FULL MATCH – Jaywalker vs. Mikado Sekaiichi – Hell In A Cell: Reasonable Doubt 2014

By February 3, 2018EAW Articles
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(Video Package plays; highlighting Mikado Sekaiichi and Jaywalker’s long history: Their first rivalry for the right to join the opposing brand and Robbie V’s King of Extreme crown with Jaywalker handcuffing Robbie and sending him through a glass table… Robbie V making Jaywalker tap out at Reasonable Doubt 2010… Robbie V’s return to EAW by targeting Project E.G.O… Jaywalker defeating RoV in an “I Quit” match for the World Heavyweight Championship and RoV’s career on the line; ending by Jaywalker slitting RoV’s throat with a broken beer bottle and putting him in a Crossface Chickenwing… RoV’s return as “The Legendary” Sekaiichi; taking Cleopatra hostage… Jaywalker and “The Legendary” Sekaiichi’s Hell In A Cell match at Pain For Pride 6 for the World Heavyweight Championship; ending in No Contest after Sekaiichi walked out… Their confrontation at King of Extreme after Sekaiichi defeated Diamond Cage to become the new King of Extreme…. Mikado Sekaiichi’s challenge to Jaywalker and ambush with the Agents of Extreme…. and Jaywalker’s ambush using the Dynasty roster)

(Camera cuts back to the ring as the Japanese crowd looks on)

Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for ONE fall…. AND IS A HELL IN A CELL MATCH!!!…..

Mak: We want blood! We want blood! Let’s do this!

( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWLr9STSJGs plays all throughout the arena as strobe lightning effects are placed on the descending Hell In A Cell structure)

Masters: Strange, this isn’t the usual ominous music we get when this thing comes down…

(Mikado Sekaiichi is seen dressed like a King; sitting stoically on an Iron throne atop the Hell In A Cell structure as it descends)

Mak: Now this is how you make an entrance!

Masters: He certainly loves to be as eccentric as possible…

(“Last Chance Saloon” by Deviant and Naive Ted fades out as the Hell In A Cell structure is fully lowered)


(“Hail to the King” by Avenged Sevenfold plays all throughout the arena as Mikado Sekaiichi stands up and pulls off his Kingly attire to reveal his King-themed wrestling attire underneath… Sekaiichi takes off his blood-stained crown and proudly wields it high in the air as he makes his way towards the edge of the structure where two Agents of Extreme have set up a twenty-foot ladder for him to descend down)

Announcer: First, making his way to the ring…. From Las Vegas, Nevada!…. Weighing in at 237 pounds!…. HE IS THE 2014 KING OF EXTREME…. MIKADO SEK-AI-IIIIIICCCCCCHHHHHHIIIIIIII!!!….

Mak: How can you POSSIBLY dislike a King like this? He’s great! He knows how to make an entrance and he’s clearly the only one in this company who knows what it means to be extreme! The guy came back from getting his throat slit, for fucksake! Mikado has proven time and time again why he’s the one true King in EAW, besides myself, and I think it’s about time he pays his debt to someone as disrespectful as Jaywalker!

(“Shining Down” by Lupe Fiasco plays all throughout the arena as Jaywalker makes his way out to the stage along-side Diamond Cage dressed in a blue and white robe with “Jaywalker-sama” written on the back in diamonds)

Announcer: And his opponent!…. Making his way to the ring, accompanied by Diamond Cage…. From Scarborough, Canada!…. Weighing in at 240 pounds!…. “THE TRAILBLAZER”…. JAAAAAAAYYYYYYWWWWAAAAALLLLLKKKKEEERRRR!!!….

Masters: Say what you will, but Jaywalker has made a great case thus far about how delusional Sekaiichi is and I’ve agreed every step of the way.

Mak: Well, there’s a reason he calls you the Ass Kaiser…

Masters: Be that as it may, I think Sekaiichi’s King complex is gonna get the better of him. He needs to remember he’s going up against a guy who slit his throat just to win a match. The last time these two competed at Reasonable Doubt was the same event as the debut of the Hell In A Cell in EAW and now here they are, five years later, walking into the Cell for a second time. This is sure to be a blood bath.


Masters: This contest has officially begun as both competitors get nose to nose in the middle of the ring… Sekaiichi seems to be saying something to Jaywalker… SLAP TO THE FACE OF JAYWALKER! Sekaiichi’s telling Jaywalker to bow! He’s got some nerve! JAYWALKER FIRES BACK WITH A HARD SHOT TO THE MOUTH AS SEKAIICHI DROPS DOWN! Sekaiichi scrambling to get back up to his feet as he’s immediately met with a boot to the face! Sekaiichi sent backpedaling into the nearest corner as Jaywalker charges! Stinger splash connects! Sekaiichi not getting this match off to a very good start for himself as he stumbles out of the corner.. Jaywalker grabs from by the back of the head! JAYWALKER SENDS SEKAIICHI OVER THE ROPES AND SLAMMING RIGHT INTO THE CELL WALL! Sekaiichi drops down hard on the mat! He’s quickly found himself in dire straits here and with nobody to save him! Jaywalker’s free to do whatever he wants and can take his sweet time doing it!

Mak: This isn’t right… Jaywalker can’t do this to his King! Sekaiichi back on his feet, but you can tell he’s already hurting… JAYWALKER COMES CHARGING! SUICIDE DIVE!! IT MISSES AS SEKAIICHI SIDESTEPS IT! Jaywalker crashes hard into the Cell wall as Sekaiichi wastes absolutely NO time going to work on his opponent! Sekaiichi laying into Jaywalker with a hard series of stomps! Sekaiichi not letting up for even a second! Sekaiichi grabs a hold of Jaywalker’s head… And DRIVES it back into the Cell wall! He sends Jaywalker’s head into the wall again! Again! Sekaiichi picking Jaywalker up now and drives him into the ring apron with a powerful shoulder thrust! Hip toss! Jaywalker manages to stop it! JAYWALKER WITH A HIP TOSS OF HIS OWN! Sekaiichi lands head-first on the mat after his body was just used as a battering ram against the Cell wall! Jaywalker placing a boot against the throat of Sekaiichi as he begins choking the damn life out of him! Jaywalker is showing absolutely no mercy right now! Jay finally breaks the choke and pulls Sekaiichi slowly back up… BIG IRISH WHIP SENDS SEKAIICHI CRASHING INTO THE CELL WALL! A dazed Sekaiichi turns around… LARIAT TAKES SEKAIICHI DOWN! Jaywalker may be in full control right about now and I don’t like it! Jay pulls Sekaiichi up.. And sends him rolling back into the ring… Jay climbing up on the apron and looking to go to the high-rent district now! Sekaiichi trying to climb back up to his feet as Jay climbs to the top turnbuckle.. Sekaiichi rushes in with a loud forearm off the face of Jay before he can get to the top! Another! SEKAIICHI EXPLODES FORWARD WITH A EUROPEAN UPPERCUT THAT SENDS JAY FLYING OFF AND CRASHING INTO THE CELL WALL!! Jay drops down to the mat as Sekaiichi looks to capitalize!

Masters: Jaywalker visibly in pain; using that Cell wall to pull himself back to his feet here on the outside while Sekaiichi now climbs to the top turnbuckle… Jaywalker up! SEKAIICHI LEAPS OFF FOR A SENTON PLANCHA RIGHT ONTO JAYWALKER!! Both men down on the outside! Neither looking to give the other even an inch! Sekaiichi climbing back up to his feet as he drags Jaywalker up with him… He sends Jaywalker rolling back into the ring and quickly slides in for the cover!

Referee: ONE!!!!!!!!…..

Mak: Barely a one count before Jaywalker powers out of it! Sekaiichi now mounting the chest of his opponent… Laying into Jay with a series of closed-fist shots! Sekaiichi not showing any mercy here as Jay tries to shield himself from the blows! Jay manages to fire back with a loud forearm off the face of Sekaiichi! Another! Headbutt to the skull of Sekaiichi! Jaywalker turns the tables on Sekaiichi as he rolls over onto him and begins throwing his own assault his way! Sekaiichi doing all he can to defend himself here! He RAKES the eyes of Jay! Both men now racing to their feet! Sekaiichi’s up first as he nails Jay with a hard dropkick; sending the former World Champion reeling into the ropes! Sekaiichi kips up! HE CHARGES STRAIGHT FOR JAYWALKER! BACK BODY DROP AS SEKAIICHI GOES CRASHING INTO THAT CELL WALL!! That had to have hurt! Sekaiichi rolling around in pain on the mat as Jay looks to follow up… Sekaiichi crawling away, possibly looking for another tactical retreat, but I’ve got a bad feeling he won’t be able to do that tonight; trapped inside this Hell In A Cell! Sekaiichi trying to go underneath the apron!

Masters: Sekaiichi seems to be regretting inviting Jaywalker to this match right about now as he’s pulled out from under the apron! Jaywalker dragging Sekaiichi up–SEKAIICHI WITH A STEEL CHAIR OFF THE SKULL OF JAYWALKER OUT OF NOWHERE!! Sekaiichi had a reason other than retreat to go underneath the ring and it may have very well just regained control over this match for him! Hold on! I think there’s barbed wire wrapped around that chair! What kind of sick son of a bitch thought that up?! Sekaiichi quickly climbing back to his feet as Jaywalker is looking dazed and confused… SEKAIICHI NAILS JAYWALKER WITH THAT BARBED WIRE-WRAPPED CHAIR FOR A SECOND TIME!! Sekaiichi drives the edge of that chair into the gut of Jaywalker! HE SMACKS THAT CHAIR RIGHT ACROSS THE BACK OF JAYWALKER!! Jaywalker unable to do absolutely nothing but cringe in incredible pain as he drops to his knees! Mikado Sekaiichi realizes he’s in full control here! He’s got his opponent exactly where he wants him as he begins to taunt Jaywalker! Sekaiichi telling Jaywalker to bow! Diamond Cage isn’t looking to happy about all of this from outside the Cell.. SEKAIICHI WITH ANOTHER SHOT OFF THE SKULL OF JAYWALKER USING THAT CHAIR!! This guy is merciless! Absolutely merciless! Sekaiichi slides the chair into the ring and pulls Jaywalker up.. He sends Jaywalker rolling back into the ring and follows in behind… Jaywalker may be out of commission by this point; those chair shots seem to have taken a lot out of him.. Hold on, Sekaiichi seems to not be going for a cover and that may very well cost him in the end! Sekaiichi instead grabbing that chair and wraps it around the left leg of Jaywalker..

Mak: Sekaiichi further mocking Jaywalker… HE DRIVES A STOMP RIGHT INTO THAT CHAIR AROUND THE LEFT LEG OF JAYWALKER! Jaywalker cringing in absolute pain here! Sekaiichi removes the chair… Only to wrap it around the right leg of Jaywalker now! I think I see what he’s doing! He’s doing his own version of Jay’s signature Jaywalking! Haha! I love it! That chair wrapped around Jay’s right leg… And Sekaiichi sends his foot down into it with everything he’s got as Jaywalker rolls around in pain on the canvas! Jaywalker trying to get himself out of this precarious position, but Sekaiichi refuses to let him go! Sekaiichi has nothing but hatred for his opponent! There is absolutely no love lost here between these two! Sekaiichi wants to torture this man! Sekaiichi keeping that chair around the leg of Jaywalker… Setting up… FIGURE-FOUR LEG LOCK!!! FIGURE-FOUR LEG LOCK WITH THAT BARBED WIRE-WRAPPED STEEL CHAIR AROUND JAYWALKER’S LEG!! JAYWALKER IS IN A GREAT DEAL OF PAIN! HE MAY HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO JUST GIVE UP AND SUBMIT! MIKADO SEKAIICHI WANTS NOTHING MORE THAN TO TORTURE HIM AND IT’S ONLY GONNA END WHEN JAYWALKER GIVES IT UP AND TAPS OUT! HELL, IT MAY NOT EVEN END THERE IF SEKAIICHI HAS HIS WAY! JAYWALKER DOING ALL HE CAN HERE TO ESCAPE THIS DREADED HOLD! SEKAIICHI ONLY INCREASES THE PRESSURE! HE WANTS TO PUNISH THIS MAN! JAYWALKER IS IN PANIC MODE HERE! HE… HE’S FADING! HE’S FADING! JAYWALKER DROPS DOWN! BOTH SHOULDERS ON THE CANVAS AS THE REFEREE COUNTS!

Referee: ONE!!!!!!!……… TWO!!!!!!!!!

Masters: Jaywalker manages to get a shoulder up! He’s not finished just yet! Jaywalker’s as tough as they come! Jaywalker manages to raise himself up in a seated position; staring face to face with Mikado Sekaiichi! Sekaiichi’s only response is to further increase the pressure of this sadistic submission hold! JAYWALKER NAILS SEKAIICHI WITH A CLOSED-FIST SHOT TO THE FACE! ANOTHER CONNECTS! ANOTHER! HE NAILS SEKAIICHI WITH A POWERFUL FOREARM AS THE HOLD IS BROKEN UP! Jaywalker manages to free himself, but he’s still visibly in a heap of pain as he removes that chair from around his leg.. Sekaiichi shaking the cobwebs out as he rises back to his feet; grabbing a hold of Jaywalker and pulling him up with him.. Jaywalker drives that chair into the mid-section of Sekaiichi! He drives it right into the breadbasket of Sekaiichi a second time! Sekaiichi drops down, now eye-level with his opponent as both men remain on their knees! Jaywalker’s hurt, but he refuses to stop fighting as he nails Sekaiichi with a headbutt! Sekaiichi’s dazed and confused here; he got knocked through a loop with that one! Second headbutt connects! Jaywalker pulls Sekaiichi in and just unloads with an onslaught of forearms off the face! ONE LAST FOREARM DROPS SEKAIICHI ON HIS BACK! Jaywalker may have found himself a golden opportunity to take full control here! Jaywalker slowly pulling himself back up… He’s got that barbed wire-wrapped chair in hand… DRIVING IT INTO THE RIGHT LEG OF SEKAIICHI! HE DRIVES IT INTO THE LEFT LEG OF SEKAIICHI! HE DRIVES IT INTO THE LEFT ARM OF SEKAIICHI! HE DRIVES IT INTO THE RIGHT ARM OF SEKAIICHI! JAYWALKER WITH HIS OWN NEW EDITION OF JAYWALKING HERE TONIGHT USING THAT CHAIR!! Jaywalker capping it off by placing the chair on the face of Sekaiichi… AND ONE MORE SICKENING STOMP ONTO THAT CHAIR AND SIMULTANEOUSLY INTO THE FACE OF MIKADO SEKAIICHI!!! JAYWALKER DROPS DOWN AND HOOKS A LEG OF SEKAIICHI FOR THE COVER!!

Referee: ONE!!!!!!!!!………. TWO!!!!!!!!!!!……….

Mak: KICK OUT! Sekaiichi manages to kick out of it! Jaywalker’s got a sick look on his face; almost as if he’s GLAD Sekaiichi kicked out! Jaywalker rises back up; pulling Sekaiichi with him… HE SIGNALS FOR THE END! This crowd is on their feet! Jaywalker with a punishing knee to the mid-section of Sekaiichi! He pulls him in… PICKING HIM UP! SECOND SACRIFICE!!!! NO–SEKAICIHI’S FIGHTING IT! Sekaiichi doing all he possibly can to escape this! He refuses to let it end here! Jaywalker manages to shift Sekaiichi’s body onto his shoulder… Hold on… NO, NO, NO–JAYWALKER STARTS RUNNING WITH A FULL HEAD OF STEAM! LOOK OUT!! HE LAUNCHES SEKAIICHI TO THE OUTSIDE AND FACE-FIRST INTO THE DAMN CELL WALL!!! SEKAIICHI JUST GOT LAWN-DARTED INTO THAT UNFORGIVING WALL!! HE FALLS LIKE A DAMN RAG DOLL TO THE MAT, LOOKING LIKE A CORPSE HERE! HE MAY BE COMPLETELY OUT AFTER THAT ONE!

Masters: Jaywalker truly has no remorse whatsoever for the punishment he’s inflicting on Mikado Sekaiichi! In a way, Sekaiichi deserves every bit of this! Look at this now! Sekaiichi’s forehead is lacerated! Blood begins pouring down the face of Sekaiichi as he looks around with a glazed-over look in his eyes! Jaywalker rolls to the outside, looking to perhaps do even MORE damage to his now bloodied opponent! Sekaiichi’s out of it, but he’s still doing his damndest to escape this beating he’s taking now in this bout! Jaywalker’s not letting it happen as he grabs a hold of his opponent and pulls him in for a knee to the gut! Another knee! Jaywalker now with repeated clubbing blows to the spine of Sekaiichi! HE PULLS HIM IN! PICKING SEKAIICHI UP ON HIS SHOULDERS! RUNNING POWERBOMB INTO THE CELL WALL!!! That’s it. That’s the end. Sekaiichi’s body falls limp up against the wall of this hellacious structure! He’s doing good to be able to even see past the blood that’s rushing into his eyes! Sekaiichi has taken far more damage than he can tolerate! Jaywalker needs to just end this! Hold on… Jaywalker dragging Sekaiichi up… AND A BIG IRISH WHIP INTO THE STEEL STEPS AS SEKAIICHI FLIPS COMPLETELY OVER THEM!!! Sekaiichi is broken! He’s being absolutely dissected here now by his opponent! Jaywalker is as merciless as a competitor can possibly be and he’s proving that beyond a shadow of a doubt here tonight! Sekaiichi is motionless! He’s been decimated! Jaywalker grabs a hold of the bloodied Sekaiichi; dragging him up.. And rolls him back into the ring! Looks like Jaywalker is finally going for the win as he slides in and drags Sekaiichi’s body into the middle of the ring… He drops down for the cover!

Referee: ONE!!!!!!!!…….. TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!……….. THREE!!!

Mak: HE KICKED OUT! SEKAIICHI KICKS OUT! YES! The King is still in this! The King has yet to give up! He’s the Undisputed King of Extreme for a reason! Oh boy… Jaywalker almost seems happy that Sekaiichi is still alive and kicking! This sick son of a bitch wants nothing more than to punish his opponent even further! C’mon, Sekaiichi, fight back! Jaywalker now rolling to the outside… Searching underneath the apron… HE’S GOT A TABLE! Jaywalker bringing a table into the equation and I don’t like it one bit! Jay slides the table into the ring at full speed as it slams right into the body of Sekaiichi! Jaywalker is proving what a sick, sick man he is here! Jaywalker slides back into the ring and grabs that table… HE DRIVES IT INTO THE BODY OF SEKAIICHI! AGAIN! AGAIN! JAYWALKER RAPIDLY DRIVING THAT TABLE RELENTLESSLY INTO THE BODY OF HIS OPPONENT AS SEKAIICHI HAS NO OTHER OPTION THAN TO WRITHE IN PAIN ON THE CANVAS!! Jaywalker finally puts a stop to the attack and sets up that table in front of the nearest corner! This guy is absolutely sickening! He’s beating his own King to a bloody pulp and has absolutely no regret for it! I dare even say he gets off on this! Sekaiichi is bloodied and battered as Jaywalker drags him up to his feet… LOWBLOW!!! SEKAIICHI CATCHES JAYWALKER WITH A LOWBLOW!! SEKAIICHI MAY HAVE JUST SAVED HIMSELF!! Jaywalker drops down to his knees in pain as a bloodied Sekaiichi, running on fumes, pulls himself up to his feet!

Masters: KICK OFF THE CHEST OF JAYWALKER! ANOTHER KICK! ANOTHER! SEKAIICHI UNLOADING WITH A FLURRY OF KICKS! Sekaiichi looks like he’s running on autopilot here! He looks completely out of it! Sekaiichi grabs that dented barbed wire chair… HE CHARGES INTO JAYWALKER AND CONNECTS WITH A SURFBOARD MANEUVER RIGHT INTO THE FACE OF HIS OPPONENT!!! Sekaiichi may have indeed found a saving grace in this contest! This guy is like a zombie and just refuses to stay down despite whatever damage he’s been dealt! Sekaiichi grabs a hold of Jaywalker and slowly drags him back to his feet…. He’s got him up… Sekaiichi rolling Jaywalker onto that table! Sekaiichi’s looking to end it right here and now! He makes his way over to the top turnbuckle! SEKAIICHI’S BLOODY, BEATEN, AND BATTERED, BUT HE’S LOOKING TO FLY AS HE PERCHES ATOP THE TURNBUCKLE! No–Jaywalker rolls off and nails him with a hard shot to the face! Jaywalker unloading! Jaywalker looks to have had about enough as he climbs up there with Sekaiichi… PICKING HIM UP! NO! DON’T DO IT! HE’S GONNA BREAK SEKAIICHI IN HALF!! SECOND SACRIFICE FROM THE TOP TURNBUCKLE THROUGH THE GODDAMN TABLE!!!! SEKAIICHI IS DESTROYED!! HE’S DESTROYED!! JAYWALKER MAY HAVE EVEN DAMAGED HIMSELF WITH THAT! HE NEEDS TO COVER! THIS MATCH IS OVER! JAYWALKER SLOWLY CRAWLS OVER TO THE SURELY UNCONSCIOUS BODY OF SEKAIICHI… HE HOOKS A LEG!!

Referee: ONE!!!!!!!!!……… TWO!!!!!!!!!!!………. THREE!!!!!!!

Mak: IT’S BROKEN UP! THE COVER IS BROKEN UP AS A FEW MEMBERS OF THE AGENTS OF EXTREME HAVE COME OUT FROM UNDERNEATH THE RING TO HELP THEIR KING! HAHAHA! YES! THE AGENTS OF EXTREME HAVE SAVED THIS MATCH AS THEY NOW LAY INTO JAYWALKER WHILE A LIVID DIAMOND CAGE DOES EVERYTHING HE CAN TO GET INTO THIS CONTEST! THAT DOOR IS SEALED TIGHT! HE’S GOT NO CHANCE! JAYWALKER HAS FOUND HIMSELF IN TROUBLE HERE AS THE AGENTS OF EXTREME LAY INTO HIM WITH MULTIPLE WEAPONS!! Sekaiichi rolls over to the nearest corner; still in a great deal of pain as the Agents of Extreme seem to be taking care of the situation! The Agents of Extreme laying into an already damaged Jaywalker with signapore canes and led pipes! Jaywalker’s in trouble here! Somehow, someway, Sekaiichi is still in this! Sekaiichi slowly climbs to his feet in the corner of the ring with his bloodied face and a sinister grin! Sekaiichi drops to his knees, mockingly looking up to the Heavens as the Agents of Extreme mercilessly lay into Jay! Diamond Cage is doing everything he possibly can to get into this Cell, but it’s to no avail! Sekaiichi takes notice of him and rolls to the outside! Sekaiichi provoking Cage from within the Cell! HOLD ON! JAYWALKER SPRINGS TO HIS FEET AND TURNS ONE OF THE MEMBERS OF THE AGENTS OF EXTREME INSIDE OUT WITH A HUGE LARIAT!!


Referee: ONE!!!!!!!!……. TWO!!!!!!!!!!………. THREE!!!!!!!!!!!


(“Hail to the King” by Avenged Sevenfold plays all throughout the arena as the Referee raises the hand of a downed Mikado Sekaiichi)


Mak: Hail to the Kiiiiiinnngggg! Hail to the Ooooonnnneeeee! Kneel to the crowwwwnnnnn! Mikado Sekaiichi has done it! By hook or by crook, Mikado Sekaiichi has managed to capture a huge victory here tonight over his greatest rival! Sekaiichi took one HELL of a beating, but he managed to put his opponent away in the end with that new devastating maneuver of his!

Masters: Are you kidding me? This match was OVER when Jaywalker powerbombed Sekaiichi through that table! The only reason he’s the winner is because he clearly can’t win on his own!

Mak: Say what you will, but Jaywalker was simply outwitted by his Mikado tonight as far as I’m concerned! Hold on… Sekaiichi rolls to the outside… He takes off the top of the undamaged steel steps… Oh no! WE KNOW WHAT THAT IS! SEKAIICHI PICKS UP A BEER BOTTLE!! HE BREAKS IT! LOOKS LIKE THIS IS THE END OF THE LINE FOR JAYWALKER!!

Masters: NO! SOMEBODY STOP THIS GUY! SOMEBODY STOP HIM! SEKAIICHI LOOKS DERANGED AS HE CRAWLS OVER TO THE DOWNED JAYWALKER WITH THAT BROKEN BEER BOTTLE IN HAND! SEKAIICHI DRIVES THAT BOTTLE INTO JAYWALKER! DIAMOND CAGE STOPS HIM AT THE LAST SECOND AS THE CELL STRUCTURE HAS BEEN LIFTED! DIAMOND CAGE UNLOADING ON MIKADO SEKAIICHI!! SECURITY NOW RUSHING DOWN HERE TO PUT A STOP TO THIS! DIAMOND CAGE DRAGS SEKAIICHI UP.. HE PICKS HIM UP!! DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER!!!! SEKAIICHI IS DRILLED INTO THE CANVAS!! HE’S LAID OUT AS CAGE NOW CHECKS ON JAYWALKER! Cage may have just saved Jaywalker’s career with that! Sekaiichi now being placed on a stretcher as Cage helps Jaywalker to the outside… Both men put on one Hell of a match and despite his efforts to taint it, I guess congratulations is in order to Mikado Sekaiichi, but I’d care to bet he doesn’t feel like much of a winner right about now…

( Molly Waters is seen on the screen with the EAW Network backdrop )

Molly Waters: To view the full show, click the link BELOW to watch the entirety of Reasonable Doubt 2014! And tune in on February 10th LIVE in FPV and right here on the EAW Network to watch the 10th annual Reasonable Doubt live from the PPG Paints Center!

( http://eawfpvs7.webs.com/reasonable-doubt )

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