Most Valuable Elitist #126

By February 22, 2018EAW Articles
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Beef of  the Week


Show of the Week


For last week’s Voltage, the show opened in the strongest way possible with Ahren Fournier vs. Mr. DEDEDE. With the count out of the match, it seemed like Ahren vs. DDD feud could be happening. I’m interested to see Mr. DEDEDE’s response to that is. Ryan Marx vs. Mstislav is another feud I am interested in seeing how it progresses this week. I am enjoying the way how Mstislav is being built up, but I feel so strange for Marx getting his ass beat. I feel like he is going to need to get his revenge somehow. The El Ironico and U.S. Enforcement segment was a good thing to add to the angle for last week. I wonder if Mil Molestes will be a real thing because that would be pretty dope. The street fight with Ryan Wilson and Carlos Rosso was brutal as fuck. RIP to Ryan Wilson. Even smaller stories like Shark Man’s assailant had my interest. I have no clue who that could be, to be honest. I think I might need some more hints.

Match of the Week

The Revenant vs. Finnegan Wakefield

As for match of the week, I gotta give it to The Revenant vs Finnegan Wakefield. I thought both of these guys did freaking amazing last week. It had a huge FPV feel in this Voltage main event. I thought the match was well written and I thought both guys looked amazing. I thought Revenant broke out in this match. I thought Finnegan proved why he was holding the belt in the first place. I was not expecting much from this match, but I was completely in awe about the entire thing. I think this was the exact thing both men needed in their respected  paths. Finn needed a huge and successful title defense. Revenant needed some way to prove that he can be a champion in the future. This is one match that should be Match of the Week. There was no other match that could compare.

Promoer of the Week


This award has to go to Mr. DEDEDE. I thought he did a fantastic job with holding his own against a great opponent, Ahren Fournier. For this category, it was either of these two competitors. I had a hard time thinking of who I was going to give this  award to.  I thought DDD did great. That should be obvious to be honest. I honestly cannot wait for his response after the attack from Ahren. He gonna be angry and I am ready to see everything implode because when DDD gets mad, you know some horrible shit is going to go down. I’m guessing the match with be at Voltage: Brooklyn Heights or some match in the future but it’s going to be great when this match happens for a second time.

Champion of the Week

Megan Raine
After her victory over Sakuya Goto, Megan Raine looks good approaching her Triple Threat Match at the Iconic Cup against Zakkii and Consuela Rose Ava. I think that this match will be a solid title defense from her. I do see her walking out the event with the title, but I do think the two other women will give her a good fight. As I recall, this is her second title defense and if these two girls do not dethrone her, I could see someone like Chelsea Crowe taking the title off of her. As of right now, things look secure for Megan retaining. I do think this match will be amazing and I cannot wait to see how things go down with the three of these opponents. Megan has been killing it as champion and I cannot wait to see if this title reign progresses after the Iconic Cup.

Most Valuable Elitist

Finnegan Wakefield

Alright Finn, I am going to give you Most Valuable Elitist. I thought he did a fantastic job last week and I know, I talked a bit about him around Match of the Week, but I think that Finn has been living up to the expectations of being New Breed Champion. I know if the day comes when he drop the title, I do imagine great things happening for him . I do see him moving up the ranks in EAW. I could see him in the Interwire Championship picture. Hopefully, Moongoose is not in the title picture by then or I think these two might jump off the cliff at the fact that they will face each other again. Finn has done fantastic things with the belt. I would like to see him retain the title and I think we will get that against Nathan Fiora. I wonder who will be the one to dethrone Finn. At this point, I have no idea who will it be, but I cannot wait to see the next few people to challenge him for the title.





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