Most Valuable Elitist #119

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Rising Star of the Week


Beef of the Week

Ares Vendetta vs. Theron Nikolas

In one of the semi-finals match for the Showdown bracket of King of Elite, everything was on the line for Ares Vendetta. For Ares, he needed to win to Showdown bracket in order to secure The Triumvirate as a stable until Tiberius IV came out. For Theron, he needed this win after suffering constant failures for going after the EAW Championship. To me, it was going to be very difficult to determine a winner of this match. I thought both guys did a fantastic job this week. Both men cut excellent promos. I thought this was a situation where both men losing would hurt them in the process. Before the match card came out, I thought this could have been a potential match for the finals. By how the outcome of the match played along, I was shocked to see Ares get himself disqualified. It was something I could not imagine in a million billion years. It was a well-deserved victory for Theron. I feel like out of the two guys, he needed to advance to the finals more than Ares did. I think Theron is an excellent representation of Showdown. Voltage and Dynasty better bring their best talent or Theron could give Showdown King of Elite once again.

Show of the Week


The best Showdown Supershow since Redemption. This show blew every other Supershow done this month out of the water. I thought everything about this show was perfect. I had a few minor things that irked me, but I felt like Showdown proved once again why it is considered the A brand. There was well-deserved victories from this show. I was amazed by the booking. This show had unpredictability within it – something I felt like the other brands need to take notes on. Diamond Cage vs. Jaywalker finally had a nice ending to his feud with the Triumvirate. It was so nice to see Cage get that victory. I feel that the victory places him in the right path to get a shot at the EAW Championship. Rex McAllister vs. Jack Ripley was a great match. I loved how the hooded figure showed up in this match. At this moment, I am not quite sure who can it be? It’s not Robbie V right? :eyes:  I thought the finals with Rex vs. Theron was a perfect final. I was a little sad to see Rex come in second in the Showdown bracket again, but I feel like with his feud with John Doe, it will push his character to the next level. I am so glad that we got the end of The Triumvirate. I was showed to see it end within two matches. I thought it would have had more suspense to the stable ending, but at least, it’s over right? :heh:

Match of the Week

The Heart Break Gal vs. Tiberius IV vs. Ryan Marx

As we continue onto the topic of Kingsroad, we talk about our amazing main event. I loved the twists and turns presented into the match. From HBG crashing to the announcers’ table to CM Banks returning, it was impossible for me to tell who would end up winning the match. I thought the three individuals in the match have their own cases for why they should be EAW Champion. There were the seeds planted within the Heart Break Gal. There was Tiberius IV being the champion who somehow retains his title and there was Ryan Marx who cashed in his Openweight Championship for a EAW title match. I thought any three of these people would have been amazing champions. I thought everyone in the match looked strong and good. They all have stories going on to Showdown this weekend. I feel like none of these people are going to be left in the dark. I thought everyone did an amazing job. They left the match stronger than they did entering the match – which can be a tough thing to do in title matches like these.

Promoer of the Week

See MVE.

Champion of the Week


YOU DESERVE IT! (CLAP) (CLAP) (CLAP). There is no telling how fucking proud I am of Nobi. When he won the title, I felt my cold heart become warm. There is something about Nobi that everyone wants to see succeed. I wanted to see him succeed. This is a prime example of hard work finally paying off in the end. Nobi has grown to be one of the best in the mid-card Division. I do believe that his character is full of heart. He hates to express hatred for any of his opponents. He believes in doing the right thing. Kind of reminds me of Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender with how nice and peaceful his nature is. There is something about how he is that makes me want to gravitate his character. He is probably one of the few in the locker room who deserves all the success he has gotten. I hope that with him as champion, we will get some interesting matchups. He can play a sympathetic face to perfection. He will be the ultimate heel magnet for any heel that needs to be established and get some heat within himself. I am excited to see how this reign goes. Please don’t lose the title too soon.

Most Valuable Elitist

The Heart Break Gal

THE FUCKING GLASS CEILING IS BROKEN. DESTROYED. NO MORE. FUCK YOU MEN WHO THOUGHT THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN. *coughs* Sorry, it’s just an emotional moment. There is no other woman in the locker room as deserving for this achievement. The Heart Break Gal has done it! She is EAW Champion! She is one of the faces of Elite and man, it’s such a beautiful face to look at. Take notes, Jamie O’Hara and Nico Borg. Massive congratulations to HBG! She is truly one of the goats of the womens wrestling. I love how supportive the women have been for one another. There is no sense of competition within us. There is only building each other up and the support for this title win has made this bitch almost cry. Almost. Camille doesn’t cry. Only when her booze is out and no dick is in sight. :mjcry: Honestly, HBG has been here the longest. Ten years ago, the thought of a female winning a male World Championship seemed unrealistic. It would have been laughed at. This gives girls like me, Cam, Aria, but mostly me that we can be World Champions one day. Continue to kick ass girls because when your ten year comes up, you are going to get the title. Still HBG, you’re awesome! I am proud! Girl, continue to slay and know that the Womens Wrestling Angel is looking down on you in pride.

Note: Also, to whoever is voting for the EAW Awards, vote for who you think is worthy of the Awards. Let friendship aside. No time for shit like that. Other than that, happy voting!










Also, congrats to Jamie O’Hara on breaking the record. Not only did he break Brian Daniels’ record, but he broke Ares Vendetta’s record this past Monday. Congrats on having a year that is not basura. Proud of you, champ!

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