EAW Instructions:
Signing up: You must decide a ring name for yourself, hometown, height & weight and a move set, and overall character. Imagine yourself as a wrestler – what would you like to be called and what kind of moves would you wish to dish out on your opponents? Then you should move on to deciding an available pic base. Pic bases are used to represent you on any graphics on the site, it is preferred if you check out our partner PSD-Dreams to see if your pic base has available pictures for us to use.
Promos: Elite Answers Wrestling requires you to promo, this helps us bounce off your character and further continue storylines within our weekly events. It is best for people new to e-feds to check out other promos on our page to see the basics, we are competitively driven.
The shows and activities: The shows, Voltage, Dynasty and Showdown are written by a collection of EAW writers in script format. The more consistent you are, the more chances you have of making it far in EAW, like pushes, title reigns and top storylines. It is best to pay attention to scripts to know where you’re going and what matches you wrestle, along with knowing your status here. Remember you start from the bottom as a new member, If you’re not progressing as well as you want it is either because you’re opponents are doing more than you or you aren’t doing as much as it is required of you, which can only be fixed by your own dedication…
Conduct: It is best to consider common sense when it comes to conduct, try to keep personal attacks, complaining and overall bad attitude to the minimum. Respect those of a higher rank especially, mods and owners, because their ranks portray the work and length they’ve been here and you can bet they are here to help you but are not here to take any disrespect.

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