Most Valuable Elitist #125

By February 15, 2018EAW Articles
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Beef of the Week

Ahren Fournier vs. Jamie O’Hara

For these awards, I gotta give love for Voltage as well as there was a World Heavyweight Championship Match. I thought both competitors did a fantastic job this week. It was really difficult to decide who got this award or any award in this matter since Voltage and Reasonable Doubt was fantastic. Jamie and Ahren did a great job with standing on their own. I thought Ahren had the best shot out of anyone to walk out with the World Championship. There is no doubt that he will do great things on Voltage. Just like I said before, this move Voltage is super beneficial to him and this new look and demeanor have been amazing to see come to life. As for Jamie, nine successful title defenses. There is no sign of stopping him at this moment. I’m guessing his next competition is Lars Grier and Chris Elite after the controversial ending to their match. I could see a Triple Threat Match unfolding. At this point, I believe anyone from Keelan to Lars to Chris can take his title. It should be interesting to see who will be the one to dethrone Jamie or if ANYONE will ever do the unthinkable.

Show of the Week

Reasonable Doubt

I thought Reasonable Doubt was a fantastic show beginning to end. I thought the show began in the strongest way possible with Di Consentes vs. The High Rollerz. I thought the show ended strongly with Drake Jaeger vs. The Heart Break Gal. The whole aura of the night was whether Di Consentes can do the unthinkable and walk away with two titles each. There was plenty of shockers from the night that left me on the edge of my seat from The High Rollerz beating up Di Consentes after the match and even returning to assist Tiberius Jones in beating up Brian Daniels. There was Nobi conquering the odds and retaining his National Elite Championship against two great competitors. There was HBG leaving in a fucking stretcher after the match with Drake Jaeger. Everything from the GUILTY intro from the beginning from the show to the Tiberius and Judge segment was fantastic.

Match of the Week

Ares Vendetta vs. Theron Nikolas

As for Match of the Week, I gotta give it to Ares Vendetta vs. Theron Nikolas. My goodness, this was a fucking fantastic match! Even though Theron lost, I still think that he looked like a million bucks. Ares got some payback after that last victory Theron got for moving on to the semi-finals of the King of Elite Tournament. Everything from Theron kicking out of the one move that no one, but The Pizza Boy was able to kick out to a year previous to Ares just looking like a fucking monster was amazing. I’m wondering what is next for Theron after his loss. I hope it doesn’t go back to how things before King of Elite go because he has the crown. There should be plans on when he will cash in the crown. As for Ares, I’m not sure if he continues his rivalry with Theron or he moves on to someone else. This Showdown will be must watch because I am more than hyped for it.

Promoer of the Week

The High Rollerz

I mean, I gotta give this award to the former Unified Tag Team Champions. Like amazing work from both guys. They kill it every single fucking time. They scared me for a bit because it seemed like with some of the promoing last week that The High Rollerz could retain. Even though the loss, they looked like complete monsters. This is different from the goofy character they portray in their promos, so I’m just interested about what their fates will be. Like I’m not sure what is going to come from all of this. I would be scared of entering the ring against them to be quite honest. Like, I do not want to die. Still, I’m not sure what is going to come of them after losing the belts. Do they get their rematch? Do they get fired? Will there be any punishments that come from their actions at Reasonable Doubt? Approaching Showdown, this happens to be the main focal point of the episode. What the fuck will happen to The High Rollerz? Honestly, anything can happen.

Champion of the Week


Honestly, I love these underdog stories. To be honest, I was shocked to see Nobi retain. This is no shade to him, but I felt like Jacob Moore and Charlie Marr had the bigger shot of walking out with the belt. I thought this match was very fun to watch. I thought these two were the biggest competition to take the title off of Nobi, but I am glad to see Nobi retain. It just makes me question what is next for him? Are there any more contenders on Showdown who can challenge him for the title? I cannot seem to think of anyone that will take the belt off of him. Honestly, I am interested to see what is planned for him next? Like I legit do not know where you go from here? Does he sit and relax with the title until new competition comes or does a new challenger arise and compete against him for the title? Like, I am scratching my head to think, but I really have no clue, but I hope it’s good. Nobi, you’re fantastic. This is your moment. Enjoy it.

Most Valuable Elitist

Di Consentes

So, I’m biased trash and I have to give Di Consentes the award for Most Valuable Elitist. I mean, when was the last fucking time you saw a tag team have two titles at the same time? Was it since Dynamite Rain? Like never did I think this would be possible when Di Consentes was formed. But, they are just swimming in fucking gold and I love it. Not only that, but they both won their two matches last weekend. HBG was beaten down the most against The High Rollerz, but at least, she had six hours to recover from it, so it’s not all that bad…right? I mean, I am kind of worried about HBG at the moment. Will she come to Showdown on a stretcher? Will Cameron have to roll her to the ring in a wheelchair that she borrowed from Robbie V? Also, what is this shit with Drake Jaeger wanting to apologize to them? Like, he did that once and HBG didn’t accept. I mean, does any segment on Showdown end up well? I do not think so. Also, they became the first female tag team to win the Unified Tag Team Championships. Like that is so mind-blowing. This means it’s possible for a female to win a mid-card title, Tag Team titles, and World Championship. :oh: TL;DR version: Di Consentes goats. DO NOT AT ME.

What to read from last week: El Ironico/Kenny Drake segment from Voltage. One of the funniest shits I have read in the longest time. Probably up there with DDD/McKenzie. LIKE GO READ IT IF YOU NOT HAVE ALREADY! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!







Note: Also, thank you for the love and support I got two weeks ago from the last MVE. I was overwhelmed by the love and support and I cannot be any more thankful to a community who can be united when one of theirs is feeling down. Much love to all of you!

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