Most Valuable Elitist #120

By December 15, 2017EAW Articles
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Rising Star of the Week

Daisy Thrash

#DaisyBetter…DO NOT AT ME. Man, I was fucking impressed with her. She proved that when given the opportunity, she could shine. People may have thought that Andrea Valentine had this match in the bag, but Daisy was truly a surprise in this match. I felt that she proved herself that she can be a wonderful asset on the Empire brand. I do believe that she could be a huge contender if Empire knows the talent they have within her. Personally, I would love to see another match with her and Andrea. I do think that Andrea has some unfinished business with Daisy. I’m quite curious to see how Daisy would handle herself in just a regular match setting. In the past, she has done well. I think the victory at Bloodletter gave her the confidence she needed to continue this journey in EAW. I know that she needed to hold it in and just wait for her perfect opportunity to strike.

Beef of the Week

Tarah Nova vs. Sheridan Muller

This was one of the most personal beefs of the entire week. Just the promos these two brought at each other the entire week was terrifying. I did not know what these two were going to say, but each time, they brought something personal to the table. With beefs like this, it can be pretty difficult to almost lose our sense of kayfabe and reality. I would just be careful to anyone who may find themselves in a similar situation like this. You’re not reading a promo. You’re pretending the promo is a video or recording or what not. I felt like that was a minor critique that I felt like Sheridan should watch out for. Tarah too for future reference. Honestly, anyone else who bothers reading this. Even me. :eyes: Overall, I loved how the girls brought the personality of the angle into their promos. I enjoyed reading their work and I cannot wait to see how all of this continues with Sheridan joining alliances with Haruna and Azumi and forming The Axis. I cannot wait to hear what is going to be up with all of that.

Show of the Week


For the very first FPV, I gotta give everyone who contributed a round of applause. Man, Bloodletter was such an amazing read beginning to end. I was pretty spot on with most of my predictions. I felt like each storyline either closed or continued in the most correct way possible. There was quite a few shocks that I was not prepared for, but I am excited to see how it all pans out. I love that we got some closure in the Megan Raine and Sydney St. Clair saga. I think that Megan is the perfect contender for Consuela’s championship. I love how we get a continuance when it comes to Haruna/Tarah by having her and Azumi side with Sheridan. I thought this was a twist that I was not prepared for. To be honest, I loved it. I think this stable will be a heat magnet. This could also be the push that Haruna and Azumi have been really needing for their characters. If Sheridan continues on the good path she is at, I feel like she can be Womens Champion in 2018. I could see Haruna as Specialists Champion again. I could see Azumi being a serious threat. I feel like 2018 can be the year where all the underutilized or overlooked talent will get their due. All they need to do is hang in there…even more than they are right now.

Match of the Week

Aria Jaxon vs. Stephanie Matsuda

As we continue talking about Bloodletter, I am still amazed by the match with Aria Jaxon and Stephane Matsuda. I thought it lived up to the hype. It exceed my expectations. I thought it was raw and personal. It really tug me at the heartstrings. It was one of the first times in a while where I saw Aria struggling to put someone away. It was the first time I saw Aria to break down in a while. This was quite interesting to see Aria’s character handle not putting Stephanie the way she has always done with her previous challengers. In this match, I thought Stephanie would have done enough to defeat Aria. This was one of the first matches in Aria’s title defense where I thought a title change could happen. I wouldn’t have been shocked. This was one of the matches that left you on the edge of your seats. Even after the match, it left me wondering what is next for these two friends. Will their friendship ever be the same? Will Astraea Jordan find a way to use that to her advantage? What is next for Stephanie Matsuda? I thought this match was going to answer EVERYTHING for me? However, it left me with more questions than I can handle.

Promoer of the Week


Champion of the Week

Consuela Rose Ava

I was beyond shock, but happy to see Consuela Rose Ava retain her Specialists Championship. Personally, I knew that Mallory Wilde would be the one to take the fall in the match, but I was not expecting for the competition to be as dangerous and tight as it was. Chelsea was a monster. April was a fighter. Mallory brought her A-game. There was a solid group of contenders and either one of them could have walked out as champion. I was quite concerned about how Consuela would be portrayed in this situation. I thought I was going to get some screwy finish and have her retain that way. I was glad with the way she retained. I was glad that we left some of the comedy to the side and let her be a defending champion. I’m hyped with seeing defend the title against Megan. I’m not sure what to expect with this next title defense. I think it will happen on Empire. I believe at some point before King of Elite. It should be an amazing match. I cannot wait to see these two clash.

Most Valuable Elitist

Aria Jaxon

For the last MVE of 2017, I give it to Aria Jaxon! What amazing work from you not only at Bloodletter, but for the entire year in general. This woman has carried the Empire brand and it became official around the second half of 2017. I think that Aria exemplifies a wonderful leader not only for the Womens Division. I thought she was a great representation during Brody’s passing. She was one of the few that kept EAW together during a time of need. Other that, I have been compelled with her matches since she’s been champion. I thought her title defenses have been top notch and some of the best of the entire year. I feel like what Aria is to Empire is what Jamie O’Hara is to Voltage and that is a very dominating champion. I hope Aria does not lose sight of that and continues to be a kick ass champion. There’s going to be girls like Astraea Jordan who are looking to knock her out of her thrown, but Aria has it within her to hold her ground no matter what.










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