Hall of Fame

♚ CLASS OF 2016 ♚

♚ CLASS OF 2015 ♚

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Tyler Parker – Mr. DEDEDE
Brian Daniels – Lannister
Scott Diamond – Cameron Ella Ava
Kevin Devastation – Jaywalker & DEDEDE
Prince Of Phenomenal – Devan Dubian

♚ CLASS OF 2014 ♚

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Mikado Sekaiichi – Jaywalker
Alexander Da Vinci – Kevin Devastation
Ashten Cross – Diamond Cage
Cleopatra – Dark Demon
Killswitch – Mikado Sekaiichi

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(EAW Intro plays )

( A stage is set as the broadcast opens up to the American Airlines Center with fans in the rafters and the stands, and executives in the VIP sections, as well as more executives, many of the EAW roster with their families and friends, as well of legends of the past all sitting at the floor seats. )

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen… esteemed guests, colleagues, friends and family; welcome to the 2016 EAW HALL OF FAME CEREMONYYYYY!!!

( The arena cheers )

Announcer: And now if you could please give a warm welcome to our host for this year… he is EAW’s resident dudebro, the beloved and respected, MATT RYDER!!!

( “Radio” by Downstait plays and Matt Ryder walks out to the stage wearing the nicest suit he’s ever been seen in. He walks out to the podium. )

Matt Ryder: Awww snap!!! How did I get this gig!? For those who don’t know me, my name’s Matt Ryder, and I am EAW commentary extraordinaire and overall living legend with no hall of fame ring, might I add.

Tonight I’m honored and totally privileged to be able to host the 2016 EAW Hall of Fame. I’m gonna try all as I might to not make this show about me although I can’t make any promises. But in all seriousness dudes, dudettes, it’s truly an honor to be able to host what is, without a doubt, the biggest night of the entire year in Elite Answers Wrestling.

This night more than anything is sort of a “thank you” to those who put in extraordinary time and effort into being in EAW. On this night we honor those who show passion, loyalty, consistency — basically everything I’m not. (hehe) Tonight we honor the careers of four men who have changed EAW for the better, by devoting their time and their friendship to this community we have here, and men who without a doubt EAW wouldn’t be the same without.

( Applause )

Ryder: So let’s get this thing started shall we bros!? We’re gonna jump right into the water here and getting the show on the road by taking a look at the first member of the 2016 Hall of Fame….

( The attention is diverted to the titantron: Zack Crash’s HOF graphic appears on the screen. Soon after, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDg77PrrGO0v plays )

( Various Elitists, per usual in each HOF video package, can be seen giving their comments )

( Lannister appears on the screen )

Lannister: Zack Crash has to be one of the most polarizing characters in EAW history, and that claim cannot be disputed by a single soul. Crash is the symbol of what EAW has evolved into. He has helped usher EAW into a new era, having earned that very responsibility. Crash has been the epitome of stability, someone that all in EAW can lean on to be a pillar of success. Congratulations on embarking on the Hall of Fame Zack… it could not happen to a more deserving guy. For a long time there, you were perhaps the most underappreciated man in EAW week in and week out. However, for that reason, I am glad that today has come. Nobody can ever take this moment from you, nor can anybody ever underestimate you again. You have built an empire with your accomplishments, one that your peers can only look on in admiration. You’ve earned this, Crash. You are now legendary status, how does it feel?

( The Nas appears on screen )

The Nas: Crash is one of those unsung heroes that has always been involved in major events but never got the credit he deserved. This man is also the same guy who ran as chairman and got to bathe in straight up money in front of the whole world, now that’s the epitome of cool in my opinion.

( Matt Miles appears on screen )

Matt Miles: Zack Crash is a liar, a cheater and a thief… but a great one at that. This is definitely someone I expected to be inducted into the Hall of Fame sooner rather than later as he’s had a fantastic career and even had a long run as chairman. Very glad to see that he’s going in this year as this past year may very well be the peak of his career and what better time to get inducted?

( Jamie O’Hara appears on screen )

Jamie: I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone be so underappreciated. The last two years it’s been a joy to see your character tackle a monster challenge in living up to the expectations the corrupt owner angle asked. Arguably, there’s nobody, one or two even, who deserve a major, major title reign at the top more than you. It’s guys like you and Dub that I wish I saw more of, makes me regret not joining the fed sooner. Congrats on the Hall of Fame spot bud.

( JJ Silva appears on screen )

JJ Silva: What’s not to say about the guy? He saved my career and for that I’m loyal. He ran this company through his own eyes, and no matter if others are willing to admit it or not, he without a doubt is one of the most polarizing men in this company’s history. He’s led crusades through this company and has presented unique approaches to get his point across. If anything, Zack is a man of his word. His word forms bonds and burns bridges and within that, he has made some of the most memorable moments that we of the younger generation look onto now. Some may not see him as a good role model, but it’s hard not to be impressed or motivated with some of the things he has accomplished. Crash deserve this more than anyone.. Enjoy YOUR night, Zack. In Zack Crash We Trust.

( Jacob Senn appears on screen )

Jacob Senn: Zack Crash and I have shared a lot of history in EAW. Bitter rivals, temporary allies, and we’ve done just about everything against and with one another. I’ve done possibly some of my best work against Zack and I hope to believe that I’ve done the same thing with him. Zack, I’m glad to see that you’ve been inducted into the Hall of Fame as I believe that you were flying under the radar for a long time, but I believe now that you’ve shown everyone what a true character you’ve been to EAW! Thank you for your work and here’s to more amazing moments to come!

( Aren Mstislav appears on screen )

Aren: I’ll be honest, I had no idea who he was for the longest time. But as times passed, and I got to know him a bit better, I felt horrible not knowing him back then, and his character is someone that can fit any role no matter his alignment, or no matter the situation. Very deserving, and a wild card in this Hall of Fame.

( TLA appears on screen )

TLA: Zack Crash goin’ up in the Hall of Fame prolly cuz he paid someone off or got his boiz to beat up every other possible nominee. We dealin’ with a devious and evil vato right here. He will prolly use his Hall of Fame ring as a weapon at PFP with what we seen from him. Ain’t no tellin’ how low he will go to get what he wants and tonight he gets all of it. Crash is one of those real adaptable homies. He been everything and done everything in EAW, now he sittin’ up top on that Hall of Fame throne.

( Scott Oasis appears on screen )

Scott Oasis: Zack Crash even now has to be one of the most underrated competitors in EAW. The guy is such a hard worker and is so creative. Zack has delivered nothing but memorable moment after memorable moment and in my opinion is the perfect Elitist to have on your brand. Everything he does has been must see and with Omerta he has not only created a great stable but has become someone I look to and follow as an example. I might not be here in the spot I am without Crash because he has been a great influence on me and the way I carry myself. It’s been great working with him and I must say that this has been a long time coming. Congrats.

( Vid comes to a close and goes back to the stage )

Ryder: Truly a man so nice he needs to be inducted twice! Introducing the first co-inductor… NICK ANGEL!

(“Fire It Up” – by Thousand Foot Krutch plays throughout the American Airlines Arena as Nick Angel enters the stage in a white-out suit and tie.)

Nick: I have the honor and privilege to induct a man that I consider of making quite the impact for the past few years both as a member and to the community of EAW. I am more than happy with giving the man I am inducting that in my eyes? The guy I am inducting been criminally overlooked when it comes to producing promos that are a touch of magic while being arguably the best villain of EAW over the past three years. Of all my years in e-feds, it is criminal to think that the best heel that EAW has produced for the past three consecutive years has not been looked upon as THE elite talent. Zack Crash, this is your night. This is YOUR night to ascend upon the Mount Rushmore of EAW because the achievements speak for themselves: Being a two-time world champion, being a former Cash in the Vault winner along with holding the longest reign for a tag team champion.

But while achievements can make an individual be a hall of fame worthy inductee, I personally think that the most lasting contribution that you, Zack, have done in my eyes? I think that you are the model of what a member should be in the community. There are no controversies behind the scenes, you are willing to work with another talent in order to elevate them and you are willing to interact with anyone. If there is any man to come to when it comes to being all ears of suggesting how to refine your character, how to suggest some quality storylines, I have the highest of recommendation to go to Crash.

We don’t strike to the public as having a best friend relationship considering we have never been in the same brand for the past three years, let alone having the same storyline together. That’s the unique part however. These past three years, we’ve never interacted much in EAW but behind the scenes? I get to know a man for what he is: someone that have a fantastic taste in TV shows as you’re an avid fan of the Game of Thrones before Game of Thrones: LOST, along with Game of Thrones itself. You’re also someone that I can talk in regards to current events as we are rather; politically align in the same boat. I have every bit of intention to continue our friendship but tonight? You, Zack Crash, you’re someone that is just like my house motto in EAW’s version of Game of Thrones…..”None So High”. As no ONE can take away the fact that you reach the highest feat that an individual of EAW can ever do. Congratulations brother and just so you know, I am going to follow your footsteps by winning Cash in the Vault.

( “Fire It Up” picks back up as Nick walks off the stage )

Ryder: And the second co-conductor, a man very well acquainted with the EAW Hall of Fame… DARK DEMON!

( “Kick In The Door” by The Notorious BIG plays as Dark Demon walks out to the stage in shades and a white suit, and walks up to the podium. )

Dark Demon: This has been a moment for me that has been long overdue and perhaps should have been done last year but nevertheless, I honestly cannot think of anybody who is more deserving to go into the hall of fame than Zack Crash. I’ll be honest in saying that I’ve struggled to come up with a speech for Crash that does justice for him because I can’t think of the words that can sum up what Crash means to me and what he means to EAW and I don’t personally think even a book about Crash could sum it up because despite now going into the Hall of Fame, despite the two world title reigns that he has to his name, despite the other accomplishments that he has and the major storylines that Crash has been involved in …I still firmly believe that Crash may just be the most underrated E-fedder that has ever joined EAW. To me, Zack is one of the best talents that he has ever been in EAW and he is one of the most complete and all round e-fedders from a promoing and creative standpoint. Crash is somebody who is one of the few who can play any type of character or gimmick that is given to him, he can excel in any type of storyline and he can come up with some of the best storylines if given the opportunity, especially from the feud that he and myself had in 2014. He is somebody who excelled at being one of the best babyfaces and one of the best heels in EAW history, he is somebody who excelled at playing all kinds of characters in EAW; from being a comedy character with Brian Titus, to being an underdog babyface, to playing a rebel character, to being a heel chairman, a mafia overlord and all other kinds of things in between.

Zack is one of the most dedicated people in EAW, this guy was so dedicated to this E-fed that he would promo from the library for years! How many other people would really bother to go through all that effort just for an e-fed? He has without a doubt, the best attitude that I have ever seen from anybody in any e-fed and I can safely say Zack is one of the nicest and one of the most kindest human beings that you could ever hope to meet and talk too, whether that be in E-feds or not. He is somebody who has had to put up getting shafted from more title reigns, from more accomplishments and more victories over people than he has gotten but he has never complained, he has never made life difficult for his writers and he has always been willing to work with anybody, to go above and beyond what anybody asks from him, he is the ultimate professional. For anybody who has just joined EAW or anybody who feels like they should be getting more than they have gotten, or for anybody in general, Crash is the perfect role model for anybody because he has withstood everything that has been thrown against and remains one of the most positive people you will ever find, he is somebody who everybody should look up too and aspire to be like. In regards to Crash just being ‘demon hyped’, Crash has never needed any ‘hype’ from me and everything that he has achieved in EAW has been by his own sheer talent alone and his own work. Crash has never needed me, I’ve no doubt that he would have achieved everything that he did in EAW and would still be inducted into the Hall of Fame tonight without me or anybody else because he is that talented of an e-fedder.

Nobody can take this night and this moment away from you Crash. Hopefully with this induction tonight, you will get all the credit that you deserve. Maybe not everybody will agree with me, but to me you are one of the best e-fedders to have ever joined this e-fed and you are without a doubt miles better than most people, including myself. I hope you do get another world title reign and you can show everybody in EAW why you are one of the best around, why you are one of the best of all time and why you are one of the biggest legends in EAW. I hope you finally get all the respect that you deserve from everybody, and I hope everybody realises how much you benefit this E-fed by being in it and they can see what you truly are capable of doing. You deserve this moment Crash, you deserve to have your name among the greats of EAW and you deserve ALL the praise that you get. I’m truly honoured to have known you Crash, I’m honoured to have come up against you as a rival in EAW and to be able to induct you here tonight into the Hall of Fame. As I said, I can’t think of anybody who deserves this night anymore than you do and words cannot do justice to how brilliant a human being and an efedder that you are. NOW EVERYONE STAND UP, GET TO YOUR FEET AND LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE FIRST MEMBER INTO THE 2016 HALL OF FAME! ZACK CRASH!!!

( “Outlaw” by Disciple plays and Zack Crash comes out and embraces Dark Demon with a big hug, before walking up to the stage himself. Crash wears a suit sport coat over his button down shirt, jeans and dress shoes, and soaks in the atmosphere of the EAW Hall of Fame. )

Zack Crash: Thank you guys for those kind words of introduction. Allow let me first to apologize if I get a little long winded in this speech, but I’m actually a pretty sentimental guy and I want to take this time to real be open with all of you. And let me also inform you that everything I say is OOC. I’ve always believed that at moments like these, we need to speak from ourselves, not our characters. Anyway…you know I found it hard in the days leading up to this event to summarize my feelings about all of this. Then I remembered what Ric Flair said in his Hall Of Fame speech, and I feel it’s an appropriate expression of how I feel now…it’s at times like these like guys like myself say to ourselves, for all we done wrong we must’ve done something right. Even now I find it hard to reconcile this person, this e-fedder you all show so much respect towards with the rookie who came onto Turbo all those years ago. It’s weird to remember that day on YouTube when I simply out of curiosity watched an EAW promo video for House Of Glass 2011 and ultimately found myself here. I never really got over feeling like a rookie, and sometimes I still can’t believe I made it this far up the card. That’s because EAW has the most overabundance of talented people I have ever seen in an efed in my entire career. For the most part the feds I belonged to in the past didn’t last long, maybe a year or year and a half. So when I joined EAW in 2011, I didn’t expect much and only saw this as my last run as Zack Crash. Maybe fed for another year, get a few more belts onto my resume, and then finally retire. But that was 5 years ago, and here I am, still fighting, and for the first time in my efed career, being inducted into a Hall Of Fame! It’s always interested me why in feeds we care so much about winning titles and accolades that for the most part don’t exist. Nobody will ever care about what we achieve here but us. So why do we fight so fiercely for them? Because at the end of the day it all amounts to one thing…recognition! Whether it’s real or fantasy, we are being recognized by peers, by friends, and by people we respect. There are so many people here that I respect, and I don’t feel as if I deserve this recognition or to be standing on equal grounds with the likes of my fellow inductees this year, or the inductees from years past.

There are SOOOOO many people I want to thank for one reason or another. First of all (and not surprisingly I’m sure), but I have to thank Dark Demon. You were one of the first to see something in me and you’ve always been one of my most vocal supporters. I’ve always appreciated that more than you know. Because sometimes all you really need is one person in your corner, and you can do anything. I’m not ashamed to attach my name to the term “Demon Hype” because I truly believe that if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be where I am today in EAW. And you’ve not only done this for me, but for so many others as well. I still don’t know if I truly earned or deserve your faith, but I thank you nonetheless for all the help you’ve given me over the years.

Mr. DEDEDE, you are by far the best fed head I have ever seen in EAW. I don’t think anyone here will argue that point. Your organization and dedication to this place is what as allowed it to grow so much bigger from the day when I first joined. And just like Demon, you had a faith in me that I still don’t know what I did to earn. But regardless I want to thank you for all the opportunities you gave me, and I think I speak for everyone when I say thank you for all you’ve done for EAW. This place would be nothing without you.

Jacob Senn. My greatest rival ever! I’ve enjoyed our feuds more than any other, and that includes my entire efed career. We didn’t always get along at first, maybe some issues still remain (a story almost everyone has heard way too often) but I like to think overcome that. I’ll never forget when you first reached out to me with the olive branch of peace, which is one of the biggest gestures I’ve seen on the Internet. Most people tend to hang onto old grudges, but you proved yourself to be bigger than that, and I respect you for that more than your obvious talent on the promo page and as a writer. And despite our old heat, I wouldn’t change any part of it, because I think that brought out in both of us our best, and it’s the reason we’re both where we are today. So thank you for giving me my greatest feud, my greatest rival, and for always bringing out the best in my ability, and I respect you a lot. And good luck to you in our match at Pain For Pride.

To the writers, Brian Daniels, Lannister, Dark Demon, Jacob Senn, and anyone else who wrote a match or segment with my character in it. Zack Crash would be nothing if it weren’t for you guys. You tolerated my constant PMs with ideas and suggestions and you guys always were willing to listen. I appreciate that, because it shows you care about the rest of the community. Whether or not you used my ideas is another story (lol), but all the same you made me feel like my ideas were just as important as yours. You devote such much free time not just to me or yourselves, but to the entire EAW community, which is I think why this fed has lasted longer than any other fed I’ve been part of. So thank you for making Crash into the despicable heel he is, and the Hall Of Famer he becomes today.

To the members of OMERTA, JJ Silva, Scott Oasis, and Brody Sparks. I want to thank you guys for agreeing to take part in an idea I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now. You’ve seriously helped bring a dream to life. This angle wouldn’t work without each of you. You’re all so incredibly talented, and my only hope is that OMERTA is a launching point for all of you to having hugely more successfully careers than my own! JJ, you’re one of the hardest working guys in EAW today. Scott, you’re a better WHC than I ever was. And Brody, I see you as part of the future of the Vixens Division. Thank you guys for bringing OMERTA to life.

To my friends and rivals, Nick Angel, Diamond Cage, Ryan Savage, Hades, and the too many others to name. You’ve all been my support in matches and feuds, and outside of that you’ve been people I can talk to about trivial stuff. I think it’s hard to find lasting friends on the Internet because it’s so easy to fall out of touch. But here I’ve found friends who I hope that doesn’t happen with. Talking to all of you has been a joy and a privilege to get to know each of you. You’re all such funny, talented, interesting people, and are the main reason the community of EAW rocks so hard! You’ve all be great opponents, and even greater friends. And a special shout out to EAW’s newest member Kurt Burton, who is a friend of mine in real life. Kurt I respect you more than you know, I love you like a brother, and I just want to thank you for introducing me to this crazy world of e-fedding.

And if I had one bit of advice to give the rookie talent it would be this. Stick with it! If you ever feel like you’re unappreciated or not achieving anything, DO NOT give up! Standing here right now I am living proof that even if you feel like you’ll never achieve your goals, if you fight long and hard enough, people will notice and then the cream will rise to the top.

I’ll try to wrap this up now, I know I’ve probably gone on too long as it is. But I want to thank EAW in general now. This place has not just been a place for me to take part in a hobby…it’s been my home on the internet! There were bad days when EAW was able to pick me up and bring me back from the edge. There were times when I didn’t like myself, and you guys made me feel good again. And today you’ve done it again. These are things I can’t ever repay. I’ve said it for a while now that EAW would be my last efed, not because I’ve grown tired of efedding, but because how could to find any place to top all this! An excellent community of people, a staff that is top notch, and more talent than we know what to do with. In closing, I think it was fate that made me watch that YouTube video that ultimately brought me here. I’m proud to be a member of EAW, and I’m proud of be a EAW Hall Of Famer!

Thank you, goodnight, and good luck!

( “Outlaw” picks back up and Zack Crash raises both fists and does a “rebel yell” to the fans in the stands. He is escorted off the stage by two supermodels, is handed a special box with his Hall of Fame ring with it, and takes pictures at the red carpet section of the Hall of Fame. )

( Matt Ryder walks back up to the podium. )

Ryder: Awesome. Awesome. Well we may or may not be trespassers, but this next man is about to make the Hall of Fame HIS YARD! Folks let’s give a warm welcome for a man who’s dominated EAW from the time he arrived nearly five years ago, all the way to now. He presumably goes by many names… but to us he is the asskicker, the trailblazer, the Big Dog, and EAW’s Vintage Hellraiser and now HALL OF FAMER … HADES THE HELLRAISER!!!

( The attention is diverted to the titantron: Hades The Hellraiser’s HOF graphic appears on the screen. Soon after, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgGVCyalV8A plays on the screen. )

( JJ Silva appears on screen )

JJ Silva: When I first signed on the dotted line, you were the first person I encountered. I was this cocky kid who felt I could do anything in the world and you managed to humble me.. I felt so much resentment from that day.. but it was you who taught me what you give in the business is what you get back. You inspired me so much and your career speaks volumes of what all elitist should strive for. Former World Champion.. Former GR winner.. You’ve literally done it all and that alone is nothing short of breath taking. I look back on that first match and can’t help but think.. I stood against the cream of the crop, and although I failed.. I took a lesson that has carried on with me throughout the entirety of my career thus far. For that, I’m forever in debt to you, Hades. Enjoy your Hall Of Fame Induction.

( Jamie O’Hara appears on screen )

Jamie: Admittedly, you’ve been the hardest person to talk about because I haven’t had a whole lot to do with you which is a real shame. I’ve always enjoyed your promos, I had a fair bit of fun promoing against you last year and I hope there’s more to come in the future. Congratulations on your selection man!

( Lucas Johnson appears on screen )

Lucas: Hades has been protecting his yard ever since he joined EAW and has been even helping people in the locker room like myself and the rest of the newbies coming in to tell is what we need to do to be successful here. I grew up watching Hades and now I get to perform on the same stage as him, really cool and well deserved!

( Matt Miles appears on screen )

Matt Miles: Hades is someone I’ve never really known well, although I believe that’s the same for pretty much everyone here. He’s always been a private person but he’s never failed to do well in EAW despite not having much of a presence outside of our promo page. From EAW to the other, shittier, e-feds I’ve seen him in, he’s always worked his hardest and gained his fair share of success. Congrats to Hades.

( Liam Catterson appears on screen )

Liam Catterson: I have always had a lot of respect for Hades, he has been one of the most entertaining guys across every federation I have been with him in. If I have to be honest, he is one of the best promoers I have had the pleasure of going against. Whether it would be his Hades persona, Ownage persona, whatever it was, Hades would deliver. He is also a guy that I have a lot of respect for. I don’t think there is anything bad you can say about Hades, I have never had a problem with him, he has always been a great addition to e-feds. He has been involved in many memorable matches I have witnessed and I think this is a dream come true for Hades. It is certainly amazing to see him now a member, especially given the fact that personally, he deserves more credit than he gets since he just stands out so much in terms of quality in an amazing way so I think the Hall of Fame is a great way to celebrate his amazing contribution to e-feds.

( Aren Mstislav appears on screen )

Aren: I knew Hades under another name, but even then, I always found his promos to be great, found his way of getting his point across, and his way of conveying his intention through promos as just exemplary. He’s had many accomplishments, and now being a Hall of Famer is something he can just add to that long list.

( TLA appears on screen )

TLA: Hades claims to be the Big Dawg but we all know that Steroid Dawg be the biggest dawg in the yard. For one night only tho, Hades gets a Hall of Fame platform to bitch to the world about his world title booking and really that is all he ever wanted. Hades reppin’ for them big evil motherfuckers who led the way for today’s evil motherfuckers like Eclipse Diemos. At PFP he gonna show the world why old school evil still do it right but for tonight he droppin’ that darkness and shit down on the EAW Hall of Fame.

( Lannister appears on screen )

Lannister: For a man who has seen every starlight there is to offer here in EAW, Hades sure does catch some flak. But alas, here we are, at the end of the day, with Hades getting the parade, with the streamers and confetti, that he has solely deserved for some time. One could argue, and I certainly will, that Hades should have an Extremist of the Year on his resume. Nonetheless, Hades, you’ll go down in history as one of the most underappreciated superstars to have ever graced the EAW circles. Even now, even today, you have question marks to answer. But don’t listen to a single word – because to those that have followed closely, soon realize the top, elite talent that you possess. You made the EAW world submit to your will time and time again… and tonight, EAW submits to your will once more. Your dominance goes without saying… and it has led you to a list of accolades that the rest of the industry can only marvel at. Congratulations Hades, may this forever be the day that you are no longer overlooked.

( Scott Oasis appears on screen )

Scott Oasis: Hades has been a cornerstone in EAW for quite sometime now. The man has been here years and throughout his run has done great. Entertaining, scary, intense, there are so many characteristics to Hades that make him one of the most exciting Elitists to have around. When I started out here and I was able to compete against him it was an honor. It felt so much different from everything else I had been apart of in EAW up to that point because Hades brings such a big fight feel to his match ups. He’s a great competitor and although he keeps to himself has shown to be incredibly knowledgeable. There is no doubt that he is a legend in EAW.

( Return to the arena. )


( “Wanted Man” (Acoustic Version) – Rev Theory hits… Hades The Hellraiser walks out wearing an all black suit and topcoat and dark shades on as he approaches the podium and waits for the crowd and the music to settle down. )

Hades: Words cannot express what an esteemed pleasure it is to stand before my fans and peers, as one of the 2016 Hall of Fame inductees. I must say, I didn’t think I’d be here long enough to see this moment; but come to think of it, I never thought I’d be Answer’s World Champion either. Nevertheless I’m overjoyed to see that five years of sacrifices on my part and patience on the part of the EAW were well spent.

It’s impossible for me to squeeze an entire five years into a mere five hundred word speech, so I won’t even bother. I’ll just sum up my days in the EAW as them being challenging as much as they were rewarding. Right now I’d like to take this time to show my gratitude to a few people; MattStrikerFan, for giving me my initial start and whom I’ll always be eternally grateful and loyal to. Dark Demon, for his years of loyalty and encouragement. Prince of Phenomenal and Devan Dubian for aiding me in my development as a main eventer as a member of EWE. Robbie V, for his genius work behind the scenes that have led to some of the greatest encounters I’ve ever had. CM Banks, for creating as well as being the driving force behind the EAW being what it is today since the very beginning. Nick Angel, DEDEDE, and Hass Johnson, who have been my biggest supporters throughout the years; I only wish that I could show them how much their encouraging words have meant to me. Moonlight Predator, who was like a brother to me, I will forever cherish our friendship and the moments we’ve had. Moongoose McQueen, though we left things on bad terms I still respect the hell out of him, and credit him for his inspiring work inspiring me to always be better than I was the week before. The Heart Break Boy, Risky Business, Jaywalker, and Carlos Rosso for their inspiring work. To those responsible for the day-to-day operations of the EAW and who get little recognition for it; from the writers to the designers. Last, but not least, a huge thank you to Deadman4Life; because I’m confident that without him there wouldn’t be a Hades the Hellraiser. No one has inspired me more than this guy and I only wish he were still around so that we could finally have that one on one I’ve been dreaming about.

I’m not that big of a talker, so I’m going to conclude it here. Thank you so much to the Board for this honor and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for the EAW when season ten rolls around.

( Hades raises one fist to the crowd, and “Dead Or Alive” picks back up as Hades is escorted off the stage by two supermodels, and receives his Hall of Fame ring package. Hades is embraced by Kevin Devastation who’s holding an apple tini in his hands, and after the hug Hades declines any photo-ops as he goes to exit the arena. Matt Ryder walks back up to the stage. )

Ryder: You just don’t find many people like that, salute Hades, you the man broski. Coming up next is a man who you can pretty much consider to be “The Man” now. He’s accomplished so much in his career already, and he’ll be competing in one of the marquee matches at Pain for Pride. Let’s hear it for our next inductee into the 2016 HALL OF FAME…. XAVIER WILLIAMS!!!

( The attention is diverted to the titantron: Xavier Williams’ HOF graphic appears on the screen. Soon after, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coR8645V6e0 plays. )

( Liam Catterson appears on screen )

Liam Catterson: It’s funny how far a man can rise in such a short amount of time because it feels like yesterday that Xavier Williams was someone rising through the ranks in a small company that should’ve seen him become a world champion and I have always had a lot of faith in him. I was happy for him when I heard he got a World Championship in EAW as I was worried that he would suffer quite a bit in EAW, it was a big federation, he was still young and to see him get to where he is in the amount of time he has done it is incredible. He deserves to be where he is, he has done a lot of people proud and even though he is a Hall of Fame member now, I think there is a lot more to come from him. He is a talented guy, he is a fun opponent, I think in this newer generation of main eventers in EAW, he is basically the face. I wish him the best for what he has to come because I believe he has paved his status in EAW.

( Matt Miles appears on screen )

Matt Miles: Congrats on being the first sasquatch ever inducted into the Hall of Fame, Xavier. No one expected you to go in so soon and this might possibly be the quickest anyone has been inducted in the past 4 or 5 years. Funny to think you went from being called Toxic to being in the Hall of Fame. That just goes to show that hard work will pay off in the end if you know what you’re doing. Congrats, pal.

( JJ Silva appears on screen )

JJ Silva: ahh.. My number one idol. From your days under Dark Demon, through your New Breed Championship reign. You’re what made the New Breed Division so exciting. When I captured this gold the first thought that processed through my mind was his holders before me.. and none of them stood out quite like your reign. I want to carry this championship with pride and honor just as you did before.. One day to become the man you’ve become now. Your world championship reign was so inspirational to a guy like me. I know your career is far from over.. and I hope to one day come face to face with you and battle it out with my favorite elitist to ever lace up a pair of boots. Until then, I’m glad you’re entering the HOF. Enjoy every second of it you glorious bastard.

( TLA appears on screen )

TLA: Xavier Williams goes hard in everything he does and I respect that. He has that drive like La Pantera Sexual does when he drivin’ down la calle in his lowrider with bitches on every seat. Xav reppin’ for all the hardest working motherfuckers in this business and takin’ that Hall of Fame spot like a bawse.

( Aren Mstislav appears on screen )

Aren: Known him for most of my career. Very snarky son of a bitch, but he’s a great guy and friend. He’s always been one man I’ve wanted to feud with as long as he’s here, or at least have a match with some time down the road. Very deserving of the Hall of Fame.

( Brian Daniels appears on screen )

Brian Daniels: I will never regret the day that I told you to leave another federation for EAW, and look how far you’ve gotten now. You’re a former New Breed Champion, two time EAW Champion, and the current, reigning, defending, Hall of Fame Champion. You know what? You haven’t even scratched the surface yet — your potential meets no bounds. If you can succeed this easily, you’ll have more success inbound than you can even “dream” of. But enjoy this night, it’s only once in a lifetime. Don’t forget… take your shower, chap.

( Jamie O’Hara appears on screen )

Jamie: You’ve easily become my favourite person in EAW. Not just as an E-Fedder, not just as a writer but also a mate. You’re the first person I come to for anything and you’ve always been there to give me a helping hand with any problem or idea I’ve had. What you’ve done as a writer has been absolutely extraordinary, your quality in every regard constantly motivates me; our feud has been the highlight of my time doing this, nothing even as far back as 2008 was so enjoyable. I hope, really hope there’s more to come. You deserve the Hall of Fame spot, the recognition for everything you’ve done.

( Scott Oasis appears on screen )

Scott Oasis: Of everyone in the Hall of Fame for this class, Xavier Williams has had the quickest road to get there and for good reason. I remember when he first started out in the game and I must say that watching him grow as a competitor has been awesome. He’s so good at what he does and has given us so many great feuds. There’s been him vs Dark Demon, him vs Zack Crash and now him vs DEDEDE ; there are so many big names he has gone up against and not once did he ever seem out of place. Xavier is the total package as far as Elitists go. He’s a guy who when he says he’s the “Best in The World” it actually sounds legitimate. He’s definitely a Hall of Fame level talent.

( Lannister appears on screen )

Lannister: Javier Williams, Hall of Fame bound. I’m no historian, but I’m willing to wager that Xavier had one of the fastest rises to EAW stardom in the entire history of EAW chronicles. Xavier, you’ve truly taken the EAW world by storm, to an extent that we may never see again. Some might consider this day “too soon” – but forget that noise because anybody who has seen the productivity and quality you’ve put in week in and week out, this day should be seen as a foregone conclusion. You are already one of the best to have graced EAW with your presence, but the greatest thing about you and your mindset is that this day is simply not enough. You only want to continue to carve out your legacy. Reaching the “EAW Mount Rushmore” would not suffice for you, nor would simply making the Hall of Fame. No, you want to be at the very center of that “EAW Mount Rushmore”. Xavier Williams is a name that will forever be etched into the halls and sounds of Elite Answers Wrestling. It has been my pleasure to take part and see your rise to the top. And I look forward to seeing you continue to make that climb. Best enjoy this Javier, it only comes once. More-so though, you have earned this. You ARE this. You are… an EAW Hall of Famer. For better or worse, “EAW Hall of Famer” is going to be just an assumed title attached to your name, as you are going to be known for so much more. But enjoy this night while it comes, and see it as a way to stick it those that have tried to deny you of this day. The Young Pup isn’t so young anymore… rather, has a career all but a select few can be envious of. Congratulations on this feat… but how there will ever be so much more to come. Best not see this as Xavier’s height, EAW, for this one will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Lannister sends you his regards, Xavier… you best make the best of them.

( Return to the stage )

Ryder: Inducting this man into the Hall of Fame, back to the stage again, DARK DEMON!!!

( “Kick In The Door” by The Notorious BIG plays and Dark Demon walks back out to the stage )

Dark Demon: You know, it would have to be the Aussie to be the first to get inducted into the Hall of Fame by winning a title instead of doing it like everybody else …But really, it doesn’t matter how Xav has gotten in, it doesn’t matter whether he should go in this year or he should have to wait another year because Xav IS deserving to go in this year. Xavier is a phenomenal promoter, a fantastic writer and an all around top e-fedder and he has been for years now when he was given the smallest chance in late 2013 and he ran with it. I’ve seen many people come into EAW, many people who had fantastic potential to be something great, to become a legend but very few ever manage to make it to that level, many struggle to reach the very top-tier of EAW with the likes of DEDEDE, Jaywalker, Impact, Heart Break Boy and others and yet, Xavier has been doing it with ease. For many, going into the Hall of Fame is the peak of their career in EAW but this won’t be anything but a mere footnote for Xavier, he is somebody who has unlimited amount of potential in regards to both promoing and writing, despite how lazy he can be. He has the potential that very few have to reach the level of becoming an all-time legend and becoming a part of the ‘GOAT circle’ and if he continues doing what he is doing, I have no doubt that within time, Xavier will most certainly do that. I don’t remember the first time I actually met Xavier, the first time I even noticed him was when he was floating around on NEO for several months with others doing nothing and I called him up because I needed more mid-carders, although he claims I apparently told him months before that that he’d be a future world champion but I don’t remember saying that, I was probably bullshitting him! But I do his first two matches on Dynasty in 2013, going up against Alex Anderson and another Hall of Famer in Starr-Stan and seeing this noob who had no hype whatsoever giving both of them a serious run for their money and ever since then, he has just continued to get better and better. Despite what some may think, not everything was just handed to Xavier on a silver platter, he’s had to go through his own hardships in EAW, from being stuck on NEO for months on end when he joined to going on an eleven week losing streak, plenty of people would have and HAVE quit while going through less but he’s grown from it and he’s learnt from it.

Xav, you are without a doubt the biggest cunt in EAW but you are also a terrific friend. You’ve earned this pal, much love.

( Demon leaves the podium. )


( “No Church In The Wild” by The Throne plays as Xavier Williams walks out to the stage in a fine suit with his hair slicked back. He and Dark Demon embrace and share a few words and a few quick jokes, and Demon scruffles Xav’s hair and walks off. Xav walks up to the podium with a big smile on his face. )

Xavier Williams: I stand here and I close my eyes, and all I can do is smile; knowing how many great people there are here, and how special all of this here is. Before I get started, I didn’t send any of those snippets in before their inductions because I rather do it here. Zack Crash, a guy that had to work so hard to get even a sniff of success in EAW and went on to have such a great career now enters the Hall of Fame. He’s the man who’s a perfect example of never counting yourself out when things began to get a little too tough, because eventually the cream always rises to the top. Hades the Hellraiser, the first person in this entire business that I actually looked up to while I stood in another federation, before I had even thought about making my way to Elite Answers Wrestling. Devan Dubian – one of the best friends that I’ve made since joining the fed. One of the few people that I can actually find something more to talk about than just the things confined to this business alone. Looking at the three other names being inducted, I find myself wondering about whether I deserve the honour of being inducted in this class alongside those three. Dub, Hades and Zack, from the bottom of my heart I wish the three of you HUGE congratulations. You three couldn’t deserve it any more.

(Xavier clears his throat as he scratches the side of the head and the hint of a smile crosses his face.)

Xavier: I’ve had since February to think about the things that I was going to say tonight, and to tell you the truth… I’m absolutely speechless. If you told me three years ago that I would be standing in the position that I am now, today, I would have told you to stop kidding yourself. This… this entire journey has been a total blast. The people that I’ve met and the things that I’ve been given the opportunity to do; having the opportunity to take a step back and really take a look at the things I’ve been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time. It’s incredible. Thank you. Thank you to everyone that gave me a chance. This isn’t going to be a long speech. I’m not going to talk about the things that I’ve done, because I’m looking forward onto even brighter pastures. I want to thank people like Brian, Ken, Demon, Dub, DEDEDE, Robbie, Impact and even someone that I don’t completely see eye to eye with like Tyler. When I was making my way through the ranks of Elite Answers Wrestling, you were the people that helped me become greater than I thought that I ever would. Thank you. I want to thank people like Liam, Aaron, Aren, Hades, Oasis, Ryan and a guy called CM for welcoming me into this with open arms when I was just starting out. If it wasn’t for you guys, I probably never would have stuck around and really dipped my hand into the things that have become. I want to thank everyone in this federation for making this federation a place to really fade away from everything around us and really seep into what has been created. Not everyone not like each other, god knows that I’ve made friends and god knows that I’ve lost them, but people say it best when they call this a family. It’s you people that make EAW as great as it is. It’s you people that keep me coming back. Thank you.

It makes me so proud watching the next guard coming through the ranks of EAW. Mexican Samurai, a man who was getting his feet wet this time last year, now sits here as the longest current reigning champion in the company; a man that could give ANYBODY in the company as run for their money on their best day. Christian Locke; the man hasn’t been here long, but I don’t think there’s one person in this company that he hasn’t caught the attention of. Chris Elite; the man’s been in this business longer than I have, but you see the man improve every single time he stands in front of the world. Rex McAllister… I gave the kid a ball just before Reckless Wiring and he’s managed to run an absolute mile with it. Lioncross; the man had the intention of entering EAW for one match with EAW and decided to stick around after it and ended up being one of, if not the most entertaining person here _#here. Jamie O’Hara; I don’t think there’s anything that the man can’t actually do. The guy’s a freak at this. All of you guys, everyone sitting in the audience now and everyone listening at home. Don’t take your foot off the pedal. There’s nothing that you guys can’t accomplish if you guys put your mind to it. You’re awesome. STAY awesome. Thank you and have a great night.

( “No Church In The Wild” picks back up as Xavier is escorted off the stage by two supermodels, and he goes to receive his HOF ring package before making his way over to the red carpet section of the EAW Hall of Fame to have his pictures taken. )

( Matt Ryder walks back up to the podium. )

Ryder: Sheesh dude, what an epic night so far! You know I think I should get back in the ring, I bet if I tried really hard I could get into the Hall of Fame next year (hmm)…. Then again, if last week on Dynasty was any indication of how it’d go, I’ve probably got a long ways to go before then. Nonetheless we’re almost at the end of what’s been amazing Hall of Fame ceremony, and right now broski’s we’re going to finish this off with a man who will be headlining his second Pain for Pride in a row! This man has had a turnaround like no other, he’s a friend, he’s an inspiration, a role model, a locker room leader, a champion and a connoisseur of suits… and now, he’s becoming a Hall of Famer. GIVE IT UP FOR DEVAN DUBIAAAAN!!!

( The attention is diverted to the titantron: Devan Dubian’s HOF graphic appears on the screen. Soon after, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Hb4s_tOBxo plays. )

( Scott Oasis appears on screen )

Scott Oasis: Devan Dubian is arguably one of the best Elitists of all time. The man brings his A game in every match he has been put in and brings a certain something to the table that not many others are able to bring. He has the “it” factor ; he’s a top tier competitor through and through. After Pain For Pride Eight he was the biggest guy on Voltage, the man who ran the place and even after all of those months of hiatus he was able to come back and it’s like he never left, he’s just that good. Devan is a natural and it’s no surprise that he’d end up in the Hall of Fame.

( Matt Miles appears on screen )

Matt Miles: I may not have known Devan Dubian very long compared to many others but I can gladly say that I know him well. In the short time I have known him, he’s been nothing short of amazing, whether it be on the promo page or on the chat. I couldn’t be happier for him to be inducted into the Hall of Fame after the epic year he’s had. After all his shortcomings and stints of inactivity, he’s been one of the most deserving people to win a world title recently and now he’s in the Hall of Fame where he belongs. “Well deserved” would only be scratching the surface when you consider how hard he’s worked since his return to EAW. A huge congratulations to him.

( Mr. DEDEDE appears on screen )

Mr. DEDEDE: Dub, I still remember seeing big things in you from the earliest days of your career back in 2011 when you were voted into the championship match at Reckless Wiring 3. I know there were some times where we weren’t always on the best terms, but over the years you’ve seriously gained my respect and admiration and I’m sure that I’ve gained yours as well. Everything you had in EAW, you had to fight for. Everything you have, you earned it. I’ll never regret taking the chances I did with you last year because you proved you could rise to the occasion and not only emerge, but go above and beyond. I really mean it when I say people look up to you Dub, and that’s for a reason. Keep being the dedicated, driven, talented, intelligent, hilarious, sarcastic guy you are, and stay amazing.

( Nobi appears on screen )

Nobi: I have always been a fan of Devan Dubian since he started his wrestling career back in 2010 and I knew from that day he will become something big. I’m glad my prediction isn’t wrong as he achieved a lot of success in the land of Elite: EAW. Well Dubian, I’m very proud of you, and I hope you enjoy your moment pal, because you really deserved it. And THAT is a fact!

( Aren Mstislav appears on screen )

Aren: Great Guy, He’s been someone I personally think has worked his ass off more than anyone here, and hell is his accomplishments show it, his attitude towards everyone is so great, and he’s just got an aura around him that makes him likable to everyone. Glad he’s finally getting inducted.

( Tyler Parker appears on screen )

Tyler Parker: Dub and I were never close, we weren’t close for the first few years we had known each other. I knew he was likable and that he never whined or complained about anything. After I’ve gotten close to him, I saw how genuine he is. Others who don’t know him but know of him think he’s not that kind, even I thought that before I actually talked to him. There’s a few things I’d like to say to Dub. Thank you for being yourself, thank you for everything you’ve done for EAW. You never seem to get your props but you’re being recognized as an inductee into the Hall of Fame. There’s no bigger accomplishment than that. Some might think this is overdue but if you ask me? The timing is right. You earned it, Dub. Congratulations.

( Aria Jaxon appears on screen )

Aria Jaxon: Even in the roughly year-long span I’ve been in EAW, Devan has been nothing short of impressive, and I know that far preceded me getting here. He’s definitely had the sort of tenure that newer roster members like me should want to aspire to have. It was great to see him pick right back up where he left off and find himself back in the top tier where he definitely belongs. He has already done so much, and this Hall of Fame induction won’t even be the thing that caps it off. You’ve got so much left to do, and so many more accolades to rack up. It’ll be cool as hell to watch it all play out. Congratulations on the induction, Dub.

( Liam Catterson appears on screen )

Liam: Dub has been one of them guys who has literally battled hard for his opportunities. Especially given the fact he developed that reputation that some thought would hinder progress for his career but it seems he has worked so hard every time he has returned to prove why he shouldn’t be left behind. He is an intellectual worker and his world title reign was certainly a fun one to witness, to show that his hard work meant something and when you think about all the work he has put in over the years, all the amazing promos he has delivered, whether they were for an opportunity like a world title or just in a standard match, they have rightfully deserved a spot in the Hall of Fame. Dub is a cool guy, very fun to promo against and has a great personality and for him to reach this moment, I think it is a great way to that his hard work paying off is an understatement.

( JJ Silva appears on screen )

JJ Silva: I was fortunate enough to see you at a strong point of your career. My debut was of the weeks leading into GR when you along with Brian captured opportunities to head to PFP 8 with a title shot and even through all of the doubts.. you pulled it out. Your world title reign was one of the more influencing things to me at that time, and although I found myself envious, it made me realize why I love this sport so much. You were on top of the world which brought the fan out of me.. I was joyous of all of your triumphs. From your days in ELITE to your days as Champion.. and even post injury, I still find myself looking at how amazing you are even after your return. Congrats on all of your accomplishments, and I know The Blue Blooded Prince will continue on from here.

( The Nas appears on screen )

The Nas: Devan Dubian was someone who was not expected to reach the level of success that he did, which makes everything he has worked for all the more special in my eyes. Before The Nas was simply spectacular, Devan Dubian was simply amazing. No one can dispute that.

( Alex Anderson appears on screen )

Alex Anderson: Dub is the quintessential champion in EAW history.

( Jamie O’Hara appears on screen )

Jamie: I feel like you’ve come so far since I faced you only a month after joining. Your entire rise from the Elite vs RAGNAROK storyline to winning the main event of last year’s Pain For Pride was fantastic. Always a super chill guy in the chat and I feel your presence in shows for the few months earlier this year was greatly missed. Congratulations on the Hall of Fame spot; well deserved.

( Lannister appears on screen )

Lannister: Oh, Dubian. Look at how far you’ve come. Take a moment to soak this moment in, and truly put in perspective of what today means. You were never destined for this, nor were you ever expected to be on this altar. At least… that’s what those who ever doubted you, will say. I not once doubted your talent, nor even your drive. (No, really – that should never be in question. ) I’m sure many tonight will reference how you had “rough” years – but they were never really rough at all. For those days have made you the man you are today, who is as resilient and relentless as they come. Fierce competitor, one that has been one of the elite talents among the EAW circuits for the past three years, if not THE elite talent. There were times you were your own worst enemy, yes – but never a reason to doubt that this day would ever come. Through your own trials and tribulations, here you stand today, an EAW Hall of Famer. Devan Dubian is easily the most popular figure in EAW history, and there is no two if’s or but’s about it. Everyone loves to love Dub, for a lack of a better term. But I can’t exactly blame the EAW community for this, as Devan Dubian has turned himself into a pioneer of the industry, always a calming presence and one of the best people you can come across.

I am lucky to have been able to call him one of my closest friends throughout the years, and I couldn’t be any prouder than I am today for all that he’s accomplished. It’s normally not easy to admit someone is better than you, or has etched a far superior legacy than you. But with the likes of Brian Daniels, and now Devan Dubian… I will gladly make an exception. Devan Dubian deserves his name to be among the stars. It is so cliche to tell somebody who has been elected into the Hall of Fame, to let them know that such a night is “deserving” or “earned” – but for Dub it truly has been those two concepts. He has battled every foe there is to name, including himself – and come out on top every single time. Some will try to proclaim his misfortunes from the early portion of his career as to why Devan Dubian will never be an all-time great. But with that, I could not possibly disagree more. He is the epitome of what everyone should strive for, what everyone should come to respect. Not letting the status quo of your reputation and perception control what comes next for you. Not letting the voices and acclamations deter you from what legacy awaits for you. Devan Dubian has a mindset that everyone should strive for. A man who has not once complained, but instead kept to himself. A man who made it a personal vendetta to improve from the previous day’s version of himself. Dub, you started out your career a star in the making… and you only got better with time. To me, you were always the face of the franchise. You just never had the accolades to prove it to anybody who would otherwise dispute such a claim. Well, Pain For Pride 8 happened, which will forever go down in history as one of the signature moments in the chronicles of the EAW timeline. History speaks for itself in that regard, but boy do you have the accolades now. Congratulations Dub… on an amazing feat. An amazing accomplishment. An amazing career. Alles Fur Dubian!

( Jacob Senn appears on screen )

Jacob Senn: Devan Dubian, what a guy! Back when he returned with Ken when they were going to be “The Second Sons” and go off as a tag team is probably my first memory of Dub. I remember everyone was clamoring for Dub to be the world champion and I understood why because his promos were amazing, pun intended. Dub, I’m glad you finally got your run as world champion and a massive PFP moment! Now you can add a truly deserving induction to the Hall of Fame on top of that! Congratulations, man!

( TLA appears on screen )

TLA: Devan Dubian reminds me of how the Sexual Panther is gonna send Mexican Samurai back to China at PFP!!! Nah for real tho Dub is my homie for life. Last year during PFP8 Dub talked to me in private and gave me a pep talk that motivated me to go on to become the EAW New Breed Champion. Dub is a true amigo and an amazing legend.

( Heart Break Gal appears on screen )

HBG: Congratulations on becoming one of the cool kids, Devan! It’s times like these when we truly appreciate the fuck out of those people who have guided us from afar and kept us in check when we think that the path we are walking on is crooked. Devan Dubian is one of those people. He is a loyal friend with a god-given in-ring talent, that always stood the test of time. The community and the company can count on him surely in terms of lending a helping hand or giving the performance of a lifetime. It’s been such a long time since I met Devan, and I can say that he has displayed changes and adjustments in his approach in order to become better, and at the same time, he never lets any situation dictate how the path in his career is going to be, which is exactly what lead him into joining the circle of World Champions exactly a year ago. But some things, the ones that he never had to change, remained the same. He has always displayed consistency. He has always been driven in his pursuit, and one can see that he is his best version when performing in the ring, no matter the results. He has always handled himself with the utmost professionalism, something that you can’t exactly say about most people. A fiery fighting spirit. A master of this craft. And best of all, a good company overall. So if you’re right there needing advice on what you may do to become a better wrestler, or you’re just looking for someone to sing The Lonely Island songs on karaoke with you and have a good laugh, Devan is your guy. Congratulations once again, Devan Dubian, for entering the Hall of Fame. It’s about fuckin’ time. And I’m proud to call you my friend.

( Starr Stan appears on screen )

Starr: For years I’ve been fighting for Devan Dubian to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. After all your hard work and amazing accomplishments you’re finally getting that ring old friend. I could relive our Team Starr glory days and even try to take some credit by being your mentor, but Dubby my friend, you’ve earned this all on your own and the Hall of Fame has been a long time coming. I can honestly say main eventing Pain for Pride 9 with you and Brian was the best moment of my career, and the one thing I will remember the most when I hang up my boots is you pinning me to win your first world championship in the most incredible storyline you could think of. I’ll always think of you as my protégé, but you have long surpassed me in EAW. Congrats buddy, I couldn’t be happier for you.

( Return to the stage )

Ryder: And now, inducting Dubian into the Hall of Fame…. he is an EAW Hall of Famer and 1/2 of the EAW Tag Team Champiooons… BRRRRIAAAAAAANNN DAAANNIIIEEEEEELLLLSSSSSSSS!!!

( “Dragonborn” by Jeremy Soule hits, and Brian Daniels makes his entrance out to the stage wearing a button down shirt and dress pants, and he walks up to the podium with a big smile on his face. )

Brian Daniels: I feel like there’s no other way to start this speech, other than simply addressing the man I’m speaking of as; amazing. Devan Dubian is one of my best friends, he’s one of my greatest allies, and he was at one point one of my greatest rivals. He’s given me more than a handful of losses over his career, and I’m thrilled that he’s used those wins, and many more, to elevate his career to new heights. I had a smile that day, when we waged war for the Answers World Championship, when I was looking back at your well deserved celebration. The confetti fell, the crowd went wild, and you stood tall in the middle of the ring. It almost seemed like a natural occurrence, that we would see you reign on top of this company. But it wasn’t that easy getting there, I think he and I would both know that. Devan, like myself, was overlooked, he was taken for granted, and often was slighted in many ways. There were people that didn’t see the naturally gifted wrestler that only a small amount of people saw in you. Dubian and I have very mirrored careers when you look at our comparable pasts. We were never “destined” for greatness, we were never expected to get as far as we did. But look at us now, we both defied all odds in reaching new heights.

I’m sure there was doubt that we’d even be seeing Devan Dubian entering the Hall of Fame at all, and I’m proud to say that from the day I got to know Devan Dubian… that he’d be a legend. You’ll never come across a more humble, generous, and outgoing individual human being in this man. It’s an absolute honor to be the one to induct you, Devan, out of many men who have impacted your career, maybe even more than I have. But it’s been even more of an honor to have competed with and against you over the years. The story that you’ve decided to tell in this company will be told throughout the years, your image will be imprinted in everyone’s mind, and your legacy will never soon be forgotten. There will always be a cult like following for Devan, and I will always be included in the band of men and women who support you. You can deliver as many Bleeding Edges, punt my head in as many times as you want, but that will NEVER change ANYTHING about our friendship. You throw the charades away, the acting, the story aside for one second, and you look at the hard working man that you have always been; that’s the man who will soon grace us with his presence. There was never a day that you would give under one hundred percent, and even when there were times when you might of doubted yourself— you achieved at getting over that self doubt. And in fact, I’d go out on a limb to admit that greatness has always followed in pursuit wherever your talent was taken. I’ve made this audience wait too long already, but without further ado… the billionaire, philanthropist, playboy, the amazing one, I give to you the man you’ve waited all night to see… DEVAN DUBIAN!!!

( “This Means War” by Avenged Sevenfold hits, and Devan Dubian walks out to the stage in an Armani Collezioni suit and receives a massive ovation. He shakes hands with and hugs Brian Daniels as they joke for a bit, and he walks out to the podium as the crowd comes to their feet and applause for Devan Dubian. )

Devan Dubian: I will be straightforward here today, this whole experience has been Amazing. I say that because I know that I have a well known reputation of being a satirical wanker but I promised myself that today, I would just be sincere. First and foremost, I would like to thank Brian Daniels for being here tonight to induct me. I stand on this stage proud to call Brian Daniels a brother of mine and I know that he would probably never mutually concede that compliment in public but the amount of support he has provided me over the years is unreal and something that I probably can never compensate for in anything but words so Brian Daniels, I want to thank you for all that you have done for me. I would also like to acknowledge all of those who voluntarily spoke emphatically about me today because I personally know that could have not been too easy for any of you but I just want everyone to know that this community means everything to me and I truly appreciate each and every single one of you.

I have to be fair here. After an open-ended ordinary career that subsequently dragged itself with slights such as “just could not get it done” for a bulk of my six years here … I honestly never could have imagined that I would get the opportunity to stand on this stage one day and be inducted into the Hall of Fame, a ceremony that has commemorated some of the best that this company has ever seen. And I genuinely believe that it would have never been possible had it not been for a certain lot of inspirational individuals and moments a few years ago. And of course.. it would not be a speech without a captivating tale behind it but I honestly see this moment in my career as the defining point that ultimately came to establish my career as it is today so bare with me. I am going to backslide a bit less than two years where I have been recently traded to Showdown from Voltage after an ill-fated venture. And right away on Showdown, Killswitch and Brian chose to place their faith in me by having me participate in the Road to Redemption chamber. I do not end up going on to win but that conviction of theirs in me ignites a kind of light inside me that triggers a run that sees me go almost unconquered through Pain for Pride, win my first Answers World Championship in my hometown and then go on to be a contender for Elitist of the Year. The notion of giving up at first seemed so much easier but with close friends and mentors the likes of Dark Demon, StarrStan and Killswitch.. I found that the concept of success was not as foreign as I thought it would be. Dark Demon has been someone who has thoroughly believed in me since day one and despite his rigid words, I know that he has always wanted what is best for me. StarrStan has been and always will be the mentor who found me, made a household name of me and then endorsed me for the rest of my career. Killswitch on the other hand was someone who I met later on but came to be very close friends with due to our natural affinity and someone who I would trust to place my entire career in the hands of because of his exceptional mind. And I could go on for the rest of the day talking about the gripping friendships I have made over the years with The Prince of Phenomenal, Jaywalker, Robbie V, Tyler Parker, Mr. DEDEDE, The Heart Break Boy, Y2Impact, The Heart Break Gal, Ashten Cross, Matt Miles, Xavier Williams, Rated R Shaman of Sexy, Kendra Shamez among many more new souls but I did promise to get off this stage before sometime midnight tonight so I will leave the rest of that to your inventiveness.

With all that said and done, the one thing I am certain of is that I am pleased that I joined this company. I have seen so many generation of talents come and go over the years and every day has been a riot. You know, when I was first writing this speech, I anticipated writing just a lot about myself and my accomplishments but was instead overwhelmed to see how many other elitists and vixens I had mentioned throughout my speech that supported and encouraged me over the years and I honestly think that is what EAW as a community is all about. I want the new breed to know to keep preserving and pursuing because you never know, you might just find yourself in the right place at the right time one day. I want the veterans to know that the respect is mutual but some people have been calling for my retirement recently however, I am still here and edging to go any day so do not rest just yet. I have endured through a lot to get to where I am, a lot of highs and definitely a lot of lows and if I ever received the opportunity to do it all over again knowing that I would end up back here on this illustrious stage, I would do it in a heartbeat. I want to especially congratulate my fellow Class of 2016 who are all as awesome guys and have done a tremendous lot for this company. It has been a pleasure charming you all for the past six years and once again, I am extremely grateful to every single soul that has helped me get to where I am today. Amazing is finally Hall of Fame. Thank you all.

( “This Means War” picks back up, and Devan Dubian soaks in the applause. )

( Devan leaves the podium and is escorted off the stage by two supermodels, and goes to receive his HOF ring package, before going over to the red carpet section of the HOF to take pictures in front of the backdrop. )

( Devan Dubian, Xavier Williams and Zack Crash now and all stand side by side and take group photos, as well as collectively take a bow. )


( Camera pans out from the American Airlines Center and “This Means War” is heard in the background and the audience continues cheering for the Hall of Famers. Screen fades to black.)

( EAW logo buzzes )

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