Most Valuable Elitist #124

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Rising Star of the Week

Mallory Wilde

In order to start this Most Valuable Elitist, Mallory Wilde takes the spot for our Rising Star of the Week. Mallory managed to get a quick and dominating victory over Savannah Sunshine. Mallory has been someone who hasn’t been under the radar lately and I feel with this victory, it places her in the right path into getting in the spotlight again. There is no denying that Mallory has shown potential to being a star on Empire. The debate is on when she will get another chance to showcase everything that she has. I think as long as she shows activity and continues to win her matches, I do think she will remain in the right path and continue to be a good part of Empire.

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week


For Show of the Week, I give it to Voltage. From the opening to the main event, I thought the show was amazing. Never did I expect for Mr. DEDEDE to open the show and face Ryan Marx. I know DDD was being promoted for the Voltage last week, but still I am curious to see if this is a one and off match or will there be more to this? I am very curious to see who this mysterious person was who cost Marx the match. The Carlos Rosso and Moongoose McQueen feud has been more entertaining than I thought it would be. I loved the inclusion of their boys and I’m just waiting to see all of them in a match one of these days. The Finnegan Wakefield and The Revenant feud has been interesting to me. I thought last week turned the feud a lot more personal for The Revenant and I cannot wait to see Finn beat the shit out of him. Also, I am quite interested in this whole thing with Keelan. I’m probably the only one who wants to see the cunt talk and I think Cameron Ella Ava will give him a lot to talk about after Reasonable Doubt. I’m curious to see if Madison gets her hands dirty in that match and helps Keelan? As for the main event scene…

Match of the Week

Ahren Fournier and Jamie O’Hara vs. Chris Elite and Lars Grier

This was probably one of my favorite back-and-forth exchanges of the entire week. To me, these four are the main event scene on Voltage. From last week, I was shocked to see Chris Elite using his God Contract to get himself another World Heavyweight Championship Match. I know the power of this contract leds to moments like that, but Chris was so close to winning the title and that asshole Lars Grier ruined everything. I feel that Lars and Chris will clash in order to make the path clear to face the World Champ. Ahren Fournier has been impressive as well. I have enjoyed seeing him on Voltage. I thought the whole transformation was the best thing to happen to him because I do see him as the guy with the best shot at dethroning Jamie O’Hara. The question is: if or when it will happen? Also, it seems like Jamie is in for a little power struggle and needs to remind everyone who the champ is. I cannot wait for this match to happen! I am hyped!

Champion of the Week


Most Valuable Elitist

Nico Borg

On Dynasty last week, I thought Nico Borg faced his biggest challenger in another champion. We are talking about our lord and savior, The Woogieman. For the first time on Dynasty this year, I thought Nico had no chance of making it out of this match alive. I thought the power of Woogie was going to be too much for our Answers World Champion to handle. Somehow and I repeat somehow, Nico was able to do it and he was able to hand The Woogieman his first loss on Dynasty. Personally, I am quite crushed about the loss, but there is nothing on Dynasty that is able to stop Nico. I have come to the conclusion that Nico is too strong. On second thought, Tomi Venus could give him a fucking good fight for the title. From this match, I think Nico looks good going into his title defense. I am one excited to see what Nico, Tomi and the rest of the Dynasty gang bring for this huge show!





Note: I apologize for this MVE not being much. I have been in a giant low with my depression and me being without my medication has not been good to me. I’m just praying it comes in before I do something like kill myself. Everything with my life has been too much and the stress and panic attacks have not been helping me. I hope everything gets better from my end.

Due to being double booked for Reasonable Doubt, there might not be an MVE next week. If I were going to do one, it might be very short, but I don’t know at the moment.

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