Most Valuable Elitist #117

By November 17, 2017EAW Articles
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Rising Star of the Week

Tomi Venus

I mean, who was shocked that under the mask of Target Smiles was Tomi Venus underneath? Anybody? Well, what a way to come back to EAW other than leaving Jacob Senn a bloody mess after losing to him? Basically, I wondering why it took him this long to reveal his true identity? I thought Target Smiles was going to be no one underneath the mask.When I say no one, I mean no one that we are already familiar with. To be quite honest, I am not really familiar with Tomi’s work, but with what transpired on Dynasty, it has given me promise that this character is something great to behold. I thought the return is unexpected. Not sure if there will be a feud between him or Jacob (or if that was just a beating to send a message to everyone on Dynasty), but his explanation should be quite interesting. I loved how he took the loss, but looked strong in the aftermath. I think Dynasty does a great job with making sure both competitors in the match look good.

Beef of the Week

Aria Jaxon vs. Chelsea Crowe

I’m really impressed with Chelsea Crowe. When this character debuted, I thought Empire should build her as a top heel. I was not expecting her to get a match with the Womens Champion, Aria Jaxon so quickly. Chelsea needed the one opponent to make herself be taken seriously. Aria needed that one heel that was going to push her to the next level. I think this match was a perfect combination of the two. I loved how Chelsea looked in the match; dominating and intimidating. I love how the first time in a little while Aria looked a little less dominating. As much as I adore her as a dominating and fighting champion, I do like seeing Aria in a different light where she was not able to get the job done. I’m wondering if Aria vs. Chelsea is a potential match up for after Bloodletter. I do think that it would be interesting to see what these two bring up to the table. It’s a different match up and I would love to see these styles clash once again. As of right now, it seems like she is the only legit threat for Aria’s championship. Meanwhile, the other heels can try to build themselves up and hopefully get in line for a title shot. Great job to you lady(ies), you were amazing!

Show of the Week


For Show of the Week, Dynasty takes this award. For the aftermaths of Road to Redemption, I was curious to see how some of the stars would handle their losses. I loved how the show opened with a segment between Mr. DEDEDE/Jacob Senn. Jacob was one of the characters who I was curious about how he would respond after he beat the holy shit out of Nasir Moore. Suspending Jacob from the Answers World Championship pictures puts one less contender in that spot and hopefully another one in it. I feel that Jacob will get his match with Mr. DEDEDE, it’s just a matter of when? As I mentioned the return of Tomi Venus, who was really Target Smiles, we also saw the return of the man, the myth, Jacob Moore. He was gone for four months, so it should be interesting to see how he does in this run. I wonder if he will eventually find himself in the Hardcore Championship picture, but I would start him off in a small feud and work his way up. We also saw Hurricane Hawk avenge his loss at Road to Redemption, I do think there is potential with him. Some would debate that he shouldn’t have been eliminated so soon in the match, but I feel like Hawk needs to gain the trust of people that he will not be leaving anytime soon. It could take a while, but I would love to see him stick around. He is someone I would hate to see leave. Darkane vs. Hurricane Hawk is going to be amazing! I do think one of these guys could be a shoo-in for King of Elite. I think this match has potential to steal the show. I love that the seeds are being planted for King of Elite. I do see a few guys I could see representing Dynasty like Darkane, Hawk, Ahren or even Nasir. Maybe, there is a few talent here that could win Dynasty the King of Elite crown, unlike the last representative. :eyes:

Match of the Week

The Pizza Boy vs. Ahren Fournier

As we talk about Dynasty a little more, we talk about the main event of the night; the former Answers World Champion, The Pizza Boy takes on the Thrill Fairy Ahren Fournier. With both competitors coming from losses, both needed this win to redeem themselves. I thought the match was fun and it made me sad to see  The Pizza Boy feel disappointed in himself. I feel like these type of emotions did great with making the crowd relate to him in some sort of way. When it came to this match, I thought both these guys did amazing. I do think that Ahren needs something going for him at the moment. I’m also concerned about what is next with The Pizza Boy? I’m not sure if he gets himself involved in the Scott vs. Scott match or if he waits for his turn sometime in the New Year. Both these guys need to get themselves together and not get tossed aside. I am excited to see what are in the cards for these guys. I thought they were amazing last week with promoing.

Promoer of the Week


Champion of the Week

The High Rollerz

As The High Rollerz move from The Triumvirate to Di Consentes, they need to prove why they’re the best in EAW. Even though they got victory over A-Will and Aiden Deimos, it was a good showing after Road to Redemption. With the Tag Division so dead, they High Rollerz have made best of it. They have defeated teams from RoViper to The Triumvirate, will things be different when they face Cameron Ella Ava and The Heart Break Gal? Whenever the next FPV/Supershow appears, we will learn the answer to that. It should be quite interesting to see how these teams interact with each other within the next couple of weeks. There’s that and there’s also the King of Elite Tournament in which both Jack Ripley and David Davidson will be a part of. As we know little about when this match up to take place, hopefully, within the next few weeks, more information about this future match up will show.

Most Valuable Elitist

Ryan Marx

After defeating Stephanie Matsuda, Ryan Marx has secured his Openweight Championship for a future EAW Championship Match. At Kingsroad, Ryan Marx will cash in his championship to face Tiberius IV for the EAW Championship. Now, I’m not quite show what this match up will result in. Tiberius IV has defeated almost EVERYONE on the Showdown brand. He had just defeated five other men (and woman) to retain his championship. It should be quite interesting to see if Ryan Marx will be the man to dethrone Tiberius IV. I kept wondering how Ryan would insert himself into the title picture. I thought there might have been a little waiting on his part to cash in on the title opportunity, but I feel that this would be a refreshing match to see. I want to recall that Ryan Marx has had a World Championship Match before, but I might be getting him confused with Nico Borg. I think Ryan is amazing. I am surprised he’s not in the main event picture already. These next few weeks should be quite interesting for this championship picture.

Note: So, I’m not quite sure if I’ll have the time to do MVE next week. My work schedule is insane as we’re prepping for Black Friday and whatnot. I’ll try my best to have it up tho! If not, we should have back and running the following week. The last MVE will be one week before the Awards Show and I’ll be done until 2018.







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