Most Valuable Elitist #122

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Rising Star of the Week

Charlie Marr

As one of the recent graduates from NEO, Charlie Marr became part of the Showdown brand after the EAW Shakeup. Coming to the brand, he had a challenging opponent in the former National Elite Champion and Hall of Famer, The Prince of Phenomenal. In his match, Charlie showed the world why he was one of the shining talents in developmental. A victory over an established figure like POP is pretty fucking impressive, but there are whispers in the back that could beg to differ? Already in the brand and Charlie has found himself in the National Elite Championship picture! After the Nobi vs. Jacob Moore match, Charlie made his intentions clear by attacking the champion. To me, that is how you make a statement. You do anything to get yourself noticed. Charlie Marr was a force to be reckoned with on NEO and he will be the exact same thing on Showdown. By competition such as Charlie and Jacob Moore, it would seem that Nobi’s title reign is in jeopardy. You never know what to expect on Showdown, but I know that Charlie Marr will be a name everyone will be talking out for days.

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week


It’s been a while since I’ve given Empire Show of the Week. To me, Empire needed some tough love, but I love everything that has occured within the brand. This has been a brand where I felt there is something going on for each talent in this brand. From smaller talent like Andrea Valentine and Daisy Thrash to the top players such as Aria Jaxon and Stephanie Matsuda, this show had a lot to look up to approaching their first show of the new year. Empire has suffered so many blows to the roster with losing amazing talents. There were talents hired and fired within a span of a couple months, but this brand has done a fantastic job with not missing a beat. I have been loving the unpredictability such as Megan Raine being the one to dethrone Consuela Rose Ava at King of Elite. I also love the idea of Aria Jaxon’s title reign not ending just yet. It just makes me wonder who will be the one to dethrone her. Over the past few months, I have been loving the reception Consuela has been having with the germaphobe gimmick and adding the Cleaning Crew to her side just made things interesting. I also love that talent like Daisy Thrash have been slaying the opportunities given to them. Also, the story with Stephanie is so interesting. I felt that the Womens Championship match at Bloodletter could have gone to ANY girl at all. Stephanie pushed Aria to her limit and vice versa. I would love to see how this “Zakkii” thing will go for Haruna, I feel that this change will be good to her and eventually place her back in the title picture. I also love the small things like the Chelsea/April partnership and Savannah/Revy partnership. I feel that this brand has something for each girl and I cannot wait to see what happens in the rest of Season 11.

Match of the Week

Jamie O’Hara vs. Ahren Fournier

The EAW Shakeup was felt on Voltage as they gained a new force in the main event scene such as Ahren Fournier. In a main event match against the World Heavyweight Champion, Jamie O’Hara, all eyes were on Ahren to see if this new personality change was going to be a good thing going for him. One of the biggest concerns as to have this new persona for Ahren fall flat, but I think this has motivated Ahren and I feel the motivation to him. Ahren and Jamie fought a good battle and personally, I was surprised to see Jamie eat a pin in a one-on-one match. I mean, when was the last time that has happened? Within a match, Ahren has proved that he has solidified himself in the main event scene. The new picture of the main event scene is amazing–Jamie, Lars, Ahren, SK, Marx. I think you could add Keelan onto that list, but I feel like the Shakeup was a huge benefit to Voltage and I am excited to see their main event get more talented people. With those talents still pissed and wanting to dethrone the Aussie, Jamie’s title reign could be in trouble. Either of these men can be the one to dethrone him. The sky is the limit with the World Championship picture.

Promoer of the Week

Nico Borg

Nico Borg has produced some of the best work and this week was no exception. To me, this was one of the title reigns people need to pay attention to the most. Nico has defeated some amazing talent. He most recently defeated the Heart Break Boy and has a list of contenders who can possibly be next to face him such as Tomi Venus or Nasir Escobar. I’m not sure if the Answers World Championship picture is clear, but I just think the Dynasty talent pool is so weak at the moment. Honestly, I do not see much contenders credible enough to take the title off of Nico. The Pizza Boy just got out of a title reign, Nasir Escobar might be the worthy contender at the moment, but I am not sure if he’s the main picture. Although, his chances of winning the belt are bigger on Dynasty than in any other brand. Stark needs to build himself back up. Scott Oasis could be a contender if he leaves that bitch, Sebastian Monroe. Jacob Senn? Wasn’t he champion a year ago? Nico deserves more competition to push him to be better. I see Nico carrying the title to Grand Rampage. Maybe, Pain for Pride or afterward and getting traded to Voltage or Showdown. The talent pool is not only hurting Dynasty, but the champions as well.

Champion of the Week

The High Rollerz

Coming off one of the more impressive victories in their tag team careers at King of Elite, they approached Showdown to face another super team in Devan Dubian and Diamond Cage. Just like with the situation at King of Elite, The High Rollerz took advantage of the situation and won the match for themselves. Approaching Reasonable Doubt, it could mean a different story as Di Consentes gets a rematch and another crack at the Unified Tag Team Championships. I thought their first match together was fantastic! I felt the match could have gone any other way, but could The High Rollerz retain the titles for the second time against these Goddesses? If I were Showdown, I would build up the tag match a little more. I know both girls have their singles titles, but I think people should remember about this match at Reasonable Doubt. Di Consentes/THR at King of Elite was better than the Openweight or EAW Championship Match in my opinion. I would love to for attention to be placed with this next match.

Most Valuable Elitist  

Ahren Fournier

Coming from Dynasty, I think if there was one man that REALLY needed the Shakeup to happen, it was Ahren Fournier. I thought his Dynasty run was meh and I felt like was just under the radar during his entire time on the brand. I felt like he was being tossed aside for other talent. I think this move back to Voltage will benefit him in the long run. I think this personality change may be something that could make him World Champion and when the Draft comes along, there will be hype around him and people will be fighting to have him on their brand. His victory over Jamie O’Hara, he needs to keep the work going. I think if there is anyone who can give him a run for his money, it could be Ahren. I think the shakeup placed some credible people like Ryan Marx and Ahren Fournier onto the brand to shake up the World Heavyweight Championship picture and I am so fucking excited to see what happens next. I have big hopes for Ahren and he better not mess this up!







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