E-FED ZONE EXCLUSIVE: Top 10 Draws Of 2017 (So Far)

By November 23, 2017EAW Articles
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( Open up to the media room of the EAW Headquarters, where Kathy Kush is standing by with a big smile. )

Kathy Kush: Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Kathy Kush of e-fed zone here with a Black Friday report! EAW Merchandise sales for the 4th quarter are projected to be one of the most profitable periods in the company’s 10 year history! EAW 2K18 has been flying off of the shelves, including the “Blue Friday” version featuring the late great Brody Sparks on the cover. Let’s take a look at a run down of the top ten merchandise draws of 2017 so far!

( A graphic comes on the screen showing the top 10 merchandise draws of 2017, starting with number 10: Brian Daniels. )

Kathy: Brian Daniels tops off the list at number 10, unsurprisingly with the level of success he’s had including winning the headline of Pain for Pride 10, his merchandise continues to fly off shelves despite having not being an active competitor since his in-ring retirement in June.

( Number 9: Tarah Nova )

Kathy: Tarah Nova brand continues a long standing trend of setting fire to the charts – again – despite Tarah not being a full time active competitor! Tarah spent a long time as the top drawing female Elitist in the previous few years, and that’s given her a comfortable spot in the heart of EAW consumers where she can easily draw merch sales to this day.

( Number 8: Jacob Senn )

Kathy: “The Punisher” had a successful first half of the year and gained a ton of momentum from his World Heavyweight Championship reign. Surprisingly enough the younger audience has embraced the rebellious bad-boy, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a classroom that doesn’t have a Jacob Senn authentic hoodie or tee!

( Number 7: CM Banks )

Kathy: The return of the living legend himself, CM Banks, brought about a wave that sent consumers into a frenzy! Action figures, hoodies and his partnership with the Big Baller Brand have turned over a pretty penny in terms of sales.

( Number 6: Brody Sparks )

Kathy: The late legend lands the number 5 spot in merchandise sales for 2017. Brody was another one who worked hard on her brand – and her in ring success as the greatest Specialist Champion of all time only legitimized her brand. Being iconic like no other truly paid dividends.

( Number 5: Jamie O’Hara )

Kathy: Jamie O’Hara has mastered the art at branding himself, and his extraordinary run as the World Heavyweight Champion has planted him firmly in the top 5 of 2017 merchandise draws. A major selling point have been customizable action figures, and the “King of Bullets” apparel can be seen on a large number of audience members at any EAW show in the world!

( Number 4: Chris Elite )

Kathy: Big Baller Bhris has had an ascension unlike anything I’ve ever seen here in EAW! From the moment he declared himself “The New Chris Elite” he has managed to be a goldmine in terms of merchandise, making him a cult of personality among the EAW Universe. His branding has been excellent so far, with “God Forgives, Elite Dont” , “Fuck Ryan Adams” and “#ByAnyMeans” hoodies, shirts, bandannas and hats constantly selling out! After this weekend’s sales, it would come as no shock if Chris Elite climbed even higher up this list – especially if he manages to capture the World Heavyweight Championship.

( Number 3: Ares Vendetta )

Kathy: Ares Vendetta, despite taking a slight skid from last years merchandise revenue, has still managed to turn over a MASSIVE amount of merchandise. Ares is without question one of the top figures in the company, being a figure of controversy and carrying a mystique that forces people to ‘buy in’. He seems to effortlessly get people engaged, and rumor has it he has a pretty ravenous female fan-base. I guess it’s the whole Ted Bundy appeal.

( Number 2: Mr. DEDEDE )

Kathy: The Gawd gets the number 2 spot out of the top ten draws in the company. Mr. DEDEDE’s brand is a cash cow and at this point it’s simply to be expected, he’s been arguably the face of the company for close to a decade now and has spent many years as the number 1 draw. For the first year of his career DDD has spent zero time in the main event, but with the level of hype around the Chris Elite rivalry and his hilariously captivating run as Methuselah earlier this year, his brand manages to do extremely well even for his standards.

( Number 1: Aria Jaxon )

Kathy: And the number 1 draw of 2017 so far.. none other than the EAW Womens Champion herself, Aria Jaxon! Aria has had an unprecedented run this year, building momentum and having a championship reign that may in all likelihood put her in the conversation as one of the greatest Elitists of all time! Her appeal has brought in a ton of new eyes, predominantly female, to the product and sponsors are beating down her door every other second hoping to get a part in her meteoric rise! She continues to change the game, and she is projected to be the number 1 draw with a bullet by the time the year comes to a close – making her the first female in EAW history to do so!

( Cut back to Kathy Kush )

Kathy: According to our market research team several names who are projected to do great numbers for this Black Friday include Nasir Moore, The Pizza Boy, Consuela Rose Ava, EAW Champion Tiberius Jones and the Heart Break Gal! Be sure to participate in some of our Black Friday discounts by visiting shop.eaw.com where you can get up to 50% off on all EAW apparel! Check back with e-fed zone for more, I’m Kathy Kush, and I’m signing out! Have a great day guys.

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