Most Valuable Elitist #128

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Beef of the Week


Match of the Week

#1 Contender’s Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

In order to start off this Most Valuable Elitist, we’ll pay attention to match itself. I thought some of the contender’s in the match were well-deserved of the opportunity. There were others that made me raise an eyebrow, but I thought they did well with promoing against one another last week. I could tell from just reading the promos who was going to take the pin, but that person still did well and stood his ground. The match itself was questioning because I had no idea who would end up winning the thing. Not sure if this was going to be based on promoing or storyline. I loved the back-and-forth with Carlos and Ahren in the match. I loved how Carlos and Finn’s personalities shined in the match. I wasn’t sure about Finn winning with an inside cradle, but he won and he has an opportunity to face Chris Elite for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Show of the Week


At the last Showdown before their Supershow, I loved how some of these angles came into play. HBG and Diamond Cage has been one of my favorite storylines to read the entire week. With their Extreme Rules Match, it makes me wonder if this will be a match that Cage will be comfortable and in his element? There’s also HBG and her being familar of this match from her Hexa-gun days, so I feel like this is one match that either of those two could win. Even The High Rollerz storyline is quite interesting in itself. I’m quite interested to see if Theron Nikolas will make an appearance at the Supershow. Maybe, he’s thought of their offer? Maybe, not? Also, why would you put “Nice Guy” Nobi against “Good Guy” Drake Jaeger?! Do you hate Nobi that much that you want him to die? There is no way that Drake Jaeger can be a good person. I’m just going to say it right now. He may be smiling, but he is thinking of killing you on the inside. :eyes: Run, Nobi, run!

Promoer of the Week

Ahren Fournier

I was kind of surprised that Ahren didn’t win this match, to be honest. That’s no shade to Finn, but I thought since he was more familiar with the main event picture and going after the World Heavyweight Championship that this could be his second shot at the title. I feel like there is so much you can do with Ahren on Voltage. I just think there needs to be something that propels him to the next level. I am quite curious to see what his “special opportunity”? Is it a shot at the Interwire Championship? Is it something about Grand Rampage? I’m more leaning towards a title shot, but I feel like as long as it pushes him in the right direction, then anything would be great. Still, I believe he was one of the more must-see talent on Voltage. He just needs to continue to push himself even when he sees the victories he doesn’t like at all.

Most Valuable Elitist

Finnegan Wakefield

Only Finnegan Wakefield can lose the New Breed Championship one week and have a WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Match the next. Like that is insane. I can’t remember if that has happened before. Chris Elite vs. Finnegan Wakefield at Grand Rampage for the World Heavyweight Championship. It’s insane since these two were struggling to get a New Breed Championship Match last year and now, these two are fighting for the World Championship. Still, this opportunity is huge and a year ago, I could never envision any of this happening. There is no denying that Finn has a bright future after losing the New Breed Championship, but it’s going to take a lot to defeat Chris and I doubt he is going to lose in his first title shot. Still, this match should be fun to watch and I cannot wait for this to bring a new side to each of these men.




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