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♚ CLASS OF 2016 ♚

♚ CLASS OF 2015 ♚

Tyler Parker – Mr. DEDEDE
Brian Daniels – Lannister
Scott Diamond – Cameron Ella Ava
Kevin Devastation – Jaywalker & DEDEDE
Prince Of Phenomenal – Devan Dubian

♚ CLASS OF 2014 ♚

Mikado Sekaiichi – Jaywalker
Alexander Da Vinci – Kevin Devastation
Ashten Cross – Diamond Cage
Cleopatra – Dark Demon
Killswitch – Mikado Sekaiichi

♚ CLASS OF 2012 ♚

 ♚ CLASS OF 2011 ♚

♚ CLASS OF 2010 ♚

 ♚ CLASS OF 2009 ♚

(EAW Intro plays )

(A stage is set as the broadcast opens to the Prudential Center with fans in the rafters and the stands, with dozens of EAW roster members along with their families and friends occupying the floor seats)

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen…. WELCOME TO THE 2017 EAW HALL OF FAME CEREMONY!!!

(The arena applauds)

Announcer: Please welcome this year’s Hall of Fame Host, he is ½ of Showdown’s Announce Team… PIERRE MCGUIRE!!!

(Showdown’s theme plays as Pierre McGuire makes his way out to the stage and up to the podium, trying to urge the crowd to quiet down with their cheers despite there being none)

Pierre: Wow! First the EAW Draft and now the Hall of Fame Ceremony! Folks, I can’t tell ya how happy I am to be your host tonight, and I’ll do my absolute best to guide you through these various extraordinarily handsome inductees. While the biggest Pain For Pride in HISTORY is just on the horizon this weekend, tonight is all about those that have build their legacies, brick by brick, and created something worth etching their name amongst other Legends in this company.

These individuals (and groups) have left blood, sweat, and tears all across the globe on every canvas they’ve stood upon, and tonight, we honor them for sacrificing their time, their bodies, and everything else they had to give for the sake of this industry, and this company. Tonight is a “Thank You” to them in the biggest way imaginable, as we cheer them on while they take their rightful places in the Hall of Fame.

Now without further adieu, let’s get started off with our first induction. They’re a group that came together in 2009, dominating the scene right off the bat, consisting of a brand new, hard-hitting Hardcore Champion, a long-reigning InterWire Champion with the future of EAW in his reach, a multi-time Vixens Champion, the present of a future World Champion, and the veteran that brought it all together as he became not only a King, but the reigning EAW Champion as well. Ladies and gentlemen… MAK, CAPTAIN CHARISMA, MISTER K, MONTELL SMOOTH, AND SABINA…. THE TRIPLE CROWN SYNDICATE!!!

( https://streamable.com/mxlmp plays)

(A graphic shows up on the screen for the Triple Crown Syndicate. It shows their iconic inception which rocked EAW History to it’s core, and has clips of them imposing their dominance with King Mak and Sabina as their leaders, followed by Captain Charisma, Mister K and Montell Smooth. Several clips show the following give their remarks: )

( TLA shows up on the screen )

TLA: Congrats to EOE for being the first fired man in the Hall of Fame! Legit nobody more deserving than him! This induction gives me hope that I can still score that Hall of Fame ring when I inevitably get fired again. For real though who is even in this stable? I did a lot of research to figure that out and it wasn’t easy but I think I got an idea now. So shoutout to Mak, EOE, Captain Charisma, Sabina, and Mister K. I met some of y’all, others I ain’t had the pleasure. I’m glad I got to meet Mak recently he chill as fuck. EOE my realest homie even tho he got fired we still dawgs I ain’t sellin’ out my boi. I don’t think I ever met CC or Sabina but good job and congrats dawgs. MK I knew back in the day but it’s been a long ass time. I think I mighta been in one of his feds at some point. I don’t remember having any beef with him so imma say he was chill too. Congrats to all y’all in the Triple Crown Syndicate, the hottest syndicate out since The Dream Syndicate. Now that’s some future Hall of Famers right there amirite?

( The video package comes to an end and the camera returns to the stage. )

Announcer: Introducing the person inducting the Triple Crown Syndicate into the Hall of Fame! …. “THE GAWD” , MISTEEEER DEDEDEEEEEEEEE!!!

( “Feedback” by Kanye West plays as Mr. DEDEDE is escorted out by an Instagram model. He is in an expensive suit with his hair neatly combed, but instead of dress shoes he has Z02: Sho’time’s on his feet. DDD walks up to the podium. )

Mr. DEDEDE: Thank you so much for your warm, generous applause! I’m not used to these, considering half of my career you assholes always go dead for my shit. Anyway, I have quite a bit of henny in me so if I say some shit that’s out of line you’ll have to excuse me. Now I’m here not because I was forced to do this at the last second because they couldn’t find anyone else, but because I wanted to be here. I wanted to be here because we have a special group of individuals entering the Hall of Fame who I’ve come to befriend and respect – except for CC.

This group, to be honest, has more people in this group deserving to be in The Coli Hall of Fame than they are deserving of being in the EAW Hall of Fame. Just think about it, three of them are “ehhh”, the other one’s Mak. That’s one great e-fedder every 10 years average. But we can’t ignore the real reason why the Triple Crown Syndicate was created…… to help Mak statpad.

( DEDEDE shrugs his shoulders and says “it’s true” off-mic)

Mr. DEDEDE: Now if anyone knows anything about statpadding it’s me. I’ve made a whole career out of stadpadding, but so did all of the greats! Some of these people coming out are going to be receiving multiple Hall of Fame rings. Sabina’s going to receive more rings from EAW than she ever received from Mak. Speaking of Mak, he and I got a really special friendship. He introduced me to Montreal backpage. Do y’all understand how groundbreaking that is??????? The girls in Montreal are 3x as prettier than they are in the US AND they’re less boujee. You American hoes need to step it up NOW. I had an American fat whore with all types of attitude talk about “don’t ask me about no price” when I first hit her up, just for her to charge me $299 for 30 minutes of head–

( A stage hand runs up to DDD whispering in his ear, reminding him this is a family show. )

Mr. DEDEDE: Alright alright I’m sorry it’s the henny in me. And I might have dabbed a little backstage. And I ain’t talking about the dance move. Anyway let me wrap this up, The Triple Crown Syndicates was, at the time, one of the greatest concepts EAW had ever seen. It was a gathering of a king at the absolute peak of his career, alongside a powerful woman with unprecedented success. Mak and Sabina were like Jay-Z and Beyonce, and EOE, CC and Mister K had so much momentum going for them. The Triple Crown Syndicate had Showdown completely covered by all ends. They had a firm grasp on every division in EAW, which is what made them so remarkable. They are the first successful stable in all of EAW History, and I love them. GIVE A WARM WELCOME TO THE TRIPLE CROWN SYNDICATE!

( DDD’s escorted off the stage. )

( The Hall of Fame trumpet music plays as Triple Crown Syndicate all walk up dressed in their best. Captain Charisma walks out drinking an unknown beverage from a metal canteen, EOE walks out in a vest and a bow tie with rompers on, Mister K walks out in a nice suit addressing the crowd, and Mak walks out in a custom made Italian designer suit, with escorts at each side. They all take the stage. )

Mak: It is a distinct honor and privilege for my super group of illustrious talent to receive the highest award imaginable in EAW. I’m not gonna be out here too long, I would just like to give a few shout outs. Shout out to Mr. DEDEDE, for inducting us into the Hall of Fame and being a real 1 at all times. Shout out to the lovely Sabina, who I had some great times with but couldn’t make it this evening due to a family situation but will have her award shipped to her. Shout out to my team mates who all went on to be failures and disappointments but at least knew how to protect me from losing the EAW Championship for all those months. I truly appreciate it. Shout out to all the EAW stables following us who turned out to be carbon copies of us anyway, y’all some real 1’s. Shout out to HBB and all of his split personalities. Shout out to Sheridan who is in fact the next Mrs. Mak. Shout out to all of the ex-female employees of EAW who fed my cock when it was hungry including Jenny, Sabina, Dirti Diva and Jaden among many others. And most importantly shout out to all of you, EAW Universe and EAW talent, for keeping a good thing going for so many years. I love y’all! Salute.

( Mak steps back and EOE takes the stage. )

Montell Smooth: Ladies and Gentleman, I have waited my entire life for this moment. It is such an honor to stand infront of you and be inducted into a fantasy wrestling hall of fame. I’m getting choked up right now, overcome with emotions, with tears in my eyes, and lotion and tissues in my hand. It is an honor for me to be inducted with my fellow Triple Crown Syndicate members, Mak, Sabina, Captain Charisma and Mister K. I just hope my speech here tonight is better than Mister K’s World Heavyweight Championship reign. A reign in which my good friend Mister K, instead of promoing, he put down the microphone and picked up the shovel and proceeded to bury Heart Break Boy in a hole deep enough to fit both him and Cleopatra.

I would now like to take the time to thank a few people. There have been many people who have helped me and guided me to the success I achieved in EAW and I will thank them now. I would like to thank Rated R Shaman of Sexy for writing such an amazing storyline where I spent several months carrying around a sextape starring Cena29 and 2Xtreme’s wife. A storyline which also featured me losing to such a garbage competitor such as 2Xtreme. Next I would like to thank Mr. DEDEDE, a man submerged in the fountain of youth, a man who was, and I kid you not, seventeen for five years. If it were not for Mr. DEDEDE, I would not have had the opportunity to be squashed by a French veteran who hadn’t promoed for 5 weeks.

But in all seriousness I would like to take the time to thank a few people. I would like to thank to Mak for giving me the opportunity to be in a great faction like Triple Crown Syndicate. I would like to thank CM Bank$ for his willingness to work with me at Pain for Pride 2. I would also like to thank CM Bank$ for giving me the opportunity to write Turbo and be a part of the EAW Board. and Lastly I would like to thank WWEFan, Mr. DEDEDE, TRE, Hurricane Hawk, Lethal Consequences and MvM for providing me with their friendship even after the end of my EAW Career. Once again it is an honor to be inducted into the EAW Hall of Fame, and I am grateful for this prestigious acclaim, and also you just never know when someone will feel……. The POOOOUUUUUUNNNNCCCCEEEEEE!!!!!!


( EOE steps back, and a clearly drunk Captain Charisma stumbles to the podium. )



( CC shakes his head and looks at his hand. )



( CC is escorted off the stage by a security guard. Mister K takes the mic. )

Mister K: Thank you all for coming out today. Sorry you guys had to see that. I want to thank some of my friends and mentors over the years including Mak, CM Banks, Mr. DEDEDE, Robbie V, Brian Daniels, the Heart Break Boy, Jaywalker, and the late great Extreme Enigma. There are so many more who have impacted my career and given me the experience of a lifetime, and I’m grateful to you all for it. I’m grateful to everyone here because seeing EAW thrive the way it has is amazing, and it can’t be done without all of you. We’re outta here, good night everybody!

( The celebratory music comes back on as The Triple Crown Syndicate take their leave. )

(Pierre McGuire walks back up to the Podium)

Pierre: What a way to get things started off! Our next inductees, I don’t think they really NEED an introduction since they’ve both already been here and done this, but I’ll go ahead and do my best. Eight years ago at Pain For Pride 2, these two men came together and put on arguably the Match of the Year, a feat not easily accomplished by two fresh names on one of the greatest shows EAW has ever had. Since then, both of these two men cemented themselves as potentially the greatest Tag Team in EAW History, as well as two of the greatest individual Legends in EAW History after they went on their own ways and achieved countless accolades and Championships alike. Appropriately enough, at Pain For Pride X, these two men will end their respective careers against one another, but while a war between the two inching its way closer, tonight is about a celebration of all they’ve done here, so here they are… ROBBIE V AND BRIAN DANIELS… ROVIPER!!!

(The attention is diverted to the titantron: RoViper’s Hall of Fame graphic appears on the screen. Soon after, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pylbs__FNk0 plays on the screen)

(Finnegan Wakefield appears on screen)

Finnegan: If anybody asked me who’s career I would want to duplicate if I had the chance, I’d be torn between Robbie V and Brian Daniels. Their careers are defined by their encounters with one another, whether it be their coming together or falling apart. It was inspiring to see the Unified Tag Team Championships at this year’s Grand Rampage in a match you could help but have some emotional connection to, and Pain for Pride will possibly be their one true defining moment, regardless of who walks out with the victory. They truly are legends of EAW, as well as legends of the sport.

(Cameron Ella Ava appears on screen)

Cameron: RoViper is my OTP. I just need to get that out of the way. I want them to get married and adopt many children as possible. What Robbie needs to know is that if you fuck up with one child, you probably won’t fuck up the next one (love you, Ares). On a serious note, RoViper has been an inspiration for Tag Team Wrestling. Individually, Brian Daniels and Robbie V are amazing. They have produced some of the best matches I have ever seen. Together, they are unstoppable. They are not only best friends, but they’re brothers. Sure, brothers may fight a lot and get on different pages. In the end of the day, they always come back to one another. Both are such amazing writers. Brian may or may not think that his writing might not be up to par with whatever Robbie writes, but I think Brian is just as fantastic and probably one of my favorite writers. Robbie always produces great content. These guys should be celebrated. They are more than deserving of two Hall of Fame rings (shows her and Scott Diamond’s HoF ring). Welcome to the #2ringz club! Congrats to both of you!

(Nasir Moore appears on screen)

Nasir: RoViper. I never got to see them in their young days as a tag team. However I got to witness both of them as world champions and top guys. As leaders. As the guys in charge. Now whether it be the enigma Robbie V or the trollmaster himself Brian Daniels, I can tell you I look at them and I see two of the all time greats. Two guys who deserve even more than the abundance of things they received throughout their time here. Now this is supposed to be about them as a team and as a duo, there’s no one better. I’d always hoped one day Aren and I could become like these two. What RoViper are now. Of course that is a literal impossible mountain to climb. That’s one pillar I doubt any team could stack up to side by side with. But you know what they say, obstacles were made to be overcome. That’s sort of the story of both Robbie V and Brian Daniels when you look at it now isn’t it? Just make sure to bring the house down like everyone know you will guys. Oh and don’t go blind from the glare of two rings alrighty!

(Nobi appears on the screen)

Nobi: Been a long time fan for both men. I like them both as a unit and as individuals. Everytime they wrestle, they always bring the magic to the ring. Both men are great to talk to as well and they always help me everytime I ask about helps. Congrats guys, you deserve your HOF spot both as a unit and as individuals.

(TLA appears on screen)

TLA: We inducting people in the Hall of Fame twice now? Shit’s overkill. Y’all ain’t gonna stop until you get that HOF ring on every finger are ya? Then you gonna use them Hall of Fame rings and put all yo haters in they places. Cuz you deserve all the shit you got. I’m unlucky I ain’t got a chance to work for Brian when he was writing shit but I know he a standout homie. Robbie too he go hard as he run all the shit we do ’round here and I gots mad respect for that. I just hope that Brian’s Hall of Fame speech don’t get edited before it’s posted on the site. Y’all shouldn’t censor goatness. Unless it’s some of that hardcore Japanese hentai shit cuz I know that’s how Robbie roll.

(Aria Jaxon appears on screen)

Aria: When you’ve done everything there is to do, I guess the only way to cap off your career — before murdering your best friend in front of a worldwide TV audience — is to go into the Hall of Fame all over again. If this is really the way it comes to an end for a couple of absolute icons, then it all makes sense to me. Robbie, Brian, congratulations on a couple of legendary careers. Live it up, legends. This is your night.

(Zack Crash appears on screen)

Zack Crash: Unfortunately RoViper was a bit before my time in EAW, so I never really got to see them in action during the highlight of their time here. But that doesn’t mean I hadn’t heard of them. And to me that’s the true sign of a legend, especially in e-fedding. Even when I was a rookie I knew about RoViper. They were still talking about them, long after the team had broken up. It was because of them that I tried so hard during my initial run as Tag Team Champion. But of course I didn’t come anywhere close to them. In all honesty, I don’t think any team will ever truly compare. They are, without a doubt, the greatest team in the history of EAW.

(Jaywalker appears on screen)

Jaywalker: Now allow me to tell the origins of RoViper never told. Years after Robbie was being a dead beat dad for Ares, on one of his drug benders he mistook this little masked runt for a Mexican child and took him in as his own, thinking it was his with a certain redacted Hispanic vixen…. Who am I kidding? These guys are some of my best friends, a truly great bonded tag team, I’m just here to give them some props.

Announcer: Inducting RoViper into the Hall of Fame, please welcome KILLSWITCH!!!

(Killswitch makes his way out to the stage in his signature suit as he makes his way over to the podium)

Killswitch: Robbie V. Brian Daniels. Two men I have known for a very long time, and whom I am honored to call close, and great friends. Two people that I have not only enjoyed their company, but they play a key part in why I consider EAW my home. But beyond the electrifying personalities, the crude humor, and the genuine people these two are, man did they kick some ass together. Sometime this weekend, it all ends, for the both of them – but they have left their mark in the chronicle of EAW history to tell an unmatched tale for all tag teams to marvel at. And trust me, what these two accomplished and provided as a duo – it’s all worth reminiscing over. Robbie V and Brian Daniels mean so much more to the entire EAW landscape than back when they were trying to forge a name for themselves, as young pups, believe it or not. Such a long time ago, and they will be mostly remembered for their influence and performance in the EAW ring as individuals, but they will go down in EAW history as the best tag team in HISTORY.

The chemistry, second to none. The art of performing, an even more daunting task for the opposing foes to match. WHO could ever forget about what they accomplished at Pain For Pride 2. They not only defended the EAW Tag Titles off of Triple Crown Syndicate, WHILE in the same match – winning the EAW World Tag titles – BECOMING the first EVER EAW Unified Tag Champions in EAW history. BUT NOT only that, as Robbie V successfully defended his EAW National Elite Championship, while Viper (Brian Daniels) WON the Interwire Championship from Dark Emperor. Suffice to say, a night that nobody has come close to matching yet. Or ever will. RoViper, synonymous to the view of gold. But they were far from a one hit wonder, as the duo went undefeated for a seven month period to never lose a match in the 2009 calendar year. It goes without saying, some of these marks will never be touched, some of these records, bound to stay embedded into EAW history. Just like these two men themselves. They have forged a legacy together, and at Pain For Pride 10, it all comes to a climax. Be sure to watch these two EAW legends, top-5 of all time, both of them – battle it out in one final act. It will be a defining moment in EAW history, one that will serve as a keepsake for however much longer each of us dare tread the EAW lands.

I just wanted to say, congratulations to RoViper – the undisputed greatest tag team in EAW history. You will never be separated from one another in EAW lore, and that includes from this day on. Regardless how many world championships that have been won, regardless of how many legendary matches – it still all circles back to this. Time is a flat circle, you gentlemen know this more than most – as history is deemed destined to repeat. And your legacy will continue to beat on, live on, in EAW history, regardless of tangible presence. So without a further a do, it is my esteemed pleasure…

No… my honor. My honor to introduce the FIRST tag team to ever get inducted into the EAW HALL… THE LEGENDARY, ROVIPER!!!!!!!!!

(“Shoot To Thrill” by AC/DC plays all throughout the Prudential Center as the crowd stands on their feet while Brian Daniels and Robbie V make their way out to the stage, both dressed up as they shake hug and thank Killswitch before making their way over to the podium, looking around at the arena)

Brian: Hold your applause, I really do not deserve this moment. It’s this man right here, Robbie V, who deserves this. He’s the one that made this all come to be. If it weren’t for Robbie V, this legendary duo would have never happened. He pushed me until no end. He made me work harder than I wanted to. He made this all possible. He made it possible for me to have two Hall of Fame rings now. He made it possible for us to have two EAW Unified Tag Team Championship reigns. That’s why I pursued Robbie V for almost an entire year. I wanted to show him my true strength after all of these years. I wanted to show him that I wasn’t a sidekick, a failure, a disappointment. I was never going to be an afterthought and I wasn’t going to let the image of RoViper be tainted. We revived a dead tag division, gave it the life it deserved. And you know what followed after us? Several successful tag teams. I’m honored to be one of the figure heads that all tag team wrestlers look up to. I’m glad RoViper was the tag team to set the bar and the ones that followed after had to get over it. It takes a lot to be a tag team, but a whole lot more to be a successful one. You have to have chemistry and respect for one another. I know that’s a lot coming from a guy that’s been ripping into my partner here. But I really do respect him. I can say whatever when it comes to the actual match, but that will never change my opinion outside of it. He’s my mentor, my friend, my ally, and my tag team partner. I would go as far as saying that he was my father figure of this company.

He showed me the ropes, he guided me toward success. He kept his friendship with me whether I was contracted to EAW, or exiled out of it. He showed me loyalty and I will show him the utmost of loyalty back. I will show hm that loyalty by proving his teachings from 2008 and onward have not gone to waste. I’d also like to take this moment to thank all of the tag teams that drove RoViper to be the greatest tag team of all time. I’d also like to address all current and future tag teams of EAW. Don’t ever give up on one another. Don’t you ever second doubt yourself, because surely failure will follow right after. You need to cherish the bond you and your partner have and then pursue those Tag Team Championships. You too, can be a legendary tag team. I don’t mean to sound like a salesman trying to pitch his latest cash scam to you. But I really want to see that division thrive. I want to see The High Rollerz or Stuffed Crust, granted Lioncross’ retirement, actually have other challengers. I want to see the division I once competed it thrive once more. I don’t ever want it to be the dead division of EAW. But with that being said, I’m going to bring my speech to a close. I don’t want to take up anymore of yours. But alas, I will leave you with this.


Robbie: I couldn’t think of a better way to end my career than like this. Nothing beats this. Eight years ago, I wanted to enter the Cash In The Vault Ladder Match, because I thought I’d have a pretty good shot at winning. However, Mak had other plans. He told me that he wanted me to pair up with some random new kid named “Viper” to take on Kevin Devastation and The Dark Emperor. My first response was “Hell No!”. “Who the Hell is Viper?” I thought. The only memory I had of him was Viper showing up at a show and cheering me on while literally everyone else was booing me right out of the damn building. I insisted that I just face The Dark Emperor on my own, but… Well, Mak informed me that the Tag Team Match would be for quite a few Championships, and that was enough convincing for me. I didn’t care who Viper was or how he got there, I just wanted to win. Soon after that, he and I were well on our way to pulling something off, but things started to look bleak for a second when Viper ran into some issues that forced him to, well, stop. It looked like our alliance was dead in the water and it was suggested I instead find a different guy to team up with. Maybe I saw something in him, even back then, I don’t know, but I didn’t give up on him. I tried to kick him in the ass and urge him to keep going, and sure enough, he did. He didn’t quit, he didn’t stop. Together, somehow, some way, we won at Pain For Pride in one of the greatest matches the two of us have ever been a part of, and we started something we never thought possible. Before we knew it, a Tag Team Division was alive and kicking, and all looking to dethrone us. I’ll never forget those memories. I’ll never forget all of the trials and tribulations the two of us have been through, and there’s been a ton of them, trust me, but standing here now… I think it was worth it. There’s always ups and downs. This is where it all ends, yeah, but it’s the little detours in the journey that you cherish most. I’ve never been more proud of anything in my time here than Viper, seeing the legacy he built for himself, and I couldn’t think of anyone better to end my career against. I want to thank Mak for believing in the both of us enough to randomly throw us together and make something great. I thank DEDEDE for always being a great, supportive guy. I thank Jaywalker for having our back for our entire careers. I thank Killswitch for being a great friend to us and our biggest supporter every step of the way. Thank you, EAW, for giving us a place to make all of this happen. Most of all, thank you, Viper. For everything.

(“Shoot To Thrill” picks back up as Robbie and Brian hug and bow before the crowd and take their leave together off to the side of the stage for pictures as Pierre McGuire walks back up to the podium)

Pierre: Our next inductee is has proven himself time and time again to be one of the most dominant, monstrous men this company has ever seen. Last year at this time, he was making his way through the Dynasty roster as the reigning EAW World Heavyweight Champion, and now he continues to make his way through anyone unfortunate enough to get in his way as he looks to not only win the Cash In The Vault Ladder Match this weekend, but to take his place here in the EAW Hall of Fame…. This is… SCOTT OASIS!!!

(The attention is diverted to the titantron: Scott Oasis’ Hall of Fame graphic appears on the screen. Soon after, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHFFT3HeYyQ plays)

(Lannister appears on the screen)

Lannister: You’re all grown up, and now, an EAW Hall of Famer. I knew from the very instant I met and got to know you, that you had what it takes. You have earned this man, you’ve paid your dues through every single ringer and division this company threw at you. You have become a pivotal member of what we do here at EAW, definitely somebody that couldn’t be replaced. You are by far one of the most influential members of this here community, and I’m glad to have witnessed it all. From Showdown’s top prospect, to Hall of Fame in only a matter of years – that’s special. And considering the talent and person you’ve always been, I think that is a fair assessment about you in general. Special. Congratulations on this induction, and hopefully, your legacy here in EAW has only begun.

( Keelan Cetinich appears on the screen)

Keelan Cetinich: Scott Oasis for the longest time has been a man among boys. I mean man, before I signed with EAW I saw this beast of a human being tear through opponents like it was nothing, and I will admit upon first crossing paths with him, I was intimidated. But deep down he’s the most down to earth dude with just a cool attitude, and I’m glad we’ve gotten to know each other over these past few months. Scott you are 100% deserving of this, and with what you’ve accomplished up to this point is an incredible feat in itself. I am honoured to step inside the ring with you this weekend at Pain For Pride X, and cannot wait to tear the house down. Congratulations Scott, go get your ring!

(Scott Diamond appears on the screen)

Scott: Oasis… give me my life back you sick fuck.

(Nasir Moore appears on screen)

Nasir: You know I won’t even try to keep kayfabe in this one. Oasis goddamnit you’ve changed the entire course of my efed life. As a matter a fact everyone, if it weren’t for Oasis reaching out to me, I never would have come back to EAW in the first place. That means I never would have met many great people like Aria, Brody, Keelan, and more. I never would have become closer friends with Senn, Brian, Ken, and the likes. And most importantly I never would have gotten a chance to become close to Tarah. That alone means more to me than any world title shot out there. And you wanna talk about selfless people. I mean when you have a guy who even feels remotely bad for writing himself in any capacity because he would feel guilt for placing himself above even the guys who sign up like three days before a show, you know you got the right person for the job. Oasis puts up with so much from so many people, including me. All those late nights of me pestering him about Voltage going up, What’s in the works for me in the future. Who can I expect to be working with at certain events. You name it I have bothered him about it. But he has the utmost faith in me. Oasis I could never thank you enough and I just wanna say this couldn’t come to a nicer guy ever.

(Nobi appears on the screen)

Nobi: Scott Oasis has always been helpful since the day I came to this company. I can talk everything to him. A good friend of mine. Congrats Oasis, you deserve your spot.

(Zack Crash appears on the screen)

Zack Crash: I think Scott was the kinda guy who was always destined for greatness here in EAW. I remember when I first encountered him back in AWF, and something about him really stuck out to me. I couldn’t quite tell what it was, but something told me to watch for this guy. And boy was I right! Not only did he climb the ranks to World Champion pretty fast, but now he’s a writer, and one of the main reasons why Voltage is the best show in EAW. I’ve gone to him with countless question about this or that about my character or story, and he always listens. And I feel that’s where his true talents and greatness can be found; his willingness to listen to and incorporate the ideas of others. He was a credit to OMERTA, and I was glad to see him gain his first World Title under our team. If OMERTA was good for nothing else, I’m glad it was good for that.

(TLA appears on screen)

TLA: Holy fuck Jason Skilled is getting inducted into the Hall of Fame! The fuck is this bullshit?!?!? At least that would have been my reaction a few years ago if someone told me that he was gettin’ put in the Hall of Fame. Oasis has come far as fuck, I still remember back in them old days in AWL when ain’t nobody wanna team with him cuz they knew the team would lose, and he teamed with every fucking one. Now he sittin’ in the Hall of Fame and errybody wanna work with this motherfucker. He come far as fuck and he brought a whole lotta people with him up on Voltage. Jason Skilled ain’t finished yet teaming with everyone he still had a few left to go. Now he teamin’ with Hall of Famers 4 life. However imma still whip yo ass tomorrow at Pain for Pride X in that CITV Match tho! You gonn’ get rekt amigo!

(Aria Jaxon appears on screen)

Aria: Nice to see you’re still getting this induction in spite of that restraining order against you. EAW is so progressive now, just straight up letting people with records into the Hall of Fame, I love it. But seriously, I’m happy for you. Going into the Hall of Fame is right where you’re supposed to be. You’re easily one of the most level-headed and selfless people I’ve met in my time here. Someone like you who does nothing but try to elevate others and spread good vibes is 100% worthy of being held in this regard. Thank you for frustrating me, making me laugh, and believing in me enough to give me a shot more than once. I love your dumb ass to pieces. Congratulations.

(Camera cuts back to the Prudential Center)

Announcer: Here to induct Scott Oasis… AREN MSTISLAV!!!

(“Sin With A Grin” by Shinedown plays as Aren Mstislav makes his way out to the stage and up to the podium, dressed in a black suit)

Aren: This man. Scott Oasis. If you had told me that one day he’d be in the Hall of Fame, I would’ve said “You’re right. But not before me.” Looks like he’s the one getting the last laugh at my cocky ass. Yet that doesn’t take away the fact that I have come to respect and regard him as a friend. He’s stuck with me through thick and thin, and hell we go way back. He became one of the first people I’ve ever met, to being one of the many influences in my own evolution here in EAW. And that trek couldn’t have started any better.

Now before I get sentimental like the little bitch I am, let me tell you two things I know about Scott Oasis. One, it has been a honor seeing this man grow in a way that just amazes me. To a point where I thought this man had reached a ceiling, he showed me how fucking much he could surpass it. Two, if there has been anyone saying that Oasis hasn’t done shit in his career here, maybe this shuts them up, maybe not, but one thing is for certain. This Hall of Fame induction is none other than everyone in EAW appreciating not only the rise from just a promoer to a writer and board member, but it’s also an appreciation for all the work he has done for this place. Oasis has been an integral part in the growth of the new era by giving people a chance, hell he even did so when I myself was just starting out.

Because I remember when I was the quiet person always keeping to myself, and I believe Scott had more experience than me. So my first fed while I didn’t interact with him as much, he did help me get my shit together. With all of that I can gladly say that this man has been more of a friend than anything. Aside from all the insults and shit I hurl his way, I know that Scott has worked his ass off more times than he’s willing to take credit for.

Hell this induction just goes to show you that. He’s put in the work, won championships, had great feuds, and has been an intrical part in Voltage’s resurgence as a brand. I’m not saying that as a bias but as a compliment I feel he needs to know. Scott’s worked hard, he’s shown he passionate about not only getting a storyline out there, but also letting others have the chance to show what they themselves can do. I know many people appreciate him, and without his tenacity to actually look at someone and put his faith in them, there is no telling how far they could’ve taken their talent.

The fact that he puts other above himself when it comes to writing just goes to show that he wants everyone to feel like they have a place here in EAW. Being able to induct him has not only been an honor, but has made me realize how far me and him have both gone. And while he’s etched into the history of EAW, this man still has so much more to give. So ladies and gentleman give it up because the Iceman Cometh.

(“DNA” by Kendrick Lamar plays throughout the Prudential Center as Scott Oasis makes his way out to the stage, hugging and shaking hands with Aren before making his way up to the podium)

Scott: Honestly, even right now as I am doing this speech I can’t believe I’ve made it to this point. Being a Hall of Fame inductee is a weird thing to think about. A few years back when I first decided to sign up here again I never would have saw this coming. When I made my sign up I was simply looking for something to busy myself with during the summer and to keep up with some of the people from past feds. I did not expect anything major to come from it or that I would last any more than a couple months before I’d go ahead and bow out once more. Yet here I am three years later still here having got to do so many things. I’ve been able to write for this fed, be a World Champion, even main event Pain For Pride; I have had a lot of good times here in EAW. No matter what was going on in life or how I was feeling I couldn’t allow myself to leave this place. I didn’t know I’d end up getting so attached to this efed but I am glad I have as this is an amazing community. And that is what I want to highlight in this speech as the community is why I have stayed for as long as I have, there are a lot of great individuals who if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be where I am right now, not just in efeds but almost on a personal level aswell I feel.

I of course have to start off with someone I believe to be a great friend and the first real writer I ever got to connect with in any fed I was in: Ken. Though of course he had a big hand in my EAW success, he definitely did a lot for me prior as well. It all dates back to the AWF revival that started up and you writing Chaos. Now, at the time when it opened I hadn’t done anything involving feds for a good six months. I was more or less retired at that point, I was very burned out and just tired of it after a lot of not so good and downright miserable experiences in other places. When I was suggested to head to AWF I was skeptical but interested. I pretty much joined for the hell of it to see how things turned out. I made the Scott Oasis character to try something new in my brief comeback and honestly came in with low expectations until I got assigned to your brand and started promoing. I went ahead and I read the shows and was right off the bat impressed. You were like no other writer I had seen at the time with how unique and well detailed you were in your work. You actually reached out to me and wanted my input and made sure I was truly involved in my character’s growth; you invested in not only the character but myself and really took a chance with me by making me a champion and putting me in opportunities I never really had a fair shake at anywhere else. You made me genuinely enjoy efedding again and take an appreciation for the writing side of things too. With that love for fedding being back I was willing to head to EAW again off the advice of you and several others. I seemed to have had the perfect timing too because I got placed on Showdown and you ended up called on as writer a few weeks later. You knew what I was capable of and backed me up like no other in a fed where not a lot of people might have been familiar with me as Oasis. Having that kind of support is what pushed me to promo the way I did. That run with you during 2014 is what gave me the recognition I had never had before and that momentum just kept bringing me further and further up in status. If you weren’t helping me out character wise or in script you were helping me out board wise, giving me matches to write and recommending me to Mr. DEDEDE. It goes beyond that though for me. One of the biggest memories I have of you would be around the time of Grand Rampage 2015. Not a lot of people know this but that week was a very rough time for me as my mother was unfortunately in the hospital and just about a day prior to the actual show, ended up passing away. To put it lightly, the way that I felt at that time was the lowest I’ve ever felt. At that time I thought I didn’t really have anyone to talk to in my life at the time I had thought, until I came on chat and explained my situation. You were all ears about it and were willing to hear me out. The thing that stuck out was that I’d be gone for days at times, come back and the first person I would be PC’ing is Ken asking me how I was and what was going on that day. In all of the years I was fedding before that no writer want to help me out from a personal standpoint like that and that’s when I began to realize just how tight knit EAW is. You weren’t just a great writer for me but a great friend and though we do not get to talk as much these days I feel even now two years later I could come to you and you’d be there for me right off the bat which is something I can never replace.

I can’t talk about Ken though without talking about the writer who was there to get me to that next level: Brian Daniels. Brian has been just as much a supporter of me and had a hand in some of my greatest matches and feuds. From my very debut match he made sure to write me like a million bucks and portray my character in a way that not even I envisioned. Showdown was Brian’s baby for a long time and he pretty much had to build it from the ground up with Ken. I remember back when the roster had only ten Elitists active on it and he still went ahead and he found a way to help make it a must see show. Brian knows how to get people excited to be apart of a roster. Even though there was not that many initially he would emphasize the positives of all of us. It genuinely meant a lot to me when whenever there was a discussion about the people on Showdown and who to watch out for names like Norman Hellion, Vic Vendetta, Starr Stan and Matt Miles would get brought up…and then right there with them would be me. He really did have in faith in me like that and that I was truly someone he wanted on his roster, something that I still saw even a year later when I was on Dynasty getting ridden for him. I was still one of his boys and in those first few months of 2016 I don’t think I ever had so much buzz on me. I was going up against guys like Heart Break Boy and Pizza Boy, a whole other caliber of promoers and I never really got looked at as out of place and that’s thanks in part because of the way Brian had been booking me. I had been talked about before but he was the one really pushing my name and touting me like I was next up. That right there was enough for me but he took it a step further and made that World Heavyweight Championship match between me and him, one of my favorite moments as a fedder ever. Winning the World title was an honor but it became something even greater having won it off of you, especially with how long you had reigned. Going back and forth with you was awesome and with everything you’ve done for me I am forever grateful. You’re a great guy not only as a writer but as a person and I will always be glad to have you in my corner.

Don’t think I forgot about you though, Jacob Senn. I know you’re already getting your induction and all but I have to shout you out too as you were there with Brian in the times that I was moving up on Dynasty and you were still there after the fact a year later, helping me out and treating me very well on the brand. Baring with me through all of my problems. Jacob is probably the most underrated writer EAW has ever had and for sure one of the most hard working. No board member has went on continuously without so much as a break like Jacob. From the moment he took up the position of Dynasty writer he’s always been here, always been doing his best and getting the job done, soloing writer for a longer period of time than anyone has been able to do in recent times. Dynasty has become my home due to your efforts and I would like to thank you for being so accommodating the past year and a half. I am glad to share a Hall of Fame class with you, you absolutely deserve to be an inductee. It’s about time you got your due pal, I couldn’t have had a better writer for this season.

Robbie V, Mr. DEDEDE, you two also have all of my respect for being great leaders and extremely helpful. You’re an awesome person Rob – and DEDEDE, you already know I’m a Big Baller for life .It’s not just the board though but the regular members that keep me here, people who when I am down or am having doubts bringing me back up. This community has so many things about it that I like.

It has allowed me to see people that I go way back with do well for themselves like my fellow 2017 Hall of Fame inductee, Tarah Nova or Xavier Williams and how he got inducted last year. Then of course people I feel will be feature Hall of Famers in TLA and ESPECIALLY the man who inducted me — Aren Mstislav: who I must say is one of my favorite people in efeds, a big thank you for being my inductor. Being here has also allowed me to get to know people I never would have thought I’d click with like my former co-writer Y2Impact who ended up being a true friend and someone who always had my back. Which brings me to my Voltage roster: you guys are what have kept me around most of all. The first half of this season was a rocky one for me on a personal level. I kind of had to take a step back for a moment and just try to sort my life out, something that led to quite a disconnect between me and EAW. Whenever February rolled around I was willing to call it a day – I was about one message away from leaving. But when I fully came back as a member and got engaged again, there was just too much for me to walk away from. I thought about Eclipse Diemos who had just won the EAW title, who had a turn around like no other in about a year’s time. Then there’s Nasir and how much he has grown, someone who has become like a posterboy for Voltage. He is the type of roster member where when I look at him and how he is doing I feel proud to be on the board. Seeing him evolve over the past year is the type of thing that made me want to write. That same feeling of pride goes to Showster, Keelan, The People With Class, The Sanatorium, Drastik, Ahren Fournier, Zack Crash – to everyone I have got to work with over the course of this year as you all have been a pleasure. There’s so many more people in this place I’d like to talk about but this has already gone long winded enough. The point is that without the people here, I wouldn’t be where I am in EAW and that without EAW I wouldn’t be where I am in life. I have never been happier as a writer or as a person and I’d like to thank you all of from the bottom of my heart for that. That’s all that I wanted to say.

…..Oh. I’m so sorry but before I go there is one last person I must speak on, the most important person out of anyone in EAW, to my girl Aria Jaxon I would like to thank you for holding me down….I’ll see you back at the hotel room babe.

(Scott laughs as “DNA” by Kendrick Lamar picks back up with the crowd cheering him on while he takes his leave off the stage and to the side for pictures)

(Pierre McGuire steps back up to the podium)

Pierre: For this next inductee, this has been a long time coming… He’s been a part of this company for half a decade and has made a name for himself as one of the most rebellious talents to have ever graced an EAW ring, despite his immense loyalty to EAW. He’s a former EAW Champion, former InterWire Champion, former Unified Tag Team Champion, and one of the most entertaining athletes in EAW History… This is… DIAMOND CAGE!!!

(The attention is diverted to the titantron: Diamond Cage’s Hall of Fame graphic appears on the screen. Soon after, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duPH9AbEVSM plays)

(Scott Diamond appears on the screen)

Scott: Diamond “I NEED TO SPEAK TO THE CHAIRMAN” Cage. Congratulations buddy, long overdue. Long overdue… that sort’ve sums up your career quite perfectly, doesn’t it? All jokes aside, welcome friend.

… I do have a question though. What pic base are you gonna have them put on your graphic? I mean it’s a tough choice… there’s only about 40 to choose from.

(Cameron Ella Ava appears on screen)

Cameron: Diamond F’N Cage….WEJGWNEKGNWKENGKJWENGKJWNJEGNKJWKEGNKJWENG. Every single time he returns, the arena goes ballistic for this guy. Never have I seen anyone as over as this guy. There is something about him that is so relatable to the average EAW fan. It’s almost like you can connect with him by mannerisms or by the way he looks. It’s like they see themselves in him. One of my favorite Diamond Cage feuds was the one with Mr. DEDEDE. When people ask me which EAW feud is one of my favorites, my mind automatically goes to this rivalry. I thought it was a picture-perfect storytelling of Mr. DEDEDE being the ultimate heel. Getting Cage’s wife to leave him and getting his kids to call DDD daddy. Cage sold the hell out of that angle. It’s relatable to feel like your whole world is crumbling when the people closest to you leave. Diamond Cage is a spectacular talent. He is someone who is deserving of all of his accomplishments. Cage, it’s amazing that you’re getting the recognition you deserve. Congrats!

(Zack Crash appears on screen)

Zack Crash: To me Cage has been many things. He’s been a rival at times, a teammate during others. But first and foremost, he’s been my brother. Me and him came up in EAW roughly about the same time, and to be honest, looking at him I never really expected to achieve much when compared to a talent like his. I always knew he was something special. And even though he’s had to come and go within EAW for various personal reasons, he’s always felt apart of this place. And whenever he returns, it always feels as if he’s never left. I couldn’t be happier to see him finally take his rightful spot in the EAW Hall Of Fame.

(Nasir Moore appears on screen)

Nasir: DC DC DC…What can I say he’s the first real mentor I ever had in this business. Way back in the days the late great Extreme Enigma scooped up a young man and showed him the world of EAW, But then a certain Diamond years later saw that same young man struggling to find his niche. Fighting an uphill battle to just be featured, let alone recognized by people as someone special on NEO of all places. Diamond Cage is the one responsible for pairing Aren and I together. If it weren’t for him three years worth of history would not exist, and an unbreakable bond to the end wouldn’t exists either. For that alone I have to thank him, but he did more than just make us a team. He gave us our first real fight, in the form of himself. He selflessly gave us the spotlight knowing it was the right thing to do even if it hindered his own progress. But what goes around comes around, DC passed down what he learned to us, and now Aren and I are doing the same to the young boys of Voltage we cross paths with. You could call it the Circle of Elite Life.

(Nobi appears on the screen)

Nobi: I’ve been a long time fan of DC and it’s very great to see him going into a Hall of Fame. Congrats DC.

(Lannister appears on screen)

Lannister: Alas, you have finally made it into this hall you, no-good, son of a –. No, this day should have come sooner than it has, but here you are nonetheless, being celebrated all the same. You DESERVE to be celebrated after all you’ve contributed to this company, after ALL you’ve accomplished, after ALL you’ve endured – after ALL that talent. Diamond Cage, people can throw the “Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda”‘s at you all they want, but it does not matter. Because you are here. And you are here to stay. When people look back on this era, they’ll see a former world champion, the symbol that took it to Zack Crash’s evil regime, and a great competitor and person who defined the word “resilient”. And after all, you should be getting in the Hall of Fame by default, by being the first to pin Lannister in a legitimate fashion. But this isn’t about me, as much as I’d like to make it to – this moment is all YOURS. I do hope you enjoy this celebration, because that’s what getting inducted into the Hall of Fame really is – a celebration. Of all people that have earned it, it’s you Diamond Cage. And I couldn’t be any happier to have you join these ranks. Congratulations – you still owe me a match, so you best not retire yet.

(TLA appears on screen)


(Aria Jaxon appears on screen)

Aria: Well, my dear “trainer”, you did it. You’re here, and I know it means the world to you. I don’t say it enough, so I know you don’t know how much it’s meant to me to have had you rooting for me for all these months. I’m grateful for that, but I’m grateful for your friendship, above all else. Thank you.

(CM Banks appears on screen)

CM Banks: Cage is a person who came into this company in 2011 with several obstacles ahead of him. His ability to standout from the bunch and cut solid promos was very shaky to the point where it took him a while to finally get on a brand. But seeing him not let that discourage him and strive to keep getting better convinced me that he was somebody worth putting the time into and that is when I brought Jaywalker into the picture. With Jay’s help.. Cage steadily increased and became one of the fastest rising stars in EAW. The hard work he put in paid off during my time away as he racked up a Hall of Fame worthy career and I couldn’t be happier for his success. It’s a shame he’s about to take the biggest L of his life in a day or two :mjcry:

(Camera cuts back to the Prudential Center)

Announcer: Inducting Diamond Cage into the 2017 Hall of Fame… JAYWALKER!!!

(“Play For Keeps” by BoB plays all throughout the arena as Jaywalker proudly makes his way out to the stage in a suit)

Jaywalker: (Jaywalker takes the podium.)

When I first met Diamond Cage and was meant to look after the guy, the first thing I thought about was does he have something against completing sentences or did he think it was an optional move? Still his yearning to better himself and aggressive energy was something to be admired, he was the type of guy you wanted to see succeed and obviously standing here today he has not doubt done just that in massive ways. I’m sure I’ve probably pissed Cage off countless times over the years, hell my opening words probably did just that. I’m for damn sure facing me over and over again in my return run to EAW back in the day enraged him almost as much as the name Cleopatra sets him off, but that’s part of what makes the guy loveable, wouldn’t change him for anything in the world. I’m about to get a little geeky, but he reminds me of Eren Jaeger. Can anyone else just imagine this guy just getting fed up with people’s shit, and saying he’ll just down right kill all the motherfuckers who get on his nerve?

For all these years, I never thought about what exactly draws me to Cage or what draws him to me, I just always knew we had a certain commonality between us that bred respect. When I think of it, Cage is his own character, he doesn’t kiss ass, and he doesn’t conform to the flock. If anything I’d say this is what brings us together, we don’t care for politics or dealing with other people’s bullshit, deep down despite how different we seem we’re just two guys that come in taking part of the craft and playing the game straight up honestly. Perhaps this simpleton approach hasn’t always leveraged us the right standings or stopped us from being taken advantage of, probably how we ended up in a damn tag team match for the world title when we should have been headlining our brand exclusive FPV by all rights as champion and number one contender, but we always power through and achieve through forceful will and talent alone.

I stand here honoured to team with such a man at the upcoming Pain for Pride to usher in the new decade of EAW, and even more so to be here to induct him into the Hall of Fame that is so richly blessed to receive him. Take it away Cage, the people are waiting to hear from you.

(“For Whom The Bell Tolls” by Metallica plays as Diamond Cage makes his way out to the stage, reluctantly dressed in a suit as he shakes hands with Jaywalker before making his way up to the podium)

Cage: I’d like to start by saying thanks to Jaywalker for inducting me into the hall of fame and being one of the coolest members of the populace and you can always get the truth from Jaywalker, thank you for those who spoke your kind words to me. I know it’s weird, I never thought I’d be here but the goal was to be here and now that I’m here I haven’t really had a chance to express how much EAW means to me. My first experience of this e-fed was Pain 4 Pride, coming in and spectating Extreme Enigma vs the Heart Break Boy for the EAW Championship and seeing the reaction and seeing that match is what made me want to come to EAW. I then proceeded sign up as some name Sean or something like that and I failed miserably, it wasn’t until I joined other feds and then formed the persona “Diamond Cage” something told me not to rejoin EAW but then I said what the hell and took the risk and I stand here 6 years later and say the risk was worth it, I was on Turbo with a great class of guys, Zack Crash, Hades, Moonlight Predator to name a few and the competition was steep and I always faded below admittedly I just wasn’t on their level at the time but I hope my induction is looked at as if I can get here anyone can get here even those who aren’t sure of themselves and to remember to have fun while you’re doing this because if you aren’t having fun then this is a complete waste of time. Even though my EAW career has been somewhat tainted by my absences I will say that I’ve had a great time and my encounters with so many people over the years like Brian Daniels, Tyler Parker, Zack Crash, Hades, Xavier Williams to name a few, it’s been an honor to promo against and put on great matches and be in great stories with everyone. I’d like to thank a few people and then I’ll be out of your way, I’d like to thank that assclown Mr. DEDEDE. That feud man, that feud really kickstarted me and gave me everything I needed to become EAW Champion and for that I thank you because I couldn’t have done it without you, I’d like to thank TRE for always telling me to stay the course when I felt like I was wasting my time, I’d like to thank Robbie V for constantly challenging me on the promo page and even though I could never get the better of you I learn every time from you and your truly one of the greatest I’ve encountered. Like to thank Scott Diamond for taking chances with me in terms of writing scripts and giving me tips and also being a friend to me even as a “noob”. Like to thank Y2Impact and Starr Stan for being some of my biggest supporters even to this day as I’ve become a veteran and still encourage me, they set the standard and I just try to make my mark like they made theirs. I wanna thank Nas for actually taking my advice that I’d give him and I’m looking forward to your Pain for Pride match with Aren buddy, knock em dead. I don’t want to be up here all damn day but there’s so many people to thank so I’ll say thanks everyone for their kind words that they sent in and once again I appreciate and love you all.

(“For Whom The Bell Tolls” by Metallica picks back up as the crowd stands on their feet, cheering Cage on while he takes his leave, denying any photos as he returns to the backstage area)

(Pierre McGuire walks back up to the podium)

Pierre: When you talk about the greatest women in the history of EAW, one name in particular HAS to be somewhere in that debate, because she’s proven beyond a shadow of a doubt throughout her years in this company that she is truly one of the best. Tonight proves that, as she takes her place in the Hall of Fame. A former Vixens Champion and one of the most hard-hitting athletes in this company’s history regardless of gender, ladies and gentlemen…. This is… TARAH NOVA!!!

(The attention is diverted to the titantron: Tarah Nova’s Hall of Fame graphic appears on the screen. Soon after, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WWRPyI8TDg plays)

(Keelan Cetinich appears on screen)

Keelan Cetinich: Tarah Nova is the epitome of what hard work paying off looks like. When you talk about the Women/Vixens of EAW, her name comes up in conversation 100% of the time, because she has helped pioneer that division, and assisted in launching it to where it is today. Tarah is one unbelievable worker, a great friend and I can’t say enough nice things about her. Congratulations Tarah, I could not be happier for you! Go get it, girl!

(Finnegan Wakefield appears on screen)

Finnegan: Tarah has trailblazed what it means to be a female athlete in the world of wrestling and has proven to the public eye that the women of EAW are not fragile beings and can rival the male spectrum in any field. One of the most lovely people I’ve come to know in my short time with EAW, and absolutely one of the most passionate and creative minds. Her spot wasn’t a matter of “if she’ll get it”, it was a matter of “when she’ll get it”. Her accolades speak for themselves but her hard work and dedication proves she is what she says she is; the leader and the revolutionizer of the women’s division.

(Cameron Ella Ava appears on screen)

Cameron: Tarah has changed the way of how a Womens Wrestler should be. Before her, we’ve had these bright and colorful women who could light up the room with a smile. Tarah came barging into the door and she had this dark hair. I knew this girl was going to be trouble. I was fortunate enough to have a rivalry with her which pushed her to the next level. I want to say that I helped make Tarah a household name, but I think Tarah did that all on her own. She is one of the nicest girls in the back. She has been such a wonderful representative of how a woman in EAW should act. She is one of the most selfless girls. She is always so supportive to them. She can be stubborn and a spitfire in the ring, but outside of it, it’s an entirely different story. She is one of the chilliest girls and I enjoy hanging out with her like I do the rest of the girls. She is an amazing promoer, designer and I love how she spoils us girls. I love you, Tarah! It’s about damn time you’re a Hall of Famer!

♚Tiberius IV appears.♚

Tiberius: Aye!

(Lannister appears on screen)

Lannister: This is a hallmark for the entire federation, this moment in which Tarah Nova gets inducted into the EAW Hall of Fame. The timing couldn’t possibly be any better, with the stronghold of the division on display at Pain For Pride 10 – the same Vixen’s/Women’s Elitist division that Tarah helped keep afloat. Without the “Vixen Killer” – who knows if the likes of Aria Jaxson, Brody Sparks, Sheridan Muller, or Alexis Diemos have a platform to stand on. Tarah might not be the most popular woman elitist, but I dare deem her one of the most important in the entire EAW history. She led a division in a time nobody else could, and she had one of the singular best years in the chronicles of this federation in 2015. This one was long overdue, and it has been incredibly earned. I want to tell you congratulations one last time — every one is in your debt for the dues you paid to lay the ground work on what we see today.

(Nobi appears on the screen)

Nobi: Tarah Nova is a great girl. She deserves her spot in Hall of Fame. Congrats Tarah.

(TLA appears on screen)

TLA: Shoutout to mah gurl Tarah Nova the Hall of Fame ain’t never gonna be complete without yo fine ass all up in there. Tarah Nova is EAW’s definitive bad bitch. She strikes fear into the hearts of all her opponents. They runnin’ and hidin’ from her badness. All them other hos out on Empire tryna be as bad as she be. Writing for Tarah for so many of her matches was an honor and a privilege that I ain’t gonna forget. I knew this induction was coming months ago and I’m glad that it finally actually going down. Most definitely deserved and I hope Tarah happy. After all the work she put in to get here Tarah deserves real happiness even if it’s shared with Nas.

(Zack Crash appears on screen)

Zack Crash: Me and Tarah had a very brief stint of working together back in 2014 when she was part of Demon’s Council. Apart from that we haven’t really done much together, and I’ve always regretted that. She’s been one of my favorite Vixen’s since she got here, and I’ve always wanted to explore our characters history together. But who knows, maybe we will someday in the future. But until then, I think Tarah is one of the main reasons why the Vixen’s have been on the rise the past year. If it wasn’t for girls like her, we wouldn’t have the quality of girls we have now, or a brand devoted entirely to Vixen competition.

(Aria Jaxon appears on screen)

Aria: First of all, fuck you for making me cry. I have to say that in advance because I’m sure it’ll happen during your speech. Tarah, it’s hard to put into words just how proud I am of you. I don’t know what your plans were when you came into EAW. I don’t know if you intended to make the impact that you have, but this place changed for the better when you did. You basically sparked that resurgence that opened the door for girls like me to really change shit. And you and I, well, we’ve come a long way from just being acquaintances. It’s at the point now where I couldn’t picture my time in EAW without you. It’s been a privilege to watch you continue to make history and blaze trails, but the real blessing is having been able to be your friend. That gaudy ass ring is gonna look real good on your finger. Congratulations, mama. I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more.

(Camera cuts back to the Prudential Center)

Announcer: Here to induct Tarah Nova, first welcome… XAVIER WILLIAMS!!!

(“Last Kings” by Tupac ft. Eminem plays all throughout the arena as Xavier Williams makes his way out to the stage in a suit before stepping up to the podium)

Xavier: For someone that was going to retire back in June of 2013 – I think that you can hold your head up high with the things that you’ve managed to achieve. The Hall of Fame; through all of the things that you’ve gone through, the championships that you’ve won… this is what you wanted the most. You’re finally here. You’ll look out at the thousands of those that have shown up to celebrate this achievement and the best advice that I can give is to soak up every single piece of it. This is your moment. This is everything that you have worked towards, and Tarah… this is only the beginning. You entered this company when the division was standing on its last legs, and now the division is stronger than it has ever been. If it wasn’t for the likes of you and Cameron holding down the fort of the division, there wouldn’t be a division that these women have helped become great. You have a bucket load of potential, but you’re not even close to reaching it. Think about where you stand right now and understand that it’s nothing more than another stop in the legacy that you will leave when you call it a day. I’ve broken your arm; we’ve gone to war, and you’ve always come out the other side stronger than when you went in. You’re a person that has never pushed me away when I needed someone to talk to and for that Tarah, words cannot explain how grateful I am. There are few friends in this business that you want to keep forever, and I’ve made a great one. I can’t wait to see where you go after this; I can’t wait to see where you finish up. Whether our careers intertwine again or not – the sky is the absolute limit. I’m am so proud of you, Tarah. Prouder than you may ever know. I’ll finish with one things you’ve been waiting to hear for so long. Welcome… welcome to the Hall of Fame.

Pierre McGuire: And introducing the second co-inductor, the young man with fire in his eyes and electricity flowing through his veins…NASIR MOORE!

(“I Am Electric” by Heaven’s Basement hits as Nasir Moore walks out onto the stage wearing a normal suit and a blue tie. He’s got his typical happy go lucky smile on his face looking out into the sea of fans and his fellow elitists.)

Nasir Moore: You know I was a bit worried when I realized Pierre was the host…I thought he’d try to touch me again, but hey I guess anybody is capable of change. Speaking of which let’s all give Xavier a big round of applause for changing into that suit because I’m sure it took him some work to do it huh? All kidding aside Xavier should thank me for that. True story. It’s because I took the last slice of pizza before he could get it. I told him Tarah and I would babysit McKenzie and that stopped him from ripping me in half. I hope everybody’s havin a good time man. It’s Pain For Pride week. The Tenth Anniversary! Nobody does it like we do in Jersey! You know we do it big here. This is once in a lifetime.

Now before I get to what I’m actually supposed to be doing out here, I just need to address one thing right now. There’s happens to be somebody else inducting somebody tonight who is wearing the one all black suit he wears for every formal occasion. Of course I’m talking about Aren Mstislav when I say that. Now I just want to make it very clear to all of you right now that not only am I a better wrestler than Aren is…but I also rock a suit way better. I mean just look at me huh? It’s like I told people when I first got the suit, “Ya boi stay sharp like Katana Blades.” But enough, this ain’t about Aren and I. Just know this. L E L I’M BETTER THAN YOU TOP KEK JAJAJAJAJAJA!

Okay Okay. AHEM. Let’s get down to business shall we? Hmm…Tarah Nova. What can I possibly add on to what Xavier said huh? Well when Tarah came to me and said she also wanted me to induct her, I questioned that myself. But she simply told me to say what came to my mind. So here I am now. Tarah Nova is a one of a kind woman. She is incredibly insightful when it comes to dissecting things in and out of EAW. Her name of “The Leader” is to be taken literally not just when the cameras are rolling. She is constantly concerned and checking on others whether they be in her division or just reaching out to male friends as well. She truly is someone every woman should look up to and admire for not just her abilities, but her personality. One that speaks volumes is her selflessness. If she wanted to, she could be right in the thick of it for both the Women’s World Championship and the Specialists Championship. But she’s never been that type of person. She wants to help nurture and grow this women’s division that I’ve gotten a chance to get a close look on for the last year now. And her way of doing that is sitting back and letting everyone get a piece of the action and the glory. You can only be respected as a division if all members are pulling their weight and giving it their all, not just for a few individuals standing tall amongst all the others as they hopelessly look up at these literal pillars of the business. Hell I can honestly say that she inspired me to evaluate myself and step up to fight for the young guys of Voltage. Had I not gotten close to her who knows if I would have done what I did to Carlos? Or on an even deeper level, if I didn’t have that shoulder to lean on when times get rough, would I have been able to take the blows and still stand tall let alone be here to this very day? I’m am much more complicated person with my emotions than I let on, because I hate when people worry about me. But when you have that one person who you’re determined to share your life with…you have to let them in for it all. I may be a jovial person who many view as pure, but the darkness even gets to me at times…and only one person can be the beaming light for me and that is Tarah Nova. You know how they say behind every great man is a great woman? Well that person didn’t get it quite right. Because Tarah is not behind me. We stand as partners in this journey side by side. Allies. Equals. Tar- no. Sara. This has been something coming to you for a while now. Not just because of the talent you are…but more importantly because of the PERSON that you are. Now please come out here and face your people before I start crying out here.

[Suddenly ‘Boss’s Daughter’ by POP Evil begins to play throughout the arena as Tarah Nova walks out in her black mermaid dress, smiling ear to ear. While the fans cheer her name, Tarah moves to the edge of the stage then points down at the front row where Aria Jaxon is seated.]

Tarah (without a mic): This is for you, Jaxon!

[Just than Tarah pulls up the bottom of her dress, revealing the black conserves she was wearing. The camera pans down showing Aria Jaxon with a slightly unamused look on her face before it pans back to Tarah, who’s chuckling as she makes her way to where Nasir stood. With a smile on her face, Tarah embraces him; giving him a quick kiss to the lips before walking up to the podium.]

Tarah Nova: Uh, holy hell… I can’t believe this night is finally here…Now let me first start by saying this feels like a dream I once had but better. Much better. To be fair I never thought I was gonna make it this far. I really thought I was gonna get the ‘atleast you tried’ pat on the back while the others continued to get praised. See, in a lot of people’s’ eyes; I wasn’t meant to be on this stage. I wasn’t meant to have this ring on my finger and I wasn’t meant to stare out into the crowd telling you all of this. I was probably meant to do whatever the others were doing but…we all know that’s not my style. To be honest, I’ve always had people tell me I couldn’t do something or tell me that I was good but I wasn’t great or amazing or the perfect person for the job…but I never gave up. I never let anyone’s words hurt me to the point of knocking me on my ass. No, instead of sitting on my ass, I worked it off every step of the way to get to this stage. I did everything people said I couldn’t. I mean when people would look at me and say I couldn’t do something; I would just laugh and say watch me. I did that repeatedly for four years. I left my mark in EAW history books more times than I can count. So much time, energy and emotions I put in this place and finally, I can say it paid off. I’m on top of the world, feeling the breeze. Showing everyone why I am the Leader of the Women’s Division and one of the best in this era..But, I didn’t do this alone, no. Shockingly, I had people along the way that kept on reminding me who I was and what I stood for.

[Just than a large photo of Aria, Cailin & Tarah together making silly faces appeared on the screen behind her. The EAW universe loudly started to chant ‘Sirens’, making Tarah chuckle softly. ]

People like: Aria Jaxon & Cailin Dillon; My Sirens. Yes, the two girls that has not only changed the landscape of the Women’s Division but also have had my back through everything these last few years. I love you both to death because you guys have made me better as a person. First we have Aria; the one girl that has not only kept me outta trouble but is also my partner in crime when it comes to trouble. Other than that, She pushed me to always fight for what I believed in and gave me hope in what I was doing. Truly you are the Pinkie to my Freak and that will never change, Aria. Than now, we have you, Cailin, my forever ride and die partner who has never given up on me even when I was at my lowest. She and I have been through hell and back together. We have had each others back through so much bullshit that I don’t think anything will pull us apart. Truly she is a big part of my life and I would to hate to see where I would be without her. So that’s my love for you both alone but together; it’s much more. Together, you two gave me a family outside of my real one and I can’t thank you both enough for that.You guys are my best friends for life and no matter what paths we are on or struggles we are facing, I just know I can count on you both to have my back and vice versa. So thank you both for believing in me and hopefully soon, I see you both on this stage.

[Quickly, another photo fades in; this time a picture of Tarah & Xavier both wearing ‘KILL XAV KILL’ shirts while they hold their middle fingers up to the camera.]

Xavier Williams; the reason why I am in EAW to begin with. First off, thank you Xav for being one of my inductors but also thank you for being the ruthless fuckin’ asshole that I know you to be. Now even though we have had our ups and downs over the years, I will always consider you as one of my closest friends and one of my biggest mentors…even though I started doing all of this before you but that’s not the point. The point is, Xav, you have always been there when I needed to bitch about a match that didn’t go right or a feud I didn’t like and you were always there to smack me upside the head, telling me to quit it. You pushed me, watched me fall on my face then stood there as I picked myself back up each time because you knew I had the strength to do this on my own. So now I’m finally here; joining you in the Hall of Fame and I truly don’t know if I would be here without you showing me the way. Thank you, Xav.

[Next slideshow of photos appear on the screen. First is one of Tarah standing in the middle of two kings and a ‘Gawd’: Eclipse, Lannister & DEDEDE. After a few moments the picture fades into the next one which is a photo of her and Carson dressed as Harley Quinn and The Joker. Than finally a picture of Tarah holding the Vixens Championship with Liam by her side appears. ]

Next: Carson Ramsay, Eclipse Diemos, Mr.DEDEDE, Liam Catterson and ‘King’ Lannister; five men that have always cheered for me and wanted nothing more but for me to become the best that I can be. I know throughout my time here in EAW, I have ran to them at least one time or another for help and they never turned me away. They always would give me the help that I needed to get the job done or boost my confidence up. So to me, they are truly some of the best people that I have met from doing all of this for so long and I truly have to thank you guys for putting up with me for this long and giving me the support group that I never knew I needed.

[The second to the last photo appears on the titantron. It’s a photo of Tarah kissing Nasir’s cheek as he smiles at the camera. Tarah looks back at the photo before looking out at the EAW universe.]

And finally, my other inductor, Nasir Moore. Now I swear, you have been my cheerleader for most of my ‘career’ in EAW. For as along as I can remember, You have always been by my side, just keeping me going. I mean there were so many times where I wanted to stop doing all of this and quit but you made me stay. So to me, Nas, you’re much more the my better half. You’re my best friend, my shoulder to lean on, the one person who I can rely on to not judged my ideas or my dreams–no matter how insane they are and let me tell you all, they can get pretty bad. But…anyway, It’s just–when we first met; I didn’t know that you would be this important to me or make me this happy but here you are. And trust me when I say; I wouldn’t want anyone else doing that job but you. I love you with all my heart, handsome. You truly made me believe in myself and for that I thank you because now I stand here going into EAW Hall of Fame where I truly belong.

[Tarah smiles weakly before the final photo shows up. It a group photo of the whole Women’s Division; all smiling and hugging Tarah close in their HOF dresses hours before the show. ]

Now with everyone I have just mentioned, there is one set of women that I need to thank and that’s EAW’s very own Women’s Division. See, no matter how I act when I’m promoing, I just want to let every girl in the Division know how much you all matter to me. In my eyes, each one of you is a big part of my ‘career’ and I do mean all of you. Girls like Madison Kaline, Cameron Ella Ava, Alexis Diemos just to name a few. Girls like those three helped mold me into the Leader I am today and no matter how many times I say ‘thank you’ tonight, it wouldn’t be enough in my eyes. These girls. This Division. They mean the world to me. I owe them a lot because I know how much of a handful I can be. Truthfully, over these fours years of being in EAW, this Division was always my main focus. It wasn’t the Championships. It wasn’t getting my face on the banners or the posters. I fought the way I did in the name of Women’s eWrestling. So now four years later, I stand here on this stage as my reward for putting my Heart and Soul into our Division and making it the best Division out there. Now with all of that said and done, I am proud to call myself not only a Killer, a Freak and a Leader but also now a EAW Hall of Famer….And you can believe that. Thank you.

[Once again, ‘Boss’s Daughter’ by POP Evil begins to play as Tarah steps back from the podium; the crowd erupts in cheers and whistles as they clap for the new Hall of Famer. Tarah smiles with light tears running down her cheeks as she blows kisses to Aria and Cailin before heading to the backstage area.]

(Pierre McGuire walks back up to the Podium)

Pierre: What a wonderful night it’s been, ladies and gentlemen, but all good things must come to an end, and no better way to cap it off than with our headliner. A man that paved the way for himself, once a Liberator and a Savior, now a Punisher and a Fabled Conqueror. He’s a two-time World Champion with several high-profile contests with this weekend at Pain For Pride X being no exception… THIS IS JACOB SENN!!

(The attention is diverted to the titantron: Jacob Senn’s Hall of Fame graphic appears on the screen. Soon after, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVUvjnKzlU8 plays)

(Cameron Ella Ava appears on screen)

Cameron Ella Ava: There is something about Jacob Senn which grabs everyone’s attention. He can either make you cheer or boo him. He somehow manages to get a reaction out of you. He has built Dynasty to brand it is today. If he were to go anywhere else, I think Dynasty would lose such an amazing talent with him. Dynasty is the House that Jacob Senn Built. He is such an amazing writer and I think he needs to be appreciated a lot more often. He and I may not talk as much, but that doesn’t mean that I ignore all the great things he has done for EAW. I know what Jacob can do in the ring when the stakes are high. I know that he puts pure dedication in everything that he does. I know with his match against Mr. DEDEDE, he is going to steal the show. I’d be shocked that if he doesn’t. Every time he has a match, he exceeds all expectations and he brings his best in everything that he does. Jacob, congratulations. This is your moment! Embrace it.

(Keelan Cetinich appears on screen)

Keelan Cetinich: Jacob Senn is a man that’s helped inspire me to become a better professional wrestler these past few months, and for that I cannot thank him enough. He’s one of the most down-to-earth guys I have ever come across. I’ve always had a lot of respect for this man, and his credibility will not go untarnished. One of the most incredible professional wrestlers I have ever seen compete with my very own eyes, and a man with a heart of gold! Congratulations Senn – you deserve this moment!

(Nasir Moore appears on screen)

Nasir Moore: Jacob Senn is somebody I always knew would reach the level he’s at now…it was just a matter of when, how, etc. But here he is just as I expected. First Ballot Hall of Famer. One of the most consistent men I have ever had the pleasure of watching and a guy who I can say everyone here should aspire to be more like. Senn gets a bad wrap for being selfish or not caring about those under him and all that blah blah blah. Be real with me right now though? Do you think he would be here to this very day doing the same thing he’s been doing for years so selflessly if he was only in it for his own benefit? Senn is a very down to earth guy who just wants to watch EAW and most especially his home of Dynasty flourish and be the absolute best that it can be, and there’s no doubt in my mind that Senn puts one hundred and ten percent into doing his part for that. Keep being you bro!

(Nobi appears on the screen)

Nobi: Jacob Senn is a fun guy to talk to and he’s a great worker. He deserves his spot in Hall of Fame. Congrats Senn.

(Lannister appears on screen)

Lannister: Senn, this day has been long overdue. Congratulations on making it to the EAW Hall of Fame – though to me, this foregone conclusion can finally be put to rest. Not many appreciate you, and all your contributions to EAW, after all, your mark on the EAW landscape is a thankless one. You will go down as one of the greatest elitist in this era, and perhaps even the most accomplished. The accolades are nice and all, but what stands out to me is Jacob Senn the person. Senn is one of the truly great people that EAW consists of, a heralded claim I don’t make often. You have not only made EAW your home, but you’ve made it a home for others as well. And I’m glad to have shared this EAW building with your presence, and hope that more good times are here to come. Congratulations Hall of Famer… Jacob. Senn.

(TLA appears on screen)

TLA: I got mad luv for my master Jacob Senn. He be lettin’ me outta them chains when I be a good boy. About time he gettin’ that Hall of Fame ring. That ring gonna be the most important ring he gettin’ in he life cuz we all know Brody ain’t gettin’ one. For real tho he been manufacturing the shit outta he legacy sittin’ at he computer desk. That’s the manufacturing plant and it’s where the magic gets made. Senn the kinda hombre who been hauling ass for years and now he finally gettin’ that respeck put on his name. He made Dynasty what it is today, and on a personal level he handled my career pretty much since day one. So I owe him hard for this sexy ride. Gracias Jacob for everything and congrats on yo big day! Just like yo legacy today you be manufacturing a spot in the EAW Hall of Fame that ain’t nobody can touch.

(Aria Jaxon appears on screen)

Aria: Congratulations to a true class act on this well-deserved Hall of Fame induction. Enjoy this moment in the sun. You’ve more than earned it.

(Zack Crash appears on screen)

Zack Crash: Jacob Senn has had such a huge impact on my career here in EAW, and really my e-fedding career as a whole. Not only has he given me, to this date, my favorite feud/rivalry I’ve ever been apart of, but I firmly believe he’s part of what got me to where I am today. Senn has this weird ability to bring out the best in his opponents, or at least he did with me. If it weren’t for our first feud back in 2013, I don’t know if I would’ve climbed as far as I did. I like to think together, through our passion and work in that feud, we broke the glass ceiling above us. Senn has an intensity on the promo page unlike any I’ve seen, and he’s a credit to EAW not only as a e-fedder, but also as a writer. Some people joke about “manufactured legacy”, but trust me when I say nothing about this man and his ability is “manufactured” in anyway. This was destined to happen to him one way or another. Because you can’t manufacture true talent! No matter where I go, Jacob Senn will always be the greatest rival of Zack Crash!

♚Tiberius IV appears looking confused.♚

Tiberius: What took you so long Senn? Xavier got in forever ago!

(Jaywalker pushes Tiberius off scene)

Jaywalker: Senn was always a cut ahead above the rest from the moment he joined the company, caught my eye immediately and I was hooked into the fanclub. A great Pain for Pride opponent, and even better constant builder in EAW. He doesn’t always get his shine for the work he puts in in the background, but like what he first signed up here with, it’s a trade of itself to be a magician whose work blends into the background without people thinking how the magic is made.

( “Paint It Black” by Ramin Djawadi hits as Brian Daniels makes his entrance out to the stage wearing a button down shirt and dress pants, and he walks up to the podium with a big smile on his face )

Brian: Yup, back again, but this time I’m here for a different friend. I’m here to induct one of the most controversial men in EAW history, Jacob Senn. I consider him to be one of my closest friends in this company. He’s one of the most hardworking, driven, and passionate people you’ll ever see. He’s been loyal to the brand since the moment he first stepped foot into the company. And while many might hate the way Jacob Senn works, I respect it. I’ll always respect everything he’s given to EAW in order to get to this point. He deserves this moment just like the rest of the men and women that have gone in and are going in. He’s one of the few people that’s helped me at my lowest of times and if it weren’t for the trust and friendship we have, I might not be standing before you today. He’s left a legacy behind him and no, not a manufactured one either. But while my legacy comes to a close in a matter of days. Jacob Senn continues to press on into the future. He continues to thrive where most would fail. You can say what you want about this man, to his face, behind his back, but tonight we honor his presence within the Hall of Fame.

I’ll take this portion of my speech to be much more personal. Jacob, don’t ever let the negativity hold you down. Don’t you ever stop taking that next step forward in your career. You have so much more to achieve. You have so much more time to achieve those accolades in. Your career hasn’t reached the peak yet and you’re a two time World Champion. How about you make it three? And while you might be up against one of your greatest challengers yet. I’m rooting for you to capture that InterWire Championship, the first singles title I ever held, because you’ll hold it with dignity. I hope a lot of the younger men and women are able to look up to you, despite a lot of humor that might come out of that statement. I know people will always look to you different than the way I do. But that’s because you have a unique mind for this industry. You know the ins and outs of Elite Answers Wrestling, whether it’s behind the scenes or in the ring. And you will continue rising quickly up the ranks whether anyone likes it or not. You will one day take that Pain for Pride main event and have your moment. But I don’t want to take up anymore of your time, so get out here and give that ten thousand word speech. You earned it. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I GIVE TO YOU… “THE PUNISHER” JACOB SENN!!!

( “S.O.A.R.” by Devour The Day echoes throughout The Prudential Center and looks around at the arena with a smile on his face wearing a exquisite red suit with a black tie. He and Brian Daniels shake each others hands, meet with an embrace, and follow up with an exchange of words and laughs between them before he finally walks up to the podium.)

Jacob Senn: When I was announced as the first inductee into this year’s EAW Hall of Fame, I was left in the same way that I’m at right now, breathless and in awe. To be honest with you, I naturally assumed that this moment would have been a good few years down the line for me, possibly after a retirement and hanging up my boots for good, but to be given this honor to be inducted into the EAW Hall of Fame means the world to me. To be recognized among the greatest names to walk through these halls, to be given the greatest honor that can be bestowed upon an EAW elitist, I’m humbled by it. When I started doing what we do here in 2008, I never expected to be in a Hall of Fame, even felt lucky to even be a world champion. Even when I became a part of the EAW family in late 2012, I wasn’t too sure how I would have been able to stack up against the competition here, and one reason that I never joined earlier. Intimidation was what kept me away because when I saw EAW, I saw a juggernaut compared to what I was used to, and a plethora of talent that could have dominated any other roster out there. However, one conversation with one of the influential members of this community in Ashten Cross, and I was debuting into EAW with the chance to create moments for this place! Moments like my debut in the King of Elite WHC main event where I interfered to take out Scott Diamond and take the bounty from Jaywalker to begin my career, the Pain for Pride 6 Cash in the Vault controversy with Zack Crash that led to one of the most memorable feuds in EAW history and the timeless quote of #DemonHype, my involvement with AWF to where it was able to make me break out as a star and world champion for it and EAW, to my rivalry with Jaywalker in something that was a dream match of mine that turned into reality, and EAW and Dynasty for being able to allow me to have a moment to be World Heavyweight Champion and deliver my best performances for all of you. All of these moments have been what has defined my career as a Hall of Famer and it has been an honor to be able to share that experience with as many people as I can.

With that said, I would like to thank a few people that have supported me throughout my career and have stood behind me throughout the whole ordeal. Brian Daniels, I told you that you would be the man that would induct me, but that’s because you’re the best friend that I have here in EAW. Ever since we’ve met and become friends for almost as long as I have been in EAW, you’ve always had my back and have been a real friend to me. You’ve been there for support when times grew dark, listened to all of the frustration and anger that I’ve had at some of the nonsense that goes around here, and we’ve had some hilarious moments and memories that I shall always cherish. I know that you’re probably sitting there right now hating every moment of this and doing one of two things. Either making hilarious comments to troll like you always do or just cringing at what I’m saying, but I want you to know that I appreciate everything that we’ve done in the past few years! Our matches were always a treat and something that I enjoyed whenever we got to promo against each other, even though one of them has been lost because of “doing it live” and never being able to archive it! However, that might be best because of the chaos that happened in that match. You’re one of the greatest rivals when it came down to it, someone that demanded quality and delivered that quality when it was demanded from him, and has always been someone that I’ve wished to only be a fraction of when it comes to being behind-the-scenes. Thank you and don’t ever change.

Killswitch, Lannister, Ken, whatever you feel you should be called here, just know this is for you. If there’s ever one person that has told me about how much of an asset I’ve been to this place and showed appreciation for what I’ve done here, it’s this man. Every single time I remember getting down about something in my career or felt disrespected by some of the staff, he was there to pick my spirits up with a good message about how my time with Dynasty and my consistency. Another person who has been a phenomenal friend to me and one of the people that I don’t regret meeting here in EAW! You were one of the reasons that I even signed with AWF because you were a different person and someone that I didn’t know, but I grew to love because of the way that you ran it once the situation devolved into what it did! So without you, I might not have even been the success I was considering AWF was the point where I was able to prove myself as a world champion material performer! The ribs and jokes that we’ve shared, the amazing promos and stories that we’ve been able to tell, but have still yet to be able to have that one big feud between the both of us that I would LOVE to be able to do! However, you’re truly a man that’s way beyond what most people could do here, as you’ve blown me away with so many times! At King of Elite 2015, it was phenomenal to be able to promo against you and attempt to keep up, but I knew how motivated you were to have that crown and one of these days, Jacob Senn will be able to end Lannister’s undefeated streak to finally end this talk about Showdown’s superiority! However, I thank you for the support that you’ve given me as a friend and four words I won’t forget: What’s one more day?

Jaywalker, I want to express my deepest gratitude for what you’ve done for me in my career. I still remember one of the times when you mentioned that you saw me as a future champion in EAW, saw promise in me to be able to be successful, and were one of my biggest supporters here. From someone who I looked at during his final World Heavyweight Championship reign as an inspiration for the type of champion and performer that I wanted to be, it motivated me to continue on to not disappoint you. From the looks of it, I would assume that I have not done that. However, to be able to have what I considered a dream match scenario with you at a stage like Pain for Pride and be able to walk out victorious, I didn’t even believe I deserved it. You were so humble about it and didn’t mind the result and that is why I respect you, Jay. I respect what you’ve done for me and my career here, even if it might have been a detriment to you, and there can be no words to quantify the appreciation I have for what you did for me.

Zack Crash, we had a stellar feud and even though it started with bad blood between us, it led to something that would shoot us to heights that we don’t know if we would have reached without it! It was a blast and something that will always been a centerpiece in my career, hopefully the same has been felt with you, and it will be something that will be unforgettable for this place!

Robbie V, you’ve been someone that I’ve come to respect due to what you’ve done in my time here in EAW and for me on brands like Showdown and Voltage. You helped me try to break out into a main event star and was another inspiration for me in this business. The way you create and structure a match, the way that you deliver in quality that makes something I do pale in comparison, and the professionalism that you display when it comes to EAW is something that no other person can be able to hold a candle to. To me, you’ve been one of the best people to hold the mantle of chairman and no matter what, I appreciate what you’ve done for me.

There are countless names that I would like to express thanks to that I don’t have time to delve into the details with, but I want them to know that I appreciate them for what they’ve done and the friendships we’ve created. I want to thank Devan Dubian, Tyler Parker, Diamond Cage, Scott Oasis, Y2Impact, Jamie O’Hara, Heart Break Gal, Eclipse Diemos, Stark, Nasir Moore, Brody Sparks, Nick Angel, and many more people in this place that have given me these friendships and experiences that I will not forget! With all the gratitude delivered out, I want to be able to leave this podium with one message for any and all aspiring talent that want to reach their potential and their dreams here. Don’t quit. As much as it might seem hopeless and that you might not be able to reach that dream, keep fighting and preserve. Show the world the consistency and quality that you represent, fight for the spot that you want in this place, and I believe that one day… it might be you giving one of these speeches. This place is about not only being able to have fun and tell stories, but it’s also a community that has been about helping one another out. It has been a fun ride to be here and I’m hoping for more hilarious and exciting moments to take place as I don’t intend to go anywhere! I want to congratulate my fellow 2017 class inductees who have all been tremendous people and have given a lot of dedication put into this place! I’m honored to have been able to give you so many years of my work and I hope to be able to continue to give you my best performances! Whether it was The Liberator, The Vengeful Vanquisher, The Fabled Conqueror, or The Punisher… I hope that you’ve enjoyed what I’ve been able to produce for you and with that said, I appreciate you all for giving me this time!

OH… I almost forgot one more person… Mr. DEDEDE. I want to thank you for what will happen at Pain for Pride X. I want to thank you for denying yourself the honor to be able to be a part of this night, for starting a war between yourself and I, and making it all of this possible. For simply because this is the EAW Hall of Fame, it doesn’t change anything that has been said between you and I. I know that I can beat you at Pain for Pride X and more importantly, you know it too. So right here tonight, I’m going to let the world know that even though there’s been quite a bit of history between us and a lot of things have happened on our paths to this moment, it all ends at the biggest event. This fantasy that you’ve been living on being a God around here, build this narrative around yourself that you’re the greatest name in this industry, but I’m here to expose you for the fact that you’re simply a man sitting on a throne of lies. You can call me a hypocrite for being against the world being handed to you on a silver platter, attempt to make me a out to be a charlatan for being passionate about what I’ve done in this sport, and have tried to discredit and disrespect me at every turn. This is the cancer that has been inflicted onto EAW and when Pain for Pride X has come and gone, I will rid this cancer and give you people the performance that you desire. Thank you for your time everyone, I just had to get that off of my chest. At Pain for Pride I unseat a false God and the REAL “Legacy Manufacturer” from his throne. Goodnight and see you at Pain for Pride X!

(“S.O.A.R.” by Devour The Day fades back in as Jacob Senn does a gun taunt to the crowd before he smirks and takes this moment in.)

( The closed captioning comes on the screen and the camera soon fades to black. )

( EAW logo buzzes )

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