Most Valuable Elitist #121

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Rising Star of the Week

Megan Raine

FLAPJACKS FOR EVERYONE! Congratulations to the NEW Specialists Champion, Megan Raine! This is a wonderful redemption for her. Even though I am sad that Consuela lost the title, there is no doubt that she will be a great champion. My only nitpick about this entire match was I felt there was a lack of build up leading up to the match. I felt that a match like this needed more time to build up and perhaps have it main event an episode of Empire. I know, that’s not her fault, but I felt like her winning the title after the feud was build up would have had a greater payoff than she did at King of Elite. The month of December was kind of tough and this is a reason why I am against having Supershows and then a major FPV to start the new year a few weeks later. I don’t like this scheduling, but I hope that each show will find its way to build up their main feuds. There’s five major FPVs a year, then there’s the smaller FPVs and Supershows in between, so I’ll be interesting to see how all of this is scheduled. Overall, I thought Megan’s match at King of Elite was her best one to date. I thought she looked amazing. I loved the storytelling with Esmeralda and Francesca. Some may believe that they are unnecessary, but I felt like they added to Consuela’s story. If Moongoose can have The Boys, why can’t Consuela have The Girls? Also, I think the Flapjack is one of the most over moves on Empire at the moment. Please, make this a meme.

Beef of the Week

Openweight Championship Match

This Beef of the Week was VERY controversial. I mean, what can possibly go wrong when you add Sheridan Muller, Stark and Cameron Ella Ava in one match? This was a fucking interesting swerve. I was expecting this match to be everyone for themselves, but Cameron and Stark focused their hatred for Sheridan. Man, it was Cameron and Stark vs. Sheridan in a war of words. It was Monday and they had cut more promos than any match so far. These three dominated the site and from MONDAY, it was obvious which match would take this title. Tea was spilled, shots were fired and weaves were ripped off people’s hairs. Despite what happened on Wednesday, I thought Stark and Sheridan did fantastic. I know how difficult it is to keep kayfabe with an opponent like Sheridan. Ever since she returned, Sheridan has said so many out of character things. I’m wondering WHY people were surprised with some of the promos she cut. This has been happening for MONTHS (making fun of Tarah’s formatting, constant mentions of Brody Sparks in a promo, the controversy with Cailin Dillon and Alexis Diemos, making Madison Kaline quit, mentioning that Kendra Shamez was fired, bringing up the entire community turning her back on her in a promo constantly, making fun of someone’s mental illness in a promo, claiming that some people are in the board when they are not in script, constantly bring up how some girls kissed ass and slept our way to the top or in cahoots with the board, while that is the REASON why she was brought back in the first place.) Yet, Sheridan wanted to justify that and believe that she was in the right? This is not even half of the shit she has done. Sheridan not learning to KEEP PERSONAL SHIT OUT OF KAYFABE was the reason for her firing. Sheridan was fantastic when she first came around. I thought she had a bright future. There is nothing wrong with having aspirations, but when you’re cunt about it and repeatedly brag about things or treat people like shit, then people are going to have a problem with you.

The biggest lesson about this exchange is DO NOT PUT PERSONAL SHIT ABOUT YOU OR YOUR OPPONENT IN A PROMO. You have no idea what the other person is dealing with. We all go through shit. Doing this shit does not make you look edgy or cool, it makes you look like a cunt or a Sheridan. This goes for everyone (even myself), promo smart.

Show of the Week

King of Elite

In order to begin 2018, we had the privilege to have King of Elite as the first show of the year. Personally, I thought it was quite unique to start the year with an FPV. I expect FPVs as big as King of Elite to occur in the middle of the month. I thought the two week breather (not counting The Shrine) would somehow be bad because just like with school and such, you’re gone for two weeks and there goes your memory with certain things you spent the last couple months learning about. Not sure if anyone can relate to that, but that normally happens with me. With King of Elite, I felt like there was matches that were wonderfully build up. For example, I thought Jamie O’Hara vs. Lars Grier had the best anticipation due to their last confrontation in the Bhristmas Special. Another good example would be the King of Elite Finals. Even though there was not as much interaction between the three brand representatives, the anticipation was there and I could not wait for this match.

The thing I believed that hurt the build up with brands such as Dynasty and Showdown is not getting shows up on time. The last show of the year was a week late and for the go-home before King of Elite, this is supposed to wrap the angles together for the big event. I understand that people may get unmotivated or have situations in their own personal lives. There may also be the conflict of people not wanting to backup write a match, but by not having shows done on time, it may have left some of the talent not knowing the fucking direction their character is going. There are big angles that should not be short resulted–Cameron being the mystery hoodie who had been costing The High Rollerz their matches or her reasoning for doing so as it set up the tag match at King of Elite (this is just one example, but I do believe there are more examples). My personal opinion is that major arcs that are supposed to progress a storyline forward should not be short resulted. I feel like those matches/segments that does a job of progressing a storyline forward should be a priority to complete. I mean, WHO THE FUCK FORGETS TO WRITE THE INTRO TO KING OF ELITE?? @@@CARLOS

Despite the weak build-up with some of the angles, I do believe Dynasty and Showdown had AMAZING matches for their show. I thought the show opened with a fantastic Ladder Match with The Heart Break Gal and Tiberius Jones. HBG took a lot of bumps in the match. There was bumps that were the same bumps that she took at Road to Redemption and costed her not to continue the match. I was glad that little details like those were added to tell a story in the match. There was an unpredictability factor. There was moments where I thought Tiberius would take his title back. I think adding the element of the Ladder Match made sense with their feud. If HBG wanted her title back, she needed to climb up there to get it and she did. The Answers World Championship was amazing and the one thing that I loved about the match was that there was progression after the match. The Heart Break Boy turning on The Pizza Boy was something I was sensing to happen, but had no idea when it would happen. I thought The Heart Break Boy vs. Nico Borg was was correctly executed. Nico should have returned and continued his reign and I’m glad that he did. Aria Jaxon vs. Astraea Jordan was an amazing match. This is probably the best I have seen Astraea go. I think this may have been a breakthrough moment for her. I have been enjoying Aria’s title reign and I do sense someone like Cloud will be the one to dethrone her. As of right now, it can be anyone’s ballgame to take kick Aria off her throne. With the Iconic Cup in the way, I think this is a perfect way to get the title off Aria which won’t hurt her.

Match of the Week

The High Rollerz vs. Di Consentes

This maybe an unpopular choice for Match of the Week, but I thought The High Rollerz vs. Di Consentes was an SPECTACULAR match. This had so many pinfalls. I thought every person in this match shined like a fucking diamond. There was moments where I thought Di Consentes were going to pull off this match. This was fucking brutal. This was a perfect example about what lengths The High Rollerz would go to retain the Unified Tag Team Championships. If any of you were doubters about how good The High Rollerz are, read this match. It was fucking amazing. It’s been a while since I was in awe of a Tag Team Match. This was an amazing example of how much The High Rollerz want competition in their dead Division. I mean, in 2018, can we please give them some competition? There’s The Wild Boyz, Dragon Slayers, We are the Bollocks. I wouldn’t mind seeing Cloud team up with ANYONE in their management. Cloud and Carlos would be a dope team. There’s quite a few talent just floating around in EAW, I know they might prefer individual success, but see what happens when you throw them in a team. Just ANYTHING to keep this Tag Division floating. Come on people, I know The High Rollerz look scary, but they won’t bite…yeah, they kinda will, but once you look past the bite marks on your arms, they remind you of cute little puppies. Other than that, I liked how Di Consentes did not lose cleanly. Normally, I am not a fan of Cameron taking the fall for things, but I’m okay with a situation like this. She fell like a champ…thanks to Drake Jaeger. I am really intrigued to what happens with him and how he copes with HBG turning his back on him.

Promoer of the Week


Despite my personal rant on Beef of the Week, I am going to give Promoer of the Week to Stark. This guy is truly an MVP. He was someone who died for our sins for Sheridan to get the boot. He took a lot of shit that week and I was glad that he remained his composure the entire week. Sure, it could be because he is a face, but I thought he handled whatever Sheridan said to him better than I did. Not sure, if it’s the weed he was smoking or what, but I think we all need to be like face Stark when cutting a promo. It sucks that the match went down the way it did, I thought Cameron vs. Stark deserved a lot more than what we got. There is no denying that he is amazing. He needs to continue being motivated. I do think he will get his time under the sun. He is too talented no too. I know how it feels to promo your ass off and not get the results you want it, I’ve been down that road so many times. It gets discouraging and for me at least, it puts doubts in my mind about if I’m good enough. The best thing to do is most past it and wonder what you need to do to get better. Even the best promoers have room to improve and we have many great ones here. I do think Stark will redeem himself from Pain for Pride. His road to redemption did not end at King of Elite. I do see him playing part of being part of the Hardcore Championship picture. I could also see another match with Darkane in his future.

Champion of the Week

Jamie O’Hara

Okay, Jamie. You’re part on MVE now. Are you happy? So apparently, this guy broke a record at Shock Value and the week after. I think that was something that I should have mentioned, but my stupid ass forgot about it due to the GOAT Shock Collar Match for the World Heavyweight Championship! For eight fucking month, that face has been shoved down our throats–especially, Cameron’s and some of you are wondering WHO WILL DETHRONE THIS SNEK? Well, my money is on Keelan Cetinich. If there is anything I love in this world, it is Aussie-on-Aussie violence. I want to see two of the biggest kangaroos on Voltage murder each other because I hear Australia’s murder laws are pretty solid and want to see them in action. King of Elite was no different for Jamie. I mean, he spent the last two weeks tending the words of his girlfriend/fiancee/missus (IS CAMERON ENGAGED OR NAH? DID SHE SAY YES OR NO AS SHE WAS BLEEDING POOLS OF BLOOD ON HER STRETCHER?) Basically, there was a lot weighing on the mind of Jamie. This is probably the most character development this bloke has gotten all year. Instead of him acting serious and playing a bit of mind games, he knew how it felt to get a taste of his own medicine with Lars Grier. There was the possibility that Jamie was going to lose the title, but I was surprised to see him retain. I thought Lars had the title won until the Bhristmas Special. Jamie has done a great job as champion and is highly deserving of being the Longest Reigning World Champion in EAW History. Honestly, I don’t see Jamie walking into Grand Rampage with the title. I say within the next month or two, he loses the title. I would be surprised if he keeps the title for a year, but what happens to him afterwards is the real question?

Most Valuable Elitist

Theron Nikolas

Congratulations to the 2018 King of Elite, Theron Nikolas! This was bound to happen. There is no guy that is more deserving of this accomplishment. For the past several months, I believed this guy was secondary to someone else’s story. He had multiple times where I thought he would dethrone Tiberius Jones for the EAW Championship. Ever since losing his 24/7 cash in, he has went downhill. You cannot expect a guy to put over everyone without something good like this happening. Theron has suffered many losses and I think without them, it would not have lead him to his point. I think this man is amazing and has a bright future. You just need to pull the trigger on him and see what he does. With this King of Elite crown, he cannot rush to cash it in. This is the last thing that should happen. With this crown, he cannot lose another cash in. This cash in should be a success and this has to lead him to a championship reign. To be honest, I could see him dethroning The Heart Break Gal. I do think that he is the best person for her to drop the title too. In some way, they are both similar. Both have chased the EAW for most of 2017; they have suffered losses. The difference was that HBG was the one to dethrone Tiberius. Theron was unable to do that. In order to get that EAW Championship match, he will need to go throw Ares Vendetta, who he defeated to secure his spot in the semi-finals. I have questions about that? Wasn’t Ares fired at Kingsroad? Did I miss something? I feel like this stuff needs to be addressed because I am confused as fuck at the moment. Congrats Theron! You were amazing last week and I hope you make this reign as King worth it!





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