Most Valuable Elitist #109

By September 14, 2017EAW Articles

Rising Star of The Week

James Ranger

As a recent graduate of NEO, James Ranger has found himself getting a huge opportunity by being placed in a Extreme Elimination Chamber Match for the National Elite Championship. Now, I’m usually concerned about putting fresh blood in such a big match and for a title. By getting opportunities as huge as this, this could be a good sign of how you stack up against the rest of the competition. You can either sink or float.You can rise to the occasion like Aria Jaxon or you can sink like Johnny Nova. Not quite sure if being in between that will be seen as a good thing if you’re trying to win a championship, but I get the feeling that the Prince of Phenomenal will not walk out of the match still champion. I am pretty confident that there will be a new National Elite Champion. POP can prove me wrong and I will own up to that if he does, but James looks to be in better shape than him approaching the match. I hope that the victory over POP gave him a new wave of confidence and I hope that he continues to impress. If he continues to go on the path he is going, he can be a top player when it comes to the National Elite Championship scene. There is promise with James Ranger. I look forward to see his performance in the match.


Beef of the Week

Bound by Fate vs. Nightmare

There was a ton of potential Beef of the Weeks for this MVE; Cailin Dillon vs. Stephanie Matsuda, Ryan Marx vs. CM Banks, but the one that impressed me the most was Bound by Fate (Keelan Cetinich and Madison Kaline) vs. The Nightmare (Solomon Caine and Jon McAdams). I got to hand it to both teams. They fucking killed it for their Grand Prix Match. From looking at the back and forth promoing, I couldn’t tell who would win the match. I wouldn’t be shocked to see any of them walk away with the victory. It was so fun to read all of their work. I was very impressed with Madison. I was quite concerned to see how she would do outside of Empire. I knew that she had been wanting to fight some of the guys and I thought she did very well. Solomon continues to impress me and get better. I feel like this year, he has begun to find his groove. I just think that he needs to attack his opponents a little more and I do think that he will grow even more with his character. Keelan was fantastic and I just feel like he brings the best out of Madison. Jon has been stepping it up these past couple of weeks and has room to grow as well. I was quite happy with how all four of them did. I think this Beef of the Week was well-deserved and I believe they earned the attention of more people to give a crap about the Grand Prix. As for Bound by Fate, good luck against Di Consentes. It should be a hell of a match!

Show of the Week


What? Empire for Show of the Week again? Is Eclipse paying me? You’ll be the judge of that. I thought that Empress of Elite: Night One was amazing, but the Second Night was even more amazing. I felt like all the matches on the card were fantastic. Plus, the Cailin controversy made wanting to be there for the live show a whole lot interesting. Would Stephanie get another squash match? Would Cailin get beat up by the entire Empire brand? Well, as we got more into depth about Cailin vs. Stephanie on the next category, I wanted to bring up some of the things that occurred on this episode of Empire. Madison Kaline vs. Azumi Goto was a great way to begin the episode. I was leaning towards Madison in the match and she happened to win the match. The one thing I did not expect Azumi to do was to cash in her forgettable Control in the Vault briefcase for a shot at Aria Jaxon’s Womens Championship at Manifest Destiny. With Cailin out of the picture, I’m guessing they were scrambling for a heel to take her place in the match. I hope that Azumi can step up going against one of the best on Empire. Aria is someone not to take lightly. This match should be fun to watch. Another match on the show was Savannah Sunshine vs. Consuela Rose Ava. Obviously, I would have liked for Consuela to win, but Savannah is such a sweetheart. I can’t be angry with her. For the aftermath of the match, I loved Consuela’s vulnerability showing. When Tarah came out and gave her another opportunity to face April, it all made sense to me. Another thing I did not see coming was Tarah pinning Consuela against Brody Sparks. Brody pinned April. April has pinned Consuela. Consuela has pinned Brody. Honestly, vs. Brody, I can see a no contest occurring and Consuela and Brody facing April at Manifest Destiny. That’d be awesome, tbh. Alexis Diemos vs. Astraea Jordan was a little questionable to me. I was a little torn about who would win. I could have seen both winning. It would have been nice to see some new blood advancing (at least, we got Savannah), but Alexis advancing was well deserved.  

Match of the Week

Cailin Dillon vs. Stephanie Matsuda

For my Match of the Week, I am probably going to give it to Cailin Dillon vs. Stephanie Matsuda, which was our main event on Empire. I wasn’t sure about this match going for as long as it did. To almost everyone, it was obvious that Stephanie was going to win the match. One of the reasons why I picked this match for Match of the Week was that I thought it had a ton of storytelling. Cailin was the current Empress of Elite. She has gotten the best out of Stephanie. When Cailin was telling Stephanie that she would never win the tournament, I knew from that moment, that there might be something good happening for Stephanie. I feel like that might have been some hint that Stephanie could be winning Empress of Elite. By looking at the girls we have left: Madison, Savannah, Stephanie and Alexis. I have no clue who would win once you strip away all the hints and stories. I do think that this is an interesting crop of semifinalists. I could see it being Madison vs. Alexis in the final with Madison winning. I could see Stephanie vs. Savannah. Like DDD says, the names that could come out of that match. Cloud and Sunshine. lol . Madison vs. Stephanie could be another. I do think whoever does not win Empress of Elite out of these four, will get a shot at the Openweight Championship. Possibly the runner-up? These next few weeks should be good in my opinion.

Promoer of the Week

CM Banks

I was so happy to see him competing on Showdown. He can’t save all that GOATness for FPVs. From the promos he put out last week, I was impressed. I thought he fucking killed it. I was kind of concerned how he would promo for an episode of Showdown. I had no clue if we would get the same great work that we did for Dia Del Diablo and Territorial Invasion, and we did. I think we also saw the first time Banks put out a big word promo. :eyes: I am so proud of you. :mjcry: On a serious note, he has never lost his touch. All these guys and girls in the back should be quite concerned. To be quite honest, I was shocked to see the mothafucker get knocked out on Showdown. By the looks of things, Banks could be dead. If he is, I hope I can come to the funeral. Seriously, I did not see him feuding with Ryan Marx coming, but what their match accomplished was making Marx look like a monster, which I will bring up later. Banks gonna get his revenge right? :eyes: You can’t keep a GOAT down for long. You cannot keep CM Banks down. He gets right back up! You hear me, Ryan. He gonna get you back. I just know it. I just know things okay? Banks, you haven’t lost your touch. You’re just as good as you were in 2012. The question I want to know is: when you gonna fight Cam? :eyes:

Champion of the Week

Ryan Marx

As Openweight Champion, he has past through every challenger that came his way. Him feuding with CM Banks will be such a great learning experience. Ryan Marx is fantastic, but he’s going to be more fantastic by the time this feud is over. Personally, I don’t see this being after the Openweight Championship right now. If this feud progresses, it could. I feel like it would go well with CM Banks trying to get some challengers to face him. He could go on any brand in the order given and get a challenger from there. Other than that, I have no clue who will get the title off Ryan. I think that he has been an amazing champion. He has destroyed the competition in his way. I would like him to face competition, where I have no idea if he will drop the title to him or not. I think when the time comes, he can be EAW Champion. I believe he has the ability to win the title. Perhaps, in the next year, we could see Ryan get that title. First, he needs to drop that Openweight Championship. I just don’t see that happening anytime soon. Are we gonna skip Empire and go to Showdown? :eyes: Empire, good luck. You will need it against that man.

Most Valuable Elitist

Anyone who didn’t send Cailin nudes.

Diamond Cage

The third man to qualify for the Extreme Elimination Chamber for the EAW Championship is Diamond Cage. He joins The Heart Break Gal, Theron Nikolas, Rex McAllister and Tiberius IV in probably one of the chamber matches to watch at Road to Redemption. I might not speak for everyone, but I am excited to see Diamond Cage beat the shit out of Tiberius and The Triumvirate. Can’t wait for him to bring that barbed wire bat and just have the barbed wire get stuck in the flesh of his opponents. I’m not sure if there is going to be one more qualify match, but by the looks of things, this could be the contenders and it’s fantastic talent. If Tiberius does not drop the title at Road to Redemption, there is a possibility he will never drop the title. Tiberius champion forever? He might like the sound of that. I do see either Theron or Cage taking the title off of him. Personally, I would be alright with that. This build up to Road to Redemption is going to be fucking interesting. I love the contenders in the match. I love them all.Any of these guys (or girl) can win if they wanted too. As for Diamond Cage, if he wins the title, Discord gonna be broken with spam.









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