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The The Pete Maravich Assembly Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

“The House Always Wins”

( EAW Intro plays )

( We get a recap of last week’s Empire showing Aria Jaxon announcing the set in stone match for Bloodletter, with her set to defend her title against Stephanie Matsuda. We see highlights from Aria’s match with Chelsea Crowe, including Aria’s missed suicide dive which lead to the Womens Champion suffering a concussion and rendering her unable to end the match. Stephanie Matsuda would be the first one to her aid following this predicament. Next, we see Astraea Jordan confront Madison Kaline after Maddie would announce her EOE cash-in for King of Elite 2018. After being belittled and talked down to, Jordan would unleash a brutal assault, sending Madison through production tables, driven into barricades, driven into the LED minitron, and hit with the “Late Registration” onto the concrete floor. The brutal attack ends with Astraea Jordan sending Madison Kaline down a set of stairs, only for Madison to have her leg caught in the stair railing which would result in a later announcement of Madison having her MCL and ACL torn, putting her out of action for the remainder of the season. We also get highlights of Sheridan Müller’s return to Empire, where she would go on to verbally berate certain people including Empire GM Tarah Nova and declare that the Last Vixen has returned. )

( “Power” by Little Mix plays accompanying the Empire opening video package. )

( We open to the Pete Maravich Assembly Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where the arena is overly packed full of fans, and the entire Empire roster and some members of staff all stand by on the stage with the EAW Womens Champion Aria Jaxon standing at the middle of the pack. The only roster member who is not there is Consuela Rose Ava, who is currently under quarantine. )


Jasmin Peyton: Ladies and Gentlemen, here to deliver an address to the Empire roster.. the General Manager of Empire, TARAH NOVA!!!!

( “Boss’ Daughter” by Pop Evil hits, and Tarah Nova makes her entrance in an all black attire with shredded leggings and an all black cardigan over a gray, custom designed button down shirt. The Empire roster parts ways for her to march out through the tunnel and on the stage, and Tarah Nova stops at the stage to lock into a contentious staredown with none other than… Sheridan Müller. Sheridan, in her ring gear prepared for competition, says a few words to Tarah off camera, but Tarah continues down to the ring to interact with the fans on her way there. )

SG1: As we proceed through our November trek into the December 9th Empire-exclusive FPV “Bloodletter”, it’s safe to say there’s a lot of blood boiling and heightened tensions already huh Gia?

Gia: In some ways yes, the pot is certainly stirring, and in some ways it’s to be expected here in Elite Answers Wrestling! There’s no doubt the last month has been some of the most eventful and trying times – but Empire General Manager Tarah Nova has decided she will address everything that needs to be addressed.

SG1: We haven’t gotten any information as to what the GM will be speaking on, I guess that’s been for her to know and for us to find out.

( Tarah takes the center of the ring. She dons a microphone in hand and the lighting centers more attention on her, while she taps on the mic and begins to speak. )


( The 13,000 fans in attendance give a big reaction in excitement for the show )

Tarah Nova: As you can all see I’ve gathered the entire Empire roster out here this evening, because I wanted to address a few things that should be good for all the girls to hear and probably to be honest good for the entire world to hear. Some of what I’m going to say is going to sound harsh, maybe abrasive, maybe a little bit startling to some and demoralizing to others, but I promise you I’m not here to frighten you. I’m here to enlighten you.

I’ve mulled it over for a while now because something has occurred to me more and more as I work behind the scenes, interacting with other members of the EAW Board of Directors and watching how much of the inner workings and behind-closed-door rumblings end up coming into fruition in a big, big way. And I can say with full certainty… that there is no other place for a female wrestler to become a megastar in this business, than here on Empire.

I know saying this sounds like it should be uplifting, and in a lot of ways it really is! In some ways it’s great because Empire is here to stay, and we all have something that as a collective we can devote ourselves to 110%. This isn’t an experiment, this isn’t even an investment, this is a brainchild of concentrated effort by many of wrestling’s most powerful behind the scenes figures. Even our wonderful Chairman has the utmost faith in me and in this brand, and we’ve already shown beautiful results in our first year that’s pleased everyone from the most distant broker to the TV network people. This isn’t because of the people who decide to take creative helms behind the scenes, this is because of ALL OF US! We have proven over and over again that we are the hardest workers, that we’re the most aggressive, the most ambitious, we’re the first one’s in and the last to leave! We show out over and over again, on FPV after FPV, we continue to steal the show every opportunity we get!

It’s a bit sad to say but contrary to what some of us, including myself, have aspired for in the past… the system has been redesigned over the last few years. While some of us have had good runs in a male dominated brand, or in other companies,the system is built for the greatest womens wrestlers in the world to succeed on THIS Empire brand. Only the Empire brand. In plain sight, this is about as limiting as it is empowering. It’s empowering because we all have the platform to put on a brand of entertainment that gives every single one of you girls a spot-light. But it’s limiting because some of us have goals and aspirations that are outside of the Empire brand… and that’s where it becomes tricky to say this, because to be quite frank… many of you aren’t going to get a real opportunity at becoming successful outside of here. And even if you find SOME success, you can almost rest assured that it’ll be marginalized and that there will be snakes coming out of the woodwork to try to take it away from you. There are going to be so many forces at work to go against you, and I’m not going to sugar coat it ladies, it’s because of your gender. That’s just the reality of it. That’s the reality that we have to deal with.

There are deeply rooted biases and prejudgments against all of us stemming from our gender and from what women in wrestling have been unable to accomplish. While girls like HBG and Cameron Ella Ava are fighting on the front line to change history and are being put through the ringer in this fight to get half the opportunities that a man would, we here on Empire have an obligation to create history as well.You all have two choices from here – just two lines of thinking you can derive from all of this – you can see Empire as your prison, locking you away from everything that has to be offered outside of these walls. Or you can see Empire as your kingdom, and work tirelessly the way girls like Aria Jaxon has, the way Consuela has, the way Cloudy has, or Azumi, or Savannah, April, the late great Brody Sparks! So many girls! Even Honda!

Or… you can be like a certain other ungrateful bitch and fuck off to another brand to be knocked on your ass for six months.

( The audience responds in hysterics, and we see Sheridan standing there with a vindictive scowl. )

Tarah: Ladies it’s your choice, truly. We can wait for hand outs and wait for the guys to throw us a bone every once in a while and feed us their scraps, or we can make Empire so great that they have NO CHOICE but to not only include us – but FEATURE us! No more having to fight to sit at the table, let’s make it so that the rest of this archaic industry begs to sit at our table! Because while some of us like to come out here and piss and moan and go on diatribes and sling stones at their own General Managers, others are willing to talk big and back up everything they say with action! Girls, there are those who simply parade and those who perform. There are those who are efficient, versus those who tout “efficiency” 5000 times in every promo.

Of course, it’s every woman for herself at the end of the day. I’m not asking you all to hold hands in a circle. I’m not “asking” anything at all. I’m demanding, as your General Manager and as a woman who’s risked her body for this sport! I’m TELLING you … to show the world what we’re made of.

( “Boss’ Daughter” picks back up, and some girls on the Empire roster give a round of applause while others quickly take their leave with Sheridan Müller being the first one out of there. )

Gia: A big time rallying cry from our fearless leader! Man Tarah dropped some pretty heavy stuff huh?

SG1: Yeah, including a few shots at a certain Sheridan Müller! What was up with that?

Gia: Well it’s starting to become a war of words, and you could see the steam coming out of Sheridan’s ears during this entire Empire address. Nonetheless I’d say the majority of the roster has got an extra pep in their step after hearing these words, hell I myself almost wanna get in here and-

SG1: Oookay Gia don’t hurt yourself, girlfriend. Trust me if I never have to take another bump in my life, I’m fine with that.

( Match card shows up featuring the main event of the evening pitting Sheridan Müller against Chelsea Crowe )

Gia: Pretty eventful Empire we’ve got coming up, including the newly returned “Last Vixen” Sheridan Müller going one on one with the woman who’s taken full credit for putting Aria Jaxon “on the shelf” – Chelsea Crowe!

( Match card for Mallory Wilde and Scarlet vs. Megan Raine and Sydney St. Clair handcuffed together is shown. )

SG1: But up next Megan Raine and Sydney St. Clair are going to get another chance to bounce back from their shortcoming in last week’s Specialist Title # 1 Contendership match, as they take on the crazed lunatic Scarlet and the newest addition to the Empire roster – Mallory Wilde! When Empire returns!

( COMMERCIAL BREAK – featuring an ad for the upcoming Voltage FPV, Shock Value, featuring Chris Elite challenging Jamie O’Hara for the World Heavyweight Championship! )

( Video package plays hyping up Mallory Wilde, the punk rock Toronto native with a wild side who fights for the fun of it! )


Jasmine Peyton: The following tag match is scheduled for one fall and it is held under tornado rules!

( “Wild” by The Screaming Females play as Mallory Wilde walks out with Scarlet trailing behind her. The two put their hands on their hips and head down the ramp)

Jasmine: First, making their way to the ring! Mallory Wilde and Scarlet!

SG1: Welcome back to Empire and here we have some unique tag action going on tonight! Newcomer Mallory Wilde and Scarlet will be facing off in a tornado tag match against the resident ‘Stuck on You’ twins of Empire – Sydney St. Clair and Megan Raine!

Gia Cervantes: It’s kind of odd when you think about it – GM Tarah Nova s hellbent on making ‘Sydgan’ a thing! After a loss to April Song in a handicap match, they find themselves introducing Mallory to the fold! I hear great things about this young firestarter – let’s see if she can pull one out tonight!

(Mallory and Scarlet climb into the ring, amping up the crowd. “Wild” dies out, and “Studio” by Schoolboy Q starts playing. Sydney St. Clair and Megan Raine walk out, already cuffed together. Megan looks satisfied, coming out to her theme this time around, while Sydney St. Clair is rolling her eyes in annoyance)

Jasmine: Their opponents! Making their way to the ring, Sydney St. Clair and Megan Raine!

SG1: Looks like the roles are reversed this time around! They don’t seem all that happy to be together, but I doubt they want to suffer another loss two weeks in a row!

Gia: You bring up a good point SG! As much as Syd and Megan want this to be over, they have to weather the storm if they wish to see anything come out of this arrangement!

(Sydney and Megan climb into the ring and prepare themselves until the bell rings)


SG1: Here we go! Due to the unique situation of Sydney St. Clair and Megan Raine, this will be a tag match under tornado rules! Megan and Sydney approach the center of the ring, while Mallory and Scarlet surrounds their opponents. They have the advantage of not being bound, but will have to be careful grappling the cuffed duo. Mallory goes in low, attempting to grab the legs of Megan Raine! Megan replies with a flurry of stomps to the head! Mallory slides out- SUPERKICK FROM SCARLET TO THE TEMPLE OF SYDNEY ST. CLAIR! Scarlet is down! Scarlet climbs on top for the pin- but Megan is on top! She’s hammering away at Scarlet, driving her away from her partner!

Gia: Scarlet is trying to avoid the mess that’s going on at the moment as she rolls away! Mallory hops over and hits a basement dropkick to the ribs of Sydney! Megan pushes her partner off her, kicking and screaming! She already seems annoyed with the state of this match!

SG1: Sydney and Megan has clearly shown their dislike with their predicament! Their teamwork didn’t save them from losing to April Song! Megan must feel if working together doesn’t get them anywhere, then why bother? Sydney’s pulling them both up to their feet! Surprise chop block from Mallory to the back of Megan’s leg- SPINNING WHEEL KICK FROM SCARLET TO THE FACE OF SYDNEY ST. CLAIR! WOW! Mal and Scar goes for a mutual pin-


Gia: Sydney and Megan kick out at the same time! They need to find a way to collect themselves! Mallory and Scarlet pick the girls up by the hair, and nod at each other – stereo facebreaker knee smashes! Sydney and Megan recoil backward – stereo clotheslines! These two seem to be in perfect harmony!

SG1: You can tell these two had a plan going into this match! They have “Sydgan’s” number! “Mallet” whips them to the ropes! Sydgan holds onto the ropes, avoiding the stereo dropkicks! Syndey and Megan nod at the teacher – STEREO PUNT KICKS TO THE HEADS OF MALLORY AND SCARLET! They both go for the pin!


Gia: Mallory and Scarlet kick out! Sydney and Megan seem to be on mutual terms again as they pick up Mallory and toss her out the ring! They focus their mutual attention on Scarlet, who’s still on the amt, shaking out the cobwebs!

SG1: Syd and Meg are no longer showing any signs of dissension! Double kick to Scarlet’s gut! Double suplex follow-up! Dual kip-ups! They are on fire! Scarlet sits up, but I doubt that’s the right thing to do in a situation like this! Syd gets down on one knee, applying an armlock behind Scarlet’s head! She finds herself in a compromising position! Megan’s firing off elbow strikes to the affected shoulder! They’re breaking down Scarlet, piece by piece! Megan applies a leglock just as Sydney drives down an elbow, aimed at Scarlet’s thigh! She’s screaming in pain, waving her arms around wildly!

Gia: They did the right thing isolating Scarlet from the rioting newcomer! It doesn’t look like the opportunity is going to last for long though as Mallory climbs back into the ring! She leaps forward and breaks the hold! She’s firing stiff lefts and rights to Sydney and Megan! One to Sydney! One to Megan! Back and forth! Back and forth! She lifts them both up! Double DDT! Mallory’s shifting into sixth gear as the fans are cheering her on! She picks up Sydgan and whips them into a corner! She charges full speed ahead! STINGER SPLASH! She hops onto the second rope! She wraps her arm around the head of both women! DOUBLE TORNADO DDT! How did she do that!? She hops on top of both women for the cover!


SG1: Sydgan kicks out! Mallory gets to her feet and goes back on the assault- drop toehold counter by Megan- FOREARM STRIKE FROM HELL by Sydney! Mallory’s down! Both women drag Wilde to a corner. Scarlet is back on her feet! She’s going to the res- DOUBLE SUPERKICK! Scarlet’s out again! Sydney and Megan continue their crusade in the corner! Megan helps Sydney to the top rope! Megan throws Sydney forward as she somersaults! St. Clair lands a leg drop onto the upper body of Wilde! Both women go for a dogpile cover!


Gia: Scarlet breaks the pin! Using everything she had, she jumped forward with a double axe handle and is back on the mat, half-conscious! Mallory may be on her own! Sydney and Megan get up, stomping away at Scarlet! Mallory grabs their ankles to stop their violent streak, but loses her grip! Sydgan turn their attention back to Mallory and jumps up to deliver stereo leg drops!

SG1: These girls are back in the fight! They have to create some kind of diversion for one of their opponents so they can focus on the other! As if reading my mind, Sydgan whips Mallory to the corner! Syd and Meg charge forward for stereo clohtes- POWERSLIDE! Mallory slides under the double clothesline while playing air guitar! She gets up and turns around- ANOTHER DOUBLE SUPERKICK! They pick up Mallory and throw her out the ring again! That was a bad move from the rookie earlier! Scarlet’s back on her feet! Sydney kicks Scarlet in the gut and hoists her over her shoulder! Megan grabs her head! MAGIC KILLER! The aided snap swinging neckbreaker has Scarlet floored! They dogpile their opponent once more!



Jasmine Peyton: Your winners by pinfall, Sydney St. Clair and Megan Raine!

(“Studio” by ScHoolboy Q & BJ The Chicago Kid plays as Sydney and Megan get up, excited over their victory. They embrace each other, hopping up and down. A few moments later, they realized what they were doing and let go of one another, embarrassed by the mutual display of affection they’ve shown for each other)

Gia: They did! Their teamwork has finally paid off!

SG1: It takes two to make a thing go right! Megan and Sydney are starting to make their unique situation work in their favor!

Gia: I don’t know if this will be a re-occuring thing but if so, sign me up!

SG1: I’m with you on that one Gia! I’m curious who Tarah will set them up against next?

(The ref takes off the cuffs. Megan brushes herself off and climbs out the ring without saying anything. Sydney shakes her head, laughing to herself as she watches her partner head up the ramp)

( Camera cuts backstage and we see Consuela’s fellow maid, Francesca, exiting a bathroom door putting a clump of wet and nasty hair she found in the drain into a ziplock plastic bag – looking ready to hurl. Francesca walks off-scene, and we get a furious Sheridan Müller storming past the set until she approaches Tarah Nova’s office door down the hall and bangs on it with fury. )


( Sher bangs on the door even harder. )


( Flannery McCoy opens the office door and steps out. )

Sheridan: I said Tarah not her underling.

Flannery McCoy: Tarah isn’t here, Sher… she left right after she finished her Empire address.

Sheridan: So she’s run away??? And who has she left in charge, YOU?

Flannery: I don’t know how long she’s supposed to be gone, it could be for the night. Is there any way I can assist you?

Sheridan: You have absolutely nothing to offer me. When you see Tarah tell her that I have a message for her.

( SHERIDAN KNOCKS FLANNERY OUT WITH A HAYMAKER TO THE JAW! She takes Flannery up from the ground and SLAMS HER HEAD FIRST INTO A WALL before walking away! A couple of officials rush to the scene, leaving a snarling Sheridan Müller backing away before eventually turning around and leaving. )

( We transition elsewhere, where Aria Jaxon is sitting in a private dressing room with Stephanie Matsuda. Steph is in the mirror, shadow boxing, and Aria sits criss-cross on a nearby bench. )

Stephanie Matsuda: Pretty powerful stuff by Tarah earlier huh?

Aria Jaxon: Mhm, in a way it really gets you thinking.

Stephanie: Yeah. I’m not gonna lie, it really stung to be out there considering I had a chance at sort of breaking that whole machine that’s against us. If I could have just put away that *throws a wild shadow jab* fuckin’ Marx guy. I had the chance to do it! Several chances!

Aria: Cloudy please. You gotta stop, girl.

Stephanie: I’m cool, I’m cool.

Aria: You cannot hold any of that stuff against yourself. Seriously.

( Steph turns around smiling )

Stephanie: I know I know, I’m over it really. So uh, why are you dressed?

Aria: Are you saying I should be naked? Cause I’m pretty sure Monica wouldn’t be too happy about that.

Stephanie: I meant you’re dressed like you’re ready to fight.

Aria: Well I mean…

Stephanie: You ain’t serious tho…

Aria: I mean you’ve got the yin yang twins tonight. There’s always some fuckery when they’re involved. It doesn’t hurt to have an extra set of eyes watching your back.

Stephanie: You know you’re not cleared to compete. You have a freaking concussion, that’s not anything to mess around with!

Aria: Oh come on.

Stephanie: No! This ain’t Extreme Answers Wrestling, they’ll call it a wrap for your career if you’re not careful! You think there ain’t a bullseye on the back of your head after the reign you’ve been having?

Aria: Thanks mom, but I’ll be fine.

Stephanie: You are something else huh.

Aria: So speaking of the reign I’ve been having… Bloodletter’s coming fast, isn’t it?

Stephanie: I wanted to talk to you about that. Apparently Tarah says you’re in the gray for the show. You might not be able to defend in time.

Aria: I’ll be cleared.

Stephanie: Well even if you are cleared there’s almost no way you’ll be at 100%.

Aria: I don’t think you need to be worried about me being at 100%.

Stephanie: I’m just saying, if you want to call the match off I’ll really be fine with it.

Aria: What are you so worried about anyway?

( Stephanie talks while folding some clothes on the floor and putting them in her gym bag. )

Stephanie: Look there’s a lot going through my head as it is, I’m honored you want this match and I’ve always wanted to face you one on one. But you’re the closest thing to family that I have left in this locker room. I care more about protecting you than I do about taking from you.

Aria: I need to be protected?

Stephanie: Well, I mean you’re hurt.

Aria: Hmm.

Stephanie: At least when I have you let me have you at 100%. Bloodletter really doesn’t have to happen.

Aria: So you’re concerned about not having me at 100%? So what if my 80% is better than your 100%?

( Stephanie says nothing. She picks up her gym back and puts it in the top shelf of a locker. )

Aria: I asked you a question.

Stephanie: *aggressively* What if it isn’t?

Aria: What if I said I needed someone to challenge me to push me farther than any of my previous competition? What if you had the potential of being that one person I knew could really push me past my limits? Would you stop seeing Bloodletter as being some kind of sweet little ‘gesture’?

Stephanie: I get your point I guess.

Aria: I know the War Queen is inside of you. I know your body and your mind are capable of amazing things. And of course everyone knows by now what I’m capable of. A little bit of faith goes a long way, and I’ve got quite a bit of faith in you. I think you owe me the same in return.

Stephanie: Oh I think I know exactly how good you are, and by the way you talk I think you do too. But despite wanting so badly to be challenged by somebody, deep in your head you still know you have this match on lock. You still believe with full confidence that you’re superior to me in every way, is that right?

( Aria doesn’t respond, she only gives a slight devious smile. )

Stephanie: I guess Bloodletter is where I prove you wrong.

( Aria stands up in excitement and playfully throws her title at Stephanie )

Aria: THATS THE STEPHANIE I KNOW AND LOVE! Talking all this “Bloodletter doesn’t need to happen” mess! Give me a break!

Stephanie: *laughing* Shut up!

( Aria and Stephanie continue their playful banter, and in the ring we see Daisy Thrash warming up for her match with “Search and Destroy” by Skunk Anansie playing in the background. )


Jasmine Peyton: This next match is set for one fall! Already in the ring, from Seattle, Washington… DAISY THRASH!!!

Gia: A newer, more mean spirited Daisy Thrash is ready to compete after showing a different side to her last week.

SG1: She completely ditched that weirdo Scarlet and seems to have a much newer attitude about her – she says she’s essentially done playing nice and trying to entertain, and she’s ready to burn this place to the ground!

Gia: Your thoughts on the shift in Daisy’s demeanor SG1?

SG1: Sometimes when you’re having difficulty finding your way around here as early into your career as Daisy is, it’s good to ditch the conventional approach and go for something a bit more jarring. More power to her.

( “You Mee and the Bottle Makes 3 Tonight” by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy plays and Yasmin Hyland makes her entrance to the ring. )

Jasmine Peyton: Her opponent, from Las Vegas, Nevada… YASMIN HYLAND!!!

Gia: Hyland’s coming off a very solid win last week against Revy –

SG1: But you know her, Gia, she can only be satisfied with herself for so long! I got a chance to speak with Hyland earlier today and she feels like luck may have, yet again, factored into another match decision. She wanted to win this match decisively, but after being hit with a surefire match ending move like the Shining Red, a part of her still feels like she’s lost.

Gia: Interesting approach, Hyland without a doubt is a perfectionist so if she can build off the mistakes she made in a winning effort then ideally growth is to come.


Gia: So now it’s Daisy Thrash and Yasmin Hyland locking up with a nice collar & elbow tie up, with Yasmin Hyland pushing Daisy back into the corner. We talked before about Yasmin’s deceptive strength, she’s a voluptuous woman but behind those soft curves are a lot of strength! OH LOOK DAISY THRASH EXPLODES OUT OF THE CORNER SHOVING HYLAND TO THE GROUND! Hyland, from one knee, looks up at her opponent somewhat baffled, and now Daisy comes after her with a shoot kick to the chest! Another shoot kick! A third! Hyland rolls away and uses the ropes to quickly recover, and Thrash attempts an Irish whip – but Hyland counters the whip – and Thrash comes rebounding off the ropes to run right into a BACK BODY DROP!

SG1: No, Daisy lifts a back heel kick into the bridge of the nose of Hyland! Hyland straightens up after doubling over for the back body drop, and Daisy follows up with a NICE STANDING DROPKICK! Oh damn that was one of the better dropkicks I’ve seen in this company! Daisy with the cover!


Gia: Kick out of two after that one! Hyland scrambles over to the corner to yet again assist her way back up to a vertical base. Daisy rushes over to Hyland with a scowl on her face and climbs up the ropes, mounting over her cornered opponent with SHOT AFTER SHOT! THE CROWD COUNTING ALONG WITH EACH PUNCH TO THE TEMPLE!


SG1: Yasmin takes Daisy out of the corner perhaps looking for a powerbomb! Daisy Thrash isn’t making it easy though, she’s trying to slide down her back, but Yasmin keeps a strong hook on Daisy’s legs and … and FLOORS HER WITH A BIG TIME ALABAMA SLAM THAT EVEN THESE LOUISIANA FANS CAN APPRECIATE! AND YASMIN SWINGS DAISY THRASH PRACTICALLY INTO NEVADA WITH THE ROULETTE WHEEL, GIANT SWING SENDING DAISY ROUND AND ROUND!

Gia: Round and round Daisy goes, when will she stop nobody knows!

SG1: After over 10 turns of the big swing Yasmin stops the Roulette Wheel, and a slightly dizzy Yasmin Hyland runs the ropes to charge right back with a jumping knee drop onto the skull of Daisy Thrash, following up with a lateral press!


Gia: Kick out at two! Yasmin Hyland takes her time getting back up now, and she delivers a stomp on the hand of Daisy Thrash prompting an admonishment by the ref! Daisy’s back up to a knee, and Hyland hits another boot to the face bringing Daisy back down to the mat! Hyland slowly hovers over Daisy and brings her up to a standing base by her head and hits a SHARP KNIFE EDGE CHOP TO THE CHEST! That brings Daisy to a seat and HYLAND FOLLOWS UP WITH A SHOOT KICK TO THE CHEST!

Yasmin Hyland *off-mic*: DOESN’T FEEL TOO GOOD DOES IT?

Gia: A STOMP TO THE CHEST FROM HYLAND! And Hyland stands on Daisy’s chest for a brief moment before pulling Daisy up to her feet and sending her into the corner with a very hard Irish whip! The kidneys slam into the turnbuckle, and Daisy comes tumbling down holding her chest with no doubt breathing problems coming into play! Yasmin Hyland keeps her space with Thrash, allowing a little bit of time for Daisy to work for a vertical base. This time it’s Daisy needing the turnbuckles and ropes as a guide back to her feet, and Hyland comes CHARGING ACROSS THE RING WITH A BOOT TO THE HEAD! NOBODY HOME, DAISY SIDE STEPS IT AND GOES FOR THE ROLL UP!


SG1: Close but no cigar! Hyland kicks out, the two scramble back up, and an ENZUIGIRI HITS ITS MARK FROM DAISY THRASH! That sends Hyland stumbling through the ropes and tumbling down to the ringside mat! Daisy Thrash is also given a moment of reprieve and the official begins his count.

Ref: 1! 2! 3! 4!

SG1: Daisy steps through the ropes and onto the apron to interrupt the ref’s count, and the Yasmin Hyland is back up to her feet … JUST TO BE HIT WITH A RUNNING KICK FROM THE APRON WITH THE BOOT SLAMMED INTO YASMIN HYLAND’S FACE!!! WOW WHAT A SHOT!!! And Daisy drops down to the apron to bring the dead weight of Hyland back into the ring after being taken down like a gazelle shot by a hunter! That may be the loudest strike of the night so far! After bringing Hyland back in the ring, Daisy wraps the arm around the head looking for the ‘Smash The Patriarchy’ Spinning Bulldog, but Hyland manages to shove Daisy out of it into the ropes .. only for Daisy to rebound off the ropes with a THESZ PRESS INTO MOUNTED PUNCHES OVER THE HEAD OF HYLAND!

Gia: Daisy’s getting a little ahead of her self, she’s going completely ape-shit with the punches, and the referee has to get in between and drag Daisy off of her! Now Daisy throws a fit, shouting at the referee and demanding for him not to touch her! Daisy Thrash is putting on a display unlike any that we’ve ever seen from her, and now she’s following up on an out-of-it Yasmin Hyland, finally hitting THE SPINNING BULLDOG! SMASH THE PATRIARCHY, AND SMASHING HYLAND’S FACE INTO THE RING! THERE’S A COVER!



( “Search and Destroy” by Skunk Anansie hits and Daisy Thrash has her armed raised by the ref )

Jasmine Peyton: Here is your winner… DAISY THRASH!!!!

SG1: A new side of Daisy Thrash is on display tonight here, leading her to a victory against a very game Yasmin Hyland!

Gia: I’m liking this whole new style – it’s a more focused and determined Daisy Thrash, who doesn’t have her head clouded with distractions and self-doubt like before! Sometimes it takes snapping into an “all or nothing” mentality in any sport, let alone pro wrestling, if you ever want to get momentum moving in the right direction.

( At ringside, we catch a glimpse of Francesca, one of Consuela’s maid colleagues, who has a mini dustpan and small hand-held broom. She’s sweeping part of the ringside floor and is able to collect dust into the dust pan, but goes relatively unnoticed. )

( We cut elsewhere backstage and see Haruna and Azumi walking side by side together )

Gia: Moving forward, the “United Front” of Azumi Goto and Haruna Sakazaki are going to take the center-stage when Empire returns to apparently call out the “undeserving” number 1 contenders to Empire’s respective titles!

SG1: The salty sisters continue to sprinkle their misery all over Empire! OH JOY.

Gia: Empire will return after a word from our sponsors!

( COMMERCIAL BREAK – including a promotional ad hyping up tomorrow’s Dynasty highlighting the “Battle of Scotts” which will pit Scott Oasis up against Scott Diamond in a number 1 contendership match to the Answers World Championship. )

( RETURN TO EMPIRE: We get Haruna Sakazaki and Azumi Goto standing in the middle of the ring and “River Blood” by Nature Of The Beast dies down eventually, leaving Haruna and Azumi with the floor to speak – equipped with mics in hand. A name plate showing their names caption the screen before eventually sliding away. )

Azumi Goto: Ya know with everyone airing their grievances around here lately… I think it’s about time we air a few grievances of our own!

( Crowd boos )

Azumi: SHUT UP! You people think it’s so easy to go through what we go through, just because you get to see Haruna and I on TV every week, but you have NO IDEA what we go through! It’s easy to sit there in your comfortable little chairs and try to judge us, but when you bust your butts the way I do and especially the way Haruna does only to get mocked and ridiculed by a bunch of fat and lazy slugs, all while having to deal with the B.S. that we deal with behind the scenes on a daily basis, it gets a little hard to tolerate the kind of disrespect that we’re asked to tolerate!

Haruna Sakazaki: I have been in this company for almost three years now and I have had to watch undeserving people walk in, get more opportunities than me, and leave which I’m treated by you all like trash on the side of a road. Is it fair? Ask yourselves, is it fair what I have to go through? Me and my Azumi-chan have to unite to even have a chance at true success… meanwhile girls like April Song and Stephanie Matsuda have it so easy!

Azumi: April Song had her chance as Specialist Champion, and she BLEW IT! How in the world is it OK to put her against two girls that are handcuffed and hate each other? You might as well have given her a free bye!

Haruna: And speaking of free byes, it’s good to see backstage politics still reign supreme since Tarah Nova is now allowed to hand her best friends matches for world titles. Azu-bae had to fight, and scratch, and claw to get a one time only opportunity at the Womens World Championship, but Stephanie Matsuda doesn’t have to do anything and she’s headlining the first Empire FPV! Now how is that fair?

( “You Say Run” by Yuki Hayashi hits and Stephanie Matsuda walks out to the ring with the EAW Womens Champion, Aria Jaxon by her side. Stephanie has a microphone handed to her, and just as she steps in the ring with Aria she interrupts her own music by speaking immediately. )

Stephanie Matsuda: Hold up, hold up, hold up.

( Stephanie gets into Haruna’s face )

Stephanie: If you’ve got something to say about me come and say the shit to my face, BITCH!

( Azumi gets in between Haruna and Stephanie. )

Azumi: Hang on a minute now, hey Steph, instead of coming in here with a head full of fire why don’t you think with just a little bit of logic hmm? Everything Haruna just said makes sense. You did nothing to deserve your match with Aria, no matter what little lies Aria whispers into your ears.

( Aria gives the worlds biggest eye-roll )

Stephanie: For the record, I’ve been held back from opportunities time and time again, I’ve had to literally fight authority to establish respect. But you two live in this self-absorbed little fantasy world where all of your problems are unrivaled, and no one could possibly have it as bad as poor widdle Haruna! And you Azumi? You have the most undeserved, over-sized ego that I’ve ever seen. You speak so boldly on matters you know nothing about, and sista that’s a recipe to get ya ASS kicked!

Haruna: Stephanie you could never manage the kind of suffering I am forced to deal with, none of you can! But that’s OK, because at the end of the day I still have my Azumi, and with our partnership even politics will be unable to bring us down–

( “Fairy” (KOF ’96 Remix) hits and April Song marches to the ring, not so much as even requesting a microphone. Instead she snatches the mic from Azumi’s hand upon entering the ring. )

April Song: You people talk too damned much!


( An official enters the ring and drags April off of Haruna, with the two still clinging at each other, and the show goes to a quick commercial break as the chaos in the ring is still being sorted out. )

( COMMERCIAL BREAK – featuring an ad for Showdown following up with Ares Vendetta’s brutal attack on Lannister. Tiberius IV and Ryan Marx are also set to make their EAW World Championship match at Kingsroad official! Tune in this Saturday at 8 PM est, 7 central! )

( RETURN TO EMPIRE: We see Azumi in the ring being trapped in an armbar by April Song, as Haruna Sakazaki and Stephanie Matsuda stand in their respective corners and Aria Jaxon spectates from ringside. )

Gia: We’re back live in the Frank Maravich Assembly Center, with a tag team contest set under way during the break after things got a little out of hand.

SG1: Yeah, freaking April Song just comes out and nails the first person she sees over the head with a microphone! But we somehow managed to get things back into somewhat decent order and Azumi’s got April slightly subdued with an arm lock, forcing April to shoulder roll and attempt a drop toe hold… and April jumps over Azumi’s back perhaps looking for the crossface! Azumi manages to roll over in the right angle however, even pinning Aprils shoulders to the mat!


Gia: The two scramble up, and Azumi backs into her own corner leading April into charging blindly at her opponent, but Azumi cuts April off with a boot to the jaw! Tag into Haruna, and April charges back at Azumi after being momentarily stung… Azumi slings April over her shoulder however and Haruna, who’s climbed directly up to the top rope hits a TOP ROPE DOUBLE AX HANDLE over the back of April’s head! April front flipts to a seated position on the mat, and Azumi follows up with a PUNT KICK TO THE SPINE! FOLLOWED UP BY A JUMPING ELBOW DROP FROM HARUNA! Right to the chest! Haruna with the hook of both legs now!


SG1: Kick out just as the ref’s hand hits the mat for two. Haruna snaps in a nice, snug side headlock… already we can see April attempting to snatch the wrist and maneuver her weight, but Haruna’s staying heavy on her base so that she can’t be easily swung around. Haruna thrusts a knee into the small of the back now, and pushes April down onto her stomach before hooking both legs and attempting a SURFBOARD STRETCH.. SHE ROCKS HERSELF BACK AND FORTH INTO IT… AND FINALLY HAS IT APPLIED! APRIL SONG HOISTED UP INTO THE AIR BEING STRETCHED IN PROBABLY THE MOSRT UNCOMFORTABLE HOLD TO HAVE APPLIED ON YOU IN WRESTLING, AND I KNOW THAT FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE!

Gia: SOMEHOW APRIL MANAGES TO FREE HER LEGS AND FLIP BACKWARDS TO HER FEET! Haruna scrambles up and comes right at April with a running lariat, but April ducks underneath the oncoming arm – Haruna rebounds off the ropes – INSIDE OUT ARMDRAG FROM APRIL SONG! BUT HARUNA COUNTERS HER FALL WITH A FRONT HANDSPRING! AND SHE RUSHES BACK OVER TO APRIL WITH A HURRICANRANA ATTEMPT!


Gia: HARUNA’S BEING PUSHED CLOSER TO THE BRINK OF SUBMISSION… AND IN COMES AZUMI GOTO! THAT PROMPTS MATSUDA TO RUSH INTO THE RING, BUT GOTO BOOKS IT! She rolls underneath the ropes to the outside, and the distraction caused April to release her hold and allow Haruna to roll out of the ring down right in front of us. Meanwhile Aria gets a little confrontational with Azumi, and the two get into a bit of a war of words while April tags in Stephanie Matsuda. Matsuda rushes over to the ropes TEASING A SUICIDE DIVE WHICH CAUSES AZUMI TO RETREAT, BUT MATSUDA INSTEAD RUNS THE ROPES AND RUSHES ACROSS THE RING TO DIVE THROUGH THE OPPOSITE ROPES WITH A SUICIDE DIVE!!! SHE SPRINTS BACK INTO THE RING AS HARUNA IS KNOCKED SPINE FIRST INTO THE ANNOUNCE DESK, AND SHE SPRINTS BACK OUTSIDE THROUGH THE ROPES WITH A FOLLOW UP SUICIDE DIVE!!! SHE CALLS THAT ONE BACK TO THE FUTURE!

SG1: I personally don’t get it, but grievances with the naming aside those duo suicide dives sure were effective! Haruna is sent back into the ring by Stephanie Matsuda and Haruna drags herself over to her partner’s corner to get the tag, prompting Azumi to rush into the ring against a more than game Stephanie Matsuda… and be taken RIGHT DOWN WITH THE LAST SURPRISE!!! A SLINGBLADE THAT WOULD HAVE MADE MISS MANAMI PROUD! HARUNA RUSHES AT MATSUDA! MATSUDA CATCHES HER WITH A BELLY TO BELLY OVERHEAD RELEASE SUPLEX! HARUNA HITS THE MAT, ONLY TO SCRAMBLE BACK UP AND WANDER RIGHT INTO CLOUD CITY!!! STRAIGHT-JACKET GERMAN SUPLEX ROCKS HARUNA’S WORLD!!! HARUNA GOES ROLLING OUT TO THE APRON, AND MATSUDA GRABS AZUMI FOR … YET AGAIN … CLOUD CITY!!!



Ref: 1! 2! 3! 4! LET GO OF IT NOW!

( Azumi releases the hold and bangs a fist on the mat out of frustration )

Gia: Matsuda rolls over to the turnbuckle just to get a place to rest, but Azumi Goto is a relentless warrior for a reason, she continues to stay on her opponent with a flurry of closed punches to the head of Matsuda! Azumi isn’t showing too much fatigue even though she just spent a couple of minutes putting everything into that Muta Lock, which goes to show the level of condition this young lady has! The official backs her away, but Azumi has fighting in her blood, and she knows that in any fight you NEVER let up on your opponent! Azumi follows up with the MACHINE GUN KNEE STRIKES! RAPID KNEES INTO HER CORNERED OPPONENT, AND BRUTAL ONES AT THAT! MATSUDA CAN HARDLY MANAGE, BUT THE OFFICIAL AGAIN HAS TO INTERVENE! You of course aren’t allowed to wage a prolonged attack on a cornered opponent for too long in standard wrestling, even if it is technically the smart thing to do.

SG1: I never understood why! In MMA you can beat a cornered opponent to submission, and they use a cage for gods sakes! Anyway, Azumi backs far far away with a gaze locked in on her opponet… and she delivers the HESITATION DROPKICK INTO THE CORNERED MATSUDA!!!! NOBODY HOME! MATSUDA JUMPS OUT OF THE WAY AND AZUMI HITS NOTHING, OTHER THAN HITTING THE MAT HARD AFTER THAT DROPKICK! Matsuda drags herself back over to a corner, and there’s the tag to April Song! April takes Azumi out of the corner and attempts an Irish whip into the ropes, but Azumi reverses the whip, and Haruna from the apron hits a well placed blow to the small of the back with a brutal elbow shot! The referee admonishes her for that, and AZUMI FIRES OFF WITH A NICE YAKUZA KICK!!! AND SHE DELIVERS A RUNNING FOREARM TO THE JAW OF STEPHANIE MATSUDA, SENDING HER FLYING OFF THE APRON! AND AZUMI COVERS APRIL AFTER ELIMINATING ANY POTENTIAL THREAT!




Gia: This is not good.



( Gia gets up from the announce desk and rushes over to Aria’s aid, and Azumi verbally taunts Aria in Japanese. )


( Gia desperately calls for help, prompting medical professionals to come to Aria’s aid )



( “Fairy” (KOF ’96 Remix) hits and April Song gets her arm raised by the official )

Jasmine Peyton: Here are your winners, STEPHANIE MATSUDA AND APRIL SONG.

SG1: April Song capitalizes with the right move at the right time, but even the official can’t stick around for long, because the real development is at ringside where an unresponsive Aria Jaxon is being tended to. Let’s get another look at what just happened.

( REPLAY: During the match Aria goes after Azumi after cheap-shotting Stephanie, but she is hit with a baseball slide dropkick by Haruna and Azumi follows up by running Aria head first into the LED ring post. )

( Return to ringside, and the entire crowd is focused on a laid out Aria Jaxon who is completely unresponsive and is being tended to by EMTs. Gia Cervantes, Stephanie Matsuda, the referee and a couple of EMT’s all rush to Aria’s aid. )

SG1: We knew Aria was already suffering from a concussion that rendered her unable to compete tonight, but to take another traumatic blow to the head in such a sensitive point where we don’t know what kind of additional damage might have been done… you could hear a pin drop in this place right now.

( Aria has an arm slung over the shoulders of Stephanie and Gia, and the fans in attendance give Aria a round of applause to show support for their Womens Champion. We fade to commercial. )

( COMMERCIAL BREAK – including an ad for Voltage featuring a big time 6 man tag team match with Jamie O’Hara, Jon McAdams and Lars Grier up against Chris Elite, Finnegan Wakefield and Keelan Cetinich. We also get the return of Kevin Devastation, who aims to confront the higher EAW Management. Tune in this Sunday at 8 PM est, 7 central! )

( Return to the broadcast, and we get footage captioned “DURING THE BREAK” where Aria Jaxon is helped into the medical wing of the backstage area, and is given encouraging words by Gia Cervantes who leaves Stephanie and Aria with a doctor. Return to ringside, where Gia and SG1 are seated. )

SG1: Definitely a scary moment earlier huh Gia?

Gia: *sigh* Yeah that was.. that was unsettling. I, I don’t really have words, I’m just glad Aria’s responding, and I’m glad she has a friend like Stephanie who’s going to be with her in moments that I can’t be. Aria’s basically a sister to me, so it goes without saying that I’m concerned, but she’s a fighter, so I have no doubt that she’ll fully recover from this.

SG1: Well last week another unsettling moment took place after Astraea Jordan confronted the Empress of Elite, Madison Kaline and unleashed a brutal attack that has put Madison Kaline out of commission due to a torn ACL. Yesterday afternoon Astraea was summoned to the EAW Headquarters via an invite from the EAW Chairman himself, here’s a look at what took place during their meeting.

( After the video package we transition over to the skyline of Newark, New Jersey, and get a view of the EAW Headquarters with a caption on the screen that reads “Wednesday, noon”. We get a wide shot of the large and luxurious lobby of the imperial suite of the building, and Astraea Jordan is seen walking up to the secretary’s desk. )

Astraea Jordan: I’m here for a 12 o’clock with Ryan Adams?

Secretary: Mr. Adams doesn’t have any appointments scheduled.

Astraea: *nonchalauntly* Shit OK then.

( Astraea turns to leave, but is stopped by the secretary )

Secretary: Wait a minute you’re Astraea Jordan! Yes Mr. Adams does intend to see you, you can head right up the elevator and press the button with the backwards “E” it’ll take you straight to his office.

Astraea: Thanks I guess..

( Astraea enters the elevator – time elapses – and we see Astraea walking into the very large office of the EAW Chairman. A young, attractive female assistant approaches Astraea. )

Assistant: The Gawd will be with you shortly, please take a seat anywhere you’d like.

( Astraea enters Mr. DEDEDE’s luxurious office, and she looks around. She picks up his 2014 Elitist of the Year award from his desk, and fiddles with the fidget spinner on his desk before putting it down. )

???: Astraea Jordan!

( Mr. DEDEDE walks into the room wearing black nike joggers, yeezy boost 350s, a dark colored bomber jacket and a gold loop chain over a black t-shirt. He sits at his desk and invites Astraea to take a seat across from him. )

Mr. DEDEDE: Go ahead and have a seat. Sorry I know I’m running late, I just got back from my prostate exam. Gotta keep the colon clean know what I mean.

Astraea: Oh, that sounds… fun.

DDD: Well it’s the first time I’ve had another man’s fingers in the ass. I feel a little violated not gonna lie.

Astraea: Lovely. So, wanna kinda tell me why I’m here exactly?

DDD: Right right, we do need to talk about what happened last week. With you and Madison.

Astraea: Yeah, I’m aware of that. I’m just a little confused why I need to have this addressed by the EAW Chairman when I did what anyone else, including you would have done in my shoes.

DDD: Well we can address that, but I find it most important that we go over the ramifications of your actions. I mean, you brutally beat down the Empress of Elite for gods sakes! One who, mind you, had already set a match in stone for the EAW Womens Championship at King of Elite!

Astraea: What the hell does that gotta do with me?

DDD: What do you mean “what’s that gotta do with you”? You’re on Empire aren’t you? It has EVERYTHING to do with you!

Astraea: It’s not me who was gonna be in that title match. If it was up to Madison, I would ran away with my tail between my legs and stayed home – in hiding from her. She tried to take away my passion, my dream, do you know what that feels like? Of course you do, I’ve seen your career, you’ve had people try to take away your livelihood in the past too! Sis you should be the LAST person admonishing me for defending myself!

DDD: Ok I think you’ve got me all wrong here “sis”, I didn’t bring you out here to admonish you. I just want you to understand the ramifications of your actions.

Astraea: Forgive me if I’m lost, but are you asking me to feel sorry for what I did? Because all week I’ve had people suddenly talking to me like I’m some monster! I’ve spent too damn long trying to be the nice girl just to get taken advantage of, and the minute that I give somebody a taste of their own damn medicine all of a sudden I “went too far?”

DDD: I think you’re jumping the gun a little bit. Let’s let cooler heads prevail for a second, so that I can explain to you exactly what kind of situation you’ve caused. Madison Kaline not only has a torn ACL, but a torn MCL. We don’t expect to see her back in the ring this season, and we wouldn’t be surprised if she chose to pursue a different career path. Rehabilitation for her is going to be long and strenuous, and it’s because of your actions. She was fully healthy, and you completely overpowered her without hardly even breaking a sweat.

Astraea: Well I know what it’s like to go through knee problems. She deserves it for everything she tried to put me through. It is a miracle that I am even still able to compete, but I’ve been blessed with god given natural talent and endurance, meaning these bum ass fake edgy white bitches are gonna have to do a lot more than slam a chair on my knee to take me out!

DDD: Well let me cut right to the chase then and come out and say it — you’re 100 percent right. You have Gawd given natural talent, Gawd given greatness. You have something in you that caught my eye, I saw it when you first signed to this company and I especially saw it last week when you laid waste to Madison. You have a gift that just can’t be taught, a lot like me in a way. I’ve risked my reputation on failed investments before, but I’ve also struck gold with the likes of CM Banks, Heart Break Gal, Tyler Parker, among others… but I have nothing more to offer people like them. You, however… you’re still young. You’re malleable, you’re coachable, and you may not even be in your physical prime yet.

As a matter of fact, I have someone else I want you to meet.

( DDD speaks into the intercom button on his desk. )

DDD: Bring MJ in.

Astraea: MJ?

DDD: Yeah, he should be in shortly.

( Just then, NEO Elitist Malcolm Jones walks in wearing dark shades and a large gold loop chain around his neck similar to the one DDD is wearing. MJ extends his hand to Astraea, and Astraea stands up and shakes his hand. MJ lifts her hand and slowly places a kiss, seeming to charm Astraea Jordan with a warm smile. )

DDD: MJ, this is Astraea, Astraea, this is Malcolm Jones.

Astraea: We’ve met before, I think.

Malcolm Jones: Always a pleasure.

DDD: MJ is like a son to me, he’s like my youngest son. I provide a “hands off” form of guidance to a select few people with gifts, and Malcolm also has a gift. He’s destined to be Gawd status, and going back to the ramifications regarding last week… those ramifications, Astraea, have nothing to do with Madison Kaline, and everything to do with your future. You see, you can get that DDD stimulus package and all the perks that come to it, but you and turn are going to be pushed more than ever before to perform. The expectations for you are going to be higher regardless, and it would be an abhorrent waste of talent and natural ability for you to let all of your tools go to work.

Malcolm: It’s like what dad said, you got the keys to success, but there’s a lotta pressure under these lights. We don’t fold under pressure in Gawd country though, we only make diamonds.

Astraea: Well, I mean I’ve got to admit this is very flattering. I’m glad you as the leader of this company see my talent for what it truly is.

DDD: Then how about we get you initiated into the Gawd Complex, and we make great things happen?

( DDD stands up and offers Astraea his hand, and she shakes his hand. Malcolm Jones pulls out a large gold loop chain from his bomber jacket pocket and places it around Astraea’s neck. )

Malcolm Jones: Welcome to the family.

( We get a replay from last weeks Empire where Savannah Sunshine competed with Consuela Rose Ava in a tag team match against Haruna and Azumi, but due to a stomach virus became ill and projectile vomited all over Consuela – much to the amusement of the fans in attendance. )

( Return to ringside, where the wild Baton Rouge fans are amped for the next match! )

Jasmine Peyton: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

(“Red Fraction” by Mell plays as Revy comes out to a mostly negative reaction, fans reigning down with boos as she walks to the ring somewhat amused by it all.)

Jasmine Peyton: Introducing first, from Houston, Texas……….REEEEVYYYYYYY!

Gia: We’ve got a matchup of two women trying to get out of slumps. Both Revy and Savannah were unsuccessful in the Elimination Chamber at Road to Redemption and both lost last week.

SG1: After the interview that she had backstage, I’m starting to wonder why Revy is really here. I mean, if you’re not here to compete and losses don’t bother you, what on earth are you doing?

(The crowd roars as “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” by Suburban Legends plays and Savannah Sunshine makes her way to the ring.)

Jasmine Peyton: Her opponent, from Candy Land USA, Tall as a stack of pancakes and leaner than a pint of ice cream….SAVANNAHHHHHHHHH SUNNNNNNSHINEEEEEEEEE!!!

Gia: And here comes one of the most popular EAW Elitists, male or female! Savannah Sunshine is here and looks to be in much better health than last week.

SG1: She had a bit of a flu last week I believe and wound up projectile vomiting over Consuela, her tag partner. That’s probably why our poor specialists champion is under quarantine this week!


Gia: It doesn’t take Revy long to gain an advantage as she starts stomping away at Savannah as soon as she gets into the ring, backing her into a corner! Hard kicks to the midsection as Savannah collapses to the mat, she’s trapped in the corner, trying to cover up as Revy starts to try and kick her in the head!

SG1: The referee is trying to pull her out of the corner and the official eventually does get her out of there but poor Savannah is shellshocked!

Gia: Revy going over to the corner to try to pull Savannah out, but Savannah lands a forearm to the stomach, and then a shoulder block, but Revy takes her down with a swift shoot kick right to the chest to quell the momentum. Revy runs into the ropes and connects with a Shooting Peach right to Revy’s face! Savannah is in deep trouble as she rolls to the outside and Revy is eating it up, goading the crowd to boo her even more!

SG1: Savannah is still struggling to try to get out of the gate here and Revy is rolling out to the arena floor to meet her to the dismay of the referee!

Gia: Revy is just waiting on Savannah to get on her feet, and now she looks for a Superkick! But Savannah dodges it and pulls Revy in….SHE’S USING THE RINGSIDE BARRICADE TO PERFORM A TORNADO DDT RIGHT THERE ON THE FLOOR! Revy is surely stunned now as Savannah finally has shown a bit of life! Savannah rolls Revy into the ring but she’s not looking for the cover, she’s going up to the top rope! What does the Princess of Candy Land have in mind now? She’s waiting on Revy to get up to her feet, the crowd here in the PMAC rising to their feet as Savannah is perched on top! GERONIMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Diving Crossbody connects from the top and the referee is down for the cover!



SG1: No! Revy managed to get a shoulder up!

Gia: Savannah is starting to get some momentum behind her as she pulls Revy up and connects with a picture perfect Russian Leg sweep! And now she’s stalking Revy again, looking to end this one with her patented Shiniest Rainbow! Revy is up on one knee and here it comes! Shiniest- NO! Revy just met her in midair and nearly took her head off with a vicious Lariat!

(A quick split-screen replay shows the lariat again, showing Savannah’s neck and upper back slamming down hard on the canvas on impact.)

SG1: Savannah managed to get herself going but now she may have done nothing more than pissed Revy off a bit. We saw just a little bit at Road to Redemption what extremes she will go to when she’s motivated for a fight.

Gia: And not only that, Savannah landed on that neck and back that she worked so hard to rehabilitate before arriving in EAW. Such a severe previous injury is always going to be a target and Revy would be more than happy to exploit it. She pulls Savannah up by the hair and lifts her up…..a picture perfect back suplex! Savannah’s finding it harder and harder to get up after each one of these moves!

SG1: Revy seems to be actually enjoying this, but she needs to really go for the win here while she’s got Savannah reeling.

Gia: The crowd trying to get behind Savannah, cheer her on to a win here but Revy is in full control as she lifts Savannah up and Irish whips her into the ropes….a beautiful Spinning Spinebuster shook the ring and Savannah is out! Revy with one of the most nonchalant covers I’ve ever seen, but it may be enough!

Gia: NO! Savannah powers up a shoulder and this crowd here in Baton Rouge is on their feet! Revy is scowling at the ring official but he holds his ground, showing her it was a legit two count. Revy looks incensed as she yanks Savannah up by the hair, promptly looking for Recoil….but Savannah catches the kick to the midsection that Revy uses for a lead-in….AND NEARLY KNOCKS HER HEAD OFF WITH A FOREARM TO THE FACE!

SG1: Revy is paying for all that showboating now as Savannah sprints into the ropes…TILT O’WHIRL HEADSCISSORS THAT HAS REVY STUNNED! The former US Army sniper back onto her feet but she is wobbling, dazed and confused!

Gia: Savannah seeing an opening….STEP-UP ENZUGIRI! That may have concussed Revy for all we know and now Savannah gets on her feet, signaling that it may be time for the Candy Land destroyer! She tucks Revy’s head away between her knees, looking for that devastating flip piledriver and she goes for it….BUT REVY MANAGES TO COUNTER IT AND SAVANNAH GOES FLIPPING FOR NAUGHT! REVY REACHES BACK AS SAVANNAH STRUGGLES TO TRY TO TURN IN INTO A SUNSET FLIP, REVY’S GOT BOTH LEGS AND FALLS DOWN FOR A PIN!





SG1: I don’t know….I don’t know that looked very very close!

Gia: Revy is absolutely furious! She’s damn sure not “tranquilo” after that count that may have looked a little slower than it should have. But she gets bored of trying to intimidate the official…but Savannah’s already up…FRANKENSTEINER! SAVANNAH’S GOT BOTH LEGS LOCKED TIGHT AND REVY HAS NOWHERE TO GO!





(“I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” by Suburban Legends blasts through the arena as Savannah quickly gets off of Revy and slides out of the ring, holding the back of her head and grimacing in pain, but managing a smile. Revy looks on from inside the ring, annoyed that the victory got away from her.)

Jasmine Peyton: Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your winner….SAVANNAHHHHHHH SUNSHINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

SG1: Revy’s temper cost her there and Savannah’s tenacity and quick thinking saved her!

Gia: Absolutely right! This is another tough loss for Revy to take, but we saw what kind of dangerous competitor she can be when she’s actually focused on the task at hand. But Savannah continues to dazzle and impress with her upbeat nature, her heart, and her high-flying arsenal of moves. Big, big win for her her tonight on Empire!

(The scene transitions to a dressing room, but not just any other dressing room, but the dressing room of Specialists Champion, Consuela Rose Ava. Consuela is seen wearing a hazmat suit. One of her friends and fellow maid, Esmeralda in her maid outfit and she is seen making sure everything is tidy and fresh around the room. Making sure tables and doorknobs are being disinfected as well as dusting the fake plants around the room.)

Esmeralda: ¡Ay, Consuela! Cuando esa mujer enferma te vomitó, sabía que Francesca y yo no podíamos dejarte. Le dije que teníamos dos trabajos en Empire. Uno: obtienes todo libre de gérmenes y dos: asegúrate de que tu área de trabajo esté libre de gérmenes.

Consuela: Esme, no necesitas estar aquí. Savannah pensó que ella era buena para competir. ¿Es todo esto necesario?

(Consuela points to her hazmat suit and the caution tape, around her area of the dressing room. There was also hazard and warning signs around the walls. Before Esmeralda could speak, a knock was heard on the door.)

Esmeralda: ¿Quién está en la puerta ahora? ¿No saben que hay una mujer enferma aquí?

(Esmeralda goes and opens the door to find former Specialists Champion and Consuela’s fellow rival, April Song standing right in front of her.)

Esmeralda: ¿Quién eres tú? ¿Qué deseas?

April (confused): Um, English please.

Esmeralda: Who are you and what do you want?

April: I want to speak to Consuela about our title match.

Esmeralda: ¿Estás loca? Last week, Consuela was vomited on live TV. Mi familia en España saw the whole thing transpire. If it wasn’t for me and Francesca, Consuela would be no more. A world without our precious little lemon would be one horrible. Instead of saying your well wishes and prayers, you want to ask for your title match? No es importante. ¡Adios!

(Esmeralda shuts the door shut as Consuela walks over to see what was going on.)

Consuela: Who was that?

Esmeralda: It was no one!

Consuela: (raises a brow) ¡Oh enserio! Let me check.

(Consuela goes to the door and opens it to find April still standing there in confusion to what happened. For the first time since Manifest Destiny, April Song and Consuela Rose Ava are looking at one another.)

April: Consuela.

Consuela: (opens the door to her dressing room for April) April.

(April looks around the room which is spotless as it can ever be. Then, she finally takes in Consuela’s appearance with the hazmat suit with even confusion.)

April: Then she looks at Umm…what in the hell is this?

Consuela: This is a dressing room.

April: I was talking about your outfit. Savannah just threw up on you. You guys are acting like she gave you a virus.

Esmeralda: Savannah was a hazard to begin with. She should have never been cleared to compete. There’s bugs going around and I want to make sure that Consuela avoids it. You may look at the suit and think it’s ridiculous, but when the Empire locker room is infected and Consuela is not, she will be laughing at all of you!

April: Well, okay…

Consuela: Why are you here, April? I can’t have people that are not sanitized here for long and since you’re Asian, who knows what kind of bacteria that you got in you. :eyes:

April: I’m not even going to retort that comment from you. Back on what matters, if you saw about my match last week, you noticed that I defeated both Megan Raine and Sydney St. Clair to challenge for your title. I’m here to challenge you for that title and take it once again.

Consuela: Name the time and place.

April: Next week.

Consuela: I accept.


Consuela: April Song vs. Consuela Rose Ava for the Specialists Championship next week on Empire. Good luck to you, April.

April: I don’t need luck. I just need my title back. I’ve defeated you for that title on your first defense. You got lucky at Manifest Destiny. You won’t be lucky this time. It looks like your title reign will end the same was the first, with me as the winner.

Consuela: We’ll see about that.

April: We shall.

(April and Consuela stare at each other for a moment with Esmeralda in the middle of it all.)

Esmeralda: Well, it was nice seeing you, April, but you have to go now!

April: Don’t worry. I’ll find my own way out.

(With April leaving, this leaves Consuela and Esmeralda looking at the way she left. Consuela looks determined to retain her championship while Esmeralda looks to be frightened of the germs Consuela will confront in the match.)

( We get a split screen of Chelsea Crowe and Sheridan Müller preparing for their respective matches, with the screen captioned “NEXT”. )

( FINAL COMMERCIAL BREAK – including an advertisement hyping up Empire’s first ever brand exclusive FPV “BLOODLETTER” LIVE from the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon on December 9th! )

( We get a view of the outside of the arena, and then a recap of the way Tarah Nova opened the show. Her “Empire Address” touched on the motives and goals she had for the Empire brand, and included some verbal jabs at a seething Sheridan Müller who watched from the stage as Tarah took shots at her while addressing the audience and the roster. The broadcast returns back inside, where Jasmine Peyton stands at the center of the ring ready to make the announcements for the final match of the show. )


Jasmine Peyton: The following main event of the evening is scheduled for one fall!

Crowd: ONE FALL!

Jasmine: First, making her way to the ring…

(‘Born to Die’ by Sidewalks and Skeletons play as Chelsea Crowe walks out with a sly grin on her face)

Jasmine: From Auckland, New Zealand! Weighing in at 120lbs…”The Black Heart’ Chelsea! Crowe!

SG1: Here’s a woman who is not shy about expressing her feelings.

Gia: She and Sheridan has been at it all week which may just become the beef of the week!

SG1: Beef of the week? Try season! I haven’t seen such a heated exchange since Aria, Cailin, and Cam before Pain for Pride! This just may shape up to be a match of the year candidate!

(Chelsea climbs into the ring, and stares at the crowd almost mockingly as ‘Born to Die’ fades.)

Jasmine: And her opponent!

(‘Surfacing’ – Slipknot plays as Sheridan Müller walks into wearing her signature blue robe. Her arms are out stretched as the crowd openly shows their displeasure)

Jasmine: From Munich, Germany! Weighing in at 135lbs…making her triumphant return to Empire! She is “The Last Vixen’ SHERIDAN! MÜLLER!!!!!

SG1: Here’s a woman who I thought would never come back! After that humiliating loss to Stephanie Matsuda, you would thinks he would never show her face around here again!

Gia: True, but with everything that’s happened in recent weeks – it kind of feels good to see a familiar face. What has me curious is that she didn’t really mention the woman who was responsible for her downfall.

SG1: I have a feeling that she’s saving her words for The War Queen when the time comes. Sheridan’s like an elephant – she doesn’t forget nor forgive. She’s back, claiming that she’s the Last Vixen of EAW.

Gia: I know of a ‘Vixen Killer’ who would resent that statement…
(Sheridan climbs into the ring and slowly takes off her robe, handing it to the ref. She stretches for a few moments and walks to the center of the ring to stare at Chelsea in the eye)


SG1: The ref calls for the bell and the crowd is feeling this main event atmosphere! What you’re about to see if a FPV-level match. These two were going back and forth all week, now we get to see how much they can back up their words! Sheridan is in a catch position, gauging Chelsea’s movements. Chelsea is keeping a reasonable distance from Sher, who’s avoiding a possible chain grapple encounter!

Gia: This makes sense, considering Sher’s technical prowess! Crowe test the waters with a low kick, but Sheridan’s not budging! Chelsea’s going to have to find another – She’s closed in and is behind Chelsea with a waist-lock! Belly-to-back takedown and Sher transitions to a headlock! Chelsea lifts her up for a back body drop, but Sher flips out of it! She applies a full nelson! Chelsea breaks out of it and spins around with a roaring forearm- Sher counters- CHELSEA REVERSE THE COUNTER WITH REVERSE DDT! Crowe is instantly on top of Müller with a sleeper hold!

SG1: That’s smart of Crowe to slow down the match to a slower pace, her style of wrestling! Sheridan is able to adapt to any style, forced to participate in the more flashy, quicker type of bouts that most of the roster seem to favor. Sher’s trying to fight out of it, but she doesn’t seem to worried. She stays low while trying to twist her body and Müller slips out! She’s back on her feet and delivers a lightning fast soccer kick to the face of Chelsea! Handstand double knee drop to the stomach of Crowe! Sher bounces into a roll from the impact and does another handstand! She moves closer to Chelsea aaaand another knee drop!

Gia: What athleticism from Sheridan Müller! We’re so caught up in her grappling ability that we forget about her agility! Ignoring the ref’s warning, Sher picks up Chelsea by the hair and lays a stiff one to her gut! Chelsea’s doubled over! Butterfly suplex! Sheridan wastes no time flipping back to her feet, with the double underhook still applied! AS SECOND BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! WAIT! SHE’S NOT FINISHED! A THIRD! She goes for an early cover-


SG1: Kick out by Chelsea Crowe! Sheridan looks a bit disappointment – not doubt she wants to end this early! This is her first match since EOE and a lot has changed! She knows next to nothing about Chelsea Crowe and doesn’t want to risk going the distance! Sheridan picks her opponent back up and whips her to the corner! The hammer throw has Chelsea crashing to the corner, now in a slumped position! Sheridan has her arms out stretched! Looks like she’s about to spin dash into a Sherball! She charges and flips into a sent- Chelsea slides out the ring! Sher catches the ropes and flips out onto the apron! She charges for a running soccer kick- Chelsea catches the leg! She pulls Sheridan down and RAMS HER BACK INTO THE APRON! Sheridan’s screaming in pain as she falls into a seated position!

Ref: One!

Gia: That’s the dangerous thing about Chelsea Crowe- you never know what you’re going to get from her! She gets Sheridan halfway standing, and uses her foot to press her head against the edge of the apron! Crowe’s pressing as hard as she can! Sheridan tries to push off her foot, but now it slipped to her throat! Sheridan’s coughing as the ref gives his warning before the second count!

Ref: Two!

SG1: Chelsea lets go and whips Sheridan into the barricade! The German Suplex Machine is in dire straits; She didn’t expect to be in a fight like this! Chelsea walks over and lies Sheridan halfway on top of the barricade. She twists around and delivers a vicious neckbreaker!

Ref: Three!

Gia: Sher’s rolling around, hurting her neck! We know that was one of her injuries when she was carried out at the end of the EOE! Chelsea is only finishing what Stephanie Matsuda started! She picks Müller up by her golden locks and drags her ringside! She rolls her back into the ring with authority! Crowe slides in just before the four count to capitalize on the damage she’d done thus far! She walks over Sher and turns- SHER GETS TO A KNEE AND PUSHES HER INTO THE REF! Chelsea and the official fall backward and on top of each other! Sher falls back into the ropes, giving herself some breathing room!

SG1: This is kind of surprising. I never knew Mueller to fight dirty like that. She had her moments, but nothing this blatant! Chelsea get to her feet, a little taken aback by what just happened! I guess she’s just as surprised as I am!

Gia: That surprise has turned to glee though, as Chelsea can barely contain her joy! I think she’s getting a kick out of forcing Sheridan to alter her battle strategy! She’s waiting for her opponent to step out of her comfort zone, finding solace that the match has slowed down again! She’s gesturing for the ref to get back on his feet.

SG1: The ref is up and instantly gives Sheridan a warning about her antics! Sher has her arms raised, acting as if she did nothing wrong! Chelsea laughs and inches closer- THESZ PRESS OUT OF NOWHERE FROM SHERIDAN! She’s unloading a series of mounted punches! She makes the smooth transition to a triangle choke! She has it locked as Crowe’s reaching out for the ropes! It’s Sher’s turn to wear down her opponent! Sher needs to fight of of this! Even if she makes the ropes, she may lose too much stamina to play the long game with Mueller!

Gia: Sheridan is no idiot – she already figured out Crowe’s strategy! Chelsea’s straining herself to touch the rope! Sheridan’s not putting up a fight, as if she doesn’t care! Crowe grabs the rope! Sheridan’s still hanging on!

Ref: 1! 2! 3! 4! 5!

SG1: Sheridan lets go at the last second! She rolls backwards to her feet, and surveys the damage she’d done! Chelsea’s holding her arm, in obvious pain! Sheridan grabs her feet and pulls her into the middle of the ring. She’s standing over Chelsea with a look of superiority in her eyes – German Efficiency has returned to Empire! Sher squats down and DEADLIFTS Chelsea from the mat! SIT-OUT POWERBOMB! She keeps Crowe’s shoulders down!


Gia: Too close of a kick out by Chelsea! Sheridan calmly gets her and her opponent to their feet! KNIFE CHOP TO THE CHEST BY SHERIDAN!


SG1: The fans are all in as Chelsea stumbles into the ropes! Sheridan follows suit as she’s readying another ch- CHELSEA RETURNS THE FAVOR WITH A CHOP OF HER OWN!


Gia: Sheridan’s taken aback! She strikes back!


SG1: Chelsea is knocked back by the impact into the nearest corner! Sheridan’s in pain, aching all over, but she makes it to the corner just in time to lift one of those long legs of hers and choke the life out of her opponent! Chelsea’s push away Sheridan’s foot! This is a reversal of fortune for her from earlier!

Ref: 1! 2! 3! 4!

Gia: Sheridan stops and walks calmly to the opposite corner, taking in the boos of her adoring fans! She turns back around aaand SHERBALL! The cannonball senton hits the jackpot as Chelsea rolls around the mat in pain! Sheridan looks to finish the job – DESPERATE SCHOOLGIRL ROLL-UP BY CHELSEA CROWE!


SG1: Kick out at two, but that was just enough to disrupt Sheridan’s momentum in these match! The Golden German is still on the mat, in disbelief at what just happened! Chelsea Crowe is laying on her side, half-conscious! Strangely enough, she’s getting the support of the fans above Sheridan!

Gia: She was right after all. She is the most despised woman in EAW.

SG1: Sheridan’s hitting the mat in frustration, determined to end things here and now! She picks Chelsea back up, who’s fighting back! Slap to the face of Müller! Kick to the thigh! Knee to the face! Sheridan charges forward, arms outstretched! She has Chelsea in an old school collar-and-elbow tie-up! The ref is trying to maneuver around to see what’s going on! It looks like Sher just spat in Chelsea’s face! Crowe is covering her eyes! The ref is staring at Crowe, checking on her- the ref trips over Sheridan’s outstretched foot and Chelsea and the ref nearly fall over the ropes! Sheridan stumbles over to the opposite corner to recover!

Gia: Sheridan’s playing a dangerous game, SG! Too much mischief and the ref might call off the match or disqualify her! She’s eyeing her opponent with a fierce look in her eyes! She takes the chance and charges at Chelsea- drop toehold counter by Crowe! She pushes herself to the limit and immediately locks in the Gory lock and lifts! Sheridan’s trying to fight out of it, but she doesn’t have the strength! Crowe wraps the head under her armpit and falls back into a facebuster! BANKBREAKER! BANKBBREAKER! Chelsea covers!


SG1: Sheridan kicks out! Sheridan kicks out! The fans are silent and in awe of what just happened! Chelsea went against her own creed to speed up the finish and it didn’t pay off! Now she’s just as tired as her opponent! She’s bewildered at her failure at getting the victory! Sheridan’s not moving, but her eyes are wide open! Is there anything she can do to get out on the other side, victorious? Chelsea gets to a knee and starts hammering away at her opponent’s face! She doesn’t want anymore surprises tonight! She gets the grounded wrist-lock going, once again slowing down the match to suit her preference!

Gia: Usually this far in a match, you start pulling out the bigger moves, but Chelsea wants to keep things at a decent pace! She’d rather take an extra ten minutes to wear down Sher than to end it right here and now!

SG1: The downside is Sher is just as much a technical wizard as Chelsea! Müller’s attempting to wrap her legs around Chelsea’s arm! Crowe’s weak wrist-lock attempt as gotten her into hot water as Sher reversed the hold into the SHERBAR! Chelsea instantly reaches for the ropes, but the Müller still has the cross armbar applied!

Ref: 1! 2! 3! 4! 5!

Gia: Sheridan let go of the hold and slowly slides out the the ring! As anticipated, Chelsea’s head is poking out from under the ropes- BIG BOOT TO THE FACE! Sheridan almost stumbles forward, tired from putting her all into that move. You would expect for Sheridan to have more energy, but she has ring rust all over her! It can be a 2 months or two years – being away from the ring is being away from the ring!

SG1: Sheridan rolls back into the ring. Chelsea tries to sit up, but she finds herself in a sleeper hold! Sher is taking a page from Crowe’s book as she has the hold locked on tight! The ref is checking on Crowe! Each time the ref checks on side of Crowe, Sher is biting on the opposite shoulder! Chelsea’s crying out in pain, weakening her resolve! The ref is looking at Sheridan, who already stopped the biting! She falls back and attempts the body scissors but Chelsea keeps them rolling along the mat! THE CROW’S NEST! CHELSEA HAS THE HEADSCISSORS KIMURA LOCK APPLIED! THIS SHOULD BE IT! SHE HAS SHERIDAN DEAD TO RIGHTS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! SHERIDAN’S TRYING TO ESCAPE! SHE ROLLS BACKWARDS, SLIPPING OUT OF THE LOCK! The damage has been done as Sheridan’s holding her arm and shoulders!

Gia: Chelsea’s crawling forward like a tiger stalking its prey! Sheridan is fighting back with several kicks to the face! Sheridan gets to her feet and runs the ropes! Chelsea is on her feet! Sheridan hangs onto the ropes! Chelsea laughs in response, almost impressed with Sheridan’s reaction time. I think she did The Black Heart a favor by turning down the dial a notch. Both women look beaten up and exhausted though – someone needs to make a move soon enough!

SG1: You’re right about that, Gia. They understand this as well, as they start circling one another. Both women are limping, holding the parts of their body that they sacrificed for this match! Sher has a hand out, trying to get a feel for a grapple check! Chelsea has hers out as well! The two begin a test of strength as they push back and forth! They now have both hands locked! Chelsea’s doing just enough to keep Sheridan at bay! Sheridan’s exhausting most of her strength! The German seems to realize this and disengages! Chelsea’s not having it though as she grabs Sheridan’s arm and leaps for leg lariat- SHERIDAN DUCKS! Sheridan is up and pushes Chelsea back into the ref! Chelsea stops right in front of the ref before she knocks him- SHERPLEX! SHERIDAN SNUCK UP BEHIND FOR THE WAIST-LOCK GERMAN SUPLEX! SHE HAS THE BRIDGE! The ref slides down and starts the count-


Gia: What!? The ref was pulled out of the ring! Wait, IT’S THE GM! IT’S TARAH NOVA AND SHE’S YELLING AT THE REF!

SG1: What is she doing!?

Gia: It looks like Tarah is pointing at Sheridan and is describing the tomfoolery she’s being doing all night!

Tarah: (off mic) She’s been playing you all night! She’s been pushing Chelsea into you on purpose!

SG1: The ref is confused at this point and he’s not the only one! Sheridan is LIVID! She’s yelling at Tarah and demanding for the ref to get back into the ring! Tarah gives her the finger and points at the ref, telling her about pushing him on purpose! Sheridan’s throwing up her hands in frustration!

Gia: It looks like Tarah is threatening to throw out the match! She’s point at the ref and telling him to throw out the match! Wait! Chelsea is back on her feet! She turns Sheridan around and kicks her in the gut! CHELSEA SMILE! KNEEDROP FACEBUSTER! SHE’S GOING FOR THE COVER! TARAH GRABS THE REF BY THE COLLAR AND ROLLS HIM BACK INTO THE RING AND DEMANDS A COUNT!



SG1: What…just happened?

(‘Born to Die’ by Sidewalks and Skeletons play as Chelsea pushes back her hair, surprised at what just happened)

Jasmine Peyton: Your winner of tonight’s main event by pinfall! CHELSEA! CROWE!

Gia: Tarah just screwed Sheridan.

SG1: To be honest, Sheridan screwed Sheridan! She was playing it close all night! The Boss caught her shenanigans and sought to set things right!

Gia: Your tomato to my tomatto, SG.

(Sheridan’s laying in the ring unconscious as Tarah stares on with a defiant look in her eyes. Chelsea slides out the ring and smiles at Tarah, who refuses to look her in the eye.)

SG1: I don’t know what’s to come of this, but I doubt Sheridan will be a happy camper when she wakes up.

Gia: All I know is that the GM may have made a decision she may live to regret.

SG1: We’ll see Gia, we’ll see.

(The camera angle is showing Sheridan laying in the ring from Tarah’s perspective, behind her shoulder. It slowly rotates around to show the cold expression on the general manager’s face. A few moments later the camera fades out until it’s completely black. )

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