Most Valuable Elitist #85

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Rising Star of the Week

Lucas Johnson

When it was announced that there would be a Hell’s Warpath Match for the New Breed Championship, I noticed that this would be the perfect opportunity to let the New Breed competitors shine and show why they wanted the belt as much as Cody wanted to keep it. I figured that this would be a way Cody would retain the championship and break the streak of every New Breed Champion losing the title in the first defense. I was wrong as Lucas Johnson proved that hard work truly does pay off as he claimed his first championship in his EAW career. Although, he wasn’t surely a popular choice for the EAW Universe, he used this match as a golden opportunity to claim a championship and finally resign with EAW. There is no denying Lucas has been working so very hard. From day one, he has been a talent who puts effort in everything he does. He constantly looks for improvement in his craft and I’m not sure if it was pure luck or the universe in his favor at Reckless Wiring, but he surprised me by dethroning Cody Marshall, a man who I could have seen holding the title for a little while. I’m guessing the reason they took the title off Cody is for the same reasoning they took the title off Ryan Marx and Rex McAllister, so I wouldn’t worry too much about Cody. Lucas on the other hand, is now the face of the New Breed Division and I am quite excited to see what his future holds. I hope that he continues to elevate the title as much as the men before him. Congrats, Lucas!


Beef of the Week

Jacob Senn vs. Xavier Williams

Out of all the beefs this week, this was probably one of the best promoing wise. I enjoyed the activity between the two men. Jacob, as champion, really posted some amazing promos. Xavier, as challenger, really stepped up to the plate and proved that he could have been the one to dethrone Jacob. Out of all of Jacob’s past title defenses, I felt that his match with Xavier was the moment where I felt the title could change hands. With these two, I felt they brought the best out of each other. No matter the result last Saturday, I felt like both guys should be proud of the work they put out there. Just the level of competition between the two of these men, made the match even more special. I felt like the main event was the perfect way to end this feud and for the two of them to move on to their next opponents; however, what happens when their next opponent is the same guy. I’m expecting Jamie O’Hara vs. Jacob Senn at Grand Rampage, but I’m questioning how Xavier will tie into this? Xavier, for sure, is going to set his signs on getting revenge on Jamie. In order to find out that, ready Dynasty!

Show of the Week

Reckless Wiring

Reckless Wiring was an amazing show to be a part of. I’m not kidding, guys. There is no other way to read an FPV other than being part of the show live. Just to feel the excitement in the air is everything and when you have a packed chat reacting and such. If you want to check it out, I recommend coming to see Grand Rampage live on April 15th. Get some food and watch the show with some good people! Will be great! Back to Reckless Wiring—amazing show. Lucian vs. Jamie O’Hara was a fantastic way to open the show. Quality match with a huge prize on the line—a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. We had a solid Glass Tables Match for the EAW Tag Team Championship with the Knights of the Dawning vs. The High Rollerz. I don’t know about you, but the match was another method of persuasion of how thriving our Tag Team Division is despite the few number of teams there (Psych Ward, Knights of the Dawning, Stuffed Crust, High Rollerz…I apologize if I’m missing some). We had some competitive matches such as the Hell’s Warpath Match, which showcased how good our New Breed Division is. We also had a solid match between Moongoose McQueen and TLA, with the loser entering at Number one at Grand Rampage. We had a hellacious Hall of Fame Championship match with Devan Dubian and the Heart Break Boy which contained a miracle at the last second with the Heart Break Boy claiming the Hall of Fame Championship. We had a wonderful main event consisting of Barbed Wire in a Steel Cage with Jacob Senn and Xavier Williams, which could have smelled trouble for either competitor… (continued at next category)

Match of the Week

Drake Jaeger vs. Methuselah

My lord this match was not only the death of me, but possibly for Methuselah and Interwire Champion, Drake Jaeger. Personally to me, this was a match in which I did not expect to steal the show. Even though it had Drake and Methuselah in it, I was expecting a great match, but this match really pushed the envelope between the two men. The spots, near falls—everything about this match was freaking amazing. I was at the edge of my seat the entire time. I had not seen Drake in a high profiled match like this in a while, but I knew as champion, he would step up to the veteran Methuselah and really show him up at his own game. To me, this will go down as one of my favorite Drake matches ever. This is the type of match that needs all the appreciation in the world and sadly, I’m just one person and appreciating this match will all I have will take the wind out of me. To me, this is one match I remember a week four, five days from now and I do not regret it one bit. The biggest spot that I have ever seen in a steel cage happened to be the ending with the match and that was when Drake dropped himself to the announcer’s table and retain his title. I did not believe the match could get more insane, but that moment was the biggest holy shit moment of the night for me. When you see matches like this, it makes us want to step up our own games and hope for matches like that.

Promoer of the Week

Xavier Williams

Fantastic work last week, Xavier! In the beginning of the week, I knew Xavier would have no limits to the work he would put out. You can only expect great things from him. He is someone who continues to pour his heart and soul into everything he does. To me, it kind of makes it sad when the hard work doesn’t pay off. I don’t think anyone should deny how great the guy is and I know for a fact that he will be a World Champion in the future. There is nothing in this world that can hold the guy back. Xavier is so passionate about his abilities. He is so confident about himself that it might be discouraging when he does not get the results he doesn’t want. He may stay down for a second, but he uses his losses as motivation to keep himself going. He should look at the bright side of things and be proud of all the effort put forward last week. Also, he should look into his bright future and continue to push forward if he has his eyes on the World Championship.  

Champion of the Week


Woman of the Week

Sophia Rose

Coming in third place at the Grand Rampage for the Empire Cup, Sophia Rose had to focus into her Steel Cage match with The Coven’s Madison Kaline. After weeks of mind games and tricks from Madison, this was an opportunity for Sophia to get the revenge she desired and move on with her career. To me, she had a great performance and she performed in one of the best Empire main events in recent memory. Both these women really wanted to win. These women couldn’t wait for the other to enter the ring. Madison couldn’t wait for Sophia to be enter the ring and beating her up before the match began should have been the smartest thing Madison has ever done, but Sophia was not giving up without a fight. Happily, things played in Sophia’s favor. Despite the pre-match beating, it did not affect Sophia’s game plan whatsoever. When it comes to the Specialists Championship Tournament to find out the number one contender, I think she should be a popular choice to win the entire thing. She had a wonderful showing at Malicious Intentions and I want to see the girl succeed. I pray Sophia stays active! She’s too good not to make it to the top of Empire!

Most Valuable Elitist

The Heart Break Boy

At last, The Heart Break Boy can rightfully call himself, “The Golden Boy”. A while ago, I said that I wanted to see the Heart Break Boy have another title run. I think there is no one else deserving of dethroning Devan Dubian other than the Heart Break Boy. For the past several months, he continues to put out quality promos and he has worked his hardest to prove to everyone that he still has what it takes to climb the mountain top. As people may chant “you still got it”, the Heart Break Boy is someone who never lost it to begin with. He continues to be fantastic at what he does and I’m happy that he was able to get a championship win. Now, I’m not quite sure if this title reign will survive the Best of Three series in which he has with Devan Dubian. Devan is pretty difficult to defeat and there is no denying that he is going to want his title back. As for the third match, I’m not quite positive who will win here. I think this last match can go either way. Either man has what it takes to win. I’m not sure if this match is going to be at Grand Rampage, but I feel like this could be a worthy enough match to hype up Grand Rampage itself rather than the actual Grand Rampage match. As for now, I want to congratulate the Heart Break Boy and hope that he has a memorable title reign! You deserve it, pal!

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