Most Valuable Elitist #118

By November 30, 2017EAW Articles
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Rising Star of the Week

Astraea Jordan

The Gawd Complex introduced its newest member in Astraea Jordan. To be held in admiration by our chairman, it means that you need to continue to impress. That is what Astraea did on Empire last week. Not only did she get a victory over Azumi Goto, but she proved that she could eventually find herself in the title picture again. Astraea has “gawd given” talent and it cannot be denied. By aligning herself by her fellow member in Malcolm Jones, I do think that these two will be an unstoppable force in their respected brands. I find myself gravitating towards her style, personality and presence. She has that ability that screams future champion. The rest of the women on Empire should be on high alert because the moment she gets inserted into a championship picture, that title can be hers for the taking. Astraea should take all the time in the world. No need to rush perfection. Her interview with Stew-O this week should put everything to perspective with where her future would be. Honestly, her future being bright needs no announcement.

Beef of the Week

Finnegan Wakefield vs. Jon McAdams

It’s about time that Finnegan Wakefield defending the New Breed Championship. This young man has all the potential in the world to elevate the championship. I thought this confrontation was a great battle between two men who are hungry for gold. Somehow, I wouldn’t have been  shocked to see Jon McAdams walk away with the win. I do think this guy continues to kill it daily. I do think that he will get his lucky shot at a championship in 2018, but right now, Finnegan needed something to display his dominance as champion. I thought Jon was a fantastic challenger and I was not expecting for these two to get this accomplishment. That just shows that the New Breed Championship picture is something that everyone needs to pay attention to. It’s where we got most of our future main eventers and if these two continue on the path they’re at, then they will be in that list. I have no clue how either man can up the effort from Shock Value, but I like to see them try in the future.

Show of the Week

Shock Value

Shock Value on Sunday had its moments of confusion when it came to me. There was quite a few unpredictable moments in the match that made me scratch my head; however, it was a good show as a whole.When it came to having everyone be shocked by some of the results, you can debate if Voltage executed that.The show opened with Finnegan Wakefield vs. Jon McAdams. With the amount of promoing these men did during the week, I thought opening the show with them was a great way to set the tone for the night. I thought the match showed the competitiveness between the two men. The ending was amazing! I thought this was one of the few results of the weekend in which I felt was a good way to go with. I thought both Finn and Jon did great. I think the draw was the right direction. It leaves these two to have another match. That should be exciting. The Electric Gauntlet Match was a good match to follow the first match. I thought the match had its moments. I loved El Ironico bring a cocktail bar to the match. I loved Cody Marshall being electrocuted by the cocktail. I am glad to see Harvey Yorke win the match. I thought it was well-deserved and I cannot wait to see him versus Finnegan. Keelan Cetinich versus Lars Grier was a great match! I did not expect Lars to pick up the victory, but I thought either man deserved the win. I look forward to seeing where Lars will throw Jamie off next. I hope Lars brings the challenge to the champ. As for Keelan, I get the feeling that he will represent Voltage at King of Elite. Perhaps, he can win KOE unlike a certain Aussie last year. :eyes: After, it was the High Voltage Match for the Interwire Championship. I never did think that Carlos would win the match. I think he was the last person I was expecting to win. However, congratulations to him. He is one of the most hard working guys in the back and I cannot wait to see what this reign brings him. I cannot wait to figure out what Kenny Drake will say about that Amadeus situation. He is the reason Amadeus lost the title in the first place.

Match of the Week

Jamie O’Hara vs. Chris Elite

As we continue to talk about Shock Value, we talk about our Match of the Week- Jamie O’Hara vs. Chris Elite in an Electric Dog Collar Match. Okay, I don’t get the decision behind the Electric Dog Collar Match. Personally, I would have went with the High Voltage Match. Besides the stipulation, I loved this match as a whole. There was two questions going into this match. Will Jamie break the record? Will Chris finally get the title after seven years of being part of EAW? I thought in this match, we saw a completely different Jamie. Could we have seen a man who was concerned about letting his championship go? I thought this was a different tone than we were always seeing with him. I feel like this could plant the seeds for a title reign dropping eventually. One of the biggest “wah” moments of the entire weekend was Jamie holding Big Mike captive. It just seemed a little out of his character. I thought it made Jamie seem like a coward (I know he’s a heel, but still). It can be debated that Chris looked a little soft in the end of the match, I thought this protects him. It showed him how Big Mike means to him. That he sees him as more than his heavy. Plus, there is also the fact that Chris did not lose clean. This protects him and possibly we could see another match against them eventually.  I thought the match was great. The ending still has me baffled, but Jamie O’Hara is the longest World Heavyweight Champion thanks to his lovely girlfriend and star of Jameron, Cameron Ella Ava. c:

Promoer of the Week


Champion of the Week

Carlos Rosso

Just like I said in the Show of the Week section, I don’t think I was expecting for Carlos Rosso to win a title. I mean, when was the last time he won some sort of title? I like the fact that it brought some unpredictability into the show. I felt like he has been letting people stomp all over him for too long. I think winning the title will bring back some confidence back. Also, I think this could lead him to becoming World Champion. There is no knowing what this Interwire Championship title reign can bring to him. I do think Carlos has been the bridesmaid and never the bride when it comes to his feuds. I think this is a fantastic way to get him back into the upper mid-card/main event level. Carlos cannot stop his hardwork and dedication now, he has been amazing. He has shown that hard work truly pays off in the end. I feel like this is what he needs to get his character taken serious. He needs this to establish himself as a legit threat once again. Congratulations, Carlos! You wanted this and you earned it!

Most Valuable Elitist

Lars Grier

As for another result I was not expecting to happen, I thought it would be too soon to have Lars Grier be in a title picture. I feel like he needed a tiny more building to be a main event talent, but I feel like an opportunity against the World Champion can help him get to the level he wants too. There is no doubt that Lars has all the tools in his bag. Being what most would consider a rookie, I feel like he is better than some of talent who have been here forever. I feel that there is something special in him that wants to be the best on Voltage. I think this match with Jamie will bring his best work. I do think this will help push him to the next level. I cannot wait to see this feud began. I think it’s going to be fantastic. I do believe that there are a quite few people on Voltage credible enough to dethrone Jamie. I feel that if Lars continues to up his game, he could be one of those names. Not saying he is now, but you have to be a different kind of monster to take down our current champion. Good luck, Lars. This could be your big break.








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