Most Valuable Elitist #104

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Rising Star of the Week


As for Rising Star of the Week, we have Revy. Despite not competing lately, whenever she does compete, she is able to bring whatever she has to the table. She’s quite edgy and intimidating when she needs to be. With the Empress of Elite Tournament beginning, I can see Revy being another Sophia Rose–minus the getting fired part. I could see this as the perfect platform for her to shine on. We have a bunch of rising stars such as Heidi, Amy-Jayne and an established talent such as Miss Manami. As we look back at our first Empress of Elite, we had current Womens World Champion, Aria Jaxon win it just about a month of being part of EAW. Personally, I think that we should not count out Revy. I do think that she will have something to give in this tournament. I feel like she is a talent people need to see more off. I think this tournament could use a few rising stars to shake the whole competition up. Who knows? We could see an Empress of Elite no one expected at all.

Beef of the Week

Haruna Sakazaki and Azumi Goto vs. The High Rollerz

Happily, these two teams were able to nab the Beef of The Week category once again. Haruna Sakazaki and Azumi Goto, in my opinion, proved to The High Rollerz that would could potentially see two females holding the Unified Tag Team Championships. As of right now, it seems like Haruna and Azumi could indeed make that history as the Grand Prix rolls on. The High Rollerz have been standing on top of that mountain for too long. I know for a fact that they will watch this tournament quite closely. Both teams did amazing at Dia Del Diablo. Amazing work by The High Rollerz We also witnessed some of the best work from Azumi and Haruna. I hope that these girls continue to stay motivated because I do think they have it within them to win. As for The High Rollerz competition, we have about four teams who are currently signed up  for the Prix. Madison Kaline and Keelan Cetinich, El Ironico and Finnegan Wakefield and April Song and Ryan Savage, and Nobi and Moongoose McQueen will be competing along with Haruna and Azumi. As the deadline is around Territorial Invasion, I would highly suggest someone find a partner, so you can put your teams together ASAP. If you want to compete, but cannot find a partner, Brian Daniels/John Doe will happily place you with someone else struggling to find you with a partner. God bless, his soul!

Show of the Week

Dia Del Diablo

If you were not on Discord for Dia Del Diablo, you should regret it because it was a show to remember. To me, this event was full of twist and turns. The Three Degrees of Hell Match was an amazing way to open the night. Happily, we saw Ares Vendetta and Diamond Cage on fire. We saw John Doe finally grace us with his presence as he interfered in a number one contender’s match for the EAW Championship. Some people say that if John Doe never interfered, The Heart Break Gal could have won the match. Others say that if Devan Dubian was able to get to the ring, he could have won the match as well. So, it should be quite interesting to see their words on John Doe. We also saw a Branding Match for the Openweight Championship. Maero and Ryan Marx did amazing. Both me totally upped the ante for the competition for the Openweight Championship. My heart also broke for Nobi as he failed to capture the National Elite Championship against Stark. There was something about Nobi putting himself down that made me want to cry. There was also a shocking winner ( at least to me) when it came to the number one contender for the National Elite Championship. At last, The Prince of Phenomenal has found himself as the number one contender for the National Elite Championship. I am very excited to see them face each other in the ring. There was also Nasir Moore vs. CM Banks in a Fire and Steel Match. I’m happy with the result of the match. I do think it’s going to someone other than Nasir to get a victory over Banks; however, I do see Nasir getting into the title picture in the future. I think that all of this will be used to build him up for the big one.

Match of the Week

Theron Nikolas vs. Tiberius IV

As for the Match of the Week, this rightfully belongs to Theron Nikolas vs. Tiberius IV. What do I have to say about the match? This match was amazing to see live! I could not believe the punishment these men put each other through. Theron really shined in the match. I thought it was an amazing performance from him. If I had to look at things from just the match cards, I would have thought that Tiberius IV would be in trouble with his title defense. As much as Tiberius was amazing, Theron stole the show to me. I would have said that…until Ares Vendetta and Jaywalker got themselves involved in the match. Honestly, I did not expect for the two of them to be involved in the EAW Championship Match. I thought that we would see continuation of the Ares/Cage feud. The most shocking thing out of the match happened to be LANNISTER siding with The Bastard of Vendetta! Who would have ever thought that those two would be standing side-to-side? To see those four men connecting their finisher’s on Theron and ending his winning streak came as a shock to me, but the loss elevated Theron’s character to the next level. I do think that this feud will catapult Theron into a big title win in the future. I cannot wait to see how that is accomplished.

Champion of the Week

Tiberius IV

I am still shocked over this match result. I am shocked about the way Tiberius IV was able to defeat Theron Nikolas. Just to see Jaywalker, Ares Vendetta, Lannister and Tiberius IV all on one side is mind blowing. It’s something that you would only see in a dream. The way he retained the title is a perfect way to get some heat with the four of them. To be honest, I cannot wait to read the announcement of The Triumvirate. Not only does the name sound badass, but the people in it are amazing individuals. Fantastic individually; even better as one. There is a part of me that those two will be a factor in Tiberius’ next title defense against Rex McAllister. I feel like for the group to gain more momentum, Tiberius needs to retain the EAW Championship. Somehow, I do not think that we have seen the last of Theron. I do think that he will be selling his injuries and I do see him in another championship match. Possibly at Territorial Invasion. Meanwhile, Diamond Cage and Rex McAllister might find themselves occupied with Ares, Lannister and Jaywalker.

Promoer of the Week

Rex McAllister

Rex McAllister is our Promoer of the Week. This guy has been killing it as Season 11 began. I was amazed to find him in automatically in the EAW Championship picture at the start of this season, but I am thrilled he’s in that position. Personally, I am quite shocked to see him get his title match so quickly. I would have thought that he would have faced Tiberius IV at Territorial Invasion, but I do think that this title match will be used as a launching pad to get himself involved in this Triumvirate situation. I could see him being attacked by Ares, Lannister and Jay before Diamond Cage makes the save. I’m not sure if Jay’s role will be to step aside and let Ares and Lannister do the wrestling. If so, most likely, it will be Diamond Cage and Rex McAllister taking on Ares Vendetta and Jaywalker at Territorial Invasion. If they decide to place a third man into the match, I have no clue with whom they’d want to be with Cage and Rex. I could see CM Banks being placed into that roll, but he had just faced ARes and Jay at Pain for Pride X, so that could be questionable.

Most Valuable Elitist


Ladies and Gentleman, our NEW Interwire Champion, Amadeus! For one, I am happy to  see Amadeus finally be somewhat accepted into The Sanatorium Family once more. I knew that there was a story about him being seen as some sort of weak link. I knew that this would be used as some sort of build up for his big moment. Honestly, this guy has been killing it. I feel like out of The Sanatorium, this guy does not get the recognition that he deserves. He was someone who has busted his butt. He has tried to get himself out of that Sanatorium shadow and let the people know that Oni is gone, but Amadeus is here to stay. I feel like this victory proves that The Sanatorium does have champions within the group. They have the great talent which can carry a group or brand by themselves. I’m just so happy that they accepted his victory. He nearly killed himself to get this beautiful moment. As for a first challenger for the title, I could see that going to John McAdams for a reason? I mean, does he still have beef with Amadeus? To me, I see that being his first title defense; however, I doubt that he is ready to give up the belt just yet.

So, I bet some noticed that there wasn’t a Woman of the Week category this week. I have had some people go up to me about there being no point of a Woman of the Week category. Now, we everyone being known as an Elitist, do we get rid of the Woman of the Week category and have it be an equal plainfield?  Or do we keep Woman of the Week because it provides our women with a category to shine on? You also need  to think about it: Woman of the Week is not the only category women can get. We saw Revy as a Rising Star of the Week. We saw Azumi and Haruna with a part of Beef of the Week. Women have been Most Valuable Elitist before. They have been Promoer of the Week. They have taken Beef of the Week before. It would be interesting to see what others think, but I hope to have an answer to all that by next week.








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