Most Valuable Elitist #111

By September 28, 2017EAW Articles
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Beef of the Week

Glass Gauntlet Competitors

In a match with has a place in Showster’s heart, I gotta give Beef of the Week to the Glass Gauntlet Competitors. May word, the consistency and promoing activity with all these guys was amazing to match. Within the match, there was a few competitiors in which I could have seen winning the match. From looking at the match card, I thought the group of competitiors were fantastic. There was quite a few guys I could see feuding from this match. For the sake of the Hardcore Championship, I thought every guy killed this opportunity. It seemed like it was tough to pick a winner and I would have not wanted to be the one to crush many dreams that night. Despite to those who came from the losing end of the match, I hope that they are not discourage. They need to continue to be patient because I do believe that the opportunities will come to them. Overall, good job to the men who lost the match and I will talk about the winner of this match a little later.

Show of the Week

House of Glass

I could only catch a few matches on my phone since I was out of town. I had to read the show when it was posted. I regret not being on Discord to catch the show in its entirety, but it was a fantastic show and everyone involved in it should be proud of themselves. House of Glass opened with a strong opener in Scott Oasis vs. Tyler Parker. To be quite honest, I thought this match was going to be a little one sided, but I was glad that the match was competitive and Scott needed a victory to get himself possibly in Answers World Championship contention. Jacob Senn vs. Nico Borg was one of the more interesting matches in the card. Never did I think that a Glass Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match would be a thing. Seeing the entire thing unfold made this amazing. I did not expect Darkane vs. Scott Diamond to be one of the more bitter feuds on the card. For a match that seemed like it was going to be nothing at a first glace, the match itself became one of the best matches on the card. Scott brought everything into his match. For a second, I thought he was going to retain, but with how Darkane has been build up, there was no chance that he could lose in this match. The Glass Gauntlet exceeded my expectations. All these men had their moment in the match. Just like I said, I thought quite a few men could have pulled off a victory. As for the main event…

Match of the Week

The Pizza Boy vs. Eclipse Diemos vs. Nasir Moore

Our Main Event happens to be our Match of the Week! By looking at this match for the first time, there was quite a few guys who would have liked Eclipse Diemos or Nasir Moore to win the match. By looking at these three, I had no clue who would win the match. I thought these three men needed a victory to established their dominance on the Dynasty brand. I know for a fact that there were people would have liked to see Eclipse or Nasir win the match  for their own little reasons. For me, I wanted to see The Pizza Boy continue his reign. I did not think that that this was the place to lose the title because I couldn’t see him beginning a feud with Eclipse or Nasir due to losing the title. I feel like this is where we need someone like Nico Borg to snatch the title away from The Pizza Boy again; however, the more that I think about it, it would be more of a repeat of the build up to Pain for Pride X. You can have Nasir win the title and Nico Borg cash in the title. Have it be a different underdog, but same story. Not sure, if they want to continue that. I thought this match looked good. I am quite curious to see if Eclipse or Nasir make it into the Extreme Elimination Chamber. Honestly, I’m pumped to see The Pizza Boy defend the title there. To him, that will make the match a lot more interesting.

Promoer of the Week

Ahren Fournier

The winner of the Glass Gauntlet Match and Promoer of the Week is Ahren Fournier! Man, he fucking killed it last week! He put out some amazing material. For me, I was shocked when he didn’t win at Territorial Invasion. I thought he was going to be next in line for a push. To me, him winning the match was very well-deserving. There was probably no other guy in the match that needed this victory over him. He was probably the best promoer last week. However, I am quite concerned about moving him into the Hardcore Championship picture knowing who our current Hardcore Champion is. I’m not sure if Ahren is going to win this match, but it should be a fun battle to read about. I think Ahren has a bright future. I’m just awaiting for the moment where he wins another title? Will he be a two-time Hardcore Champion? Not sure, if it will be considered too soon for him to win a title back. He began the year as Hardcore Champion. If things end up where he wins the title back, I’ll be alright with him. Just like I said, he’s good and he needs to be pushed to the top of EAW.

Champion of the Week

Aria Jaxon

Smh, that Aria Jaxon is always protected. #STOPPROTECTINGARIA2K17. Nah, kidding. As the only champion to retain her title at Manifest Destiny, I have to give Aria Champion of the Week. Azumi put out a nice effort for herself, but Aria was in a whole other level. I thought Aria did great knowing the circumstances of the Womens World Championship picture. I had no clue what was going to happen with her. For the person to take the title off Aria, she is going to need to be GREAT. She is going to need to take the spot that Cailin left. As for her next challenger, I think that if Madison faces her, it will obviously be Madison vs. Aria at Road to Redemption. For whichever title Madison does not choose on, I would love to see them compete in an Extreme Elimination Chamber for the match. I feel like we have great women who could really shine in the match. An unexpecting contender could rise up (just like Brody last year) and become something great for Empire. I could see Aria having a challenge no matter what. I am excited to see what happens next with her. I could see her carrying that title for a while. As to who will dethrone her? I’m not quite sure, but Madison has a shot though.

Most Valuable Elitist


The new Hardcore Champion and Most Valuable Elitist, goes to Darkane. Since day one, this guy has killed it and proved to not be a generic dark character. The more familiar we got to him, I began to think that this guy is a big deal. Getting the victory over Jacob Senn on Dynasty a while back, I knew this guy was going to get pushed. I had the feeling that this guy was on the road to winning his first championship in EAW and I’m glad that he has made it to his destination. By the looks of things, it might be Darkane vs. Ahren at Road to Redemption, but I do get the feeling that Ahren might be the first challenger for the title. Darkane is such an amazing character. I have loved seeing his progress over the last several months. I can see great things coming out of this reign. By the looks of things, Road to Redemption is shaping up pretty good. I am very excited to see the direction his character goes with this title reign. To those challenging him for the title, I wish them all the luck in the world. You might not get out of the match alive.






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