Most Valuable Elitist #112

Beef of the Week


Show of the Week


For Show of the Week, this category goes to Showdown. On the road to the last big four of 2017, Showdown has exceeded all expectations. There was much great matches and segments this week. The EAW Championship Match with Tiberius IV and The Heart Break Gal was a wonderful match. I’m not sure what was the point with giving HBG the title match early on. It’s a questionable thing to make her lose to Tiberius before the match. It doesn’t give her an edge at all. Unless, you plan to make Tiberius vs. HBG as the final two in the chamber match with HBG getting the victory or HBG winning in some sort of way. Although, I thought the match was fantastic and she put up a great fight. It makes me question how she’ll do inside the chamber.  The segment with Brian Daniels and John Doe ( I think they’re the same person. :eyes:) was quite interesting. I’m thinking that Devan Dubian vs. John Doe happens at Road to Redemption with Doe winning. I also see Doe playing part in costing Rex the EAW Championship and setting up a feud between the two of them. The Tag Match with Theron Nikolas and Diamond Cage facing John Doe and Rex McAllister played into the factor that the EEC match was going to be every man for himself. From the looks of things, I am concerned about the activity of Diamond Cage for RTR. He need to really bring it into the match if he wants to win. The contract signing between Stephanie Matsuda and Ryan Marx was intense. Honestly, I see Stephanie as Marx’s last victim before he goes after the EAW Championship. Probably at some point after RTR will Marx find his way into the title picture. I know for a fact that Stephanie is going to put a hell of a fight. It seems like The High Rollerz vs. The Triumvirate will happen at Road to Redemption and the winners face the winners of the Grand Prix. Good luck to the Prix winners, they gonna need it.

Match of the Week

Elimination Chamber Match for the National Elite Championship

So, I had a REALLY difficult time deciding on the Match of the Week for last week. It was up to Cameron Ella Ava vs. TLA’s Street Fight on Voltage which was a fantastic read and it was wonderfully written. On the other hand, there was also the Extreme Elimination Chamber Match for the National Elite Championship. In the end, I chose the Extreme Elimination Chamber Match. It’s rare to see this kind of match up in one of the four brands. There was a shitload of talent from James Ranger, Mark Michaels, Nobi, Lucas Johnson, Lance Hart and our champion, Prince of Phenomenal. Once again, Lucas Johnson was eliminated first in a giant match up. This happens to be his third big match up. I think it’s time to send him back to the New Breed Division since he’s doing nothing on Showdown. Coming from NEO, I thought James Ranger did great for his first time in the chamber match. Perhaps, NEO can produce successful talent. Mark Michaels and Lance Hart did great and I feel like they needed to bring out more to the match. One of the biggest stars to shine in the match happened to be Nobi! Man, I thought for a second he was going to win the title. I would have liked for him to do that, but I would hated for him to get thrown into the chamber match against dangerous men and we must protect Nobi at all costs. In the end, I think they picked the right winner. I thought POP did fantastic and I think he was the best bet to be placed against talent like Tiberius, Theron, DC, HBG and Rex. The match was wonderful and I cannot wait for the chamber matches at RTR.

Promoer of the Week


Champion of the Week

Tiberius IV

Going into Road to Redemption, I think Tiberius IV is in fantastic shape. Getting a victory over one of his challengers for the EAW Championship is a great way to approach Road to Redemption. Just like I said in the previous category, I think there is a lot of impressive talent in the match. There is no telling how the eliminations will go do like in other matches. I would be pretty shocked to see Tiberius retain his  championship, but if he does, I do think that it will make The Triumvirate even stronger. I do think that it will leave a lot of questions in the minds of people about who will be the one to overthrow Tiberius. I would think that maybe, this is where Ryan Marx gets inserted into the picture, but I question going through another heel title reign. To me, it seems like heels are always the one with the longer title reigns and it’s rare to see a face with a long title reign. A victory over POP would place Tiberius above his competition in my opinion, but champions winning at weekly shows and losing at FPVs might be what exactly what will happen.

Most Valuable Elitist

Prince of Phenomenal

When it was first announced that the Prince of Phenomenal would defend the National Elite Championship in an Extreme Elimination Chamber, I would have thought there was no chance he would retain. I just thought his activity in the beginning of his current run was going to be his downfall; however, the more activity I have been seeing from him, the more hope that I would think he would be able to pull of this title defense well. I am highly impressed what I have been seeing from him in the past few weeks. I know that it is wrong for me to underestimate a former champion. POP has done a lot for EAW when I first joined. He was one of the main faces of the brand. He was one of the best AJ Styles before Jacob Senn came along. Honestly, I am looking forward to see his performance at Road to Redemption, I feel like he can go far if he continues what he has been doing at the moment. Eventually, I could see him working his way back up to the World Championship contention. I hope that he is still he and he is able to accomplish that.






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