Most Valuable Elitist #129

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Rising Star of the Week

Desmond Helms

In order to start this Most Valuable Elitist off, I want to give this category to Desmond Helms, the winner of the six men battle royal to determine the number 20 spot at Grand Rampage. There was a bunch of potential winners surrounding this match from Daryl Kinkade to Shane Gates, but I think Desmond being included in this matchup will lead to a hilarious moment or two in the match. From the mess that is El Ironico to Desmond Helms, I do think that there will be some comical moments to be remembered. I am quite interested to see if Desmond manages to get far in this type of match. I wonder if the strength of his VBs will be enough to make him main event Pain for Pride XI. In this type of matchup, I can name a few favorites to win the match, but cannot determine a guaranteed winner. This should motivate people to promo their asses off and see what happens because isn’t that with Grand Rampage is all about?

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week

Showdown: Battle Without Honor or Humanity

This decision may be a little controversial due to the announcement made last weekend–one involving our Chairman, Mr. DEDEDE coming out as a gay man. The Showdown card looked a little meh to me, but surprisingly enough, I thought the show did great. The high points of the night were: Desmond Helms winning the battle royal and Ares Vendetta returning with an attack on Desmond, The High Rollerz Match, Theron Nikolas’ edgelord promo and Tarah Nova joining Di Consentes. The “Nice Guy” Nobi vs. “Good Guy” Drake Jaeger delivered and I knew it was going to be a great match, but I was pretty surprised to see Drake not win the match. No shade to Nobi, but I thought I was going to see Drake going all evil and taking the title for himself. However, I am glad Nobi won and I do think this rub will benefit him in the long run. From beginning to end, I thought this show accomplished its goal with progressing storylines and adding more build up and suspense approaching the Grand Rampage and the road to Pain for Pride.

Match of the Week

The Heart Break Gal vs. Diamond Cage

To be honest, I was very tempted to put Jack Ripley vs. David Davidson in this category. Like, that match was a fucking masterpiece and just the story, ring psychology and suspense made this match worth the wait. :wow:

Seriously, I have to give it to The Heart Break Gal vs. Diamond Cage. I thought the Extreme Rules stipulation was pretty unique since I think these two made it known that these types of matches are their strength. Going to extreme measures are what these two are best known for. This match was pretty brutal and as the match was going on, I kept thinking “Is HBG’s reign going to end tonight?” because I feel we are in that point of her title reign where I think it is close to ending. I thought Diamond Cage would have been the perfect person to take the title off of her. It’s been a long time coming and I was kind of surprised when he lost the match and I hope he gets another shot in the future. With the potential talent on Showdown that could take the title off of her, I think Theron may have the biggest shot of taking the title off of her. Grand Rampage is going to be quite ugly if Theron manages to win a championship match for once.

Promoer of the Week

Diamond Cage

Honestly, I thought Diamond Cage brought his game against HBG. Even if he did not feel that he brought enough to the plate, I thought he did a fantastic job with what he did bring to the fight. I think with last week, he proved that he can be trusted with another championship reign. To me, I’m surprised that he’s only had one title reign because I do think he is deserving of a few title reigns. I think the timing could not be any better to get the title on him. There is nothing stopping him at the moment and I think if Theron does not pull off the victory at Grand Rampage, then Diamond Cage should take the title off of him. I feel like there will be no one else as of right to take the title off of HBG. Perhaps, I’m not thinking enough at the moment, but with the roster as small as it is at the moment, I would not be shocked to see such a great talent like Cage step up to the plate.

Most Valuable Elitist

Megan Raine

Is this damage control for Megan Raine? I mean, this girl is taking some massive Ls as of late. Probably not as massive as the L she will take at the Specialists Rampage match, but I do think big enough. I mean, this poor girl is having the worst week of her life. I mean, her history with men is completely basura. The first one cheats on her with another woman. The second one cheats on her with a man. On the bright side, she successfully retained the Specialists Championship against Andrea Valentine and Megan was inches away from not only dropping ten feet, but dropping her title. I for one do not support Megan Raine and her homophobic nature towards our chairman, but I hope Megan does succeed in life. There is a part of me that wants her to prove that she is one of the best on Empire, but on the other hand, she’s a thot and no one wants a thot as a champion. So, it will be up to you guys on whether you stan her or not. Megan Raine is approaching her difficult challenge to date with outlasting nineteen other women and knowing how the last Specialists Rampage went, I could smell a new champion on the horizon.

Go Read: Mr. DEDEDE’s segment on Voltage + Backstage Segment, The High Rollerz Match, Theron’s promo, etc. Just read some show so you know what the fuck is going on.





Also: Not doing MVE next week. This girl gotta promo for Grand Rampage.

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