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“A Tale of Three Champions”


(RECAP – Three of Revolt’s finest participated in a triple threat where the winner would get to fight Chelsea Crowe for her Specialist Championship – Payton Darkstar was the one to come out on top. Daisy hosted the first edition of Daisy’s Thrash Pad where she interviewed Zakkii, who hinted at a big announcement the following week. Stephanie Matsuda hosted her Zaibatsu celebration, which was interrupted by The Crowe’s Nest. Stephanie Matsuda – out of spite to Chelsea Crowe – offered a chance for Jael Arcana-Rosario to fight for her Women’s Championship. As soon as Jael accepted, Astraea Jordan made her official return from excursion.)

(“Salute” by Little Mix plays as Empire’s NEW intro plays, featuring the girls of the former Freeweight Division! After the intro, the camera shows the inside of Kilamba Arena, displaying a sold out crowd celebrating before a loud and colorful pyro show)

(SCREEN BAR – Luanda, Angola!)

SG1: WELCOME TO THURSDAY NIGHT EMPIRE! I am “Your Friendly Neighborhood Vixen” SG1 and beside me is my partner, Gia Cervantes!

Gia: We are in the Motherland, in Angola, Africa! Luanda, Angola to be exact! We have a PACKED show for you tonight as we see not one but two championship matches – back to back!

(MATCH CARD: Chelsea Crowe vs Payton Darkstar – EAW Specialist Championship)

Gia: We’ll see Chelsea Crowe put it all on the line in her first defense with the Specialist Championship as she goes one on one with up and comer Payton Darkstar!

(MATCH CARD: Stephanie Matsuda w/ Monica Vaughan vs Jael Arcana-Roario w/ April Song – EAW Women’s World Championship)

SG1: Tonight’s main event will also see Stephanie Matsuda in her first title defense against Jael Arcana-Rosario!

(MATCH CARD: Sienna Jade vs Consuela Rose Ava)

Gia: The Revolt Freeweight Champion will also be in action tonight as she battles Consuela Rose Ava for the first time!

SG1: But first, a word from our resident J-Idol, Zakkii!

(“Azure Sky”–Zakkii plays as the crowd rises to their feet for Zakkii who comes out with a smile on her face.)

Jasmine Peyton: Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like you to welcome at this time, ZAAAAKKIIIIIII!!!

SG1: The million dollar question from last week is: what is Zakkii’s big announcement? I think every EAW fan has questions about what it can be. On social media, they have theories like retirement, pregnancy or even things requiring her music career. I certainly have no clue what is up with her?

Gia Cervantes: No matter what it is, it is going to impact Empire one way or another.

(“Azure Sky” fades as Zakkii stands there as a huge “Zakkii” chant breaks out which brings a smile to her face.)

Zakkii: A little over three years ago, I debuted in EAW. Right away, I found myself crossing paths against women like Madison Kaline and Tarah Nova. Since day one, I found myself with the constant obstacle of being the one woman that EAW management wanted as their champion, but dealing with a dead Vixens Division and Tarah Nova being one of the only credible people on roster, it was surely a challenge to defeat her. It all seemed unfair with me. Why was I teaming with eight other women at Pain for Pride 8 What does teaming with a bunch of nobodies going to do for me? Instead, it led to the beginning of my downfall. For years, I have spent trying to redeem myself. Instead, I let women like Aria Jaxon, Cailin Dillon and Sheridan Muller pass me by while I remained in the same position. I thought by winning the Specialists Scramble Match at Showdown: Redemption in November 2015 was going to be the one thing I needed to propel myself to one of the top talents in the Vixens Division. Instead, it became known as one of the shortest Specialists Championship reigns in EAW history. I realized I could not keep up with these women and with every opportunity I earned, I was not giving it my all and it ate me up in the inside. This is why Zakkii came to life. I wanted to embrace the wrestling side of me. I wanted to prove that this was the new version of me. With a new version of me, it came with a new mindset. This was why I didn’t want to be part of the Specialists Rampage. I wasn’t motivated. I was not going to try my best if I wasn’t motivated. Like I said last week, I reflected on a lot of things. My announcement is what you all wanted for me and here is my announcement:

At Pain for Pride 11, I am retiring from professional wrestling.

Zakkii: The time has come for me to retire, this wasn’t brought because of contract negotiations falling through. This isn’t because I’m a coward. This is because I want my story to end at Pain for Pride and I want to face a woman who I have crossed paths with at one point in my career. For my Pain for Pride opponent, I want to face–

(“Watch Me”–Jaden Smith plays as the crowd goes confused as Empire’s newest addition and REVOLT Freeweight, Stella Star comes moonwalking out with a mic in her hands. The crowd boos as they did not like her interrupting Zakkii. “Watch Me” fades.)

Stella Star: Who cares, Zakkii? No ones cares about your retirement. No one cares about who you are facing at Pain for Pride. No one cares about you at all. You’re nothing, but a failure. You are also a quitter and this business wasn’t built on quitters. It was built on winners who stick around and fight for what they want.

Zakkii: Excuse me, but…who are you?
Stella Star: Don’t worry, I don’t expect you to know me, but you will after I beat Daisy Trash or whoever my opponent is. Why don’t you do yourself a favor and stick around. Watch someone do something you’re not familiar with and that is win!

(Stella drops the mic before “Watch Me” plays again as she walks to the ring.)

Jasmine Peyton: This following match is scheduled for ONE FALL–

Crowd (in whatever language they speak): ONE FALL!

Jasmine Peyton: Walking her way to the ring, from Los Angeles, California, she is “The Star”, STEEEEEELLLLLAAAAAAA STAAARRRRRR!!

SG1: For the casual Empire fans who are not familiar with Stella Star, she is young, brave, cocky and confident. She loves to run her mouth and will not be afraid of the repercussions that come from me. She is part of REVOLT Pro Combats Freeweight Division, where Stella has gotten a few victories for herself!

Gia Cervantes: Why does she remind me of Meg–

(“Raise Hell”– DOROTHY plays as the crowd cheers for Daisy Thrash who comes out yelling and getting the crowd fired up.)

Gia Cervantes: Here comes a woman who has never been afraid to stand up for herself and seize the opportunities given to her! Daisy Thrash has gained her own sort of following since the start of 2018 and it continues to grow!

SG1: Daisy and Stella don’t give a damn in their own different ways, so this match up should be interesting!

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Gia Cervantes: It seems like Zakkii is accepting Stella Star’s offer with watching her match. Zakkii is pulling up a seat next to us, but it seems like she is very focused on watching this match and not socializing. Stella Star vs. Daisy Thrash is the action that is going to be happening in the ring! Daisy Thrash had Zakkii has her guest in Daisy Thrash’s Pad and much to what management thought of the show, it seemed like it got positive reviews from the EAW Universe. It was there where it was announced that Zakkii had an announcement which happened to be that Pain for Pride will be her last match! We were going to wonder who the opponent was, but that was sadly interrupted thanks to the one of the REVOLT girls Empire gained from the merge between REVOLT Pro Combat and Elite Answers Wrestling.

SG1: DAISY THRASH DOES NOT WASTE ANY TIME AS SHE GOES RIGHT AFTER STELLA! Stella backs away in between the side ropes as she demands for our official, Jesse Carlton to get Daisy to backup a few steps, so that she can adjust and process everything that is happening to her! It’s not much, but Daisy stands there, tapping her feet on the mat as she waits for Stella to step away from the ring ropes! Stella takes a breather for a few seconds, before she distances herself from the ring ropes she was in between of. She runs to Daisy Thrash!

Gia Cervantes: Daisy with a lariat discuss clothesline as Stella Star goes spinning around like a top to the ground! Daisy gets on top of Stella and connects with fists directly at Stella Star’s face! Stella is screaming like crazy, but it does not look like she is giving up whatsoever! Daisy stops with throwing fists at Stella as she takes Stella to the corner! Daisy throws Stella’s head against the turnbuckle as she begins to bash her head against the turnbuckle!

Jesse Carlton: One! Two! Three! Four!

Daisy Thrash: Hey! I got the count to five! No need to cry to Ryan Adams now!

SG1: For those not familiar with Daisy Thrash, she is not the most corporate friendly Elitist on Empire. She claims that by winning a title on Empire, it would be a giant middle finger to the board of directors and especially, a giant middle finger to our Chairman, Mr. DEDEDE. I think the last thing anyone should do is upset our Chairman. He has had a lot of things happen to him business wise as of late. By let’s not go much into depth as Daisy grabs Stella by the air and throws her against the corner as Stella slides down and Daisy beings to stomp on Stella’s body against the corner! Daisy is being very aggressive with her stomping as she continues to stomp of Stella! Daisy follows that up with a boot against Stelle’s neck as Jesse Carlton begins her count for Daisy to release the hold!

Jesse Carlton: One! Two! Three! Four! Fiv–

Daisy Thrash: Alright, madam!

Gia Cervantes: Stella Star takes advantage of Daisy, who was having a few words with our official by tripping Daisy by sweeping her ankle before Daisy crashing on her back! Stella attempts to go for a pin;however, Daisy is going is able to quickly kick out before getting back up! Stella with a switchblade kick as Daisy lands on the side ropes, holding onto them as Stella goes and grabs Daisy by her arm and whips her to the other side ropes. Stella bends forward, but Daisy kicks Stella’s face up! Daisy goes for a armdrag and it connects! Stella goes scooting away from Daisy as Daisy takes a few steps away from Stella! Daisy runs and Shining Witch, a shining wizard on Stella Star, who rolls herself outside of the ring! Stella falls onto ring side and few inches away from Zakkii who is really into the match!

(Zakkii is applauding sarcastically at Stella’s performance so far into the match.)

SG1: Daisy is seen getting situated on the turnbuckle! She is looking at Stella Star, who is slowly getting herself back up, but has no idea what is going to hit her! Daisy Thrash with a crossbody to the outside! Both women are on the floor now as we wait for one of them to get up first! By the looks of things, surprisingly, Stella is the first one to her feet! Daisy follows right after as Stella switchblade kicks Daisy and follows that up with a dragon suplex ringside! Daisy is holding her back in pain as it seems like Stella is finally getting control for the first time in the match! Stella grabs Daisy and knees her against the stomach before hooking Daisy’s leg and connecting with an exploder suplex to the outside! Stella takes a step back and connects with a sidekick to Daisy’s face as Daisy goes falling back!

Jesse Carlton: ONE! TWO!

Gia Cervantes: It seems like Jesse Carlton has began her count and both women are still outside! By Daisy’s hair, Stella drags her, before setting her sights on Zakkai! Zakkii has not been impressed with Stella Star and that is frustrating Stella even more! Zakkii pointing at Daisy and then to the ring, tell her to make the cover and end the match! It’s almost like Zakkii is giving Stella some common advance, but Stella rolls her eyes and grabs Daisy and rolls her back into the ring! It seems like Stella will be taking Zakkii’s advance and go for the cover on Daisy!


SG1: DAISY THRASH KICKS OUT! Stella punches the mat in frustration, signs and gets herself and Daisy back up! Stella delivers a few forearms onto Daisy, before whips her to the corner! Stella runs and connects with a high knee on Daisy before following that up with a bulldog! Stella gets up and grabs one of Daisy’s legs! I think we know what we are going to see from Stella Star! I think she is going for No Escape, the figure four leglock! Stella spins around and she locks in the figure four as Daisy is holding herself in pain as she looks for any sort of way to get out of the painful submission hold! Daisy is using each hand and trying to claw herself to the corner, but Stella has the submission hold locked in the middle of the ring! I think that Daisy may be force to tap out here! The submission hold seems to be locked in deep!

(Zakkii looks concern for Daisy, but she tries to remain as calm as possible.)

Gia Cervantes: Daisy is scratching and clawing! She is very desperate to get out of the hold! There needs to be some sort of way for Daisy to either make it to the ropes or get out of the submission hold! Wait, Daisy is trying to flip herself around! Daisy is slowly trying to flip herself around! If Daisy is able to do that, she may be able to counter the hold and have Stella feel some of the pain she is experiencing at the moment! This may be Daisy big chance to turning this match around! It has been all Stella up to this point! Daisy is able to claw herself off the center of the ring! She is trying to switch the submission hold around! No! Stella was able to stop Daisy from turning herself around! What the hell is this? Stella is using the bottom rope to help balance her out! Why hasn’t Jesse Carlton said anything about this?

Jesse Carlton: Hey! Get your hand off the ropes, Stella! One! Two! Three! Four! Five!

(Camera pans to Zakkii who is observing the match with a serious look on her face.)

SG1: It seems like Stella did not get away with that as she is forced to let go of the submission hold! Stella a little annoyed about that, but she continues on! Daisy is holding onto her left leg in pain as Jesse Carlton goes to check on Daisy! Stella stands here, wondering when she can put Daisy away and win the match for herself! After Daisy gets Jesse the heads up about her leg, Stella wastes no time, but to grab Daisy and connect with a neckbreaker! She then grabs Daisy up again before countering with a DDT! The DDT plants Daisy to the ground! Stella hooks the leg as she goes for another cover!

Jesse Carlton: ONEEEEE!! TWOOOOOOO!!

Gia Cervantes: DAISY KICKS OUT AGAIN! Stella is looking frustrated and peeved! What is she going to need to do in order to put Daisy away? Stella punches Daisy a bit before she looks at the top rope! Stella smirks as she looks at the top rope! These Empire fans have no idea what Stella is going to do next, but I think we’re going to see a Falling Star! Now for those not familiar with a Falling Star, this will be one of the most beautiful Phoenix splashes you will ever see! Stella gets up on the top rope and situates herself. She takes a few looks at Daisy to make sure she is down and out! Stella from the top rope! FALLING STAR!

SG1: Daisy with a Got Your Nose! I have no idea how Daisy Thrash was able to get up so quickly, but she connected with forearm smash as Stella Star goes down the the ground! Daisy gestures that the she has full intentions to end the match! She grabs Stella in a powerbomb position, puts her above her and in a widow’s peak position before slamming her to the ground! Daisy Thrash with Eat the Rich and how appropriate is the move for the opponent? Daisy Trash connects with the gory bomb on Stella Star as she rolls her over for the cover!


(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

(“Raise Hell” plays as Daisy Trash gets up to have her arm raised by Jesse.)

Jasmine Peyton: The winner of this match, DAAAAAIIIIIISSSYYYYYYYYY TRASHHHHHHHHH!!

Gia Cervantes: What an amazing performance by Stella Star, but it was not enough to put away Daisy Thrash!

SG1: If Daisy is able to put up amazing performances in a constant basis, there is no doubt that she find herself in a future championship match!

(Daisy celebrates in the ring as Stella rolls out of the ring and stands in front of Zakkii, who seems unimpressed by Stella’s performance.)


Zakkii: You said I can be here and watch your match!

Stella Star: Your presence annoys me. I’m outtie!

(Stella leaves Zakkii and begins to walk up the ramp in disappointment and frustration as Zakkii shakes her head in disappointment.)

Gia Cervantes: It seems like Zakkii is not impressed by these Freeweights at all, but hopefully, Sienna Jade changes her mind as she takes on Consuela Rose Ava!

(Commercial Break – Pine Sol ad, featuring Consuela Rose Ava!)

(The camera opens to the catering area backstage. An assortment of Empire and Revolt girls are sitting separately from each other, talking amongst themselves. Azumi Goto, Sakuya Goto, and Zakii walk into view while discussing something..)

Azumi: I have a meeting with Flannery later today. I’m getting to the bottom of this Revy mess!

Sakuya: Don’t let it get to you too much Onee-chan; you was amazing last week.

Zakkii: She’s right. I’m sure Flannery will come up with a viable solution. I trust her as a general manager.

Azumi: (glares) If you trust her so much, then why are you leaving us?

Zakkii: …

Sakuya: Onee-chan! That was harsh!

Azumi: (sighs) You’re right, Sakuya. Zak- Haruna…I’m sorry. I knew your days was numbered – it’s just you never told me when you were leaving.

Zakkii: I know ‘Zumi. I actually made the decision just hours before last week’s Empire. But, I didn’t say anything because I wanted to be sure this was something I wanted.

Azumi: It’s okay, I understand how you feel…

(There’s a moment of silence between the girls)

Zakkii: Um let me get some food for us. You two can find a table.

(Sakuya and Azumi nod. After Zakkii walks away, the Goto sisters scan the area. The tables where the ‘Empire’ girls are seated are taken. Sakuya turns to the ‘Revolt’ table and sees that it’s filled as well. After taking a couple more steps, she notices Payton Darkstar sitting alone.)

Sakuya: Uh…hi! Do you mind if we sit with you?

(Payton stares at Sakuya with distant eyes. A moment later, she simply shrugs)

Payton: I don’t mind the company of humans.

Sakuya: (smiles) Thank you! Azumi! Over here!

(Sakuya gestures to her sister and turns back to Payton)

Sakuya: You’re the alien right?

Payton: (nods) I am what you Earthlings would call an alien being, yes.

Sakuya: (eyes wide) Do you…have a spaceship!?

Payton: It crashed, but yes I do. You’re the one they call a pirate right?

Sakuya: (salutes) Captain Goto at your service!

Payton: So I take it…you have a ship?

Sakuya: Yes! It’s back at Okinawa, though.

Payton: (smiles) I’ve never seen a pirate ship in person. It would be an honor if you showed it to me one day.

Sakuya: When we go to Japan, it’ll be the first thing I do! Azumi! She has a ship too!

(Azumi raises an eyebrow)

Azumi: I’m sure she does…

(Sakuya and Azumi sits down across from Payton)

Sakuya: You HAVE to tell me all about your vessel! Does it have lasers!? Can you beam people up!? If so, can you BEAM ME UP!?

(Payton laughs)

Payton: It can do all of that and more. If you wish I can explain its functions in greater detail.

(Sakuya nods in excitement as Zakkii comes back to the table. The camera fades as Payton begins speaking)

(“Fire” by BTS begins to play as many fans in the arena jump to their feet in excitement. Consuela Rose Ava leaps out onto the stage much to the delight of many fans. She walks down the ramp before sliding in the ring. She tours the ring as is prepared for her match.)

RA: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Barcelona, Spain, CONSUELLAAA ROSE AVVVAAA!

Cervantes: This is bound to be an exciting match. 2 time Specialist Champion vs the Revolt Freeweight Champion!

(‘Resurge’ by Gone is Gone starts playing as the fans delight fades. Sienna Jade walks onto the ramp, her title belt over her shoulder, with a determined expression, much to the dismay of the audience. She enters the ring as she stares at her opponent.)

RA: And her opponent, from San Diego, California….. THE REVOLT FREEWEIGHT CHAMPION….SIEENNNNAAA JADDEEEE!

SG1: Sienna is making her EAW debut here on Empire. She was a force in Revolt as the Freeweight Champion which she managed to retain at Revolt II!

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Cervantes: Sienna begins firing right out of the gate as the audience lets their dislike for her known. She charges at Ava and unloads with a forearm to the face. Ava falls back into the corner where she becomes the victim of a series of 2 more forearms. She staggers forward as Sienna knees her in the midsection. She pulls Ava in and connects with a standard suplex with a big thud! She pulls Ava up as she prepares to perform that suplex yet again!

SG1: She tries to execute it but Ava will have none of it! She stops the suplex with several clubs to the back of Jade. She now drops her down for a DDT! She picks up Sienna. As soon as she’s on her feet she connects with a European uppercut! Ava now fiercely shoves her into the corner of the ring! She now gets in position and hits a backflip on Jade! SHE KEEPS AT IT WITH A SECOND ONE! NOW SHE CONNECTS WITH AN ELBOW AS JADE IS SHAKEN! AVA GRABS HER BY HER ARM AND JERKS HER IN AND CONNECTS WITH A CLOTHESLINE! JADE FALLS AS AVA PINS HER LEGS!


Cervantes: Sienna aggressively kicks out! Consuela Rose Ava quickly returns to her feet as Sienna begins to get up as well. She only gets to her knees as Ava kicks her in the midsection. She does it again, and yet again for a total of 3 swift kicks to her midsection! Ava know uses her foot to push her flat against the mat! She grabs her leg and locks in a single leg boston crab!

SG1: Sienna’s pain is noticeable almost instantly! SHE OVERPOWERS AVA AND THROWS HER OFF! Both women quickly jump back to their feet! Ava goes for a clothesline but it’s dodged by Sienna as she ducks! Ava turns around and is met with a drop kick that knocks her to the mat! Ava staggers to her feet as Jade delivers a stiff kick to her back! She now spins her around and pulls her into position! This leads directly to a greatly executed Northern Lights Suplex! Jade bridges it into a pin!


Cervantes: KICKOUT! Sienna isn’t pleased and she picks Ava up. She pulls her in and executes a second Northern Lights Suplex! Sienna now eyes the ropes as she jumps to the top one! She looks back as Ava as she stands! She leaps…. STAR STRUCK! Her signature Moonsault connects! Sienna hooks a leg!


SG1: AVA ISN’T DONE! ANOTHER KICKOUT! Immediately Sienna Jade jumps back up to the top rope! She aggressively eyes Ava as she goes it again! STARSTRUCK… NO! AVA GETS BOTH KNEES UP! Jade rolls around in pain! Ava stumbles to her feet and this time she goes to the top rope! Sienna Jade stumbles up to her feet as Ava leaps! FLYING CLOTHESLINE! IT CONNECTS WITH THUNDEROUS IMPACT! Ava now delivers a series of standing elbow drops to the midsection of Jade as he goes for a pin!


Cervantes: JADE KICKS OUT! Ava is thrown off of Jade with that kickout! Both women are starting to show fatigue! Both women begin to get up! Ava gets to her feet first and goes to Jade who is on one knee! She picks her up and knee her in the gut and delivers several shots to the head! She throws another punch but Jade ducks! She drop kicks the knees of Ava that causes her to go down! She begins to get back up… SHINING WIZARD! JADE CONNECTS WITH THE SHINING WIZARD!

SG1: Ava is definitely shaken! Sienna opts not to cover but seeks to firmly end this match as she awaits Ava to get back to her feet! Ava pulls herself up with the ropes! Sienna grabs her and prepares for the RDG! A Bridging Fisherman Suplex! SHE’S READY… BUT AVA SHOVES HER OFF! SHE CHARGES… THESZ PRESS! SHE UNLOADS! NOW BOTH WOMEN ARE DOWN! Jade now rolls to the corner and pulls herself to her feet! Meanwhile Ava gets back to her feet in the opposite corner! Jade looks confused… but it seems she’s fumbling with the top turnbuckle! She exposes it!



(Ding! Ding! Ding!)


( ‘Resurge’ by Gone is Gone begins to play as Jade rolls out of the ring. She stumbles backwards up the ramp as Ava regains her senses in the ring. Ava returns to her feet as Jade celebrates on the ramp.)


Cervantes: Sienna’s debut here in EAW if off to a great start with a big win over Consuela Rose Ava!

SG1: She’s not the Revolt Freeweight champion for nothing!

(Commercial Break – Clash of Clans commercial, featuring Scott Diamond!)

(“Party Going Dumb” by Rico Nasty plays as Astraea Jordan walks out to a positive crowd, wearing her three indy titles.)


SG1: Welcome back to Thursday Night Empire! Astraea Jordan is going to the ring to address the Angolan crowd before her match tonight!

Gia Cervantes: While we knew she was among the many Freeweights signed during the merger, she was away defending her CLU Women’s Championship in Mexico City when Empire rolled into town!

SG1: Leave it to the Chiraq Savage to make her presence known out of nowhere! She has unfinished business with Empire: from her failed attempt to capture the Women’s World Championship to her ongoing feud with Madison Kaline, I doubt Astraea is going anywhere anytime soon.

(Astraea climbs into the ring and takes a mic)


(the crowd cheers in response)

Astraea: This ain’t Wakanda, but it’s still the Motherland though. To be honest, this is my first time in Africa – which makes this return of mine that much sweeter. The irony of my presence on Empire is that I had no plans on coming back any time soon.My Revolt schedule was open enough for me to travel the world comfortably, competing for anyone who would take me. The more I fought, the better I got. I’ve come to realize just how short-sighted I was in my match against Aria Jaxon, and the events leading up to it. When you’re trained by the best in the world and have the backing of the man WHO FOUNDED the company, a case of big head is imminent.

(Astraea laugh for a moment)

Astraea: While I was humbled by my loss, it left a gaping hole inside me…a hunger I can’t seem to satisfy. Believe me when I say this my precious Africa – but I want gold. I may have the CLU Women’s Championship, the Diva All-Stars Championship, and the MLW Openweight Championship, I want to fight the best and become the best. I want Chelsea Crowe’s Specialist Championship, Sienna Jade’s Freeweight Championship, and Stephanie Matsuda’s Women’s World Championship. Empire still remains the best women’s wrestling has to offer and I’m willing to give everything to show the world that I belong. Here I am – SO POP AWF!

(Astraea gets a huge reaction from the crowd as “Our Time is Now” by the Plain White T’s plays. Layla Lockhart cartwheels out and poses with her signature ‘V-sign’ gesture.)

Jasmine Peyton: From Orlando, Florida! Weighing in at 104lbs! Layla Lockhart!

SG1: When we come back we’ll have the return of Astraea Jordan on Empire versus Laya Lockhart!

(Commercial Break – “Elite Answer Boyz” an EAW Universe fan party hosted by YouTube personality Eitika Pain for Pride week! It will stream live on Youtube and the EAW Network.)

SG1: Welcome back to Thursday Night Empire, and we are in the early stages of Astraea Jordan vs Layla Lockhart! Jordan has Lockhart trapped in an abdominal stretch!

Gia Cervantes: This match started off at a quick pace, but now we see Astraea trying to slow things down. It’s an interesting thing to see – in her match with Aria Jaxon, Jordan was a little more eager to display her talents. Now she’s taking a more conscious approach to fighting in a match.

SG1: I’m liable to agree as Astraea breaks the hold and slams Layla down with a powerful scoop slam! Jordan takes a couple of steps back and runs forward! Knee drop to the heart of Lockhart!

Gia: Jordan is taking her time dismantling a wrestler who’s known for her fast paced style Lockhart needs to find a way to pick up the pace and throw Astraea off her game! Jordan picks up Layla and whips her to the ropes! Layla hangs on for dear life! Astraea sprints with a lariat – CHOP BLOCK COUNTER BY LAYLA! Astraea is holding her leg in pain she has a history with leg injuries!

SG1: Layla hit the ropes and delivers a leg drop! She runs to the ropes again! A second leg drop! She jumps to her feet, THIRD LEG DROP! She’s now climbing to the top! DIVING ELBOW DROP TO THE HEART! She makes a cover!


Gia: Astraea kicks out! Layla looks a little frustrated from the outcome! She sits Astraea up and fires a couple of shots to the face! She continues to pick up Jordan – who pushes her down! Lockhart gets up to her feet – she ducks under a Lariat! She turns with a spin kick – Astraea staches the leg! Enzuigiri to the face and Jordan’s down again! Lockhart grabs Astraea by the braid and drags her to the corner! After a couple of more shots to the face, it looks like Layla is setting up for a tornado DDT.

SG1: Lockhart has Astraea in the front facelock as she spins out from the second rope – SPINEBUSTER COUNTER FROM JORDAN! She immediately follows up with a triangle choke!

Gia: Layla is frantic, struggling to break free! Astraea is trying to get her away from the ropes! It’s too late as Layla places her feet onto the ropes!
Ref: One! Two! Three! Four!

SG1: Astrea breaks the hold and picks up Layla, pushing her into the turnbuckle!

Astraea: (off mic) Pop awf!


Crowd: Woo!

Gia: Lockhart comes stumbling out of the corner, clutching her chest! Astraea hits the gut kick, forcing Lockhart to double over! Jordan lifts her high in the air! RELEASE POWERBOMB INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! THE BACK OF LOCKHART’S NECK BOUNCED OFF THE TOP TURNBUCKLE LIKE A RAGDOLL! SHE MAKES THE COVER!



Gia: Astraea is just as shocked as the rest of us! She’s wondering what else does she got to do to take this woman out! She slowly picks her up, and applies a headlock as she plans her next move!

SG1: Once again Astraea Jordan is turning down the tempo a bit. She doesn’t want to take any chances with any surprise turn around victories.

Gia: Jordan transitions to a sleeper hold! Layla kicks about wildly, trying to escape! Jordan has too powerful of a grip!

SG1: That’s the thing about Astraea – she likes to show off her strength! Just look as she’s shaking Lockhart around like a ragdoll!

Gia: Wait! Lockhart is attempting to slip out! She’s elbowing Astraea in her side! She manages to break free! Jordan is forced to release the her grip! Lockhart turns around! FACE LIFT! DOUBLE KNEE FACEBREAKER! Layla falls on top of Astraea!


SG1: ASTRAEA JUST THREW LAYLA OFF OF HER! WHAT A KICK OUT! Lockhart is doing anything and everything to stay in this! She rolls a couple of feet away, slamming her fist onto the mat! The crowd is showing their support by clapping! Layla is climbing the rope, trying to get back on her feet! Astraea kip-ups! She runs at Layla with a clothesline! Lockhart pulls the ropes back, causing Jordan to tumble out! Layla runs to the opposite end hits the ropes! She come charging back – SPRINGBOARD ASAI MOONSAULT! IT CONNECTS AS SHE LANDS ON ASTRAEA JORDAN! What beauty!

(A replay of Layla’s Asai moonsault is shown)

Gia: Both Layla and Astarea are prone just outside the ring! Layla took a gamble and it paid off – but at what cost?

Ref: One!

SG1: Layla is slowly getting to her feet! She’s struggles with rolling her opponent back into the ring!

Ref; Two!

Gia: Lockhart successfully rolls Astrea back into the ring! She slides in after her and gets to her feet! Astraea’s getting up as well! Shoulder thrust to the gut! Layla falls against the ropes and rebounds back! FREE SMOKE! LOCKHART WAS KNOCKED SILLY BY THAT REVERSE ROUNDHOUSE! Jordan isn’t finished! She’s making her way to the nearest corner! She’s still a little stunned, but that’s not stopping her from climbing to the top! She looks to end this once and for all! She leaps from the top!! LOVE SOSA!!! LOVE SOSA!! SHE HITS THE 450 SPLASH AND MAKES THE PIN!



(“Party Going Dumb” by Rico Nasty plays as Astrea rolls off Layla and slowly gets to her feet)

Jasmine: Your winner by pinfall…Astraea Jordan!

SG1: What a performance from the returning Astraea Jordan!

Gia: Layla Lockhart did everything in her power to try and capitalize, but at the end it was Astrea who had more heart to give!

SG1: This looks like a start of a path of redemption for Ms. Jordan! She’s pulling a half conscious Layla Lockhart to her feet!? Layla’s confused by this as well! She puts out her hand as a display of good sportsmanship! Lockhart reluctantly accepts! That’s amazing!

Gia: It looks like Astraea may have matured after all! I wonder what’s next for the future legend?

(Astraea turns to the crowd, raising Layla’s hands in the air while everyone celebrates)

(Empire General Manager Flannery McCoy is sitting in her office when there’s a knock at the door.)

Flannery: Come in.

(As if trying to enter through the doorway at the same time, Azumi Goto and Revy attempts tp force their way through the doorway at the same time.)

Azumi: Hey! I was here first!

Revy: Ugh! Tell that to someone who cares!

Flannery: Hey! Single file! And WALK in slowly!

(Azumi and Revy adjust themselves and walk inside the office)

Flannery: Sit down please.

(Flannery gestures to the two chairs before her. Azumi and Revy grudgingly seat themselves)

Flannery: So, I’ve done some thinking about your match last week. Both of you had a phenomenal match last week and instead of leaving things unrewarded, I’d like to make an offer-


(Azumi jumps in surprise as Flannery is taken aback from Revy’s sudden outburst.)

Flannery: Excuse me?

Revy: Listen Blondie, if you want to reward me, give me a shot against the winner of Hot Topic versus Manic Pixie Dream Girl. Hell, throw in Bulma over here if you want.

Azumi: Bulma!? Pfft, I’m Kale at best!

Revy: (rolls eyes) Whatever cream puff.

Azumi: I don’t get how you can be racist against your own kind!

Revy: I’m from Texas, doll – everyone’s racist there.

Flannery: Alright! Alright! Alright! Ugh! Okay, I have an idea. I’m going to announce it after the Specialist Championship match. In fact, that’s when I’m going to reveal the card for Empire: Terminus!

Revy: (cracks knuckles) Good enough for me. Smell ya later boss

(Revy walks out. Azumi sighs and shakes her head.)

Azumi: I trust your judgment Ms. McCoy. I’ll be waiting.

(Azumi leaves the office. Flannery sighs again and goes back to her paperwork)

(Commercial Break – No Strike Zone feat. Stephanie Matsuda!)

(The camera opens up to SG1 and Gia Cervantes)

SG1: As we come back from break, we prepare ourselves for tonight’s co-main event! Payton Darkstar challenges Chelsea Crowe for the EAW Specialist Championship!

Gia: This is the first time these two have ever met in the ring, so let’s get this started!

(“Intergalactic Planetary” plays as Payon Darkstar walks out, preparing herself for her match)

SG1: What a month it’s been for Payton Darkstar! After winning a triple threat match against Riley McCray and Raven Roberts, she now finds herself in Specialist Championship contention against Chelsea Crowe!

Gia: Rumor has it that she might be next in line for Sienna Jade’s Revolt Freeweight Championship! We’ll have to wait and see for Flannery’s announcement!

(Payton Darkstar climbs into the ring. “Born to Die“ by Sidewalks and Skeletons play as Chelsea Crowe walks out with Braxton DeVil)

SG1: Here she is – Leader of the Crowe’s Nest and EAW Specialist Champion, Chelsea Crowe.

Gia: She has overcome the odds to get herself to this very level. Of course she had some help…
SG1: I’m curious about what this Braxton’s DeVil’s angle is and what role he’s going to play in tonight’s match up.

(Chelsea Crowe whispers something in Braxton’s ear before she climbs into the ring and confronts Payton Darkstar)


Jasmine Peyton: The following match is scheduled for one fall –

Crowd: ONE FALL!

Jasmine: And it is for the EAW Specialist Championship! The challenger, from The Outer Rim of the Darkstar Nebula –

Crowd: oOoOoOoO!

Jasmine: (smiles) and weighing in at 126 lbs! The “Queen of Xeno Strong Style” Payton Darkstar!

(The crowd cheers as Payton performs a quick kata)

Jasmine: Her opponent! From Auckland, New Zealand! Weighing in at 120 lbs! She is your EAW Specialist Champion…CHELSEA! CROWE!

(Chelsea raises her title in the air before handing it to the ref)


SG1: Referee Jesse Carlton calls for the bell and we’re now about to set things off! Payton offers to meet Chelsea in the middle of the ring, but the Black Heart has other plans as she stays in her corner! Payton is standing her ground as she assumes a striking stance!

Gia: Neither Chelsea or Payton is naive – Crowe knows how effective of a striker Payton is and the latter knows about the mind games Chelsea plays.

SG1: Crowe is taking the opportunity to stroll around Darkstar as if she’s waiting for an opening. Payton closes in for a low kick! Chelsea checks the kick, and shrugs it off!

Gia: Sometimes you forget that Crowe herself is a talented striker in her own right. She gestures for Payton to attack, but Darkstar isn’t buying it. Crowe initiates the next exchange with a forearm strike! Payton parries and goes for a head kick but Chelsea ducks just in time!

SG1: This is a very psychological affair. Chelsea has to find a way to outthink her opponent, while Payton to figure out a way to get several steps ahead. Payton strikes low! Chelsea checks again – Darkstar connects with a second kick to the side of the head! Crowe is knocked against the ropes! She leans out and order the ref to keep Payton away from her!

Gia: Interesting one-two, low-high kick combo from Payton Darkstar. She’s counting on her follow-up attacks to do the job of hitting Chelsea.

SG1: Crowe herself seems to be aware of this. Jesse Carlton backs Payton to the middle of the ring, allowing Chelsea to slowly pull herself back into the ring – CROWE BARELY EVADES THE SURPRISE FLYING KICK! PAYTON GOES FOR THE MIDSECTION BUT IT’S BLOCKED! CHELSEA BLOCKS A BICYCLE KNEE BUT THE BLOW KNOCKS HER INTO THE CORNER! Payton attempts a clinch – violent kick to the midsection by Crowe! Kneeling facebuster! Crowe twits her opponent’s arm and hits the side kick! Chelsea makes a cover just as Payton hits the mat!


SG1: Payton gets her shoulder up!

Gia: You can see the frustration on Chelsea’s face. She’s usually a lot more calm in situations like this, but I’m willing to think that she doesn’t want to go the distance with Payton. She picks her up and pushes her between the ropes. Crowe uses the ropes to assist with a bodyscissors jaw clutch! Jesse begins the count as Payton screams in pain as Chelsea pulls back!

Ref: One! Two! Three! Four!

Gia: Chelsea lets go and backs away with her hands raised. Payton slumps down along the ropes. Wait…what’s Braxton doing? Jesse Carlton still has her eyes on Chelsea as he rakes the space monk’s eyes! Payton clutches her eyes and rolls away from the edge of the ring as the crowd starts booing Braxton!

SG1: Chelsea picks up Payton – hangman’s neckbreaker/DDT combination! She makes another cover!


SG1: Payton kicks out again, proving she’s as tough as they come! Chelsea moves to the corner and climbs to the middle rope! Diving knee drop to the face! It looks like Crowe’s knee hit Payton’s nose! Crowe now has Darkstar on a grounded headlock!

Gia: She’s attempting to disrupt Payton’s flow, keeping the match in her favor. She slowly picks up Darkstar, who counters but whipping Chelsea to the ropes! BUSAIKU KNEE KICK on the rebound! Crowe is reeling from that sudden shift in paradigm as she sits up – surprise soccer kick to the back! Chelsea’s in pain as she’s holding her back!

SG1: You can tell that the rake to the eyes is still bothering Payton. She takes a moment to blink a couple of times before continuing her offense. Chelsea taking advantage of the situation! She gets up from behind for a reverse DDT! Payton flips Chelsea on her back! Chelsea leans back and aims a kick at Payton’s forehead! She kip ups and HITS DARKSTAR WITH AN EXPLOSIVE SHORT RANGE SPEAR! She’s not done yet as she rains a multitude of punches to the side of the head! Payton pushes Chelsea away to avoid her brutal tactics!

Gia: Chelsea Crowe is playing for keeps. I never liked the way she fought – nor what she did to my sister in law. But, as a competitor her tactics are as effective as they are violent.

SG1: You can say that again! Chelsea is back on her feet as she approaches the side, raising her leg for a switchblade kick – Payton blocks the attempt and counters with a dragon screw leg whip! Crowe has fall down back on the mat, grabbing her leg in pain! Darkstar gets to her feet – jumping double stomp to the chest! Payton makes a cover!


SG1: Chelsea kicks out! Braxton is hitting the mat, urging Crowe to fight on! Payton backflips to the corner and gets into her signature ready position as she leans to the side while touching the canvas! Braxton is panicking, sending warnings Chelsea’s way! It doesn’t seem like Crowe is paying attention to what is going on as Payton takes off, charging directly as Chelsea! SUPERWOMAN PUNCH! Chelsea’s down again! Payton’s on fire as she gets ready for the finale! She stretches her legs, ready to deliver the grand finale!

Gia: Wait! Braxton is on the apron! He’s yelling at the ref and pointing at Payton, who turns to him, gesturing for him to get away from the ring! Jesse Carlton is approaching Braxton, but he runs to the other side of the apron, pointing at Payton! It looks like the space monk had enough as she makes a beeline for him! SUPERMASSIVE BLACKSTAR! The snap jumping side kick strikes Braxton in the jaw as he falls off the apron! Payton turns her attention back to Chelsea! She ducks the roundouse kick in time – SURPRISE SUPEERKICK! PAYTON DARKSTAR GOT CAUGHT WITH THE LITTLE DEATH! A stunned Payton is reeling on the back of her heels! Chelsea grabs her and applies the headscissors! She has the Kimura lock set! CROWE’S NEST! PAYTON IS CAUGHT IN THE CROWE’S NEST! SHE HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO TAP! SHE’S TAPPOING! SHE’S TAPPING!


(“Born to Die” by Sidewalks and Skeletons play as Chelsea Crowe releases the hold and immediately demands her Specialist Championship)

SG1: After some crafty tactics, Chelsea manages to retain her championship reign!

Gia: That Braxton needs to be banned from ringside! He’s going to be her biggest advantage if he’s able to come out with her!

SG1: Given the nature of most Specialist matches she’s going to have that advantage for as long as she’s Specialist Champion!

(Chelsea slides out the ring and helps Braxton up. She looks back at Payton Darkstar one more time before helping Braxton up the ramp with a devilish smirk on her face.)

(FINAL COMMERCIAL BREAK — Newaza ad featuring Mr. DEDEDE and Impact!)

(Flannery McCoy is standing in the middle of the ring as “Black or White” by Michael Jackson fades)

Flannery: Hello EAW Universe faithful! I want to thank each and every one of you for another sold out show!

(She takes a moment to pause as the fans cheer)

Flannery: I know that each and every one of you are waiting for tonight’s main event, so I’ll cut to the chase. What I’m about to announce will change the landscape of the Empire brand forever. You see, after the merger, Empire found itself with a roster of 21 women. I have it on good authority that this number may expand for the course of the next few months. Currently We have a World Championship, a Freeweight Championship from Revolt, and a secondary singles title in the Specialist Championship – well that was the thought originally during its conception. But the likes of Cailin Dillon, Brody Sparks, and two-time champion Consuela Rose Ava has raised its prestige to be almost on bar with the crown jewel of Empire itself! Three singles titles…21 women…that’s a lot of competition. Despite the highly talented roster engaged in some of the most action-packed fights this season, I came up with an idea. In fact – I had this idea since I was working under the former general manager. After watching Haruna Sakazaki and Azumi Goto take on the High Rollerz, I knew what was missing to Empire…the next piece of the puzzle.

(“Blues of Shichiten Battou” by The Pinballs play as Flannery waves her hand to the titantron)

Flannery: On May 3rd At Empire: Terminus, the main event will not be the Women’s World Championship, Freeweight Championship, or even the Specialist Championship. It will be for this.

(The tron displays a picture of two white strap title belts with a crown on the plate that says-)

Flannery: The EAW Empire Tag Team Championship!


Gia: Oh my god! Empire is going to have its own tag division!?

(Flannery takes a moment for the Angolan crowd to lose their minds with ‘This is awesome!’ chants)

Flannery: For the first time in EAW women’s wrestling history, the division will have its very own tag belts! And to start things off, the main event and inaugural title match will be a FOUR CORNERS TAG TEAM! WINNER TAKES ALL!

SG1: Four tag teams competing for the tag belts!? Oh man, I need to know who’s going to be competing!

Flannery: The team are as follows…

(A render of April Song and Jael Arcana-Rosario appear on the screen)

Flannery: April Song and Jael Arcana-Rosario – The Crowe’s Nest!

(A render of Azumi and Sakuya Goto is displayed)

Flannery: Azumi and Sakuya – The Goto Sisters!

(A render of Sienna Jade and Kassidy Hart is shown)

Flannery: Sienna Jade and Kassidy Hart aka Jaded Hearts!

(A render of Consuela Rose Ava and Andrea Valentine appear)

Flannery: And for the wildcard, Consuela Rose Ava and Andrea Valentine!

(Flannery smiles as the fans are on their feet)

Flannery: rounding out the event is as follows…

(A render of Stephanie Matsuda, Jael Arcana-Rosario, and Madison Kaline appear)

Flannery: The winner of tonight’s match will defend the Women’s World Championship against the returning Empress of Elite – Madison Kaline!

(A render of Sienna Jade and Payton Darkstar appear)

Flannery: Sienna Jade will defend her Freeweight Championship against Payton Darkstar…

(A render of Astraea Jordan is added)

Flannery:: And Astraea Jordan in a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH!

(The fans are on their feet, going nuts! A render of Chelsea Crowe and Revy appear)

Flannery: Revy will get her request granted as she will face Chelsea Crowe for the Specialist Championship in a match of her choice!

(A render of Zakkii and Stella Starr is shown)

Flannery: Zakkii and Stella Starr will get their chance to butt heads when they will compete with each other in a singles match!

(A render of Riley McCray, Daisy Thrash, Layla Lockhart, Raven Roberts, and Remi Skyfire is displayed)

Flannery: These five women will compete in a Unique Opportunity 5-Woman Elimination match! What’s the opportunity? You’ll have to find out! But I’ll give you a clue – it involves a mega show that is a little over two months away…

(the tron displays the current Empire: Terminus logo)

Flannery: So join me in Yokohama, Japan at the Yokohama Arena as we watch the best in women’s wrestling on the planet TODAY!

(Flannery passes the mic to Jasmine Peyton and leaves the ring)

SG1: I can’t believe my eyes nor my ears! Thursday night Empire are going to have tag team champions!

Gia: Who will be crowned in the main event! The crazy thing is if Sienna Jade retains her Freeweight Championship and wins with Kassidy Heart, then we could have a double champ pn our hands!

SG1: The possibilities are endless it seems! Now, without further ado, tonight’s main even

Gia: Ladies and gentlemen it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for, Stephanie Matsuda vs Jael Arcana-Rosario for the Women’s Championship, but I think that this match runs a little deeper than that don’t you think SG1?

SG1: Absolutely. Huge implications for this match, let’s not forget that Stephanie Matsuda vowed that she would take anyone on that challenged her for that that title, and true to her word she is. Some say that shows guts, I say it shows stupidity, I mean she has to defend that title against Madison Kaline at the Supershow: Terminus! I’m going to guess when she made this proposition of defending against anyone, she wasn’t expecting someone like Jael Aracana-Rosario to accept. Let’s not forget that Jael will most likely have some friends by her side.

Gia: She knew what she was getting herself into, she’s a real fighting champion, a real role model for kids everywhere. Doesn’t matter the gender, the race, whatever she is someone that can be looked at as a true hero. It looks like we’re ready for this big title match so we’re going to take it to Jasmine Peyton in the ring.

(The camera pans to the ring where Jasmine Peyton is standing in the ring)

Jasmine: Ladies and gentleman, this match is set for one fall and is your main event of the evening. It is also for the Women’s Championship!

(The fans cheer loudly, as “Flashbacks” by Emika plays. The cheers suddenly turn to boos as Jael Acana-Rosario walks out. She’s holding her arms up with April Song by her side)

Gia: The challenger is looking quite confident going into this match, of course with a member of her group the Crowes Nest by her side, so why wouldn’t she be feeling confident.

SG1: That’s right Gia, the Crowes Nest are the most dominant force in all of EAW, and they plan on taking all the gold. One member has already started the process for the takeover, this is just the next step! Let’s not forget what happened at Grand Rampage.

Gia: That is of course when The Crowes Nest took out then champion Aria Jaxon, and ended her career. You know that Stephanie Matsuda is seeking revenge, and will not let them live that down.

SG1: Yeah, I don’t they’re too concerned about that.

(Jael and April walk up the ring steps and April sits on the ropes to help Jael get in easier. They both get in the ring and pose for the crowd. Jaels entrance music dies down, and “Kill Jill” by Big Boi (Instrumental Mix) starts up to a huge reaction from the crowd. Stephanie Matsuda, and Monica Vaughan make there way onto the stage. Stephanie is wearing her EAW Women’s Championship, in a hoodie and a bandanna over her face that says “Fuck The Crowes Nest”. she takes off the title and holds it in the air, and continues walking down the ramp.)

Gia: The champion looks focused, and ready to kick some ass, but what else is new? This is the epitome of what a champion in EAW should be, especially one as prestigious as the EAW Woman’s Championship.

SG1: Yeah but like I said she’s not getting in that ring with a slouch, and her back up is pretty deadly.

Gia: Matsuda is out for revenge, the Crowes Nest took out her best friend, and she will not take that lying down. I think they made the biggest mistake in their life, and they will regret the day they ruined the career of Aria Jaxon…

SG1: What the hell are you on Stephanies payroll? Chill out… We all know that the Crowes Nest is filled with the most beautiful, smartest, ass kicking, dopest, group of elitist that we have in EAW! THEY CAN’T BE STOPPED GIA!!

Gia: Oh I’m on the payroll?

(Stephanie walks right up to Jael and April holding the title in her face telling her that it’s not going anywhere. A smug little laugh can be seen come across the face. The ref directs Stephanie to her corner, and tells everyone that isn’t in the match to get out of the ring. The ref takes the title from Stephanie and stands in the corner. Jasmine takes center stage.)

Jasmine: First introducing the challenger, from Tempe, Arizona, weighing in at 115 pounds, she is “Our Lady of Sorrows” JAAAAEEELLL ARCANAAA-ROOOOOOOSAARIOOOOO!!!!

(Jael takes a few steps turns her back on Stephanie and holds her arms up to the crowd again, and goes back to her corner)

Jasmine: Next introducing, From Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at 118 pounds, “The Iconic War Queen”, your EAW Women’s Champion, STEEEPHAAANIIEEEE MAAAATTTSSSUUUUUDDOOOOOO!!

(Jasmine walks out of the ring and the ref steps in the middle holding the title high in the air signifying what’s at stake. He walks over to the time keeper and hands it off, and signals for the bell)


Gia: Annnnnnd we’re off on this special night where the EAW Women’s Championship is up for grabs. Both women are circling the ring waiting to pick their spot. They walk up to each other and go for the collar and elbow tie up, Stephanie seems to have the advantage as she pushes Jael into the ropes.

Ref: 1! 2! 3!

SG1: Oh and it looks we’re going to get a clean break here.. Oh she’s patting Jaels cheek WHAT DISRESPECT! Matsuda now backing up with a smirk on her face. Jael is clearly flustered by that sign of disrespect, you think that’s what it takes to be a champion here Gia? You can have your champion, but I stand by Jael! OH STEPHANIE RUSHING IN.. NO! She faked it! Jael flinched and covered her head bracing for the punch, which puts her in perfect position for stephanie to grab hold of Jaels neck SUPLEX!. Stephanie just drives Jaels back into the mat, but she’s not done quite yet, as she rolls over back to a based position, ANOTHER SUPLEX. She’s spins the hips, and looks like she’s trying for the threepeat! NO, Jael blocks it, and starts punching Stephanie right in the face! Stephanie has no choice but to back off.

Gia: But Jael isn’t done as she creeps behind Stephanie, and gives her a snap mare, and a stiff kick to the back! That must’ve hurt the champion as she’s holding her back. Jael’s confidence can clearly be seen, she’s picking the champion up and irish whips her into the turnbuckle, and follows up with a clothesline! Matsuda crumbles down to the floor. The tables have clearly turned to the oppositions favor. She’s just circling Matsuda like a vulture, and she stomps the hand. She circles to the head and stomps on that too, now to other the side and stomps the other hand.. She’s vicious, very methodical! And now to the leg, she’s stomping on all the limbs of Matsuda and she’s in pain! OH UNANSWERED PRAYERS, SHE’S LOOKING FOR THAT SPINNING INVERTED FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK!! OH but Matsuda is able to get to the ropes.. Surprisingly Jael let’s go right away, I guess she knows how important this match is.

SG1: Naw she’s just jawing at the official, making sure he knows whats up. Stephanie is using the ropes now to get to a her feet, at the corner of her eye Jael can see that, and she looks to go pounce right back on the offensive. Drop toe hold, Stephanie is able to lure Jael in with that drop toe hold, and Jael goes face first into those ropes! She’s grabbing at her mouth, where I think it hit, and she rolls out of the ring. April now is coming to the aid of Jael, to see if she’s ok, WOW what a great friend; wish I had friends like that instead of people like you GIA!

Gia: OH WOW LOOK AT STEPHANIE OVER THE TOP SENTON OVER THE TOP ROPE AND ONTO JAEL, but April moved out of the way. That was impressive, the champion isn’t wasting any time and tries to go for Jael reaching for her hair to pull her up, BUT APRIL SONG IS GETTING IN THE WAY, what is that? OH and from behind Jael hits Stephanie in the mouth with a fierce right hand, and rolls Stephanie into the ring. She grabs Stephanie and hits a nice german suplex, did you hear that? That might’ve broke the champions back! Jael is staying on that back of Stephanie, and is stomping away at it, looking to inflict as much damage as she can! It seems like she’s looking for a submission maneuver, but Stephanie is fighting it. Matsuda is able to kick Jael away and escape. OH WHAT IS THIS NOW?! April Song is up on the apron jawing with the referee!

SG1: To be fair Stephanie did try to kill her when she dove over the top rope, alls fair in war. Stephanie isn’t taking too kindly to April interrupting the match as she starts walking up to her. Oh MONICA JUST PULLS APRIL OFF THE APRON AND THROWS HER INTO THE CROWD! THINK OF THE LAWSUITS! Now Stephanie with April out of the way looks to get her mind back on the task at hand OH BUT HERE COMES JAEL WITH A CLOTHESLINE! No, Stephanie moved out of the way, and with a kick to the leg Jael falls down to one knee, and Stephanie follows it up with a DDT. Looks like Stephanie is feeling it! She’s waiting for Jael to get back up LAST SUPRISE! NO, JAEL COUNTERS AND LOOKS TO WHIP STEPHANIE INTO THE CORNER! BUT STEPHANIE COUNTERS AND ACTUALLY WHIPS JAEL INTO THE CORNER AND DOES! OH DAMN WHY IS SHE IN SO MUCH PAIN!

Gia: Jael is grasping at her back, almost doubled over in pain CLOUD CITY!! GERMAN SUPLEX TO JAEL, THE COVER




Gia: Wow what a display put on by these two! That was a great match, and neither have anything to be down about! Stephanie Matsuda got her revenge, and gets to face Madison Kaline at the next Supershow, unbelievable.

SG1: Yeah, yeah, that’s all well and good, but what the hell happened there? Why was Jael in so much pain?

Gia: Let’s take a look back at the closing sequence of this match, and maybe we can see something that we didn’t earlier? With our instant replay sponsored by Dr. Scholls foot odor spray. No one likes nasty ass feet in their face, change it, with Dr. Scholls foot odor spray..

(Instant replay from earlier when April was on the ring apron is seen from a different angle where you can clearly see Jael removing the turnbuckle from the corner. The same corner she went back first into)


Gia: What are you talking about? Jael took the turnbuckle off, we don’t even know if Stephanie knew about it, I sure as hell didn’t. The way I see it it’s all on Jael…

(Monica rolls into the ring with the Women’s Championship and hands it to Stephanie. The ref holds up her hand in victory; and she makes her way to the corners to hold the title up to the crowd in celebration.)

Gia: Even with April Song at ringside Stephanie was able to defend her title successfully, nothing but respect for her.

(Stephanie jumps down back to the ring and Jael, and is greeted by an angry Jael, and April Song by her side.)

Gia: OH god what’s going to happen here? OH No, look! The Chelsea Crowe is running down the ramp too! This could be bad news for Stephanie.. BUT SHE JUST NARROWLY ESCAPES! That could’ve been bad, but she was able to slide out of the ring with Monico ,and walk up the ramp leaving a disgruntled Crowes Nest to fester in their anger. What a great ending to a great match! GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY!

(The final shot is Stephanie Matsuda standing at the top of the ramp holding up the title proudly with Monica by her side. The EAW logo buzzes, and the camera fades to black)

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