Most Valuable Elitist #105

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Beef of the Week

Hardcore Championship Invitational Match

For Beef Of The Week, Dynasty Takes It As We Had A Hardcore Invitational Match to determine who would face Scott Diamond for the Hardcore Championship. In this match, we had Target Smiles, Darkane, Khamsin, Ryan Savage and a returning St. Anger. This match had a load of potential. If the opportunity was right, any of these guys could have walked away from the match with the victory. From the path of destruction led by St. Anger, I wouldn’t be shocked if he became a huge threat to any title picture he decides to place himself in. Another guy I was impressed with was Ryan Savage. I have been waiting for the moment for him to breakout. He has been killing it as of late and if he keeps his head up, I do see him in the Hardcore Championship picture in the future. I just think that he needs more of a push at the right direction. With the Hardcore Championship picture, I began to realize that we do have some great people in it. In this match, I saw people who could be ready to take the title when 2018 arrives. Also, I saw someone who could give Scott Diamond a run for his money.I was happy with the outcome in the match. To me, the right person won the match. To be quite honest, with how they have been building up the winner, I would not be shocked to see him as the next Hardcore Champion.


Show of the Week


Speaking of Dynasty, it is Show of the Week. Reading the show from beginning to end, it captured my attention the entire time. From the match of Nico Borg vs. Ahren Fournier to The Pizza Boy vs. Scott Oasis, I thought it was a great show to watch live. Even though, I could not catch some parts live due to taking care of a sick child, I fully enjoyed what I could read live in the chat and reading what I missed afterwards. Some of the things I have enjoyed with Dynasty as of late was the creepy messages to Sebastian Monroe from a little girl. I gotta give props to Senn and whoever knew about St. Anger. As much as I tried to rack my head about who this person could be, I was not able to figure it out. I knew for a fact it would not be Eclipse for two reasons: he had a program with Senn already in the works and Eclipse does not abuse children. Other than that, great job with that. Also, I loved how the tensions between the two co-General Managers unfolded. I had a clue that this would somehow lead to Team Monroe vs. Team Starr at TI. I’m guessing The Pizza Boy will be captain of Team Starr while Scott Oasis will be a part of Team Monroe. Another program I liked was the Eclipse Diemos vs. Jacob Senn program. I cannot recall these two ever feuding, but I find it so interesting to see Senn feel so outnumbered. I do wonder if we’ll get another match with these two or even have them take part of the Team Monroe and Team Starr teams at Territorial Invasion. Overall, I am quite enjoying with what is going on with Dynasty. I cannot wait to see how these stories unfold.


Match of the Week

The Pizza Boy vs. Scott Oasis

Can The Pizza Boy have ONE title defense where he does not die mid-match? Is that too much to ask for. It may have been his first title defense, but Scott Oasis made it probably one of his most difficult title defenses that he haed ever experience for any title. This match was great. I thought it did a great job showing Oasis as a monster. It also did a great job with establishing the partnership between Scott and Monroe. It’s quite interesting to see Monroe ringside with Scott and to have him have Scott’s back throughout the match. As always, I loved seeing The Pizza Boy’s heart and determination. I think everyone can learn something from The Pizza Boy. The kid has heart. Like I said before, I loved seeing the tension with Sebastian Monroe and StarrStan unfold. I always get a kick for Elitists knocking down authority figures. It leaves for an entertaining moment to be remembered. I hope with the aftermath of the match, this will lead to Monroe getting out of Dynasty. I think that Starr can run Dynasty by himself. I mean, in 2017, who would have ever thought that Tarah Nova would be running Empire, Brian Daniels would be running Showdown, Kenny Drake would be running Voltage and StarrStan could potentially be General Manager of Dynasty? Man, those board meetings must be fun!


Promoer of the Week


When it came to the Hardcore Invitational Match, Darkane managed to win the match. When it came to this match, he was probably my pick to win this match. If not him, it probably would have been Ryan Savage, but there was something about Darkane that is prepping him to become a future champion. Not only did he manage to defeat Jacob Senn a couple weeks back, but there was no controversy behind it. There was no way he was going to lose this match. Going into this match last week, he put out the best promos out of everyone in the match. To me, there was no clearer winner than him. Now, I cannot wait for him vs. Scott Diamond. Am I crazy to think that he could be the one to overthrow Scott? I feel like in order to complete building Darkane up, he has to defeat a Hall of Famer in Scott Diamond. Over the past several months, this guy has improved so much. He has been killing it constantly and I am glad to see him get what he rightfully deserves. This happens to be someone who people need to keep an eye on. I do think that if he manages to win the Hardcore Championship, I do see him being a contender for Rookie of the Year. If not, then I can see him being a contender for Next Up in 2018 and doing great things in that year.

Champion of the Week

Tiberius IV

I do not know about you, but I am fucking scared of the Triumvirate right now. There is no imagining what Jaywalker, Ares Vendetta, Lannister and Tiberius IV can do as one unit. Even though the odds of retaining seemed to be against Tiberius IV, he somehow finds a way to retain thanks to Devan Dubian and The Heart Break Gal. Now, I’m not sure if Tiberius used some of his Hexa-loyalty and convinced HBG to help him out or if Devan and HBG came out as a way to get back at Rex, but it seemed like the Triumvirate got the result they wanted–Tiberius is still EAW Champion. Now, by looking at the Showdown card, Theron Nikolas and Diamond Cage will face off to determine who will face Tiberius IV at Territorial Invasion. To be perfectly honest, I could see any of these guys winning the match. There is a part of me that would love to see Theron get his hands on the Triumvirate. On the other hand, I would love to see Diamond Cage beat the shit out of them with a barbed wire bat. It’s pretty safe to say that whichever man wins the match, Tiberius is screwed no matter what. Although, if there is the possibility they both face Tiberius. RIP Tiberius IV’s title reign. As for right now, we shall celebrate in a successful title defense.


Most Valuable Elitist

Scott Diamond

In 2017, Scott Diamond is a champion. I mean, I thought he would never be a champion since a lovely Goddess took his Hall of Fame Championship. But seriously, there was a part of me which expected Zack Crash to retain the Hardcore Championship. I was surprised to see the title change hands, but I’m quite happy with the result. The title could have not went to a more deserving person than Scott. I want to say that he returned in June? I want to say that he returned at the same time as Lethal Consequences, but I am not one hundred percent sure. For his first title defense, I think he’s got a challenge in his hands. Darkane has been amazing and there is no doubt in my mind that he won’t stop until he wins that title. Scott Diamond vs. Darkane could happen at Territorial Invasion. If not, perhaps, at a Dynasty Supershow. I just hope that when Darkane does indeed face Scott, that he has a better experience than Cameron did facing him the first time. Scott can be quite dangerous and scary…yikes. If I didn’t say it before, let me say it again: congratulations, Scott. You are deserving of this win! Cherish that title because it can all go away. It can take days, weeks, two months or seventeen days..just cherish it. ;~;








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