Most Valuable Elitist #103

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Rising Star of the Week

            Finnegan Wakefield               

Hey, Finn! You’re finally in MVE! You can stop bitching now! Thanks. I mean, I could feel the obsession you had with being part in this. Seriously though, after a victory over Shaker Jones, Finnegan Wakefield is our Rising Star of the Week. After coming short against Moongoose McQueen, Finn is looking to find himself in contendership once again. For starters, I do see him as a favorite to win the EVO series. I feel like if he is able to accomplish that, he will be a shoo-in to face Moongoose again. I think his short comings for the New Breed Championship are all building off for a bigger story in the end. I would not worry so much about getting the title at this moment because I do honestly believe he’ll get his moment by the end of the year. All he needs to do is to stay motivated and not get discourage. Also, another thing he could do (in the words of Cameron) is to STOP BEING MEAN TO MOONGOOSE. He is an adorable sushi roll who needs to be protected at all costs! As long as Finn does both of that (or at least one of them), he should be successful in the near future. I got no doubts that he will be a future New Breed Championship and it will all be worth it in the end.

Beef of the Week

Azumi Goto & Haruna Sakazaki vs. The High Rollerz

For Beef of the Week, I gotta give it to the Tag Division. Lowkey, I am so excited that The High Rollerz are getting the competition they rightfully deserve. I thought that these two were going to be chilling in the Tag Division until the next Prix arrived. When Jack Ripley and David Davidson get some sort of competition, they absolutely kill it in every way, shape or form. When it comes to the Asians in Azumi Goto and Haruna Sakazaki, I thought both women have been doing a fantastic job. I feel like this is the best work from Haruna this year. I feel like as long as she stays motivated despite how things may look in the results, she can get another title opportunity. I do feel like it’s not the other women or anyone else that gets the best of her, but she gets the best of herself. I feel like as long as she stays positive and believes in herself, she can be something great. As for Azumi, I have seen amazing improvement. I feel like this year, we have also been seeing some of her best work. There is no doubt that she has been busting her ass off to get another title shot (as well with Haruna), I feel despite the results at Dia Del Diablo, people will recognize their efforts. Might translate well to Empire and we could see those two in a little more title matches. As for the Tag Champs, stay strong. Hopefully, you’ll get more competition soon. You two are deserving of the titles; full Division or not. It does not matter.

Show of the Week


For the second week in a row, we get :sadRobbie: as Voltage takes the Show of the Week category. Despite the GOAT number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship in Cameron Ella Ava, this Voltage was amazing. One of the storylines I have been enjoying on Voltage as of late happens to be the one featuring Chris Elite (I might have mentioned it last week). To me, I have been enjoying his booking as of late. I think by losing to Harvey Yorke two weeks ago, it really gave Chris’ character something to work with. It’s made me laugh and I am hoping for Chris Elite vs. Mr. DEDEDE. Can we get this match, please? This will be the push Chris needs to go to the next level! We also have Apocalypse Diemos scaring the shit out of the Voltage roster. Honestly, if you ever want to kill El Landerson from EAW for good, put him in the ring against Apocalypse once or twice or sixty-nine times. I’d be cool with that. I’m also interested with this “Corporate” JD Damon angle they could be possibly doing. There is no imagine what he and GM Kenny Drake could can do. It might turn Voltage upside down…if it’s not already. Keelan Cetinich and Carlos Rosso seems like such a refreshing feud. Most importantly, it gets these two to do something. It kind of seems like Carlos has some sort of partnership with Kenny Drake and having them by his side could work wonders in his favor. For Keelan, I feel like him going against the Voltage establishment could get him involved in better storylines in the future. I look forward to the day Keelan gets a match with Carlos. I’m also looking forward to the Interwire Championship match between Harvey Yorke and Amadeus. Personally, I don’t think it’s Harvey’s moment yet. I could see Amadeus pulling off the big win. I do think that he has the bigger story going on with needing to prove that he is not the weak link of The Sanatorium. I do think that he has more to prove. As for Aren Mstislav and TLA, I say we put those guys in a match and let them kill another. Or put them in a number one contender’s match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Both would work.

Match of the Week

Scott Diamond vs. Lethal Consequences

These two are ded. Their funerals will be on Dynasty tomorrow night. It was nice knowing these kind, kind angels. I thought this number one contender’s match for the Hardcore Championship was a great match between two talents who had been overlooked during the last part of Season 10. Despite them returning before Pain for Pride, I do think that no one has been fully aware of how far these guys would go to get what they want. These two went hard(core) in the match. There is a part of me that hopes that both will get the opportunity to face Zack Crash during the Dynasty event in Portugal. Could we see a Fatal Four Way with the inclusion of Ahren Fournier? I have no clue and it’s questionable to see all these four competitors being thrown at Crash at the same time. I would prefer at least one. Ahren and Crash could face in Portugal and Scott and LC could face again at the same event. Honestly, there’s quite a few matches which could happen; however, with Territorial Invasion, I am wondering who will be in those matches as well? I feel like the more we read Dynasty, the more questions will be answered.

Promoer of the Week

Aria Jaxon

I refused to give Aria Woman of the Week again, so I gave her Promoer of the Week. Obviously, Aria is flawless in the promo page and most people should know that. Obviously, the Womens World Champion has a lot going through her mind in her first title defense. The last time she had a title, things did not work so well in her first defense, but I do think that this time, things will be different. I am very excited to see how her and Madison Kaline’s match works out. I know that the two of them together is always a good thing. If I am just looking at things at the moment, I do see Aria retaining her championship. I would love to see continuation between her and Maddie’s feud because I do not see who else will be a contender for the title? They can go with Cailin Dillon as we are still unsure what happened with her and The Coven after her Pain for Pride match. As for Aria, I have no clue who would be next to challenge her for the title. Perhaps, you can move Sheridan Muller up the title picture, but I could see a lot of women who normally don’t get title shots get title shots in the near future.

Woman of the Week


Most Valuable Elitist

April Song

April Song is a prime of example of someone who can sandbag a promo and STILL win a title. After months of being SECOND best in every major match that she has been a part of, she shockingly wins the Specialists Championship. I mean, who was expecting for an Ava to win in her first title defense? That would be equivalent to El Landerson actually defeating Apocalypse Diemos. April Song is someone who has worked hard to get in this point in her career. She has overcome all the negative naysayers. Now, she can finally sleep at night knowing that she is the Specialists Champion. She is on top of the mountain and now people could take her seriously. She is an example of how hard work truly pays of. Obviously, Consuela will get her rematch and after that, I have no clue who will be in contendership for the title. Perhaps, Azumi Goto and Haruna Sakazaki? Stephanie Matsuda? Miss Manami? Am I just naming a bunch of Asians? You’re damn right I am! Honestly, in behalf of MVE and The Ava Family (especially Cameron), I just want to congratulate April Song on her huge title win! You go girl!













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