Most Valuable Elitist #133

Rising Star of the Week


Beef of the Week

Six-Pack Challenge Number One Contender’s Match for the Interwire Championship

Honestly, this should have been obvious by Wednesday/Thursday. The competitivity from all of these men was surreal and they really killed it when it came to terms of promoing. Any of these six men, Terry Chambers, Nemesis, Erebus Jennings, Alejandro Correa, Ryan Wilson and Xander Payne could have won this match. All six of these men were hungry and determined and it was contagious and it should be applauded for the effort they put into this match. If this is the Interwire Championship picture then, the Interwire Champion should be quite concerned at the moment. Not counting the champ out, but this looks to be a pretty good title picture in my personal opinion.

Show of the Week


It was Showdown one week, Empire last week and now, it’s Voltage. I thought this was a solid Voltage last week. There was matches like Michael Bishop vs. Malcolm Jones, Andrei Sokolova and Ahren Fouriner vs. Jamie O’Hara and Lars Grier, The Six Pack Challenge Number One Contender’s Match for the Interwire Championship and Chris Elite vs. Mr. DEDEDE. I thought mos of the matches on this show were solid for a weekly show. I thought some character progressed and got some well-needed victories. For example, Ahren pinning Jamie once again. Even though, there was cheating involved, I thought it will probably get him some heat over time. There was also Alejandro Correa with the win against five other men for a shot at the Interwire Championship. There was also Mr. DEDEDE getting that victory and redeeming himself for Road to Redemption…

Match of the Week

Chris Elite vs. Mr. DEDEDE

As for Match of the Week, I gotta give it to Chris Elite vs. Mr. DEDEDE. I thought Chris looked amazing in this match, despite the loss. There was a few occasions in this match where I thought he was going to win the match, to be honest. I thought once Chris hit the Box Office Smash on Mr. DEDEDE, I thought it would be over. On the other hand, he was facing Mr. DEDEDE and then, I realized that this match would have gone all night if it wanted too. Also, I thought DEDEDE looked amazing in the match! He was pulling out moves I don’t think I have ever seen him use such a reverse frankensteiner (which I thought was going to be end of the match) and I cannot remember the last time he used the Grand Slam, but overall, it was a fucking amazing match.

Promoer of the Week

Malcolm Jones

For Promoer of the Week, I gotta give it to the man who defeated the New Breed Champion and that is Malcolm Jones. There is no doubt that this man is going to be in store for a shot at the New Breed Champion, but I think that winning the 6 Way No Way Out Match may lead him to main event Pain for Pride XI. For some reason, as much as I would love to see Chris Elite vs. Mr.DEDEDE, it would be interesting to see Malcolm Jones vs. Chris Elite. I think that this can be a match which can steal the show. It’s probably going to be him and DEDEDE as the final two. A student vs. teacher moment will probably happen and Malcolm may or may not walk away with the victory. Who knows? They can go with an unpredictable winner in this case, but it should be interesting to see what happens.

Champion of the Week

Ahren Fournier

As for Champion of the Week, let’s give it to Ahren Fournier again. I can’t remember if he got this award last week, but if he did, let’s give it to him again. Pinning the longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion in EAW History once again is something to brag about. You can also look at it the other way and say that Impact screwed Jamie out of the win, but a win is a win in the end of the day, but I certainly believe that Voltage is hiring blind referees and they need to look deeper into that situation because there is no way that Ahren should have gotten away with that for a second week in a row. Personally, I don’t think Ahren needs to cheat to win as he has defeated Jamie in the past, but I feel like it’s a way to give him that heel heat and at least, it is something for his character to go with rather than just being the Interwire Champion. Overall, I think Ahren has been doing great so far and cannot wait to see what happens next to him.

Most Valuable Elitist


For Most Valuable Elitist, we are going with the man that pinned the World Heavyweight Champion and redeemed himself from Road to Redemption. Does Mr. DEDEDE get his opportunity to be World Heavyweight Champion? Is he going to get that in the No Way Out Match? As of right now, I am only thinking about where Mr. DEDEDE goes next from here. I would assume it would be main eventing Pain for Pride, but that seems a little too simple for me, but simplicity can be a good thing sometimes and Pain for Pride would be a huge determining factor about who is better: Chris Elite or Mr. DEDEDE. The Gawd vs. God Given Greatness III at Pain for Pride? I think that would be another hell of a main event and I could see DEDEDE walking away with the title and beginning his seventh or eighth reign. I lost count after the sixth, to be honest. Wouldn’t complain about another reign though.

Note: I’m triple booked again and promoing is going to take my time since I got a billion people to promo against next week (Four Corners Tag Match For the Empire Tag Titles, Tag Titles Match and EAWC Match) and it’s going to be hell, so no MVE next week.





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