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Friday 26 January, 2018: 8:00am

(We fade in to a conference room packed with reporters and photographers. There is a small stage with a podium that everybody is seated facing. Behind it is a black tarp covering something. Flannery McCoy, dressed in a professional-looking pantsuit, walks up onto the stage and takes her place behind the podium with a smile on her face.)

Flannery McCoy: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your patience. Today will be a historic day for Elite Answers Wrestling in general. This groundbreaking announcement is sure to turn heads and will change the way we view this incredible company of almost 11 years forever. To lead this announcement, please welcome none other than the EAW Chairman… Mr. DEDEDE!!!

(Mr. DEDEDE walks through a set of curtains beside the stage and waves to the reporters and photographers as they all rise and clap and take photos. The Chairman shakes hands with Flannery, who then exits stage right and takes her leave. Mr. DEDEDE steps up to the podium and allows time for the reporters and photographers to settle down.)

Mr. DEDEDE: Thank you. Over the past few months I have kept a huge plan for this company under wraps and I’ll be the first to say it was not the easiest thing in the world. In fact, it was quite amazing this news did not leak at all. This morning, I am going to reveal to you something that a lot of, if not all of you, might not be expecting. This announcement has nothing to do with the way we see wrestling today. This… idea is something that I’ve always had in mind for the longest time, and ever since I became the Chairman of the Board, bit by bit I started to put the pieces of this puzzle together. Now, the puzzle is complete and what was once just a simple thought will now be a revolution in the sports industry. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you… The EFL!!!

(Mr. DEDEDE pulls the tarp down to reveal a logo for EFL: Elitist Football League. The reporters offer an applause and the photographers start taking photos of what’s been presented on stage.)

Mr. DEDEDE: Elitist Football League. I am so, so excited to share with all of you in this room and to the world this idea. EAW is all about evolving, and this will be the biggest form of evolution we as a company have ever taken. This step forward will be into an uncharted territory, but as a hardcore football fan this is something I have a great pleasure of being able to lead into the sporting industry as a competitive league. So, let me run through with you all real quick a little bit about our new league. These past few months, I have been in heavy talks with a lot of cities across North America to have teams represent them. EFL will be an American football league containing 16 teams divided into two conferences.

(As The Chairman is talking, eight individuals walk up onto the stage holding a white sign each that they’re keeping away from the cameras.)

Mr. DEDEDE: Before I delve deeper into the rest of the details, please allow me to introduce you to the Eastern Conference teams! These eight individuals on stage with me now are the owners of the eight teams in the East. You will get to know about each of these individuals over time, but what they are holding in their hands right now is the team that they own. Let’s begin to the man on my left.

(The man turns the sign around to reveal his team and the logo.)

Mr. DEDEDE: The Chicago Storm. Next, we have…

(The man on his right turns his sign.)

Mr. DEDEDE: The Connecticut Generals. Ah, my favorite!! Next…

(The woman on her right turns her sign.)

Mr. DEDEDE: The Ohio Dragons. Next…

(The man on her right turns his sign.)

Mr. DEDEDE: The Toronto Sixers.

(The crowd laugh a little.)

Mr. DEDEDE: Yeah I thought it was good too. Up next we have…

(The woman turns her sign.)

Mr. DEDEDE: The Florida Surge! Next…

(The man turns his sign.)

Mr. DEDEDE: The Detroit Bullets! Up next…

(The woman turns her sign.)

Mr. DEDEDE: The Brooklyn Bombers! And last but not least, representing the East…

(The man turns his sign.)

Mr. DEDEDE: The New Jersey Alphas!

(The reporters offer a round of applause.)

Mr. DEDEDE: Yes, give it up to these eight individuals. All of them are successful in their own right and are each looking to showcase the teams they’ve helped build with their own staff and coaches and hope to make it to a championship game in the upcoming first season of the EFL! As they take their leave, please allow the next eight owners of the teams representing the Western Conference to come up onto the stage. With the staggering amount of cities I got into contact with that wanted to be a part of this incredible next step in EAW’s life, two conferences was necessary to allow an exciting and competitive sport to be aired across North America and the world every weekend. So, with that said, the first team in the Western Conference is…

(The man on the far left turns his sign over.)

Mr. DEDEDE: The Los Angeles Seadevils! Up next we have…

(The woman turns over her sign.)

Mr. DEDEDE: The Houston Blaze! Next…

(The woman turns over her sign.)

Mr. DEDEDE: The Dallas Archers! Next…

(The man turns over his sign.)

Mr. DEDEDE: The Portland Squids! Definitely an interesting team name for them! Up next…

(The man turns over his sign.)

Mr. DEDEDE: The Milwaukee Mayhem! Next…

(The man turns over his sign.)

Mr. DEDEDE: The Seattle Stampede! Next…

(The woman turns over her sign.)

Mr. DEDEDE: The Las Vegas Luck! And last but not least…

(The man turns over his sign.)

Mr. DEDEDE: The New Orleans Knights! Ladies and gentlemen, please offer a round of applause to the sixteen owners and their teams!

(The reporters offer a hand as the owners of the Western Conference wave to the crowd before taking their leave.)

Mr. DEDEDE: Now it’s time to get to one of the most exciting parts of this whole thing. EFL will be its own league but it will be heavily influenced by Elite Answers Wrestling. Each team in this league will feature its own social ambassador, and these social ambassadors are some of the male and female wrestlers of EAW! They will be able to help build a reputation for their team however they see fit, and are free to travel with the team – provided they aren’t supposed to be wrestling on the other side of the world – and are encouraged to show up to games and help build hype! So right now, it is my honor and privilege to welcome you all to the stage one of the social ambassadors for the EFL. Representing the Los Angeles Seadevils, it is the EAW WOMEN’S WORLD CHAMPION HERSELF, ARIA JAXON!!!!

(Aria Jaxon comes out from behind the curtains with her championship strapped around her waist and is wearing LA Seadevils merch. She walks up onto the stage and hugs Mr. DEDEDE before stepping up to the podium.)

Aria Jaxon: Thank you! I’ve gotta start by saying how excited I am that the EFL is becoming a reality. It sounds like a pretty crazy idea on paper, right? EAW is good for that, though — moving into uncharted territory and doing things no one thought were possible. This company is a combat sports juggernaut, and the founding of the EFL is our next step toward Disney-esque world domination. It’s an honor and a privilege to be involved. As a lifelong football fan, I never dreamed I’d get to be part of something like this. I’m very happy to have been named the ambassador for the Seadevils, and I can’t wait to showcase my team spirit week in and week out. It’ll also be amazing to see how the other ambassadors do with putting their own spin on making their teams the best they can be. It’s always a wonderful feeling to play a part in history. Let’s all continue to make more of it together as we go forward.

(Aria Jaxon takes her leave to applause and cheers as Mr. DEDEDE steps back up to the podium.)

Mr. DEDEDE: I couldn’t have said it better myself, thank you Aria! Now this is not a vision we are seeing in a few years time, ladies and gentlemen, which is why earlier I said that it was one of the most difficult things to keep this lowkey. The most exciting part of this whole ordeal is that the first season of the Elitist Football League begins in JUST TWO WEEKS TIME!!! Players have already signed to their respective teams, coaches and staff have already been named, stadiums have been set and a schedule has been shown to each team and now it is going to be shown to all of you this morning! EFL’s first round begins Friday, February 9th, 2018 as the Connecticut Generals will defend home turf against the Brooklyn Bombers! You can expect to see my gorgeous face there in a skybox overlooking the game! More information will be revealed on all of our social pipelines over the next week or so, including the full schedule of the 16 week season, the rules to our version of American football, the social ambassadors, information about the owners, players and coaches, as well as a fully-functional website where you can read up on news, player information, view the standings and buy tickets to YOUR home team! I hope you are all as ecstatic as I am for this ground-breaking next step we as a company are taking, and I hope to see you all at an EFL game in the near future! I will not be answering any questions unfortunately ladies and gentlemen, but I do wish you a great day! It’s time to make football GREAT AGAIN!! Thank you very much!!

(The crowd offer a round of applause while some reporters still try and ask some questions while Mr. DEDEDE takes his leave. We fade to black…)

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