EAW House Show Report 2/25/18 – 2/28/18

By March 1, 2018EAW Articles
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LIVE! From the Westchester County Center in Westchester, NY!

Savannah Sunshine & Nicole Fyre defeat April Song and Jael Arcana-Rosario
A fun opening match with three rising stars in the women’s division and one veteran. The match ends after Savannah Sunshine hits the Candy Land Destroyer to April Song and scores the pinfall.

Andrea Valentine defeats Sydney St. Clair (w/ Daisy Thrash)
A short affair that sees Valentine pick up the victory via pinfall after she hits St. Clair with the Atomic Blonde.

Nicolette Lyons defeats Ashlee Cane
Ashlee Cane, signed to a developmental contract with EAW, put on a good match against an up and comer in Nicolette Lyons, but after about five minutes, Lyons scores the victory via pinfall after she hits Sekhmet’s Wrath.

Tarah Nova defeats Stephanie Matsuda in a Street Fight
The match before intermission saw two of Empire’s greatest assets and perhaps its greatest rivalry right now go head to head in a 20 minute Street Fight. Tarah Nova picked up the victory after hitting the Rude Awakening onto a steel chair and scoring the pinfall.


Zakkii defeats Azumi Goto
In a match that saw two loved ones go at it in a respectful way, Zakkii picked up the victory after hitting Azumi with the Veritas.

Aria Jaxon & Consuela Rose Ava defeats Megan Raine & Chelsea Crowe
In the main event, the four top stars on the Empire roster went at it in a Champions & Challengers Tag Team match just days before The Iconic Cup. This match saw some controversy and a lot of fantastic spots. After Crowe hit Chelsea Smile to Jaxon, the EAW Women’s World Champion kicked out just before the three count. Crowe knocked out the referee a roundhouse superkick. This caused Raine to argue with her partner until The Crowe’s Nest hit the ring to assault Aria Jaxon while Megan Raine backed herself into a corner to stay out of it. Consuela recovered and made the save, only to receive a Snapshot from Megan Raine. From there, Aria recovered and locked in the 187 on Chelsea Crowe and Consuela hit Megan with La Rodilla de la Muerte. Crowe tapped out which gave Aria and Consuela the victory.


LIVE! From the Agganis Arena in Boston, MA!

Jon McAdams defeats Cody Marshall, Arselx, Logan Black, Kohop Kapah, Christian Nobe, Drake Cooper, Maddox Ayres, Shaker Jones, David Fierce and Yasuki Takata in an 11-man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal to earn an EAW Hardcore Championship opportunity later in the night
A match filled with a lot of the newer faces of Dynasty and a talent from NEO saw Jon McAdams survive 10 other individuals to earn a championship match against Darkane later in the night after last eliminating Maddox Ayres to win. After the match, Darkane came out to cut a quick promo to say that their match will be a Last Man Standing match.

The Dragon Slayers defeat The Boston Air Raid
To prove they are the real deal, NEO tag team The Boston Air Raid took on The Dragon Slayers in a fun tag team affair. But ultimately, the match was won by The Dragons Slayers after hitting Slaying the Dragon on Gavin Braddock.

The Heart Break Boy defeats The Woogieman
The Woogieman was the most over wrestler of the whole house show, but unfortunately could not defeat the second most over wrestler of the whole house show, HBB. HBB picked up the win with the Goldprint. The two shook hands after to an ovation from the crowd.

Nasir Escobar defeats Jacob Senn
Probably the best match of the whole show. These two put on a near 30 minute back and forth classic. Close calls, false finishes, a referee bump, but ultimately the winner was Nasir Escobar who hit Senn with an Ether to pick up the win just before intermission.


Darkane defeats Jon McAdams to retain the EAW Hardcore Championship in a Last Man Standing match
After outlasting 10 other individuals earlier in the night, Jon pulled double duty against the Hardcore Champion. After a fantastic 20 minute match with some memorable spots, Darkane delivered the Devil May Cry to Jon through a table that was set up in the corner. Jon couldn’t make it up for the count of 10 and Darkane retained.

Nico Borg defeats Scott Oasis to retain the EAW Answers World Championship
A match that unfortunately didn’t live up to the Escobar and Senn match but was still fun for what it was. After a bump sent the referee out of the match for the time being, Oasis hit the Seek & Destroy and pinned. With a referee, Oasis would have been the champion, but there was nobody to count. A new referee ran down to finally count the pinfall but Nico kicked out at just before three. After some more back and forth, Nico ended up locking in The Crucible and Oasis tapped out.


LIVE! From the CURE Insurance Arena in Trenton, NJ!

Desmond Helms & SUN Jiao-long defeats Amari Steele & Shane Gates
A solid opener featuring four upstarts on the Showdown brand, however it was a short match. Jiao-long got the victory for his team with the Orchid Blast on Amari Steele.

Drake Jaeger Titantron Segment
We get a short promo from Drake Jaeger as he appeared on the big screen to a huge mixed ovation. He wants to ensure everybody that he is a good guy now and that he’s turned over a new leaf. He is saddened that many people might not believe him and wants to prove it tonight by offering to team with Cameron Ella Ava to face The High Rollerz.

Devan Dubian defeats Diamond Cage
A fantastic back and forth match that goes on for a pretty lengthy amount of time considering it’s the second match of the show. With false finishes galore towards the end, Dubian manages to pick up a victory after a Bleeding Edge out of nowhere.

Nobi defeats Rex McAllister to retain the EAW National Elite Championship
Another great match that unfortunately didn’t match up to the quality of the bout prior, but Nobi might have gotten the biggest reaction of the whole evening. Nobi picked up the win after locking in the STF which had Rex tap out.


The High Rollerz/Cameron Ella Ava Segment
Cameron Ella Ava came out after intermission but was jumped from behind by The High Rollerz during her entrance. They threw her into the ring and continued a beat down until Drake Jaeger ran out for the save. Brian Daniels would then come out and announce that Drake and Cam would team up right now against The High Rollerz.

Drake Jaeger & Cameron Ella Ava defeat The High Rollerz
A fantastic tag team match which saw a lot of comedy from Drake, showing that he is the most humble man on the entire planet. The match ended after High Rollerz delivered a Jackpot to Cam – who unbeknownst to them wasn’t the legal individual in the ring, until Drake came in to a big ovation from the fans to hit a Devil Trigger on Ripley followed by a Noble Phantasm on Davidson. Drake then pulled Cam out onto the apron, tagged himself out, before rolling Cam back into the ring and put her on top of Davidson for the cover and the win. Wow, what a good guy!

Heart Break Gal defeats Theron Nikolas, Ares Vendetta and Tiberius IV in a Fatal 4 Way match to retain the EAW Championship
Incredible 30 minute main event that saw a lot of amazing spots, close calls and false finishes. Toward the end, Ares and Theron ended up brawling to the back to make it a one on one affair between HBG and Tiberius. HBG picked up the victory with a Tramp Stamp followed by the Evisceration. HBG celebrated with fans afterwards.


LIVE! From Santander Arena in Reading, PA!

The Revenant defeats El Ironico via countout
A great way to kick off the Voltage house show with some hilarious spots. After a short but decent back and forth affair, a man runs down from the back and rolls into the ring. He takes a microphone and informs El Ironico that he is not legally allowed to be on the premises due to his VISA troubles and must leave the state. He is escorted out of the arena to boos, and the referee is asked by Revenant to count him out. Revenant scores the victory.

Shark Man defeats Ryan Wilson
A short match but a decent one nonetheless. Shark Man picks up the victory with the Chummer.

Mstislav defeats Keelan (w/ The Wild Boys)
A fantastic back and forth match. Both men, despite their alignments, were both very over with the crowd. We saw a ref bump towards the end which got The Wild Boys involved, but Moongoose McQueen’s “The Boys” ran down to chase them away to the back. Keelan went for the Dead By Daylight but it was reversed into a Heretical Knowledge. A new referee ran down to count the pinfall and give Mstislav the win.

Finnegan Wakefield defeats Ahren Fournier & Nathan Fiora to retain the EAW New Breed Championship
A great Triple Threat match right before intermission which saw a lot of fast-paced action between all three incredible talents. Nathan Fiora looked like he had the victory after an Angel’s Kiss sent Fournier to the floor, but Finnegan locked in the Wakefield Special III, forcing Nate to tap out to help Finn retain his belt.


Moongoose McQueen (w/ The Boys) defeats Carlos Rosso (w/ The Wild Boys) to retain the EAW Interwire Championship
A fun match to come back from the break with some comedic moments. After a 15 minute affair, The Boys and The Wild Boys both were sent to the back by the referee after trying to get involved which allowed Moongoose to nail the Bohemian Rhapsody on Carlos to pick up the win.

Lars Grier defeats Chris Elite (w/ Big Mike) in a Street Fight
An excellent spotfest. Chris Elite was very over while Lars had a lot of heat, and did his best to try and keep that heat up throughout the match. In the end, after a botched interference attempt by Big Mike to help Chris, Lars nailed a Ravenbeak through a setup table in the corner to pick up the victory.

Jamie O’Hara defeats Mr. DEDEDE to retain the EAW World Heavyweight Championship
Match of the night by far as The Chairman of EAW threw everything he had at the longest reigning EAW World Champion in the company’s history, but even after a 30 minute slugfest it wasn’t enough as Jamie nailed a third In Excelsis followed up by a Kingslayer to pick up the victory. Jamie left to boos, and Mr. DEDEDE stayed in the ring to receive a standing ovation from the crowd. Mr. DEDEDE bowed to them and thanked them, before high fiving fans around the ring and leaving to send the crowd home happy.

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