for the future), this is the place where he needs to shine. Last year, we had Judas make an impact at Grand Rampage. This year, he could be that particular person who makes an impact and even impresses a few people. I am happy to see progression with these two guys. I feel like when giving the opportunity, they are capable of killing it. Also, #BigMikeForGR

Show of the Week


At last, Dynasty finds its way back as our Show of the Week! With last week’s Dynasty, a couple good matches and a moment which stole the show. Lucas Johnson vs. TLA was a great match. It was nice to see Lucas get some great competition, but TLA proved once again why he is my pick (for Dynasty) to win Grand Rampage. The number one contender’s match for the New Breed Championship consisted of Target Smiles, Mark Michaels, Chris Paradise and Finnegan Wakefield. The match was fun and competitive. Any men in this match had a chance to win. Chris shocked the world by winning the match. The segment with Edgelord and Methuselah was great development between the two characters. I enjoyed it a lot. In the end, we got another match for Grand Rampage announced. Methuselah vs. Edgelord for the Interwire Championship in a…Ascension Ladder Match? What’s that match? Well, the title is ten feet in the air, if Meth can’t beat Edgelord after ten minutes, it raises fifteen feet in the air. If Meth can’t beat Edgelord in twenty minutes, it raises to twenty feet. So basically, every ten minutes, it raises five feet in the air (is that correct?). Well, this match has potential to steal the show, if it wanted to. Chances are, it will. We had a great main event with Jacob Senn and Edgelord. I knew, that Methuselah would pull the same trick Edgelord pulled last week, but it was a great main event and it made Senn look strong, so nothing wrong with that. After the match, Sebastian Monroe comes out and announces that Jamie O’Hara would not be able to compete and brings out the new number one contender the World Heavyweight Championship, Xavier Williams. The biggest shock of the night happened to be Jamie O’Hara returning and claiming his number one contender’s status, which Monroe stated that he was stripped out of when Xavier injured his knee. It seemed like Monroe is pushing for Xavier to win the title, so Jamie attacked Senn, letting Monroe know that he is much better and more than willing to compete. What was Monroe’s solution? A triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Jacob Senn will defend the title against Jamie O’Hara and Xavier Williams at Grand Rampage! Wow!

Match of the Week

Sophia Rose vs. April Song

It’s been a while since there was a match on Empire in which it was worthy enough to take the Match of the Week category. Sophia Rose vs. April Song happened to be one of the best matches in the Specialists Championship Number One Contender’s Tournament. The match was wonderfully written and both girls shined in the match. There was a part of me that was rooting for Sophia in the match because I wanted to see her in a match against Consuela. In the match, each woman left everything they had in the ring. I wouldn’t have been shocked if either woman won the match. There is no shame of April for losing, but it just happened to be Sophia’s day. She should be fortunate enough to have made it as far as she did. Any other girl would have killed to win, but to have made it this far? That’s an accomplishment. As for Sophia, she continues to impress the EAW Universe. I wouldn’t be shocked to see her win the tournament and face Brody. She would be deserving of the win. I feel like within the finals match, it can go either way. I cannot predict a clear winner if I wanted too. The competition for the finals is strong and I can’t imagine how the match will be. I’m hoping for another “Match of the Week” worthy match. Would I be asking for too much? Anyway, even though Sophia doesn’t need luck, still want to wish her good luck!

Promoer of the Week

           See COTW

Champion of the Week

Ahren Fournier

Now, I feel like Ahren does not get the credit he deserves. I felt guilty for snubbing the guy of MVE two weeks ago. For that, I apologize. Ahren is an amazing talent. He always gives it his all when it comes to his promos and his material can be pretty funny at times. I love the creativity that is within his character. He is probably one of the few reasons why I read Voltage. I’m always curious to see what his character is up to next. Either his character gets himself into hilarious situations or he finds a way to keep himself serious, but I always enjoy the work he puts out each and every week. As of right now, he is very deserving of being Hardcore Champion. I am so glad that all of his hard work was recognized and I get a great feeling that he’ll be walking into Pain for Pride with the title. When it involves Cash in the Vault this year, I hope this is one guy people consider taking part of the match because I do believe he can be a future World Champion. I feel like he can push himself to be the best in EAW. This is one talent that you shouldn’t take your eyes off.

Woman of the Week


Most Valuable Elitist

Alexis Diemos

It amazes me how this girl is always improving in the promo page. If anyone were to have told me Alexis Diemos would be in a Womens Championship match, I would have thought you were crazy. To some people, it may have seemed like hell has frozen over, but Alexis has been able to turn everyone’s impression of her upside down. As some people may have expected to finally see Tarah Nova vs. Cailin Dillon at Grand Rampage, seeing Alexis Diemos vs. Cailin Dillon is a refreshing match to give to a woman who has worked her hardest at trying to keep up with us women. I’ve got nothing, but love for Alexis, but having Cailin as an opponent is no joke at all. Cailin is in a whole other level than the rest of the woman. Cailin is a woman who has worked her hardest to get to where she is today. She is a woman who continues to bust her ass for the things she wants to most. Alexis needs to be above Cailin if she wants this to be an evenly matched competition. Alexis facing Cailin seems to be the match that makes the most sense with Kendra out of the way and I’m glad to see this match happening!

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