Empire Eight # 2

By May 7, 2017EAW Articles
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Cameron Ella Ava, EAW Women’s World Champion.

Greetings, EAW Universe and Empire aficionados! Erica Ford back again with the second edition of the Empire Eight. Amazingly enough, I wasn’t fired for the first edition so I guess that means it wasn’t as crap as I thought. I was at Empire live at in person in Tennessee this past Thursday so I could get an up close and personal view of all the ladies and compile this list.
With this week’s list, we say goodbye to Tarah Nova dropping out of the #8 spot (COME AT ME, TARAH STANS!) and we welcome a new face to the Empire Eighth place spot, more on that in just a second. Consuela drops two spots in this week’s edition and several others are on the move up. So here it is, the freshly baked batch of Empire Eight rankings. LETS….DO……THIIIISS!?

#8: Haruna Sakazaki- The Inaugural Specialists Champion, AKA the Queen of the “You Tried Hard” Kingdom, AKA Tsundere Thunder, AKA Azumi’s Waifu returned to in-ring competition with a relatively easy win over MJ Doom on Empire. While I would like to see Haruna-san in action against stiffer competition before being tempted to rate her higher, I think including her over Tarah is fair considering Tarah has not been in action for the past couple of weeks and being fired/unfired. This spot may be the ceiling for her until I see her against some of the more elite talent Empire has on offer.

#7: Consuela Rose Ava- (Mandatory #1 Contender to the EAW Specialists Championship) Not her fault that she was on the losing end of an eight-woman tag and she didn’t even take the fall in the match. It does seem harsh to have her drop a couple of spots but considering that one of the people who moved ahead of her in the rankings was on the winning side, I don’t feel too badly about it. Still, we got a nice little tease of what’s to come when she faces Brody Sparks for the Specialists Title and I liked it. A lot.

#6: Alexis Diemos- The Coven’s “Mother Famine” and her family filled with crazy won on Empire’s main event and thus moves up a spot over Consuela. While she’s got her own personal war with Stephanie “Cloud” Matsuda going on, Alexis looks to be the nucleus holding the vicious vixens of EAW’s Most Terrifying Family together. While she may not be in line for a title shot for the foreseeable future, Alexis will look to have a very big say in things once her business with her former “family member” is finished off.

#5: Aria Jaxon (Young Lions Cup holder)- Voltage may be a priority right now considering her relationship with Aren Mstislav and her status as the Young Lions Cup holder, but make no mistake: Aria is still very much in the World Championship picture on Empire. Cailin Dillon may have other things to say on the matter, of course. So, there’s that….

#4: Cailin Dillon- Speaking of that pissed off Texan, Cailin remains in the #4 spot in this week’s Empire Eight. Why? Because she didn’t lose a match, and she threatened the General Manager of Empire with the loss of an eye. Anyone who is brave and tough enough to threaten their boss and escape reprimand of any kind is badass.

#3: Azumi Goto (Control in The Vault holder)- While her spouse was in action on Thursday, Azumi had an off week. While I do wish she was active more so that I could get a better feel of if this spot is deserved, no one else impressed enough to take this spot. And…. that’s all I have here, honestly.

#2: Brody Sparks (EAW Specialists Champion)- Everyone’s Favorite Miniature Mad Madame stays at the two spot after a successful performance in the main event of Empire, scoring the win for her team. Also, a bit of early congratulations is in order seeing as she will surpass Cailin Dillon for the longest reign in the history of the EAW Specialists Championship. All of this would move most people into the Top Spot, but there is one person who still has the credentials to keep it away from her.

#1: Cameron Ella Ava (EAW Women’s World Champion, 2017 Empire Cup Winner)- Cameron loves herself. A lot. It wouldn’t surprise me if she had posters of herself in her bedroom and a Rococo-style portrait of herself in her living room. And while her self-appreciation may be nauseating to digest, tell me why she doesn’t have good reason to love herself and her ability so much. Empire Cup Winner, former Hall of Fame Champion, Current Women’s Champion of The World. Not much in the way of style points for hand picking La Diva (who was unfortunately without her partner and good friend La Chair at ringside) to face her, but she did win the “match” easily. Something tells me though that things won’t be so easy once her next challenger is decided and from what this writer saw personally with her own two eyes: She wants ZERO part of Cailin Dillon right now.

So, there it is. The top four all remain unchanged from last week. And now, a few little odds and ends:

*Does anyone know where April Song is? After a hard-fought win vs Erika Sato, The Killer Bee has been AWOL and isn’t scheduled to compete this week. Has she lost her taste for wrestling already or is there something else in play there? Only time will tell.

*ITS CLOUD O’CLOCK, MOTHERF**KERS! Stephanie Matsuda did her thing in the ring during Empire’s main event but it looks like the war with her and Alexis is only getting warmed up. Diemos has made it clear she will not stop until Matsuda is gone forever. What does she have on her former Coven/Sanatorium sister?

*I try to leave personal stuff out of this article about wrestling so I have more time to, you know, talk about wrestling, but in this case, I think an exception is warranted. CONGRATULATIONS to Amelie Larrieux, who is set to be married this month! This writer wishes the happy couple nothing but the best of health, happiness and good fortune.

*Kimi Hendrix and Savannah Sunshine both with impressive wins in their debuts. Kimi’s taste in music is great and her work in the ring is hard for me to even think of reproaching. And OH MY GOD! Savannah may be the most adorable thing that’s come to EAW in some time. While accepting the friendship of Jocelyn Deimos is questionable and borderline lunacy, she can hold her own in a wrestling ring too. These two are definitely worth keeping your eyes on.

*Terminus, Empire’s latest Supershow coming up on June 1st could be an incredible affair. So far, we don’t know much about matches on the card, but we do know that Tarah is NOT fired and will in fact be competing for a spot in the Extreme Enigma Memorial match at Pain for Pride X. Hats off to Cleopatra, as belligerent as she is, for making sure Empire got in on this match as well as what should be outstanding Specialists and Women’s World Championship matches. Could we see an Empire representative in other events such as Cash in the Vault and the 24/7 Battle Royal as well? I will, fingers crossed, be heading to China to cover this event.

So that’s it for this week’s Empire Eight. Questions/Comments/Concerns are all welcome. Unless I’m fired by EAW, I’ll be back next week with another edition. Until then, be excellent to each other.

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