Bloodletter Pre-Show

By December 10, 2017EAW Articles
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(“Paint it, Black” by Ciara plays throughout the arena as the camera pans to the outside of the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon. There we see the EAW Universe lined up with T-shirts consisting of our Empire Elitists. The fans are amped and excited to get inside the arena. They cheer out of their minds as they see the cameras. As we pan to the inside, there we see an empty arena as we see the construction team working on assembling chairs and baracades. Others are making sure the jumbotron and other electric items are set for our first FPV. Then, we pan to the panel on top of the arena. There, we spot former Tarah Nova Assistant and Empire’s backstage interviewer, Flannery McCoy with three other women with her as the four of them form the Bloodletter panel team. The clock counts down from 1:00:00)

Flannery McCoy: What is up EAW Universe? Welcome to the Bloodletter pre-show on the EAW Network! I’m Flannery McCoy and with me on this preshow are possibly three of the best analysis for this show. The woman on my right has graced us with her beauty as a backstage interviewer on Voltage. She’s almost like a mini-me, but she can throw a better punch than I. Ladies and gentleman, please welcome Cassidy Vega!

Cassidy Vega: I am so excited to be a part of this panel! This is insane! The amount of people outside the arena is so mindblowing. This is different from from the small developmental shows that I am used too.

Flannery McCoy: Next, I have a woman who hasn’t been used to the wrestling spotlight for about a few years now, but she makes her presence know when she posts her weekly articles on the site. She is the main site journalist, Camille Ava; thanks for being apart of this panel.

Camille Ava: The pleasure is all mine, Flannery.

Flannery McCoy: And lastly, we have a woman who has graced us with her voice on Empire weekly. Ladies and Gentleman, Gia Cervantes!

Gia Cervantes: Hello everyone! It seems like we have a strange combination of women in this panel.

Flannery McCoy: There is a purpose why I wanted the three of you in this panel tonight. Not only with your family ties in some of the matches tonight, but I believe the three of you could provide some insight in what our Empire Elitists could be thinking about tonight.since you wrestle, wrestled or have been in front of the action these past few weeks. Each of you will speak one at a time, voice your cases as I monitor the entire panel. The matches we have in store are quite personal and with some of the women, they have a thing or two to prove tonight. Speaking of women who have a thing or two to prove tonight, let’s talk about Daisy Thrash vs. Andrea Valentine.

(Matchcard for Daisy Thrash vs. Andrea Valentine in a No Disqualification Match shows.)

Flannery McCoy: Daisy Thrash has been very vocal about her displeasure over the EAW management. She feels that she is feeling very disrespected. She claims that there have been women who have been getting the attention that she rightfully deserves. She is sick of being shoved aside for women like Andrea Valentine, who has gained attention from management and the EAW Universe.

Camille Ava: Hello! Haruna Sakazaki called she wants her gimmick back! But seriously, I like Daisy. I admire her attitude. This is probably something that I’ve been waiting for her! I think she is finally coming to her senses. She is finding that if she wants something, she is going to have to get it done herself with no board or management support. She personally wanted this No Disqualification Match. Why? I think that is where she will find herself most comfortable. I think this is where we’re going to find herself in her element. Andrea Valentine is good, but I agree with the fact that she is the flavor of the month. EAW management can hype her so much, but it’s up to Andrea to decide what she wants to do with that.

Cassidy Vega: Andrea is amazing! I think people are approaching this match not expecting her to get down and dirty in this No Disqualifications Match. Andrea has shined when it has come to these single’s matches, but when it comes to a stipulation like this, I think she will manage to surprise Daisy. I think poking at management is a big mistake. I do think they are the last people you want to make enemies out of. This was a lesson in which Haruna learned back at Manifest Destiny and management may not get itself involved in the match, but I feel like making an enemy out of them will cost her so opportunities in the future.

Gia Cervantes: There is no doubt that Daisy Thrash is taking the step in order to get the attention on herself. To her, this could be the only opportunity she has. She has everyone’s attention. She got the match that she wanted. If she loses, what’s going to make EAW pay attention to her? Andrea Valentine is an amazing competitor. She has returned recently and I think that she wants to make this run worth it. If she stays, she could be a future champion. Perhaps, in 2018. I think Andrea is going to have to want to succeed. Same goes for Daisy. This match will be all about who wants to win more.

Flannery McCoy: With Daisy vs. Andrea, who are you predicting to win?

Cassidy Vega: I’m going with my girl Andrea. Do not underestimate her.

Gia Cervantes: I’m leaning towards Andrea. Daisy can shock us though.

Camille Ava: I’m going for Daisy. I like her style.

Flannery McCoy: Well, there you have it. Now, we transition to a Tag Team Match. We will have the odd duo of Revy and Savannah Sunshine taking on the married couple of Haruna Sakazaki and Azumi Goto.

(Matchcard for the Tag Team Match consisting of Revy and Savannah Sunshine vs. Haruna Sakazaki and Azumi Goto shows.)

Flannery McCoy: Over the past few weeks, we have seen Revy get Savannah Sunshine out of her comfort zone by taking her to bars and offering her drinks. We have also seen Haruna Sakazaki and Azumi Goto voice their displeasure about not getting the championship opportunities they deserve.

Camille (snores sarcastically): I don’t give a *censored* about this match. Is this what the male fans call a piss break match? I don’t know if I expressed this enough with the last match, but I fucking can’t stand flavors of the week, month, year and Savannah Sunshine is the prime definition of one. I don’t understand why people have their panties so wet for this girl. I was convinced once upon a time, but when she got herself involved in the title pictures, that is where we saw her flaws. She’s not that good, ladies. Revy is a better competitor than her. She is carrying her on her back. I feel so bad for Revy. I feel horrible for Azumi and Haruna. They’re more deserving of opportunities than Savannah Sunshine. This may not be a popular opinion. Savannah Sunshine fanboys and girls will probably send me death threats, but the I’m not going to lie and hide behind words and say that I like her. She’s good, but the three other women in the match are much better than her.

Gia Cervantes: Aren’t you being a little harsh, Camille? Are you not on the candyland train? If there is one thing people love about Savannah Sunshine, it’s her heart. There is no denying that every time she is in the ring, she gives it everything she’s got. She has shown that in any important opportunity she gets, she exceeds expectations. Sure, having Revy as a partner is a little questionable. What is Revy up too? Will she be a reliable partner to have? If there is any doubt about Savannah and Revy losing, it won’t be because of Savannah. It will because of the woman who is trying to corrupt this little cupcake.

Camille Ava: Barf.

Cassidy Vega: Camille, please. I agree with you, Gia. I love Savannah Sunshine. There is nothing this girl can do wrong.

Camille Ava: But vomit on my sister…

Cassidy Vega: Anyway, Savannah is awesome! I just love seeing her in the ring. I feel like she reminds me of The Pizza Boy. To me, she is the female Pizza Boy. Both have the heart, dedication and have been through ass beatings and struggles. Eventually, The Pizza Boy was able to get that big W and I do believe Savannah will get that W as well. It could be tonight. I am not sure how good she and Revy are with communication. I think these two are bipolar opposites. Revy doesn’t give a *censored*. Savannah has so much care and compassion. Azumi and Haruna are factors in this match and we all need to remember that.

Camille Ava: Azumi and Haruna have communication and trust down to a tee. I feel if the match goes down to that, Azumi and Haruna will win. If Revy and Savannah manage to pull a victory tonight, it would be a freaking miracle. As of right now, those two look like a fucking mess.

Flannery McCoy: For Revy/Savannah vs. Azumi/Haruna, who you have winning?

Cassidy Vega: Not sure how I feel with Revy, but I’m always Team Savannah. They’ll find a way to win.

Gia Cervantes: I kinda agree with what Camille is saying. If Revy and Savannah are on the same page, they could win this match. I wouldn’t be shocked if Azumi and Haruna win though. They have that dynamic that makes them a great team. I’m pretty 50/50 with these teams.

Camille Ava: I’ll be the unpopular opinion and I’ll go for Azumi and Haruna. They have the best chemistry on Empire. Both have something to prove. This could lead to their eventual title shots.

Flannery McCoy: Interesting analysis with you three women. Let’s move on to our next match. Sydney St. Clair will finally take on Megan Raine. The prize is a shot at the Specialists Championship! In order to help get them on the same page, I handcuffed these two women. I put them through a series of “friendship tests”. It took them a while, but they passed it with flying colors. I rewarded them with this match.

(Matchcard for the Number One Contender’s Match for the Specialists Championship with Megan Raine vs. Sydney St. Clair shows.)

Camille Ava: Why would you put these women through that kind of torture, Flannery? Such a heartless fiend. If I ever wanted to be in a pair of handcuffs, it would be in the bedroom.

Cassidy/Gia/Flannery: END IT!!

Camille Ava: I’m just saying. No need to go all Brody Sparks on me! I for one cannot wait to see these women beat the living hell out of one another. This has been building up for several weeks. Sydney St. Clair and Megan Raine were brought back around the same time. Both had a tag match at Manifest Destiny. They were able to work well as a team, then one match and their bond go downhill. There is something about me that Sydney that irritates me, but she had her debut in a Supershow. She won that match. There was a lot of hype about this woman. Megan, on the other hand, was known as Keelan Cetinich’s bitch who is secretly banging the chairman now. If any of you have looked at Keelan on social media, I think she upgraded. Bitches love the Gawd, I suppose. Keelan and Madison can be happy with each other. Madison became friends with the stairs, so I say Megan wins at life. You go, girl!

Gia Cervantes: UM, BYE CAMILLE.

Cassidy Vega: ….

Flannery McCoy: *facepalms* I made a mistake.

Gia Cervantes: Sydney St. Clair has shown to be amazing in the ring. I do think the future is bright with this girl. I feel like this match has potential to steal the show. I think these are two girls who people don’t expect to do well in this match. People might turn away from this match, but I do believe that is a giant mistake to make. Both women are amazing. Both women are going to do excellent when the pressure is high for the both of them.

Cassidy Vega: I agree, Gia. Both are amazing women. I am very excited to see what these women have to offer in this match. There is no denying the contenders in the Specialists Championship Match are going to be watching very closely. One of these two girls will go and win the match. I think whoever wins the match, the champ will have her hands full no matter what.

Flannery McCoy: So ladies, who are you picking in this match?

Cassidy Vega: I am leaning towards Megan.

Gia Cervantes: I’m going with Sydney.

Flannery McCoy: Camille? Camille…

(Camera pans to Camille who has her back turned. She is pretending to be hurt after the girls told her to “end it”.)

Camille Ava: Oh, you want me to talk now?

Flannery McCoy: Yes, you are apart of this panel.

Camille Ava: Can I be myself?

Flannery McCoy: *sigh* Yes…

Camille Ava: *turns her body towards the panel* I’m going for Megan. I wanna see Consuela rip her to shreds. :smiles:

Flannery McCoy: Speaking of Consuela, we move on to the Fatal Four Way for the Specialists Championship. Consuela Rose Ava, the champion takes on not one, but three women in this match. Newcomer Mallory Wilde, a rising star in Chelsea Crowe and former Specialists Champion, April Song.

(Matchcard for the Fatal Four Way Match for the Specialists Championship shows.)

Flannery McCoy: Mallory Wilde earned this special opportunity after defeating Yasmin Hyland. Chelsea Crowe earned her title shot by outlasting eight other women in a battle royal. April Song had her rematch end in “controversial fashion” and this match is a way to get her the title match she deserves. For the past few weeks, we have seen Consuela having a change of personality. This all started with a tag team match with Savannah Sunshine. During the match, Savannah puked on Consuela and she ran to the back. Ever since that accident, she has used her Cleaning Crew consisting of Esmeralda and Francesca in any way possible to win.

Gia Cervantes: I think Consuela’s tactics are disgusting. I agree with what April had to say last week. I don’t blame her for being angry about the way she was treated in her last title match. Consuela treated her like a joke. I think getting the dirty bucket thrown on her was deserving and Consuela had it coming. Esmeralda and Francesca have no role on Empire. They have no business being with Consuela. Consuela was doing a great job as champion. These two have influenced her to let go of her ways. We need the Consuela that was willing to take on any challenger. This Consuela is looking for any way possible to retain and we do not need a champion that represents cheating and taking shortcuts.

Camille Ava: Consuela wasn’t cheating on her last match. All Esmeralda did was throw a bucket on April. April could have prevented herself from slipping. April could have made the ten count. April didn’t. It’s not like Esmeralda personally attacked April. That’s why the referee didn’t disqualify her. Consuela is smart and she will look for creative ways to win the match. That is not cheating, Gia. That is being a smart champion.

Cassidy Vega: If Consuela was so smart, why would she rely on two people? Why does she need her Cleaning Crew with her? This still baffles my mind. This is not Consuela at all. This is not the Consuela that won the fans of the EAW Universe. This Consuela has become everything she hated in a champion. She wanted to elevate the Specialists Championship. Instead, she’s making the title a disgrace.

Camille Ava: That is a flat-out lie. Consuela is putting the focus on the title. It’s not like people gave a damn about the title when April was the champion. If there is anyone in the match that has a shot at the title, it would be Chelsea. She managed to make Aria Jaxon her bitch. She is the star that continues to rise. If Consuela can’t be the champion, I’d rather go through a Chelsea title reign than let Mallory or April have the title.

Gia Cervantes: There’s a difference between positive and negative attention. Consuela is not giving a positive outlook in her title reign. I think April or Mallory would be great champions. I feel that they would bring respect and honor back in the Specialists Championship.

Camille Ava: God no…

Flannery McCoy: Alright, who are your picks in this match?

Camille Ava: Consuela, of course.

Cassidy Vega: I am liking Chelsea’s style. She probably has the best chance out of everyone in the match.

Gia Cervantes: I think April has it in her to take the title away from Consuela.

Flannery McCoy: There you have it! Let’s talk about our final two matches of the FPV. First, let’s focus on my former boss, Tarah Nova taking on the returning Sheridan Muller. The stipulation is if Sheridan loses, she is banished from Empire.

(Matchcard for Tarah Nova vs. Sheridan Muller shows. If Sheridan loses, she is banished from Empire.)

Flannery McCoy: Now, all of this began with Sheridan having a few choice words against Tarah Nova. Tarah responded with a few shots of her own and cost Sheridan a match with Chelsea Crowe. This Sheridan is different than when she was last on Empire. She is intimidating. She will beat up anyone in her way. You all witnessed what happened to me. I am still having neck pains by her grabbing my throat.

Cassidy Vega: I’m going to pull a Tarah and be blunt: Sheridan is a bitch. Sheridan made this personal than it needed to be. I cannot believe the lengths Sheridan needed to go with Tarah. All Tarah did was speak her mind like Sheridan has done ever since she returned. Sheridan got all butthurt and decided to cause a problem with Tare. Ever since becoming the General Manager at Pain for Pride, Tarah has made Empire into such a powerful brand. She has given the right women the opportunities they deserved. I’ve talked to Tarah after she signed the contract for their match at Bloodletter. She was crushed about not being GM anymore. She was pissed and livid. There is one thing that you should not do and that is piss off Tarah Jay Nova. Sheridan calls herself  “The Last Vixen” like that is something to be proud of. The Vixen name died two years ago. Let it go, Sheridan! No one gives a damn about your Vixens Cup win or your Vixens Championship reign! No one gives a damn about German Efficiency. No one gives a damn about your accomplishments because she showed in the end of the day, that she’s an ungrateful bitch. You’re a Vixen, Sheridan. Do you know what Tarah is called? Yeah, you’re *censored*.

Camille Ava: I’m probably the minority, but I like Sheridan. I can feel her intensity and anger. There is no doubt that she is pissed at everything around her. The put on top of the pedestal and the moment she lost her title, you all stopped giving a damn about her. She didn’t give a shit about Empire. She felt that she was too good. People all around hated that attitude from her. She went with what she got and pulled a Cameron or HBG and went to the male brands. That is where she gained a reputation. No brand wanted to work with her. Her reputation was so negative. Her ego got so huge that she began losing. To most, that should have humbled her, it didn’t it pissed her off more. When she got fired, everyone was having drinks! Everyone celebrated! I thought we would never see her again. It’s a shock that she is back, but I don’t blame her with her issues against Tarah. Tarah has no qualifications to be an authority figure. A woman who claimed to be the voice of Empire was nothing more than a corporate puppet. That makes me laugh. Sheridan is a smart woman. She knew Tarah would be too stupid not to read the *censored* contract. With a sign of a signature, Tarah’s power went bye-bye! *laughs*

Gia Cervantes: Is Sheridan mad at the wrong person? What was Tarah’s role in Sheridan’s downfall? I think Sheridan is looking for someone to take the blame because she cannot take responsibility for herself. Everyone did wrong, but Sheridan. This is where Sheridan went wrong. She is just blaming the one person that approaches her. Sheridan was the victim! Sheridan was wronged! Everyone *censored* but Sheridan! Tarah just happened to be the authority figure Sheridan took her anger out of. Flannery happened to be in the way of Sheridan’s anger. No one is safe from Sheridan Muller.

Cassidy Vega: That’s very scary. Gotta feel for the Empire locker room.

Flannery McCoy: Between Sheridan and Tarah, who are you leaning towards?

Cassidy Vega: Can’t it be more obvious? I am looking towards Tare banishing the wicked bitch of Germany away from Empire. Send her to NEO for all I care.

Camille Ava: I’m rooting for Sheridan. I like seeing you snowflake of fans get angry.

Gia Cervantes: I’m rooting for Tarah.

Flannery McCoy: Now, we move onto our main event of the evening. Our Womens World Champion, Aria Jaxon will take on her friend and the War Queen, Stephanie Matsuda!

(Matchcard for the Womens World Championship Match with Aria Jaxon vs. Stephanie Matsuda shows.)

Flannery McCoy: This happens to be another personal feud. Stephanie has developed a new mentality of “Family First”. Aria Jaxon, someone who Stephanie considers family, gives Stephanie a chance of a lifetime and that is to main event Bloodletter. Over the past few weeks, it has been debated if Aria will be on her A-game in this match. Will Aria Jaxon give Stephanie Matsuda 100%? Is Stephanie Matsuda going to give Aria everything she has? Is Aria’s 100 % better than Stephanie’s?

Gia Cervantes: I spoke to Aria earlier today and Aria is so prepared for this match. There is nothing throwing her off. You would think that with Aria there will be a lot of emotion in facing her good friend, but Aria is still as determined as ever. There is no doubt that Stephanie has made herself a threat over the past few weeks. There is no doubt that Stephanie wants this championship. There is no doubt that Stephanie has worked hard for everything she has. Knowing Aria, I don’t think it is going to be enough to dethrone her. Is Stephanie going to give her a good fight? Of course, but I don’t see Aria’s reign ended in the hands of Stephanie.

Camille Ava: As much as I hate to say it, Aria could retain tonight. This is no shade to Stephanie, but Aria has been in the ring with some of the best from my sister to Cailin Dillon to Brody Sparks. She has been in the ring with women who could have potentially take the title away from her. Yet, Aria retains the championship. Aria Jaxon somehow comes out on top. She even survived the Elimination Chamber. There is something about Aria Jaxon that makes her part of the Holy Trinity of Womens Wrestling as I would like to call them. That trio consists of Cameron Ella Ava, The Heart Break Gal and Aria Jaxon. I could eventually see her breaking out of Empire. Now is not the time for that though.

Cassidy Vega: I love Aria. I love Stephanie. It’s like seeing your family fighting and I hate that. However, I’m looking forward to this match. I don’t think we’ve ever seen them one-on-one before. We saw them in a Triple Threat scenario at Malicious Intentions back in February featuring Cailin Dillon. It should be interesting to see if these two truly know each other. Knowing these two, I think they will deliver in this match. The other factor we cannot forget is the Gawd Complex’s Astraea Jordan who will be surveilling the match ringside. Does she have a preference on who she wants to face at King of Elite?

Camille Ava: Astraea should face the best of the company. If there is anyone who could be the next Womens Champion if Stephanie is not able to get the job done, it’s Astraea Jordan. She has the stamp of approval from our Chairman. She should feel confident that the CHAIRMAN out of all people has faith in her. If I was her, my ego would increase tenfold. She has the easiest job of the entire night – just watch her competition and strategize for King of Elite. The match will indeed steal the show.

Gia Cervantes: This match will be a show stealer. I am excited to call this match.

Flannery McCoy: Before Gia has to get down to the announcer’s desk, who are your last minute picks?

Gia Cervantes: I’m going with Aria.

Camille Ava: Stephanie will try, but Cameron is going to hate me with this comment, but Aria.

Cassidy Vega: I’m going with Aria too.

Flannery McCoy: Wow, a majority vote! Well, that’s it for the Bloodletter pre-show. I want to thank you, ladies, for joining us. This was fun.

Cassidy Vega: Thank you so much! I had a blast doing this.

Camille: It was great, but Bloodletter is going to be one hell of a show!

Flannery McCoy: Thank you to all for joining us on this pre-show panel. Our very first Empire FPV, Bloodletter is seconds away! I am Flannery McCoy and we’re signing out!

(The panel without Gia Cervantes, who is making her way down to the announcer’s table, waves and blows kisses. “Paint it, Black” by Ciara plays as the timer goes to  0:0:00.)

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