“Light The Spark of Desire”

(The camera sweeps around the arena, highlighting the Empire banner on the middle before the ramp explodes with pyro. The crowd cheering ecstatically, as Starr Stan and SG1 make their way to the announce table.)


SG1: Empire starting off Brooklyn’s amazing night here, as tomorrow we will be having Burning Desire, but don’t get ahead of yourselves. We have the greatest bit of action here tonight. The specialist title is on the line tonight, but that’s our main event. Let’s get into singles action, here and now!

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

(“Confident” by Demi Lovato plays as Cailin Dillon makes her way down to the ring to a surprisingly loud ovation of cheers. Despite this, her entrance is with little pomp and fanfare. She foregoes her normal entrance and slides into the ring, pacing around in her corner waiting for her opponent.)

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, from Dallas, Texas weighing in at 135 pounds…CAILIIIIIIIIIN DILLOOOOOOON!

Starr Stan: A woman who is absolutely obsessed with Cameron Ella Ava, the women’s world Champion. She wants her title match desperately but according to Cleopatra she is forced to wait a while.

SG1: It’s not just about that though. Cailin is obviously feeling betrayed by Cameron and she is definitely out to put the legend in her place. I feel kinda sorry for Savannah tonight. A focused, angry Cailin I don’t think is going to be in any mood for a hug.

(“I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” by Southern Legends plays as Savannah Sunshine makes her way onto the stage and down to the ring to a huge ovation, pausing along the way to hug a lot of younger fans along the way.)

Ring Announcer: Her opponent, from Candy Land USA, weighing in at “leaner than a pint of ice cream” …. SAVANNA SUNNNNNNNNNNNSHINE!

Starr Stan: This girl is a bit of a nutcase to me.

SG1: Oh, come on! She’s adorable, Stan! Plus, she is undefeated so far on Empire.

Starr Stan: You’re right, but this is far and away the toughest challenge to date. The person who had more successful defenses of anyone in the history of the EAW Specialists Championship, the former Women’s Champion of the World. They don’t get much tougher.


SG1: Savannah is really happy to be out here and is still chatting with a few fans at ringside before turning her attention back to Cailin. Savannah is reaching out for a hug and Cailin looks repulsed…or annoyed. I can’t really tell.

Starr Stan: Could be both.

SG1: Savannah thinks about it a bit and instead offers a handshake…Cailin accepts! How about that for good sportsmanship….

(Savannah turns to the crowd, who cheers as she gives a thumbs up with a smile before Cailin pushes her in the chest, knocking her on her rear end, setting off a thunderous round of boos.)

Starr Stan: I think Cailin is sending a little message there: she respects you, but is here to beat the hell out of you.

SG1: Sounds about right. Anyway, Savannah is on her feet and Cailin immediately greets her with a collar and elbow tie up that she gets the better of, forcing Savannah into the ropes. Hard knee to the midsection from the former champion! A forearm blow to the back of the head and another one! Cailin’s blows are landing with a little extra umph, I must say! Cailin Irish whips Savannah into the ropes, Cailin tries a spinning heel kick that Savannah ducks…. Cailin turns around into a perfect standing dropkick!

Starr Stan: Cailin is fast and agile herself, but Savannah may be one of the most agile people in EAW now! She goes sprinting into the ropes and hits an excellent tilt-o-whirl hurricanrana! Cailin is a bit shell-shocked right now as she gets back up to her feet…. Irish whip into the corner from Savannah! STINGER SPLASH! SHE FOLLOWS THAT UP WITH A FACECRUSHER! WHAT AN UPSET THIS WOULD BE IF SHE COULD PULL THIS OFF! SHOOTS THE HALF INTO THE COVER!



SG1: Cailin kicks out with authority at two and she immediately springs up to her feet! This newcomer has rocked the former champion so far. I’m seriously wondering if Cameron is on her mind right now and not the opponent in front of her.

Starr Stan: You can’t let somebody beat you twice. It’s tough enough losing the belt under the circumstances she did, but you can’t take somebody trying to make a name for themselves lightly in this line of work. Cailin reaching up with a test of strength tease, trying to get Savanna to lock in…. they connect with one pair of hands before Cailin smartly lands a kick to the midsection….and now a DDT!

SG1: I don’t know how often you can say this, but it may suit Cailin to keep the pace a little settled down, find a way to wear her opponent down. Oh, my goodness! Cailin with a double foot stomp right to the small of the back of Savannah and she yelps in pain! Cailin not finished though as she pulls Savannah up by the hair….

Starr Stan: Savannah hits her way free with some vicious forearm shots, more desperate than with malice I have to say, she goes sprinting into the ropes looking for a flying forearm and it connects, sending Cailin rolling out of the ring trying to recover! What is she gonna call that one, SG? The flying sugar cube?

SG1: Stop it! Cailin is on the outside as the official starts his count and Savannah is looking to maybe try something from the top rope but Cailin is alert and Savannah smartly retreats into the ring.

Starr Stan: Cailin showing off her veteran wiles. She knows how to kill off that momentum of her opponent and keep this match from getting away from her.

SG1: Can’t disagree there. Cailin is back in the ring now and this time it’s Savannah trying to get aggressive but she eats a rake to the eyes. AND THEN A VICIOUS KICK TO THE SMALL OF THE BACK! That sends Savannah down to her knees! Another hard kick to the small of the back….and then another one to the chest for good measure! And then insult to the injury with a slap to the back of the head! Cailin is out here losing it!

Starr Stan: Sometimes you gotta get mad to get glad…

SG1: What the hell does that mean?

Starr Stan: Sometimes in this business you gotta be mean, you gotta be nasty and right now Cailin is being very nasty! Cailin is slapping Savannah again and again, screaming at her!


(The crowd cheers loudly as Savannah counters with a vicious slap of her own that sends Cailin reeling.)

SG1: Cailin may regret giving Savannah some life here as Sunshine gets back to her feet. Cailin tries a spinning backfist but woefully misses, Savannah nails her with a Russian leg sweep! Savannah up again as she waits for Cailin to get back to her feet…ENZUGIRI! Savannah has Cailin wobbled again but the Texan refusing to go down! Savannah with a wristlock as she pulls Dillon into the corner……. TORNADO DDT! COULD THAT GIVE HER THE WIN HERE!? SHE HOOKS THE LEG AGAIN!



Starr Stan: NO! Cailin gets her shoulder up at two and a half! I don’t think Cailin was expecting this much of a fight and it’s showing. Sunshine is up again waiting for Cailin to get up to her feet…kick to the midsection…. CANDY LAND DESTROYER ON THE WAY!

SG1: NO…Cailin pulls herself free and shoulder charges Savannah hard into the corner back first! Savannah wincing in pain as Cailin lands a European uppercut. Cailin looking for a Texas Twister, but Savannah wiggles her way free…Enzugiri again! This one sends Cailin staggering and into a kneeling position, and could this be the prelude for the Shiniest Rainbow! Savannah has the crowd on their feet, trying to feed off their energy!

Starr Stan: SHINIEST RAINBOW! NO! Cailin countered beautifully, Blocking the shining Wizard attempt and now looking to lock in a Texas Cloverleaf…and she does!

SG1: This is where all that work that Cailin has done to that back has really come to the forefront! Savannah is struggling trying to get to the rope as this capacity crowd is cheering her on…She has her fingertips on the ropes!

Starr Stan: Cailin peeks back and realizes it and quickly moves to drag Savannah towards the center of the ring, keeping the cloverleaf locked in!

SG1: To make matters even worse, Cailin is leaning back even further than usual, her knee wedged into that back! Stan, a person’s body is NOT supposed to bend like that!

Starr Stan: Savannah trying her hardest to find a way out of this hold but there is none! She’s locked in the center of the ring now and she’s got no choice but to tap….and she does! This one is over!


(“Confident” by Demi Lovato plays as Cailin screams out angrily, keeping the hold locked in as the referee tries to break it. After a slight tussle Cailin relinquishes the hold, allowing the referee a moment to check on Savannah Sunshine.)

Ring Announcer: The winner of this contest by submission, CAILIN DIIIIIIIIIIIIIILOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!

SG1: That was a little unnecessary. I understand Cailin’s frustrated and angry over her title and everything else, but she could have seriously hurt Savannah there.

Starr Stan: I had a feeling Cailin would put that little sugar addict in her place but I have to admit Savannah really showed she can hang with some of the best Empire has to offer. It took one hell of a counter from one of the best going today for Savannah to suffer her first loss.

(Cailin angrily trudges back up the ramp as Savannah slowly makes her way out of the ring with the help of the referee, most of the fans near ringside still cheering her on.)

(Commercial Break featuring Tarah Nova going into the EAW Hall of Fame)

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Crowd: …ONE FALL!

(Smoke starts to billow around the entryway and after a few moments, “Rosenkreutz” — Ayassa hits. A positive reaction greets Haruna Sakazaki when she appears on the stage. She offers a nod to the audience before descending the ramp.)

Ring Announcer: Introducing first! From Kyoto, Japan, weighing in at 110 pounds…“The Silver Lining” HARUNAAAAAAAAAA SAKAZAKIIIIIIIIIIIIII!

SG1: You could say Haruna is looking for redemption on the heels of her performance last week. Think that’s a fair assessment?

Starr Stan: Oh, hell yeah. She dispatched of the opponents since her return pretty quickly. But, those girls weren’t really top-tier opposition. She and Azumi thought they had that tag team match in the bag last week, but Savannah Sunshine and Kimi Hendrix’s relative inexperience didn’t mean anything. They brought that one home and now Haruna needs to see if she can refocus.

(“Bloody (KOF ‘97 Remix)” — SNK Sound Team hits to a mixed reaction, but as always, the steely-eyed April Song isn’t really worried about the sort of reaction that she stirs up. April steps out onto the stage, staring down Haruna for a second before shaking her head and doing a “cut throat” gesture before making her way down the aisle.)

Ring Announcer: And her opponent! From Colorado Springs, Colorado, weighing in at 120 pounds…“The Killer Bee” APRILLLLLLLLLL SOOOOOOOOOOOONG!

SG1: Something tells me April Song is chomping at the bit to compete tonight. On social media, she hasn’t been shy about expressing her frustration about not being featured every week. She looks ready to handle business right now.

Starr: Sheesh, good luck, Haruna! You’re gonna need it!


SG1: And we’re off! Things off to a slow start as we see a possibly nervous Haruna and the always-calm April circling each other. Haruna’s got both hands up, and she makes the first move by throwing a devastating right hand…NO! April had it telegraphed! She seizes the arm and rolls them both right down into a cross armbreaker! Good grief, already?!?! They’re both down on the mat and April’s got that submission slapped on, but they’re a little too close to the ropes. Haruna sticks a long leg out and manages to force a rope break. She scrambles away, eyes wide as she shakes out her afflicted arm. That was a close one! April Song was hot right out of the gate and almost ended this match VERY quickly. Never the type to rush an opponent, April hangs back for a second and lets Haruna get her bearings back. Does this woman have ice water in her veins?

Starr: Maybe! Back into it now, both women are closer to the center of the ring, and they’re locking up. They throw on the collar-and-elbow tie-up and they’re jockeying for power. Haruna’s height advantage lets her take control. She transitions the hold into a tight side headlock. April instinctively starts firing away with elbows to Haruna’s ribs to get her to relent. Haruna puts some space between the two and Irish whips April into the ropes. She rebounds…Haruna catches her with a running crossbody, flooring Song! She hooks the leg, and we got our first pin attempt of the match!

Referee: ONEEEEEE!

SG1: April was quick to kick out there. Not a surprise since we’re still in the early goings here. Both women are quick to get to their feet. In the aftermath, Haruna is quicker on the draw! She catches April with a backhand chop! And another! And another! Sakazaki takes a step back before running at Song once more. WHEELBARROW BULLDOG…NO! APRIL CATCHES HARUNA’S LEGS AND INSTEAD DROPS HER INTO A SITOUT WHEELBARROW FACEBUSTER! SONG ROLLS SAKAZAKI OVER AND BOTH SHOULDERS ARE DOWN!


Starr: Holy hell, what a counter from April Song! April is no doubt in the driver’s seat now. Both women roll away from the pin attempt, but April gets up to her feet almost immediately and Haruna rolls onto her side trying to shake out the cobwebs. Song stoops and slaps a variation of a cravate on Sakazaki to yank her to her feet before sending her reeling with a knee lift to the face. Haruna goes staggering but April reels her back in by the arm before she Irish whips her into the nearest corner. Song charges in with the corner clothesline, flattening Sakazaki! She’s not letting up either, and she starts lighting Haruna up with those stiff knee lifts to the stomach! The referee steps in to warn the two of them to get out of the corner. April obliges. She steps back for a second. OH! When April tried to pick up where she left off, Haruna caught her with a surprise palm strike! She swings for the spinning backfist…NO! April saw it coming! She catches the arm of Haruna and forces her down into a Fujiwara armbar! It’s that same right arm that April damn near yanked off not too long ago! Again, Haruna has the good fortune of having been tied up near the ropes. That’s gonna force another rope break.

SG1: Yikes, that’s twice now! I don’t know if it’s startling Haruna, annoying April, or both. Both women get to their feet, and Haruna is favoring that arm…HARUNA CATCHES APRIL WITH A SAVATE KICK TO THE THROAT! She falls to the mat, favoring her neck now and coughing up a storm! Haruna is trying to use that one good arm to get into position for the lateral press and hook a leg! Cover!


Starr: April kicks out, but she’s had her bell rung! She and Haruna both bring themselves to a vertical base, and April swings for a clothesline…Haruna ducks out of the way! She gets in position behind April and wraps both arms around the waist, possibly going for a German suplex! April hooks the leg and refuses to be taken overhead, so Haruna forces her toward the ropes before using the momentum to pull April back into an O’Connor Roll! Haruna’s got both of April’s shoulders down!




(“Bloody (KOF ‘97 Remix)” hits again as April shoves Haruna off of her and brings herself up to a knee. After a moment, she gets to her feet and has her hand raised by the official.)

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner by way of submission…APRILLLLLLLLLL SOOOOOOOONG!

SG1: Goodness, that ending sequence! April saw an opening that most might not have seen, and she took it! That transition into the rear naked choke was absolutely seamless!

Starr: Well, if April wanted to show why she should be out here every single week, then she made her point. Hell of a performance here from her tonight showing just how well-versed she is in those counters. It came at Haruna’s expense, though.

SG1: That’s two losses in a row for her. Let’s hope she can turn things around soon.

April Song (no mic): Easy operation.

(April glances over at Haruna one more time, shaking her head again before rolling underneath the bottom rope and exiting the ring.)

(The camera transitions to backstage as Tarah Nova rests her boots on the desk of Cleopatra, the office in question empty. Her eyes move over to the computer and she swings it around, pulling up the browser and flicking around on it outside of the camera before she hears the door start to open. Quickly she switched the computer to sleep mode, sliding it back and leaning back in her chair as she glances towards door. Cleopatra sighs as she walks in, shaking her head in annoyance before biting her lip and nodding her head.)

Cleopatra: Well, you’re here early.

Tarah: Well, I just really like this office. It’s big and spacious, you know?

Cleopatra: Well, I wanted to…congratulate you on being inducted into the EAW Hall of Fame. It’s a real honor…I mean yours isn’t as illustrious as mine of course, I mean how could it be? But, congratulations.

Tarah: Well, I mean…it isn’t going to be as illustrious as yours. It’ll just be better. That’s all that’s needed. After all, my career has already trumped yours by what now like…several thousand?

Cleopatra: You’re adorable. You really think that you are better than me?

Tarah: I don’t think. And the rest of the world doesn’t think either, Cleo. You don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to how your career was, in respect to my own, so let’s get on with this, why did you want me here?

Cleopatra: Well, I wanted to talk to you about your Terminus match. Since you’re going to be competing in the Extreme Enigma match. So…I decided to tell you what two of your opponents are going to be for that matchup.

Tarah: Oh goody! Some fresh meat to devour. So, who dies at Terminus?

Cleopatra: You will be facing, Amelie Larrieux…and Toni Storm. Those two, are going to bury that ego of yours.

Tarah: Mm…Extreme Enigma…that means four doesn’t it?

Cleopatra: Oh, there is a great surprise coming for that. I can promise you. I can promise you.

(Tarah smirks, pushing past Cleopatra and holding up a middle finger as she slides out of the room. Cleopatra sighed as she shook her head, running her hands through her hair before turning back to her computer flicking it on.)

Cleopatra: WHAT THE (Censored)!!

(Cleopatra instantly races out the door, chasing after a laughing Tarah Nova in the background as the camera moves back to the screen, noting that it had been pulled up on Pornhub with the tag: “Blonde Beauty takes a Horse (censored) up the (censored))

(“I’m so Confident” by Photronique plays as Consuela Rose Ava walks out on to the stage and looks over the crowd.)

Ring announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first! From Frias, Spain! COOONNNSSSUUUEEELLLAAA ROOOSSSEEE AVVVAAA!!!

Starr: In just a little more than a month, Consuela will have a shot at becoming the Specialist’s Champion on the biggest stage of them all — Pain for Pride.

SG1: Tonight is a good taste of the kind of competition she can expect there. Not only is Madison Kaline a former champion, but she also hails from the same group as Brody Sparks, our current Specialist’s Champion.

Starr: Well at least at the moment. Brody Sparks will defend her title against Stephanie Matsuda later on tonight.

SG1: And Cloud is on a one-woman vendetta to bring pain to the Coven, a group she once called her own.

(“Sound of Silence” by Disturbed plays as Madison Kaline slinks out on to the stage and stares down at Consuela.)

Ring announcer: And her opponent! From Tampa, Florida! MAAADDDIIISSSOOONNN KAAALLLIIINNNEEE!!!

Starr: Who would have thought that Santorium’s group of sisters, the Coven, would be the group still standing after we first saw The Sirens and the OGs back at the beginning of Empire.

SG1: Not only are they still standing, but they understand the idea of strength in numbers better than almost any group we’ve ever seen.


Starr: Our official wastes no time calling for the bell as these two competitors make their way toward the middle. Consuela so confident. Madison with bad intentions for every opponent she meets. Consuela wants to lock up, but Madison going right at her! Vicious punches and now Consuela covering up as she stumbles backwards and scrambles toward the corner. The official stepping in as Consuela touches her lip checking for blood. Madison was definitely out for it there,

SG1: No harm, no foul. She is fine. But Madison is getting a stern talking to from the official and all she can do is just grin. She knows she might have knocked some of that confidence out of Consuela. Wait!? Consuela is just back up and waving Maddie her way with a smile right back! Maddie going for a slap but Consuela just grabbing her arm and slapping her instead and now a kick to the gut and a DDT! Madison right back up to her hands and knees and Consuela drops an elbow into the back! Madison rolling out of the ring and Consuela asking the crowd to get behind her!

Starr: And listen to these fans respond as Madison stalks around the outside of the ring. This match right off the bat just punch and counter punch and Consuela takes over the momentum.

Referee: ONE!!! TWO!!! THREE!!! FOUR!!!

Starr: Madison is showing no signs of getting back in that ring.

Referee: FIVE!!! SIX!!! SEVEN!!!

SG1: Consuela’s going to join her! A suicide dive to the outside takes out both women! But Consuela popping right back up and grabbing a fistful of Madison’s hair to drag her back up and she’s throwing her ass right back under the bottom rope and into the ring.

Starr: Consuela is right back up on the ropes on the apron and Madison is working her way to her feet. Springboard elbow from Consuela! Uppercut from Madison! She played possum, acted hurt and Consuela is laid out! Madison with that evil grin again as she kneels down and hooks a leg!

Referee: ONE!!! TWO!!!

SG1: Consuela pushes a shoulder off of the mat and kicks out of this pin attempt and Madison playfully slapping her face as she laughs and stands back up. Consuela working her way back up to her feet as Madison runs to a corner and now comes running in with a front drop kick that sends Consuela flying into the corner! Consuela grabbing at her back as Madison comes in knee first and smashes right into Consuela’s face.

Starr: And she’s not relenting now as she grabs Consuela and brings her out of the corner and hits a quick suplex! Consuela being taken to task right now. Madison walking over into the corner and smiling as she begs Consuela to get up. Consuela moving towards the corner and using the ropes to pull herself up. Madison rushing in with the spear! Consuela jumps up on to the turnbuckle and Maddie smashes into the corner! What athleticism from Consuela!

SG1: Madison stumbling up to her feet as Consuela dives off the top rope with a flying clothesline! Consuela rolls to her feet and she’s feeling it now as she runs to the ropes and hits a springboard moonsault! She hooks the legs!

Referee: ONE!!! TWO!!!

Starr: No! Madison kicks out and keeps this one going. Consuela bringing Madison to het feet, but Maddie hits her with a forearm. She goes for another, but Consuela reverses and delivers a forearm right back. Now they’re trading punches back and forth. Back and forth! One after the other with no one gaining an upperhand. Now it’s Consuela working Madison back towards the ropes and she’ll whip her to the other side. Consuela goes for a clothesline! She misses! Madison ducks right under. Consuela turning around.

SG1: Tornado DDT! She takes out Consuela and spins her halfway across the ring! Madison walking over towards Consuela and reaching down to pick her up. Consuela pushing her way, but Madison pulls her in for a belly to belly suplex! She just tossed the No. 1 contender right into the middle of the mat! Madison strutting over into the corner and climbs to the top rope. She stands up, looking down and now flipping off the top rope! Swanton bomb lands flush! But that took a little bit out of Madison, too!

Starr: She can’t get over for the pin and Consuela is rolling over towards the ropes now. Missed opportunity for The Mistress of Death right here. Madison looks frustrated as she looks to find her feet. Consuela up too and now she charges in. Madison grabs her and tosses her into the corner. Consuela slamming into it but now stumbling her way back out of the corner. Madison with M.O.D! NO! CONSUELA CATCHES HER! MADISON WENT FOR THE FAMEASSER BUT CONSUELA STOOD UP AND PUT HER ON HER SHOULDERS! CONSUELA SLAMMING MADDIE DOWN ON TO HER BACK! AND SHE GOES FOR THE PIN!!

Referee: ONE!!! TWO!!! THREE!!!


Starr: That was an amazing reversal, but she Madison lives to see another day, at least for the moment. Consuela hauling Maddie up quickly, and Maddie reversing now with a neckbreaker. Madison still getting her bearings back after that vicious slam. Consuela up to her feet and now bringing her opponent back up to her feet.

SG1: Consuela pushing Madison away and now charges in with a series of kicks! Roundhouse kick and Consuela knocks Madison to the mat. Maddie working her way back up, but Consuela won’t let her! La Rodilla de la Muerte! The running knee just devastated Madison! That might actually do it!

Starr: Consuela sliding down to the ground for the pin!

Referee: ONE!!! TWO!!! THREE!!!


Ring announcer: Here’s your winner by pin fall! COOONNNSSSUUUEEELLLAAA ROOOSSSEEE AVVVAAA!!!!

Starr: What a match from Consuela and what a way to put Madison away there at the end!

SG1: The road goes on for Consuela now as she gets closer and closer to Pain for Pride.

(Commercial Break Featuring True Vixen’s, making it’s return soon)

(The camera transitions back to the ring as Azumi Goto is seen leaning against the ropes, her eyes narrowed as she stares at the Empire logo. Resting just behind her is her Control in the Vault briefcase, which she kicks aside before taking her position in the middle of the ring.)

Azumi: Shut…up. All of you.

(The crowd continues to jeer her, booing her louder and louder before Azumi lets out a slow breath.)

Azumi: I don’t care what any of you ignorant people think. None of you could do what I do. None of you could step into this ring and compete like I can. And there isn’t anyone on Empire alone that can do what I do either! Not Tarah Nova, not Aria Jaxon, not Cailin Dillon, and certainly not any of these new girls. I am Empire! I own Empire! This briefcase gives me a thousand more ways to prove that, and have I used it yet? No? I haven’t used it yet because I am waiting. For the right time. The right place. The perfect…moment.

(The crowd jeers her louder as Azumi only smiles, almost conducting the cheers before stopping and placing her boot onto the middle ropes.)

Azumi: I own Empire. I am the Empress of Empire, and an empress…deserves to be at the birthplace of Empires. So, Terminus…Terminus won’t be complete without its queen. So what about it Cleopatra?! How about you do the right thing, how about you do the smart thing, and book me!!!

(The crowd continues to boo before Cleopatra appears on the screen, her eyes narrowed as she stares at Azumi.)

Cleopatra: Do you honestly think, after all the stuff you’ve pulled, you deserve a match at the biggest Supershow that Empire has had? You think you even deserve to be on Empire?

Azumi: Do I look…like I care…about…your stupid opinion? I want a match.

Cleopatra: You want to put yourself on deathrow that badly Azumi? You want to prove yourself that badly?! Fine! The fourth opponent for the Extreme Enigma match has been decided. Now…get your stupid squinty eyed ass out of my ring.

(Azumi smirks as she leans against the ropes, nodding her head to Cleopatra as the crowd switches from boos to cheers at the announcement.)

(Commercial break featuring Burning Desire, also at Barclay’s Center)

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

(“Upside Down” By Lacuna Coli plays as Jessica Quinn makes her way down to the ring to a modest array of cheers.)

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, from Anaheim, California weighing in at 124 pounds…. JESSICA QUINN!

Starr Stan: What do you think of this new girl, SG1?

SG1: Well word is that she’s a little bit on the wild side, loves Diamonds, and has been tearing up the independent circuit in California for the last few years. The look is unique and I can’t wait to see the wrestling style she brings to the table!

(“Purple Haze” by Karl Golden plays as the crowd starts cheering wildly for the arriving Kimi Hendrix, wearing a pair of sunglasses.)

Ring Announcer: Her opponent, from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada…weighing in at 142 pounds…. KIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII HENDRIX!

Starr Stan: I’ve found something possibly as annoying as all the Asian girls here on Empire…. a freakin’ Canadian peacenik.

SG1: You really need to mellow out, man. I’m sure Kimi can teach you some good breathing techniques. Or at least hook you up with a big bag of the good stuff, if you know what I mean.


SG1: Here we go, the debuting Quinn against the undefeated Hendrix. For a hippie, she’s a pretty good wrestler, I have to say. Funny thing about this match is that Quinn has a bit more ring experience.

Starr Stan: Hate to give this blondie credit but she has the experience in an EAW ring, the only ring that matters.

SG1: You couldn’t slurp the company line harder if you tried. Collar and Elbow tie up but Quinn with a go-behind waist lock and Kimi is trying to struggle free. Quinn picks her up and takes her down amateur style and puts in a headlock. Kimi struggling to get back up to her feet with Quinn’s weight on her back and shoulders and can only manage to get up to a knee.

Starr Stan: Slow start for Kimi, Quinn looking a bit more restrained than I figured she would so far.

SG1: And now she starts laying in with the punches to the face and head of Kimi Hendrix, Kimi trying to cover up as she’s getting peppered…. That last one catches her flush on the jaw and sends her falling back to the canvas! Jessica wasting little time as she pulls Kimi up…. SNAP SUPLEX!

Starr Stan: I like this California girl! I know something about Suplexes, SG1 and that was top of the line!

SG1: Quinn waiting for Kimi to get up to a kneeling position. Vicious, merciless shoot kicks to the chest and stomach and arm! She is battering Hendrix so far, I must say! Hendrix is reeling as Jessica lines up that last kick to the head but Kimi ducks her head and quickly gets up to her feet. Forearm right to the face, and now Kimi starts landing some kicks of her own! Kick to one leg, kick to the other….and a thrust kick right to the midsection! Running high knee right to the face and that sends the California native down to the mat hard!

Starr Stan: Jessica is up to her feet but she eats a nasty shoulder block! Kimi with a little momentum now as she perches up on the top rope, that youthful quickness giving her a jump on Quinn!

SG1: Jessica is up on her feet…Kimi comes flying off with a magnificent flying European uppercut! Beautiful move from the Vancouver native! Kimi hooks the leg!


Starr Stan: How about that! Jessica only down for a one count after that Uppercut that landed flush I thought. She’s got a strong chin….and a strong…supple…

SG1: Perv out later, focus on the damn match! Kimi’s out there having her way and…. what the hell is this!?

(The crowd starts to boo as someone emerges from backstage down the entrance ramp. The camera quickly pans away from Kimi’s confused expression to the face of a scowling Jocelyn Deimos as she walks back and forth.)

Starr Stan: Err…this match got a little strange. Jocelyn Deimos, the friend, I guess, of Kimi’s tag partner last week, Savannah Sunshine, took some exception to some comments made by Kimi.

SG1: What the heck is she doing out here right now though!? Kimi is in the middle of a match.

(Jocelyn continues to stand on the ramp watching as Kimi watches her confused.)
Kimi: (no mic) What the heck is up with her?




SG1: NO! KIMI GOT A SHOULDER UP! BARELY! Jessica looking at the referee with a disappointed stare! Kimi landed hard during that Tiger Suplex and is struggling to get up to her feet though. Jessica standing in the corner…. waiting for a spear attempt I’m thinking the way she’s squaring herself up. JESSICA is primed and ready as Kimi gets up to her feet. Kimi looks over at Jocelyn again but is able to side step the spear attempt from JESSICA!

Starr Stan: OH MAN! JESSICA WENT SHOUDLER FIRST INTO THE POST! Kimi bats an eye towards Jocelyn, who is standing there hands on hips, watching irritated as can be, Kimi quickly thinking jumps up…. CRUCIFIX PIN ON JESSICA!





(“Purple Haze” by Karl Golden plays as Kimi slips out of the ring quickly, the referee unable to go out and raise her hand as he’s confronted by an enraged Jessica who claims she got her shoulder up in time.)

Ring Announcer: The winner of this contest……KIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIII HENDRIX!

SG1: The Blonde Bomber picks up another win here, but I think she’s picked up the attention of someone who you do NOT want to follow you around.

(The picture goes back and forth for a moment between the still-confused expression of Kimi and the exasperated stare of Jocelyn, who suddenly forces herself to smile before clapping in unenthusiastic, sarcastic fashion as she turns back towards the locker room.)

Starr Stan: If I were, Kimi, I would suggest forgetting about inner peace and buying a piece. That girl Jocelyn is a nut and we all know that the entire Coven is full of nutcases. If I were Kimi I would just stay far away from Jocelyn and Savannah.

SG1: A good match gets interrupted in bizarre fashion. Jessica may have something to that whole shoulder being up before the three count here, but the referee’s decision is final and Kimi wins, spoiling Quinn’s Empire debut. But the bigger story, here, like Stan was mentioning, must be Jocelyn’s appearance. She’s looking for new friends…. but I don’t think she considers Kimi a friend. That’s not good.

(Empire returns from commercial, with Brody Sparks standing in the middle of the ring as her music is dying down. Several ring crew members seem to be completing a last minute setup.)

SG1: Welcome to back to Empire and despite there being a main event tonight, Brody Sparks is already out here, mic in hand!

Starr: She’s eager to end this once and for all, SG1. She’s not going to let another Pearl Harbor happen on her watch!

SG1: You do realize you’re in Brooklyn right? Home of STEPHANIE MATSUDA?

Starr: Lies. She grew up in Tokyo.

SG1: True, but she was born in San Diego.

Starr: Why the hell is she living in this hellhole ag- wait, I got it. Trash living in trash. She knows her place. I approve.

SG1: Go to hell Starr.

Starr: Too late, I’m already there sitting next to you.

(Brody waits a moment till the boos die down.)

Brody: (sighs) Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn. Is this how you treat your longest reigning Specialist Champion?

(the boos persist)

Brody: It doesn’t surprise me, coming from supporters of a traitor like Stephanie Matsuda!

(the fans begin to cheer)

Brody: You’re all so predictable. This is why you’re sitting where you are and why I am standing here in the middle of the ring! It takes blood, sweat, and tears to make it this far! When I joined Sanatorium, I was taking advantage of an opportunity. When I “left” no one reached out. That’s okay, that’s fine. I watched OMERTA crumble right before my eyes. I decided to isolate myself from the world. I wanted to find myself, who I really was. I wasn’t this dumb evil child that Zack Crash wanted to use as eye candy. As a display. I was more than that, and I knew my value, but the question was, did anyone else see my value?

Starr: I know your value, Brody baby!

SG1: Shush! Stephanie and Brody have been back and forth all week! I’m not surprised that Sparks have more to say!

Brody: Then one day, a knock on my door. I don’t know how he found me. He must of searched hard, that alone proved that in his eyes, I meant something. He saw what I saw in myself. Eclipse Diemos came knocking on my door. Of course, I didn’t let him in so easily. I was mad, I didn’t want to let my walls down, but I took a chance because I saw an opportunity. He gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse: family. A place where my potential would be used. Where I wouldn’t be a damn trophy. Where I was given respect and more importantly the chance to do things my way. That is why I joined!

(Stephanie Matsuda walks out, making a beeline for Brody)

SG1: Cloud’s heard enough! She’s ready to get this match started!

Brody: I LOOKED UP TO YOU! I admired you at one point Stephanie! I thought you were the strongest of Formation! You was my right hand woman in The Coven!

(Stephanie stares at the ring crew for a moment, and slides into the ring and confronts Brody)

Starr: Sparks is backing away! That’s right boo! Start this match on your terms!

Brody: (waves finger) Uh-uh! You stay right there! We won’t start this match until I’m finished talking! Cleopatra said I can decide on the kind of match we’re going to have! Before I reveal what that is, I just want to say the following: you’re a sad and pathetic one hit wonder whom I surpassed months ago! This is your swan song Stephanie Matsuda! You’re going straight to hell…

(Brody snaps her fingers)



Starr: Empire got lit…LITERALLY!

SG1: Stephanie reacted as if she’s just been ambushed!

Starr: I would too if the fires of hell appeared around me!


Ring Announcer: THE FOLLOWING IS AN INFERNO MATCH AND IT IS FOR THE SPECIALIST CHAMPIONSHIP! First person to SET THEIR OPPONENT ON FIRE wins the match and The Specialist Championship!

SG1: I can’t believe this is happening…

Ring Announcer: Already in the ring, is the challenger! From Brooklyn, NY-

(The Brooklyn’s excitement drowns out the ring announcer)

Ring Announcer: -anie MATSUUUUUDAAAAA!!!!! In the opposite corner, from Brockton, Massachusetts, she is the reigning Specialist Champion! BROOOOODYYY SPARKS!

(Brody raises her title, and throws it to the outside, just above the flames)

SG1: For the first time on Empire, we’re going to have an INFERNO MATCH! Right in the heart of the city that never sleeps!

Starr: This is probably the first women’s inferno match EAW has ever had! This is why the Specialist Title is one of the hottest – no pun – titles in the game right now and it’s all because of Godlette Sparks over there!

SG1: It’s kind of weird but these flames mirror the intensity that’s in the eyes of these fighters right now! All week they openly expressed their disdain for one another!


SG1: Right out of the gate Matsuda is on top of Brody! She’s wailing on her with fists of fury! Sparks manages the scramble to her feet, Matsuda follows- OUCH! Steph got caught by a bionic elbow! Brody wastes no time stomping on the face of Stephanie Matsuda!

Brody: (no mic) You want to mess with me bitch!?

Starr: Those flames are already having an effect on our competitors as you can see the sweat dripping from their pores! Be lucky I’m a professional SG! Brody pulls Stephanie up by the hair! How’s someone so small- DISCUS CLOTHESLINE! The Jap’s back on the mat, reeling from this assault that Little Miss Five Feet of Fury is delivering! Which each impact, you can see the flames growing larger!

SG1: This was a setup from the beginning! Brody knew what match she was going to pick, but baited Cloud into a death trap! Matsuda’s never fought in a match like this before!

Starr: Sparks is not finished as she mounts Cloud, slamming her head against the match! This match is not about finesse, but beating your opponent mercilessly and throwing them to the flames! Brody starts firing forearm after forearm! At this rate, Cloud will lose consciousness!

SG1: Wait! It’s not over! Steph’s fighting back with headbutts! Brody falls back on her rear! Matsuda kip-ups to her feet! Thrust kick to the side of Brody’s head! Matsuda runs to the- wait! She realizes that she has to stay close to the center of the ring! This inferno match has cut her moveset in half!

Starr: That’s the brilliant thing about Brody Sparks! She’s a master strategist! This match wasn’t about burning Cloud to a crisp, but limiting what she can do in the ring! Matsuda will be forced to adapt!

SG1: Steph subdues Sparks with a headlock and throws her over her shoulders! Beautiful snapmare! Followed by a stiff soccer kick! You can hear that even through the roaring flames! She picks up Sparks and whips her to the burning ropes! Brody counters with a whip- now Cloud counters! Brody! She whips and- WRISTLOCK LARIAT FROM CLOUD! OH MY GOD!

Starr: My little Godlette flipped through the air several times! See SG!? That’s what steroids can do for you! I call foul! Get that man-beast out the ring!

SG1: Cloud’s beginning to catch on by switching up her style! She’s normally versatile, but leans heavily on high flying maneuvers! Tonight she has to take on the role of a powerhouse! As if on cue, Matsuda DEADLIFTS Brody into the air and- POWERBOMB! Wait! She still has Sparks in her clutches! Another deadlift- SECOND POWERBOMB! Cloud uses everything in her power to lift Brody up a third! Brody’s fighting back! She’s striking Cloudy’s face! Frankensteiner counter! Both women are on the mat nearly unconscious!

Starr: The crowd is live tonight! These two are giving it their all! Matsuda may be tough, but Sparks is smarter, quicker, and more vicious! She’s also tougher than she looks! She manages to fight back after an old school Eric Steele lariat and two deadlift powerbombs!? Call this woman Supergirl because only a Kryptonian can survive an assault like that!

SG1: Cloud is stirring, coughing as smoke enters her lungs! She’s a little too close to the flames! She’s crawling towards Brody in the center, who’s still lying on her stomach! She grabs Brody by the hair and sits on one knee. Cloud applies a rest hold as she catches her breath, but heat is draining her by the minute! Cloud needs to end this soon!

Starr: Cloud gets to her feet with Godlette in tow. Knee to the face from Cloud! Another knee! Cloud pulls back for one- Brody lunges forward! BRODY IS BITING THE THIGH OF STEPHANIE MATSUDA! She has her teeth locked on to Matsuda’s right leg! Cloud’s screaming in pain! She’s trying to pull Brody off but it’s making things worse! She starts hitting the back of Sparks’ head with elbow after elbow! Fourth elbow attempt- Brody pushes Cloud’s leg and rolls out the way! Cloud hits her own leg! She’s on the floor in pain! Genius tactic by Sparks, who’s spitting out the blood of her foe!

SG1: Brody’s clearly showing why she’s still the Specialist Champion! Steph’s trying to fight through the pain- enzuigiri from Sparks who’s back in the game! Brooklyn is on their feet, cheering on their hometown hero! Matsuda has to end this soon if she wants to be in any shape to compete at Terminus!

Starr: She won’t make it to Terminus SG! That was the plan all along! They baited her by making things personal! Matsuda has a history of not thinking clearly when it’s no longer business! Sanatorium are masters of manipulation!

SG: Brody’s taunting her prey, calling her all kinds of obscenities as she stalks Matsuda, who’s rolling around the mat in agony! Brody herself is feeling the effects from Cloud’s earlier assault! She lifts Matsuda by the hair and smacks her across the face! She’s holding on to Cloud’s hair to keep her up!


Starr: Smack!


Starr: Three!


Starr: Four!


Starr: Five! Brody’s somehow lifting Cloud over her shoulders! Cloud slips off- no dice! Swinging neckbreaker from Brody!

SG1: Brody looks to end this as she reaches into her tights and takes out a pair of brass knuckles! She laughs at the crowd as she places them on both hands! Cloud’s coughing more as she fights to stay in this match! She’s in Brody’s natural environment! Brody’s waiting for Cloud to get on her feet as she gets into a boxing stance!

Brody: (no mic) Southpaw ho! Stay up!

Starr: Wow, she looks to bludgeon Cloud to death as she takes the wild swing! Cloud ducks! Brody jabs! Cloud bobs and weaves Brody’s every attack! Matsuda stumbles a bit, almost falling backwards into the flames! Brody swings again! Cloud rolls out the way! Brody charges at Cloud- drop toehold by Matsuda! She tries to capitalize with a Blasian Sun- Brody kicks Cloud away! Cloud rolls backwards, Brody takes another swing! Cloud dodges! Dropkick from Matsuda! Brody gets back up! Another dropkick! I don’t know where Cloud’s finding the strength to fight back!

SG1: It’s called willpower and perseverance Starr! Cloud attempts another attack, but she starts coughing again! Between Brody’s attacks, the heat, and the smoke inhalation, it’s only a matter of time before Matsuda succumbs to defeat! Brody slowly gets back to her feet, but is ready to strike! She knows that all Steph needs to do is make one mistake and it’s lights out for the master of the C9!

Starr: Along with the fiery send off!

SG1: Right! Brody closes in, inch by inch! Cloud tests the distance with a few feints with low kicks, but Brody’s not budging!

Starr: It’s a Mexican standoff with no Mexicans! Welp, at least we don’t have to worry about deportation!

SG1: Anyways, Cloud and Brody are encircling one another! Each competitor is thinking carefully about their next move! Brody feints left! Cloud backpedals! Brody goes right! Cloud goes left simultaneously! This chess match is raising my blood pressure!

Starr: Brody’s inching closer, cornering Cloud! Matsuda has nowhere to go! Brody Dashes forward! Cloud ducks the wild swing! CLOUD KICKER! She misses the Pele kick, but does a full backflip! Brody runs at Cloud! Superwoman Punch! Matsuda ducks rolls towards the corner! She’s trapped- wait! What!?

SG1: Matsuda does a vertical leap to the top turnbuckle! Bounces off- FINAL HEAVEN! FLYING FOREARM SMASH FROM THE TOP TURNBUCKLE! Brody’s laid out! Somehow Cloud was able to leap over the fire and take advantage with a surprise counter!

Starr: Come on Brody! Get up Godlette! She’s creeping towards you!

SG1: That look in Cloud’s eyes! She knows it’s over! The War Queen is licking her lips in anticipation at a prone Brody Sparks! She grabs the girl’s arms in a deadlift full nelson displaying her power once more- DRAGON SUPLEX! Wait! She’s hooking the arms! Is she- TIGER SUPLEX! This is it! We all know what’s happening next! Cloud has the right position! She’s crossing Brody’s arms for a Cloud City into the fire-


Starr: Huh!? That’s Alexis! She’s walking out here with a mic in her hand!

SG1: Finish the job Cloud! Don’t just stand there with Brody in your arms!

Starr: Matsuda’s just as perplexed as we are as Alexis Diemos stops midway on the ramp! Is she distracting Matsuda?
Alexis: Nah…no, We’re not ending the night like this Stephanie. You will not become Specialist Champion so easily tonight! You know what they say right?

SG1: Alexis snapped her fingers, and huh? Maddie and Jocelyn are dragging some teenage girl out here from the back! She looks familiar!

Alexis: (grins) Nobody ever wins in their hometown!

Starr: I recognize her! That’s Serenity Hunter! The oldest daughter of Cloud’s mentor! I thought she was training in Mexico!

SG1: First they steal little Lauryn from her own home and now this!? Cloud’s absolutely livid! She dropped Brody and started yelling at the rest of the Coven! Maddie pushes Serenity down the ramp! The poor girl already looks worse for wear!

Starr: This is the cost of doing business SG! Cloud should have cut all ties once she went ronin!

Alexis: Guess who we found creeping around backstage? We thought she was looking for you, but apparently she was looking for us! She tried to get the drop on us though- pulling some Batman shit to try and catch us off guard. We showed her the difference between rookies and the elite!

SG1: Alexis viciously kicks Serenity in her abdomen! Cloud’s losing her mind!

Alexis: I’m pressed for time ‘sweets’ so here’s what we’re going to do: you’ve got to choose. The championship or Serenity. You can’t have both. You throw Brody in the fire, then an eye for an eye and the like. If you give up right now and let Brody throw you into the fire, then Serenity is yours. You have five seconds Matsuda.

Stephanie: (off mic) What the hell!?

Alexis: FIVE.

Stephanie: *beep* you Alexis!

Alexis: FOUR.

Stephanie: …

Alexis: THREE.

Stephanie: Fine! I choose Serenity! Let her go!

SG1: Damn it. Not like this. She was so close to a second title reign!

Starr: Brody’s getting back to her feet…

Alexis: Good work sweets. No watch out behind you!

Starr: Cloud turns around! Front dropkick from Brody! Cloud stumbles back into the flames as Godlette kicks her in her chest! Cloud falls out the ring, her shirt on fire! Brooklyn fans are losing their minds right now!


Ring Announcer: The winner of this match…and STILL your Specialist Champion…BROOOODY SPARKS!

SG1: OH MY GOD! This is a disgrace Starr! The ring crew is extinguishing the flames as EMS workers come to her aid! Look at Alexis just laughing at the scene before her! She has no heart!

Alexis: Good job Cloud! You made the right decision! Michael Hunter is smiling from his grave! (sighs) Too bad I just voided the deal! Girls! BURN THIS TWIT ALIVE!

SG1: MADDIE AND JOCELYN ARE DRAGGING SERENITY TO THE FLAMES! Alexis picks up a chair and swings wildly at the ring crew as they attempt to turn off the fire! CLOUD IS FIGHTING OFF EMS WORKERS TO GET TO HER FEET! Who’s going to save Serenity- SOMEONE’S JUMPING THE BARRICADE! IT’S ARIA JAXON! ARIA JAXON HAS COME OUT OF NOWHERE! CONTRACT KILLER SUPERKICK TO MADDIE! Jocelyn turns- SUPERKICK! Alexis turns around and swings at Aria! Jaxon ducks and leaps on top of the barricade! CALIFORNIA CRUSH FROM THE BARRICADE! ALEXIS IS LAID OUT! BROOKLYN IS LOSING THEIR MINDS!

Starr: Aria is demanding the ring crew to shut off the flames as she helps Serenity up! Cloud is stirring, somehow back on her feet! Brody jumps out the ring, grabs her title as Aria gives chase! Brody’s on the other side of the barricade, clutching her belt! Aria gives her the finger and walks over back to Cloud who’s trying to comfort a distraught and wounded Serenity!

SG1: Looks like Aria’s checking on her former best friend. Cloud nods, as if she says she’s alright- ARIA JAXON JUST SMACKED CLOUD ACROSS THE FACE! What the hell is going on!

Aria: (off mic) You see this *beep*!?. All of this!? Look at Serenity! Think about Lauryn! You did this Steph! YOU! Your actions started this mess!
Starr: Cloud is just shocked. She has nothing to say! Then again, Aria makes a point!

SG1: But still Starr! This is just too much!

Aria: (off mic) You put your own family in danger with your god damn shenanigans! I swear to God Stephanie if you don’t clean up your mess…

Starr: Aria just pushed Cloud!

Aria: I. WILL.

SG1: Aria’s gone back to Serenity, helping the poor girl up the ramp as EMS surrounds them. I don’t know what to make of this Starr. Things have certainly taken a turn for the worse with Stephanie. Who knows what’s going through her head right now.

Starr: Well the truth hurts SG. She’s going to feel that sting for quite a long time. And let me tell you this: It hurts more than any kind of pain be it from a beating or being burned.

(The camera closes in on Stephanie Matsuda as she falls to her knees, her eyes staring at the floor as leftover EMS workers surround her.)


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